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  1. Bomber spam is one of the big reasons i don't play war thunder so much at the moment. When i want to fly AB i mostly fly between 4.0 and 6.0 because its where the planes i want to fly fall which puts me firmly in do 217 territory and it can be very hard to shoot down a diving dornier, tu 2, yer 2, b17 or any other bomber in that range before it can drop a large payload on some helpless ground targets. I've had games where i've climbed to between 3.5 and 4.5 km hoping to contest altitude and had to abandon it because of a stream of any kind of bomber just diving. From that position there's never really any time to think about setting up an optimal run or think about preserving your own fighter even if you get that chance on the first wave of divers you wont get it on the 2nd which starts coming in before you have chance to think about what to do next. For me the worst part is even if you are successful in blunting this attack there's no satisfaction in it you cant come away from it and say that was an awesome match testing myself against the enemy. In my experience the only time fighters have any real influence on the outcome of a Ground strike match is when neither side is really pressing the ground units. One way this might get altered is by simply changing the variety of match ups Less ground strike, more front line and more domination of both kinds at all ratings. Basically make bomber heavy line ups less viable and farming harder.
  2. 21 for 0 in a m4a1 all with the tank as well if i remember right no air streaks (could be wrong but i tend not to use them)