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  1. Indeed, I play destiny and there is a lot of stuff going on onscreen and the graphics are amazing.
  2. I've spent a LOT of money on this game, so has every person in my squadron, and they are all PS4. Everyone in my last two squadrons too.
  3. 'Fraid not. The game isn't too advanced for the PS4, there are games with better graphics, and more onscreen animations etc, that don't suffer fps drops, they just don't pay enough attention to PS4 because it isn't a big enough part of the playerbase. Also, the game runs better on the PS4 than on the Pro. I have the PS4 pro, fps is worse on Warthunder than on the ordinary PS4. The Pro is more powerful, and the game looks better, but it suffers in framerate. Even on Beast mode, because Gaijin haven't optimised WarThunder for the Pro, and they never will, because it would cost too much money and take too much time (in their eyes) to optimize it.
  4. Thing is, even though the game is completely broken for PS4 players right now, it probably won't be fixed for a while, they don't care about us, we aren't a priority... 1.69 will probably come out first.
  5. Go back a bit in this topic, i posted videos showing the same thing.
  6. Well enough of us have said what's wrong, if they don't fix it they don't care.
  7. darn, didn't know that was a thing lol
  8. How did you get custom skins on PS4 lol, that's what i took from that...
  9. What I'm saying is before two patches ago, the example I show in the test flight was the norm for real air rb games. It seems these last few patches broke air rb, and i'm guessing ab from the trouble you've been having.
  10. Does this with pretty much any plane I fly in Rb.
  11. The P47m does it, the F6F does it, the Ta 154 does it, the Ki 87 does it, and these are just the planes i've played since two patches or so.
  12. It isn't that, i'm just cutting some videos now that i got using the Mk IX. In the test flight (rb), the crosshair doesn't go crazy. In a real air rb match, it does...
  13. It seems to be that the rudder on planes is bugged (for ps4). It over compensates during a roll or a banking maneuver, (at least on mouse aim using a DS4 controller it does) meaning that during said rolling or banking, the crosshair shakes around uncontrollably inside (and out) of the flight circle. Not sure if the last patches changed my controls without me knowing what has changed or if it is a bug.
  14. Has anyone had a tank rb exclusive problem with the plane crosshair whilst turning or rolling? In normal air rb, the crosshair stays level in the circle (using the mouse aim on the DS4 controller), but in tank rb, whilst rolling or banking left and right, the cross hair wildly moves around, making it almost impossible for me to accurately hit the plane i'm shooting at. And even if I do hit it, 90% of the shots spark- It seems this is effecting all of us on PS4, just wondered if i was the only one with trouble in tank rb planes?