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  1. funny thing is most of the time when i find one its in my m41 only just worked up the motivation to try and spade it (been trying for more than a year) and it surprisingly does okay against them. and then the side bounces apds and i cry a bit and the bulldog stays in the hangar again....
  2. i've had 120mm HEAT-FS fired from my m103 bounce of the side of the turret of one of those. Yes it was pretty flat.
  3. have been wondering about this myself. would have thought the do 335 would be reasonably effective in assault
  4. shame about the g2 i've found it to be a great rp and lions earner
  5. So basically we agree in that it would be pointless to try and balance by skill which is nice
  6. I'm too sober to deal with stat waving contests..... Also NOOOOOOO don't lose the air dom give us more!!! while you're at it give us more normal dom too and less ground strike seriously do what others have said use more fighters and fighter bombers and less actual bombers you'll find things are more fun that way
  7. My american 4.7 is m6 both jumbos and then the hellcat. Normally start off with Cobra King and with APCR or a bit of give me that nice flat side mister 5.7 german tank the 75mm (which i still think is kind of a potato cannon) is still "good enough" On the M6 it is a bit of a why not both on the gun or armor issue plus the coax 37mm can be useful especially when down tiered or on flanks. I tend to find it's armor is also good enough when used with care and no angling which can be annoying. Hellcat only really comes out if i want to bomb around sliding round corners like I'm playing need for speed or if there's threat which requires a bit more fire and maneuver than the M6 or the Jumbos can handle
  8. By the sounds of it he thinks its too easy for everyone to one shot anyone else and thinks the aim assist should be taken off to make things harder... I can probably find plenty of games where tanks are neither one shotting all the time or games where tanks take hits without dying. neither of which should be news to anyone who plays the game. Also there isn't really an aim assist when firing out past a certain distance (I think its 1000m where the cross disappears although i might be wrong) also as long as you aren't moving towards the shot there isn't a target marker either so ranging and lead is done by the player in that situation. If its really that big of an issue go and play RB or Sim where it still kinda happens but you get that lovely fuzzy feeling that whoever shot you did it more or less on their own....
  9. I'll go with that to an extent personally i feel the distinction is in the size of the advantage gained. I recently got the t29 and i would say its a very powerful and difficult tank to kill at it's rating. You could say something similar about the Tiger II h without making a relative comparison of the 2 tanks (yes the T29 is better in a few significant ways). So did i pay for an advantage? yes. Did i pay for a significant advantage? Nah not really plenty of ways of taking out a T29 some of which are more silly than others. So yeah still think p2w isn't really a thing in war thunder
  10. @PhugTheWar It does in that one 4 man squad probably wont balance out another and all i was replying to yours was there's no reason to suggest a 4 man squad should be any more or less organised than a 2 or 3 man squad so any assumption on squad organisation is entirely supposition and largely irrelevant. Also there's no c in my name if you look
  11. For germany in the air i'd say bf109g2 if you want a decent premium (pack also comes with the great fun pzIIh) Britain personally i like the achilles as to if id recommend it only if you like how m10s work with that slow traverse also typhoon 1b for premium plane awesome plane at 3.7 For the japanese fw190a5 is a solid choice as are either of the raidens J2m series would personally go for the one with 4 20mm cannons and I like tigers so heavy number 6 seems like a reasonable idea to me
  12. Depends on the choices hellcat or jumbo? (everyone forgets about the m6 apparantly) Jumbo all the way its gun is good enough and with some care you can really influence matches by throwing your armor around avenger or churchill VII easy firefly good mix of both then the churchill because getting shot at and surviving is funny then the avenger because i hate it.... As for good players like lightly armored tanks and bad players like armor is just stupid.... personally while running around like a jet fueled kitty in a hellcat is fun its not a tank that i think is overly influential in an AB match there is often a need for someone to get stuck in on a cap and fight against all comers and a hellcat is not the tool for that job. Its where you need the heavies but sadly they seem to be afraid of getting shot at so hide miles away trading shells with the other heavies which kinda makes me sad to see
  13. *sighs yet another person who thinks p2w is a thing T29 powerful but far from invincible T28/95 shoot the hatches frontally or just move on if you don't feel like dealing with it. Seriously i think continental drift might be faster than this thing..... Strv Its just a cent mk3 with some missiles seriously whats the problem? RU paper armor nuff said Tiger sla-de-blah-de-blah Its just a slightly more mobile king tiger with some extra track glued to the side hardly p2w IS6 if the armor didn't bounce shots it shouldn't this wouldn't be a problem also any tank i can kill with a Bulldog cant be THAT OP.....
  14. No real problems there once they're spaded stock grind is painful but nothing new there. Super Pershing = decent machine once you have the apcbc great at flank shots and can hold its own in a slugging match sometimes.... t29 = Excellent Br 6.7 heavy t34 = Not used but seems to do a good job of handling whats thrown at it from what i've seen of it t95 = (or whatever the Doomturtles name is when its at home) = Slow and very well armored apart from some glaring weakspots that can and will get you killed M26e1 = pershing with a gun that can pen a kingtiger's turret with the apcbc basically a slightly better pershing also has a .50 coax mg which can be nice. also often have the m26 in my american 6.7 line good tank if you remember its a medium and remember to work your ammo choice if you have oppertunity dont know about the lights as i'm not past the m41 and have no real wish to get past the m41 as that was painful enough thanks....
  15. *breaking news* Teamwork is overpowered in a team game! who knew eh? Yes a moderate to good 4 man squad can have a significant influence on a match but the same can be said for a moderate to good 2 or 3 man squad. Yes there are some absolutely awful squads with mismatched brs which make you think what the hell is that thing doing in this match oh its a bunch of guys who havent figured out brs yet.... the problem is a significant portion of players squaded or otherwise arent moderate to good. They still think head ons are the best tactic for any situation they still think the best response to a Zero or a busa is turn fighting it etc etc and they still blinker in and focus on the one target or single players out for revenge. I've seen this from all kinds of players solos to 4 man squads. There is no point in matching squad for squad because there's no reason any given squad should be expected to match any squad its matched against. If you have a problem with teamwork is OP then i'd suggest trying it yourself or sucking it up because any enforcement in the matchmaking will probably cause more problems than it solves @PhugTheWar Actually there's no reason for a squad of 4 to be any more or less organised than any other squad voicecomms is not mandatory nor is working as a team most of the time when my squadron squads up its limited to a few of us doing what we want with some minor teamwork and a lot of just chatting