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  1. Imo the version that makes the most sense for the game is the D-1 because a) it actually fought during the Poland invasion, unlike the C and b) it could fill the gap at 1.7 in the 109 line.
  2. I only play air, but my least favourite map is Wake Island. It's incredibly dumb on both sides.
  3. Ok yeah I take back what I said. I've been flying more after the patch and the amount of wings snapping off is overboard. I guess we can pretend it's a fuel tank or magazine suddenly exploding...
  4. Sounds like their comments about the ITT, so... :P
  5. The Italian and German G91 are rather different. The German version had 4 hardpoints and 30mm DEFA cannons, whereas the Italian one had 2 hardpoints and 4 .50 cals (which probably is why Germans complained about the plane's performance, and Italians didn't :P), at least the early ones pre G91Y. The problem with the G91 is that it falls out of the timeline for WT, even though it would kind of fit the game. The specifications for it were issued as a result of the Korean War afaik.
  6. Nor Hurricanes. They did a great job both during the BoB as interceptors, and later on as fighter bombers.
  7. This post has helped me a lot so thanks! After a couple of weeks of practicing and trying to fly more patiently I am doing a lot better and the Antons have become my favourite planes.
  8. I have only flown the Lagg-3-8 before the la-5, and while it is a bit of a brick especially without upgrades, I have had good success with it (strictly RB). I feel like the plane is really helped by the fact that a) at its BR you are more likely to find a bunch of people on the deck and b) the armament is very reliable. All I do is simple side climbing and bnz from intermediate altitude (4k and below-ish). In fact it's a good plane to learn disciplined flying on. That said, it is much inferior Yak-1. Whenever I fly that thing I feel absolutely untouchable. edit: oh and I despise the Mg-3-15. Its energy retention in anything but horizontal flight is terrible, the controls are pretty much always unresponsive so it's hard to aim, and the armament is mediocre.
  9. Whenever such a devblog comes out, I"ll be incredibly hyped. Until then I'm not going to delude myself.
  10. He also says that his unit would only open fire at 50-70 meters, so he isn't actually contradicting himself. Do you have any good sources for BoB gun camera footage? My impression is that it's really really hard to find decent videos, I did a quick (sorry, I got lazy!) search on YT and several shots show 190s, so yeah....
  11. The one I can think off the top of my head is this interview: Q: I thought it was an old wive’s tale, if I can use that expression, when during the Battle of Britain British pilots said that they cut through German aircraft with machine gun fire. A: No, this could be done with Lewises, and of course also with our ShKASes.
  12. Wrong. Plenty of WW2 pilot recounts show that even 30cals are enough to cut off a wing, particularly if fired from close range.
  13. 1) The more SBDs the better, but they should add the SBD-5 ahead of any A24 variant 2) Sure why not. It was a very mediocre plane though 11) Hard plane to add, buth worth it. The only sensible variant would be the late war high altitude interceptors, the earlier ones were completely unarmed and only used for recon. 29 and 30 ) Supersonic planes of any kind are way, way too fast for current WT maps. Possible if they add an extra tier with later stuff, but that seems unlikely at best. 34) Mediocre plane, others are more important and should be added instead (P35 and P43 for example) For the other planes I mostly dont care, a handful pre production and prototypes are fine but that's where you should draw the line. That many paper/experimental planes would be way, way too much. And yeah, what the poster above me said.
  14. I-16s are incredibly wierd planes. Whenever I fly against them I find they are very hard to shoot down because they are so tiny and agile, making it easy to dodge BnZ passes, but they are so slow they can't shoot me down in return...