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  1. Unfortunately this is a fact. It's level 50-100 that do this the most. Tier 4 is just ruined because of this.
  2. You can guarantee if you have an opinion then someone disagrees and will attempt to ridicule you for it. Human nature, I don't need to prove I'm right it's easier to just discredit you.
  3. That's a forward air base they random at best Tbh I often wonder how many of the claims of getting strafed regularly are at forward bases. Because generally 99% of the time attacking someone at their mainbase is suicide for all involved. Even if you manage to catch them at the edge and down them good luck getting back out alive. The way way forward air bases work now is how i believe main bases should work. And there should be no aaa anywhere else on the map let the players decide the match not AI. I could handle it if everywhere besides the main base was loaded with aaa that couldn't actually hurt you but exploded and shook screen the way it does now. Kind of give that ambiance and chaos to the battle.
  4. I've watched it kill 5 people in quick succession. And you touch on the thing that absolutely drives me nuts. If I venture a little too close and get targeted it will continue firing at me up to 7k or 8k away. I've even been one shotted a number times 7k from the closest aaa battery. I remember years ago reading that a dev confirmed it is pure RNG. The shells are just for looks. The moment it fires it has already determined whether it will be a hit or miss. Airfield aaa still does not even come close to annoying me as much as getting nailed in the middle of the map. Even with all the aaa campers (especially at tier 4). Maps like Sicily, Krymsk, Kuban, Ruhr, Midway, Wake Island I get nailed all the time just flying through the middle of the map. And in recent history it seems they have brought back the random one shot that just takes your wings off.
  5. Exactly!
  6. http://thunderskill.com/en/stat/Hank_HI11 http://thunderskill.com/en/stat/*Ronbroncos these are mine
  7. Well actually this an alternate I have about 10000 RB air battles and I'm not a kid.
  8. That statement was directed at the general community. I don't really see what I was supposed learn from your stats other than you have no business trying to fly a D13, Mk14e or P38k. You haven't acquired the skill required for those planes yet. Trying to power grind through a tree with tier 4 premiums with no experience in RB is rarely successful.
  9. I'm sorry but even when I was new and getting my **** handed to me I was never short on SL. Tanks and arcade maybe but not Air RB. If your losing money in Air RB means it's time to L2P. And don't mean that as an insult but literally. Go down in BR to your spaded planes and L2P. The planes just get more lethal and less forgiving the higher you go. And there is no endgame in Warthunder. Above all else stay out of the aaa your just hurting yourself. Get out and learn how to fight. The game is so much more enjoyable if you forget about grind and just play. If your not dominating in an A1 it's a pretty safe bet you will get your butt handed to you in a D13. On a side note I've always felt they should restrict premiums until you've unlocked a vehicle in that tier.
  10. Pathetic and that's all I will say
  11. It's my belief the only people that defend this ridiculousness are the people who actively abuse it. And judging by regularity at which I encounter it these days it's no surprise that there are always plenty people in these threads defending it. Because "without it I will get spawn killed" which is completely impossible in Air RB unless you JIP. "I deserve to be able climb back to alt for a fair fight" even though your team already failed the first time around let's punish the other and make them circle for half an hour because you won't leave aaa until you have the advantage.
  12. And this right here tells me you have no idea what your talking about. Go try it at a main airfield then post the vid. You might succeed 1 out of 20 attempts. I swear this forum needs a BS filter for all the people come in spouting off about stuff they have no clue about. Because "history channel IRL "blah blah blah.
  13. Oh and please do tell how you counter it. And please don't post that goofy black and white video of Flak. It's completely irrelevant to this game. While your at it how about you post a vid and teach the rest of us.
  14. What I always find funny is that if you stick around long enough you learn seemingly every nation is either OP, undertiered or UFOs and they are biased toward each nation depending on who you ask. And if that's true it would seem that Gaijiin actually does a better job of balancing than they're given credit for.
  15. It all depends on the makeup of the belt which differs for nations, weapons and time period. Some are great for air vs air some are worthless period.
  16. So do 99% of my opponents what's your point.
  17. Lightning and T-Bolts aren't very good low. Mustangs (with the exception of D-5) and cobras are good. Corsair and Hellcat can hold their own (until they run out of WEP) but they are not great. But you must fly them similar to a tempest. Their acceleration is still not to good (excluding D30) get slow and they get really sloppy and lethargic. Low alt momentum fighting. In a pinch though they can dump speed faster than their opponents and pretty generally god tier flaps.
  18. This is antons in a nutshell anymore. You are support. You can win 1v1s with the old high speed roll tactic but only against novice players. A more experienced pilot will just chop throttle and let you flip and twirl yourself to the deck then kill you. A1 is still competitive but beyond that your just outclassed. And the fact that they pull Norway a lot doesn't help.
