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  1. Its a game. However its unbalanced and unreal in most aspect, it make you an enjoyable gameplay. You can be a Tiger ace in this game (i cant be) but not with 691 battle what you have.
  2. I bought this one on last halloween becouse of the 4000 ge and two weeks premium, but its almost useless at that br. Looks like another rocking horse. Yes, maybe. Im thinking about this too.
  3. Coelian to 6.3 and Jagdpanzer IV/70 (A) to 4.3 * * In AB at least.
  4. I dont want this thing. Germany need a tank between 4.3-5.7 Or more. Puma is pure garbage, why you want another useless car?
  5. What about the Tiger II sla? Now its cheaper, but lots of things changed in the last few months and some people say - its not so effective like once.
  6. Or not. This was last sunday. The first shot is no penetration. The second is... do some damage... on the optics.
  7. Thats right. Coelian must be 6.3 to fit to the Porsche version and the Jagdpanther.
  8. Panther A, Tiger II P, Sturer Emil, Jagdpanther, Ostwind. In 6.3 this is a playable set to every situation.
  9. I have only germans. Planes too, but i dont use them anymore. Stock planes are better. as you wish...
  10. I play in AB. Most fun: maybe the Brummbar, however its frustrating many times, but still fun somehow... the german t-34. Because its very effective in every aspect. the german KV-1B 756(r). Same like brummbar; These are a bit weak or barely ok in 5.0 but yet i always go to 5.7 with them. But i like this tank, i dont know why. Worst: Panzer IV/70(A) Bad gun (gun depression -5°, traverse extent very little) with good penetration, and terrible armor full of huge weakspots on every side. (Its a 4.3 vehicle IMO)
  11. Its only matter when we talking about IS-1 or 2 or maybe the M6 Dreadnought.... Thats why they get lower BR. Ferdi is nazi german->evil-> no respect
  12. Yes, here is the official explanation:
  13. t-34 often survive a hit becouse the hull or the turret remains nearly unharmed so you can drive away or shoot back (except ammo hit). If t-34 hit the Pz IV then the whole tank crippled or die instantly. Im talked about F2 not G which is 4.3 and the t-34's 3.7 or 4.0. The /57 variant too... And t-34's side armor is waaay better than ANY german vehicle with kwk 40 or ANYTHING under BR 5.7 (except the premium captured ones)
  14. Then talk about KV-1.
  15. Broken or not its BR is too high anyway.
  16. No matter, its totally useless. Two shell not enough to kill or seriously damage a little boat or a medium tank, and its not designed to burst fire. If you shoot earlier or later you missed. So basically you have one shot and that is not enough. The air target shell is the same. Most of the time one hit not enough to kill a bomber and you have 12 shot. (Catch a figher is an impossible mission or insane luck) The thruth is: Ju 87 G's are the most difficult planes to earn success and an easy kill to any 20mm calibre gun. The other day i get one short burst from a Yak single 20mm and my plane is ripped to two pieces.... But it's 3.0 and 3.3 in AB WHY?
  17. t-34 ('42) best reload time is 6.5 sec while Pz IV F2 have 5.9 sec that is 0.6 sec difference, not too mutch and t-34 have -5° gun depression Pz IV have -10° which is mutch better t-34 shell have less pen but bigger explosive fill and that pen value is enough in that BR But thats all. Everything else like mobility, speed, acceleration, steering, breaking, stability, turret traverse, armor, bounce capability, etc is MUTCH better. Pz IV have +1 crew but still less surviving capability. I have a german t-34 and it was more effective in BR 4.0 with Lvl 40 crew, like the F2 in BR 3.7 with Lvl 90 ace crew. (Now the t-34 have 50+ Lvl ace crew already and its massacre... i only use it my BR 4.3 set) And the most effective from all of my machines. t-34's is the best MBTs in 3.7-5.3 BR.
  18. Im not think that but that was the the subject of the argument when you get in.
  19. And the other little plate beside. However there is a closed area, with a 50 mm plate behind it which is missing from WT model.
  20. So, its not a tiger in 4.3 eh?
  21. Sadly cant. And dont forget, its just a MD-5 shell with 73mm maximum penetration.
  22. So you can say it too: ".......basically amounts to Tiger H1 levels of frontal armour at a much lower battle rating of 4.3." That MD-5 shell can pen 73 mm in 90° from 10m
  23. All those yellow parts. I cant call it "small". Its half of the upper part of the vehicle.
  24. This with additional armor :P
  25. Simple b*ll...t. However, if they continue nerf germans, maybe one day you will right.
  26. Russian 76mm OF-350M HE shell damage improved to at least 15mm penetration. Aaaaaand its not a bias theme.....!
  27. You said behind. I said frontally. I think you know well enough what is the difference.
  28. That shell can kill a 4.7 pz IV with a hull top shot. So BR2.8 T-28 or even BR1.3 T-26-4 can kill any Pz IV based vehicle from frontally with one shot.... Yeah, thats nothing.....
  29. Then how should calls it? Official cheating? And BR changes with this? No? So this is another russian advantage?
  30. Becouse they only increase the russian HE shells pen?
  31. Surprise, surprise! (for me at least) The 76mm soviet HE shells (which is indicated to 9mm pen) now can pen 15 mm plates. Include those on the testfield (ex. Pz IV). However the 10 mm german HE cant do the job (ex. T-26 on the testfield). I dont try other nations. I dont know how long this is, i just now realize it.
  32. They are always nerfing german tanks, those slightly goes to uncontrollable. Now the panthers have overturn effect too (and many germans have now). Panzer III is a rocking horse. And look at the puma... How they dare to release that condition what is in?! Becouse they doesnt give a sh*t about germans anymore. All german tanks goes to garbage.... Im thinking about uninstall.
  33. These machines have only 12 shots with a slow rate of fire and a slow reload. Why they are in BR 3.0 and 3.3 where every plane can kill them a short burst? They are just sitting ducks. The only reason ingame these planes is to be easy target for everybody. They are slow with bad turning capability and also bad climbing. Actually they have two 7.92 mm machine gun which is firing backwards. In BR 1.3-2.3 they cuold be challenge to the fighters and maybe they can do some action and maybe can survive sometimes. The only usable game mod is the sim.mod. the other two is show you to the enemy from kilometers. If these planes reamain their current BR, i suggest to rename them to FREE LUNCH or SITTING DUCK or something like that. However there is many attacker plane which should be in mutch lower BR.