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  1. Yeah, German tanks are gigantic. I take the Sla into the Polygon user mission to test the gun and it just towers over most other tanks as I drive it around them. Way bigger than the ISes - IS-3 is really low compared to it. It makes you real self-conscious when you take those things into matches and have to cross open areas. Especially when you have the zerg teams who just lemming to caps, there's the sense that death could come at any second lol.
  2. Yeah, I don't really like the clubbing culture I'm starting to see. Balanced (mostly, there will never be perfect balance) fights are the best fights.
  3. There can't be that many players who only play Germany, can there? I thought it was more FotM thing back then, the locusts will always migrate to whatever is said to be best in every game.
  4. It should, yes. The problem is when you encounter that constantly while trying to even get parts/FE. I finally was able to get the basic functionality for my Panther D due to some sim battles where you couldn't meet those tanks. It's ok, I'm already used to that from having to shoot T29s multiple times with the Sla's gun due to the previously bugged ammo racks.
  5. It's starting to make me question picking Germany as my first main nation. They have may good qualities for new players in themselves like decent APHE/gun dep/armor, but the matches you end up witnessing are depressing.
  6. Panther D doesn't have APCR, and even if it did, the 75 L/70 APCR doesn't look like it has the pen at long range to do that like the long 88's APCR can.
  7. ^This. That's really the only thing I dislike about it.
  8. I don't have the Tiger E yet, but the H1 really doesn't seem that much worse. Like others have said, the 6.7 uptiers are the real problem. But if anything should be downtiered it's a lot of the Tiger H1 players you run into.
  9. You're thinking of the field arty gun, the IS-6's gun is a different one.