  19. -Grill- is a new small RB fighter squadron. We plan to stay that way. We are looking for some mature players interested in flying fighters in RB (sorry but absolutely no ground pounding when sqauded with leaders). We play nightly 6-10 CDT. Any level of experience is fine we will teach you what we've learned in the few years we've played. We are casual competitive meaning we don't take it too serious but we play to win. Our goal is to maintain a relatively small group (10-15 guys) of active players who understand and enjoy teamwork. A mic and Discord is required. This squadron won't be for everyone but if this looks like something that would interest you PM me or just apply in game. My in game chat is disabled so if you want to speak to me in game it must be through PMs. http://thunderskill.com/en/squad/-Grill- http://thunderskill.com/en/stat/Hank_HI11 http://thunderskill.com/en/stat/_Buck_Strickland
  20. To me this would be great if also the plane came with all its performance but you had to unlock each weapon upgrade individually. Much more enjoyable grind. If people say in the jug had to go through every other belt before they got to ground ammo the community as a whole would be much better in fighters. Edit: And in fighters all ground ordinance should be last.
  21. Ditto that's a great idea.
  22. You will be fighting these planes on Norway at 6k 90% of the time. Antons are just pretty rough anymore.
  23. It does matter when you claim a plane is a UFO but your own scores in it are poor. Russian planes on the whole are pretty mediocre and overtiered at tier 4. They used to be low tier clubbers but the performance of every other nation at those BRs is just as good now. But in general they are only good at picking on people who don't know what they are doing. Poor high alt performance combined with low dive speed is a horrible combination.
  24. It's not that they would be missed it's the fact that the matches would get even more lopsided for anyone trying to fly a fighter. It would be without a doubt the fastest way to grind through the tree which is all 90% of the playerbase cares about. "I can't play for crap but hey I have a Hunter"
  25. I've said it before but I will say it again. There is one very good reason that will never work. Just consider the mentality of the community. All you will have is full teams of attackers/bombers and any fighter that can carry ground ordinances rush in, drop, fly off the map. There isn't anything in the game that would even come close to the grind potential of that. RB would effectively be ruined in one fail swoop.
  26. It should have its engagement range reduced to a 2km circle from the center of the airfield but keep or even increase its lethality. That's enough to protect a plane on the runway or in the actual process of landing. But the moment your wheels are up your fair game. There would still be a small window for them to abuse but it would be mostly negated by the ability to position yourself above the camper. It would take an incredible amount of care to be able to maneuver inside that circle without presenting a shot. And not allowing them to use aaa to climb above their opponents. And only the main field forward bases should have 0 aaa. Also any plane left stationary on the runway for more than a minute (excluding repair/refuel time) should be removed from the match.
  27. Default or stealth
  28. You know to be honest I think it's the Russian and German (when they face Russia) teams that get screwed on this map. The aaa from the harbor and the cargo ships is xxxx. And right in the middle of where the battle usually happens. Can't tell you how many times I've been nailed in the middle of a dogfight at 5k there. Not to mention the 2 Destoyer groups people like to run too.
  29. Ditto; your just trying to play the moral sheriff. Nobodies looking for a forum daddy. They have direct negative impact on the outcome. Do your team a favor and remove them quickly if you have the option.
  30. Well considering I have about 10000 air RB battles and it's been my policy from the beginning I feel confident in saying reporting is pointless. Just handle them quickly and move on before they disrupt the whole teams climb. Edit since he missed the point in 10000 battles I've killed plenty of TKrs and I've never even been warned. So it seems my method is both efficient and without penalty other than SL which I gladly pay.
  31. That may be true but you know what I do know the moment I pull that trigger they are no longer me or my teams problem. Dont agree with that then that is your opinion. And as VanSinn said the fact that have never even once been warned tells me reporting is pointless.
  32. Nope Broman knows what he is talking about. This iteration came about because of spawn camping in Enduring Confrontation test a little over a year ago. And there can never be too many threads until it's fixed. Nobody is forcing you to participate in the thread.
  33. People do tail sit but no that is not why. They're ridiculous if you can aim. If your not armed to the teeth you better pray to RNGesus. And if even if you are it's one thing to kill them something completely different to survive it.
  34. I can't tell you how many people I've seen with 2-3 kd in the BV238 and H8K. Gunships for the win why bother with fighters.
  35. I play a ton of battles every week and I get maybe 1 or 2 kills stolen. I think this is just a minor aggravation not an actual issue. It happens far less than people are making it out to be. Furthermore unless someone is currently engaged with them go finish the kill. Particularly early in a match I will crit people or light them on fire then let them go for someone else to finish. They are not combat effective anyway and I'm not throwing away my energy for a kill. Theyre not dead until they are on the ground or out of the game. I watched a burning la7 kill someone then kill 2 more after he had lost his wings.
  36. That's a forward base not a main, aaa is much different there.