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  1. It sometimes do the job, sometimes not. Any german TD is mutch more effective but playing with brbar is mutch more fun. However sometimes is frustrating. Most of the time you cant. If the target see the shot it can move out easily, a few hundred meter distance is far enough to jump away from the projectile. And you cant shot through trees, walls, houses, palisades everything what is touch the projectile is neutralise it.
  2. The lower part of the hull is really 50+50 but the upper plate is 20mm, and the side is 20mm too.
  3. Brummbar have a Pz IV hull, which means it have 50 and 20 mm armor on front. And the side is 20mm thick and another 20mm plate on it some place. The 100 mm plate is good from bigger distances - if the enemy is shot you there.... The HE is a big JOKE. Sometimes do someting but mostly just scrach the enemy. I think they nerfed. I cant suggest to anybody to buy it, it will be a big dissapointment in a short time.
  4. Nashorn is mutch more agile and faster too. However i linked some videos where the Nashorn is bounced from the KV-1 many times.
  5. You have to aim with the tracers but then the other MG shot elsewhere. Sure to fix it.
  6. Its no matter in this case and i think you know that well. The zis5 turret is capable to survive a multiple shot from the long 88mm german guns from frontally, becouse 1. its multiple armor structure. 2. the rounded bouncy shoulders That is a very little surface to shot through, specially with BR 5.0-3.3 vehicles. From a distance and in the heat of the battle, almost impossible to hit there at least in AB. While the KV-1B have no that 'multiple, spaced armor' like turret, you can shot through easily. In 5.0 no matter the turret side is 105 or 90 mm..... But the turret front is the most important part of the armor.
  7. Today i played some match in 6.3 and there was always 7.3 machines. Howewer i have only two 6.3 vehicle without experienced crew and the modifciations i havent the half on them. I dont know how working the match maker but i think is connected to the premium player status somehow.
  8. Any talk like this "germans is the best in WT" is a gimmick. Its not true already (and i think in this form, never was). The game is changed in the last months a lot and german vehicles far form the best.
  9. Similar? 'Similar' The german have the better gun, but russian have the super tough turret. No matter is 0.3 or anything. I used in 5-6 battles today and always against 5.7 I dont know its cause brummbar or this, but both of them weak in that BR.
  10. We have 21° plate on the StuG III and you saw the videos and the calculations...? I think its not realistic. We have a 105 mm gun witch is ineffective from 70m but that laughable L-11 gun can one shot kill a StuG III from 1000m or either 2000m. That StuG is made 1943 and i cant belive to germans do that armor like easily penetrated with one of the worst russian gun from kilometers. This is ridiculous.
  11. KV-1E and KV-1(zis5) can be in BR 4.3 ? But german KV-1B cant be in BR 4.7 Ok, it have better gun, but worst everything else. Specially it havent a super massive turret fornt armor. In 5.0 that kwk 40 gun is bellow average, the gun and wehicle mobility is bellow average and the armor is a bit better than average. In 4.7 it will be a useful machine maybe a bit op, but not mutch like the Zis 5 variant in 4.3....
  12. It must be a BR 4.7 tank.
  13. Five tests in row.
  14. Hmm... Thanx for the answers.
  15. Brummbar armor: 109+81=190 mm OR 230 mm Jagdpanzer penetration values: T-34/85 armour 128 mm Jagdpanzer penetration value again: Nashorn VS KV-1: Same as the Sturer Emil. They hits are ineffective many times. Looks like random generator doesnt work properly, or settings bad. Sadly i started to hate this game because its turn to highly imponderable. Not just these vehicles, most of them.