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  1. the balanc of tanks fighting one against another is crazy. PzKpfw 38(t) would not be in the same rank of a T29, and the fictitious tanks are not balanced by anything. Is this supposed to be fun. Well you filed there, but then what can we expect from a company put to wring the last little money that they can from the poor and down trodden, after being disabled it is hard enough to use you controls and see the writing for locating, an dthe white cross hairs that you refuse to fix. This sure feels like discrimination from my end. What are your thoughts on that ? I would like to no bofrore I proceed. After all some one has to speak for us with disabilities as it seems that you will not listen to just plain asking for a change? or flaming for change so this is the avenue you left for me. Thank you kindly
  2.   Since the last up date the mouse scroll wheel does not work for (left shift scroll wheel) resizing and or rotation (alt scroll wheel) of decals in the decoration area. It does however work well in game. I would like to see this fixed please!

                    Thanks Macdevious