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  1. If you want help to build a pc who can run WT decently PM me your specs, im willing to help.
  2. And the Tiger 2 people probably see it as a "payback" from dealing with post war tech in 2015(IS-3/T-54). "just flank it" meme See? Is a vicious cycle, now US/UK are on top, tomorrow could be diferent, thats why we want to balance, only people who gains something from having OP vehicles is GJ. While we insult each other GJ smiles with pockets full of cash...
  3. 4 things that will make it shine again: 1º- Give GER a premium CAS plane comparable to wyvern/p51 (CCCP and japan could use some love too). 2º- Give non premium heatfs spammer(Jpz 4-5 at 6.7 Ru to 7.3). 3º- Fill the gaps 7.3-7.7(m48?t-54?protos?) 4º- Return maps to previous size and make bigger objective caps.
  4. Agree. If you spend $30/month on WT you can buy used parts, or save and buy low end ones that can run fine at lower resolution(1280x720 or lower)God, if you really wanted new parts you will ask someone to gift you or save(who can't spend 200usd on a pc over 2-3 years of saving should start working/dedicating more). (minimum wage here in Brazil is around $300) And youhave the option to buy in steps: GPU first, then RAM, then MB/CPU... My solutions: Solution 1: Remove ULQ, people who spend cash on WT will figure out a way to buy new pc parts, who dont spend problably wont(if i record GJ data only 4% of playerbase use ULQ) Solution 2: Correct ULQ, make everything render on same distances than normal and use ugly 2D models. Everybody wins. Solution 2 plus: Same as 2 plus make realistic tank maps, open fields no CQB full of bushes/trees/buildings... Solution 3: Make objects render at same distances in ULQ and normal. Funny to see that the argument GJ used to not give correct german cammo was that pcs will not be able to handle the color, but then they add destructible buildings/smoke/maps with extreme quantities of bushes and trees hahahahahha. ULQ will not be removed from WT, not because they care about players, but because of their agenda. How much you can pay for a pc per month?
  5. I think you missed the point Rainbow was trying to explain was that is a cycle of "overpowerness" in WT, remember when Tiger 2 was fighting IS-3/T-54? The cycle: GJ sells OP vehicle to nation A, then nation B complains and get OP+ vehicle, then nation C do the same and gets OP++ vehicle, then nation A complains and get OP+++ vehicle... Doing this GJ get money. Thats another reason why we have massive grind and why we never will get a proper balanced game. Maybe only making WT payed will solve these issues.. Edit: forgot t-54
  6. For who know how to aim UK Bonus: CAS(US+UK), stabilization, early APDS, HESH, reloading rate. For who want casual fun CCCP Bonus: Lots of fillers and RNG stuff Since you liked the armour i suggest you CCCP. Im playing with UK lately(grind demotivated me from continuing CCCP).
  7. No need for lots of new maps, just restore to old size and focus on correct bugs/damage models. Maps comparisson: http://live.warthunder.com/post/606142/en/
  8. They gonna be "really happy" I see 3 solutions: GER/CCCP vs NATO = get T-54/55 GER/US/UK/japan vs CCCP = get M48 GER fighting both sides = get both sides tanks