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  1. Yeah, it generally doesn't end up like that from my experience (which is admittedly limited). But when it does it's a uniquely frustrating experience because you feel so helpless to stop it. But I would say the next biggest reason people get mad about it is because you can suddenly be wrecked by 2 or 3 planes with virtually no warning. One minute those guys are in their tanks or fast movers, the next minute HVARs kill several tanks and gut whatever advantage you thought you had. It happens very quickly, and you won't know to counter it until you hear/see planes (tanks are about to die), or tanks are already dead. And in organized play you can get better responses to it. In random play it's even more devastating because the standard of communication/teamplay is that much lower. It's almost too effective a tactic to be as easy to do in randoms as it is.
  2. I don't know about other people, but I don't spawn my SPAA initially (which I finally got) because if the situation becomes an overrun or something where every frontliner counts and you need to be in a real tank to stop vehicles on the ground, you will have to J out of/die in your SPAA...and then it's gone. If planes come up later you won't have it to counter them.
  3. That's honestly more frustrating to me than the vehicles themselves. I'm just a new player trying to get decent lineups, but it's like trying to get water from a stone because you have to do these grinds while being sealclubbed at almost every BR. Not that it's rare in these mil-arena games, but WT in particular is just brutally rife with clubbing culture. When you have a vehicle like the IS-6 or whatever it's really more the cherry on top of that. It has its issues but it's otherwise very exploitable against other players, though really it's just facilitative of what I mentioned above.
  4. Yeah, I feel like the T29 and KT are fairly equal now, they just have different advantages. The KT's bad steel modifier needs to go already.