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  1. And FYI I don't think that planes are OP. I have no problem with aircraft midway through the battle. Just immediately at the start.
  2. I apologise for replying so rudely then. But it seems like you just said, it is luck of the draw that you rarely get bombed. My point still stands. I believe in a tank focused gamemode, it should be a reward for doing well to gain access to CAS. I don't mind being bombed, say midway through the battle, but to be bombed eye-for-an-eye by someone you killed immediately at the very start of the game is stupid. If someone worked to get that plane then sure. I don't have a problem with being bombed but things that i've mentioned, like a forced ground spawn for aircraft, more SP for planes, maybe a time delay before air can be used at all.
  3. Again you're acting like a smartass, yet ignore my comments. At the very start of the game you should not have practically instant access to an aircraft just because you rushed a cap in a tier 1 vehicle at 6.7, or because you tanked enough damage to spawn in a plane the first few mins. Gaijin could at least force ground spawns for planes, so that people who kill an enemy who is then going to spawn into a plane have the time to hide. Not that with the current graphics engine you can actually hide. You can be passive in a forest of trees and a plane will still see you.
  4. But i'm not in an AAA at the start of the match. Because i'm in my tank. You shouldn't have to spawn in an AAA at the start of the game to kill planes that almost immediately spawn in. That's the whole point of these types of posts. It's a tank RB game, i'm playing it to spawn in a tank, to kill other tanks, with the possibility of CAS later on in the battle if I deserve it I.E after i've killed significant numbers of enemies, or capped significant amounts of cap points. I've done it too, i've been hit two or three times or capped one zone at the very start of the game, which required of me no skill at all, and I just immediately spawned in the air, killed the guy who killed me, and three others, in the first few minutes of the match. It's stupid.
  5. Why would I be in an AAA at the start of the game? I'm not about to bail out of my tank to spawn in one either. If I get killed by a tank, then i'll use AAA if i see planes in the air. It's the same with other players, If no-one on my team has died yet, why would they be in AAA, unless they are deliberately doing it to kill planes, or to cap points to spawn in a plane and exploit the same thing the enemy team is doing?
  6. I am slightly perplexed as to why it cost so little Spawn points to get into a plane in TANK RB. Why is someone rewarded when I kill them? So because I kill someone, they have enough points to spawn in a plane (having no kills, assists or cap points), just from them taking weapon damage. Due to the killcam, they know my general area, I can't shoot and move far enough away before they arrive, having amazing ability to see me on the ground from the air from the way the graphics are in War Thunder, and they fire a barrage of inescapable rockets, or drop bombs on top of me, or suicide bomb me. Spawn Points needs to be reworked. I'm sorry, but you shouldn't be rewarded for dying the way you are in-game right now. You should have to get 5 kills at least, or cap like 3 zones in order to call in CAS. Not cap one zone in an AAA truck, or get hit once or twice and die. People also need to be penalised for suicide bombing deliberately. And I don't just mean losing the lions in cost of their plane.
  7. Some guy just called it a pay-to-win tank, he had 20 deaths and 3 kills. LOL.
  8. You just ignored like half of my posts mentioning my usage of other tanks that use HEATFS. They all have far better HEATFS than the RUs. They may have less penetration, but they actually do what they were designed to do more the RUS rounds do. My American tanks that use HEATFS don't bounce off of armour they shouldn't do. They ammo rack when they should do. My japanese tanks ammo does what it is supposed to do.
  9. I've just now hit a T29s ammo 4 times. First I disable his gun, then hit his ammo. No detonation. Then I hit his gun again, and splash damage of the HEATFS hit his ammo. Nothing happened. Then again I hit his ammo. No dice. Then I hit his gun again, and his ammo. This isn't a one off. And it seems that for some reason the HEATFS really is off when it comes to killing American and British tanks. Not Russian tanks. 90% of russian tanks I hit in the ammo blow up instantly. When I hit American tanks, i'd say only 1 in 10 are actually ammo-racked. British tanks are even more infuriating. They bounce. A lot. off of their sides, there upper mantle (which according to the stat cards should be physically impossible). I've had comets bounce My HEATFS shells, it just shouldn't happen. HEATFS is designed that post-pen, molten-metal is injected into weak-points in order to detonate the ammo, or kill crew-members. This works fine against the OH-MIGHTY russian "bias" tanks, but not the other two nations. If i take out my Type-61 though, the HEATFS ammo racks 90% of the time on any tank I hit. So i'll say this. Fix the RU 251s HEATFS and then, THEN raise it's br to 7.0-7.3, but only then.
