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  1. Yep that's it buddy. Basically the same style. I chose left stick for look because my right hand is more coordinated than left. Thus, more precision for manuevering / aiming. Also, I like choosing what to fire, I found dpad easy for selection. up, left + up, right + up ( right? ) right + down small, large guns, all pewpews = rockets, bombs, Holyshit I didn't see the Dpad has " 2 " free buttons. " Left and Down." These can be used as enablers. For trim, head movement, zoom axis, flaps, start engine etc.. The input possibilities have just exploded. 4 free inputs S,T,C,X Equation: (L+D)(STCX) = № (Left + circle) (Left + triangle) (Down + circle) (Down + triangle) etc. 8+ Efficient combo: (circle + triangle) (circle + X ) (square + triangle) 12 + Ouch combo: (Left n down + circle) (Left n Down + triangle) etc... I'm not counting. But, NO...! No No No. It's not nice to be over crowded. I'd just assign the most important to the most efficient. Your controls are very very similar. Based on the same foundation. lots of possibles. All I wanted is to show the importantance of: "View and weapons one thumb"
  2. Hmm, mouse pad on ds4 ones sound interesting. The thought had crossed my mind while using a joystick. I thought perhaps I can control look with mouse pad or stick using my toes. LoL. Sort of a good idea, downside was sacrificing so many buttons just for view. How are you holding the control buttons? Can you keep your eye on bandit on your tail during high G maneuvers? Hmm. Sounds and looks hard. Guys seriously, look into this layout View on LStick (unrestricted) Weapons on Dpad RLL/PCH on RStick YW/TRL on Bprs/Tgrs Program combos best for you, gear, smoke and etc Im dead serious about that. Look and control are never sacrificed.
  3. Two suggestions. Maybe 2.5. Starting with the 0.5 after the 2. Head tracking works fine, reduce the sensitivity, increase brightness in room, and place camera close to your face. First option. Gyro mouse. Apparantly works very well if you rig it to your baseball cap. Second. Is the DS4. After many hours reconfiguring again and again, I proudly introduce The Layout HEAR ME OUT. Left stick is your free look. Straight up, no enabling buttons. L3 for reset view or radio, or Facebook (Use Relative Control if you wish.) Right stick is pitch n roll. R3 calls takeout, Pizza or something, your choice L3 + R3, quick Access for backup? Bumpers for rudder, press together for reset Triggers for throttle, press together for map maybe? Now, what about the fun stuff, the Weapons? Easy. THE DPAD up, up + left, up + right, right, right + down, small n large guns, additional pewpews, rockets, bombs, KEEP ONE direction open as a combo starter enabler thingy. Left Dpad ex: ( Left + Triangle ) ( Left + Square ) ( Left + Circle ) ( Left + Triangle + Circle ) ( Left + LnR Bumpers + R Stick = TRIM ) ( Left + L Stick = Zoom àxis ) etc... This allows you free reign to reprogram and reuse the right side buttons. ( Triangle + Circle ) ( Triangle + Square ) etc... Program whatever you want, smoke, manual engine, auto pilot, doorlock, landing gear, flush toilet, whatever. Just be careful, try not assign conflicting commands to same inputs. The best part is: NOTHING IS COMPROMISED Control, Weaponry, Communication, and yes, your ability to LOOK, "The Layout" was designed with "View as the #1 Priority". !!!!! Warning !!!!! !!!!! Warning !!!!! In order to fire your pewpews, you will have to remove thumb from view stick. If you tend to look away when firing, then this layout is not for you. If you dare, give it a shot. If you grew up with fighting games, you've got no problem. Who said controllers are at a disadvantage. Everything you need is within a thumbs reach.