  10. Your all saying attributes, but i'd say 90% of the people in-game right now who own the Ru 251 are negative, maybe 50% ridiculously negative. Most of the are experienced players level 50 and up. Skill is everything in light tanks. If you aren't smart, you'll do poorly. If you know how to use the map, and environment to your advantage you MAY do well. I believe as of right now I have 253 kills to 108 deaths in my Ru. My friend who is 50 levels higher than me and has the Ru hates it, he thinks it is terrible. He is always killed in it when he uses it, and always kills it when he doesn't use germany. Now i'm not saying I'm amazing at Warthunder tanks, but I am smart. He is a great player, has stats in tanks, as an example has 1500 tank kills in his strv, and 300 deaths. In his T29 he is 2000 kills to 500 deaths, and things like the T92 and M56 he is also wildly positive. He says that the Ru is slightly above average but that is it. After reading what people are saying, it seems like there is a massive divide between players on where the Ru should be, and whether it is OP. Quite frankly, I don't believe you have the right to call something OP until you have it and have at least 50 matches in it. I've seen people say a tank is OP when they are negative in another "OP" tank. I believe that these people truly should have no say in instances like this.
  11. I see people with better stats in both of those tanks than in the Ru.
  12. Everyone getting killed by the Ru and calling it OP is using Anecdotal evidence. If they bought it they would see that it isn't op at all.
  13. Now people are mentioning solid shot needing a buff? Again this is to player skill. Solid shot is great, if you know how to use it. OP even if you consider it. I just sit there in my Narvon, or STRV and snipe across map. My STRVS solid shot btw seems to oneshot more than the Ru. And the most annoying tanks to face for the RU are British tanks because of their magical (and kind of impossible) ability to bounce the HEATFS shells half the time. I think that I have probably been killed by Brit tanks the most in the RU for that exact reason. And I mostly get oneshot by them. And most of my friends have amazing stats in the T92 and M56, and T-type 60. They also prefer those tanks to the Ru. If you ask any people with any amount of skill and intelligence, they will tell you that the Ru is not OP. Fighting against Germany at 6.7, I have yet to be killed by an RU since the patch dropped. It seems that with the RU player skill is everything- the one thing that decides whether it is "op" or not. I see an RU get killed and the chat lights up with "hahaha Ace OP tank gets killed, no skill". You see an Ru get a kill and the chat reads "HAHAHAHA Ace OP tank no skill". The thing is quote on quote "OP" as the RU is, it requires skill to play. Unlike other tanks considered OP, like the T29, which anyone could take out if they had half a brain and dominate a match, and requires virtually no skill.
  14. I have two accounts, my other is Departure2808, where I have most original tanks of the US and Britain. And again, I'm clearly not German exclusive. Most of my most-used tanks are Russian, and British (now the Ru because i enjoy it). The thing with the T92 is I often get killed by it. Does that make it OP? If the Ru gets a br increase, then the T92, M46, M56 etc etc need a br increase to 7.0 at least.
  15. I'm not a German exclusive player... I've fought against the Ru, and most tanks i'm in (as long as they aren't russian) do NOT get one-shot by the Ru 251, bounce its shells when I shouldn't etc etc. The Type- 61 has a better gun (that my friends say, I don't have that tank yet, and I prefer the M46 HEAT shell, as it one-shots more). The same players that have problems with the Ru don't have problems with those tanks. The same players complaining about the RU, defend the T29 and the T34s rights to be 6.7. I've played both. They are not 6.7 material, they are 7.0 at least. Most people see complaining about certain tanks are generally just bad at the game. I just killed someone who was using a T29 and they screamed that the Ru was OP. He had 50 kills to 180 deaths in his T29. And if you look at the average players stats who are using Ru 251s, they are negative, or barely positive, and the win ratio is ridiculously. low Again due to player skill, and/or tank preference. Most tanks in the game are situated at their brs not because of tank statistics (reload, explosive mass, penetration), strengths and weaknesses, but on average player stats in them. If gaijin see that one tank has average kill/ death ratios doing poorly they will lower its br. If the average K/D in a tank is high, they may raise it. Most games I see, Ru drivers are at the bottom of the team. You generally don't see an Ru carry, unless they are good in it, which most people aren't. If 10% of the playerbase does amazing in one tank but 90% does terrible, it isn't logical to nerf that tank, or increase its br just because of that 10%.
  16. The HEATFS is quite ineffective against the T29 and T34. Ammo shots never rack.
  17. It also infuriates me the people calling it OP don't have it. Most people who say it is pay to win or OP after I have killed them, were just blind...
  18. The RU 251 HEATFS seems broken as hell. It one-shots russian tanks 90% of the time (as it should) but bounces like 40% of the time off of British and American tanks. Case and point the amount of times I've bounced off of the strvs upper mantle when it should be physically impossible for that to happen. Or when it bounces off of the side armour. Or when it bounces off 90 degree armour. Like what? Even when it pens, out of the 40 British and American tanks i've killed so far, i've only one-shot like 5... HEATFS is designed to blow ammo up. It doesn't. Or I pen a tank aiming for a gunner, or breech, and it kills a random crew member nowhere near where i penned.