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  1. I know but it really don't work in game like our discussion here specially with slow reloading. Although Gijan change Heat shell in M46 to Heat-FS. So it's possible to change it too in M60A2 to Hesh shell. By the way i don't know where i can post a suggestion
  2. Good luck . I wish it continue to make u happy .. i just unlock parts but still feeling it underperformance ..
  3. M551 Shirdan, M60A2, M48A1and PT67
  4. I think it's a good idea because in the near past every game at least 4 or 5 playing with SPAA they earn silver lions more than the others who capture and active in the game .. By the way i think Gijan should do this with ATGM's because it made alot of campers every game and how come Chieftain Mk3,Mk5 repairs cost 8000 SL and IT1 5000 SL ??!!
  5. atgm

    Unfortunately i read this article and i think it support my opinion. Tank made to give a support for infantry against enemies and they make a guided missiles as secondary option to use it against enemy tanks to give more accuracy . Warthunder is tanks game so Gijan must give us a appropriate weapon available as stock to make it competitive But now we use anti infantry ammo against tanks ..
  6. I agree 100% . After i played at tier 5 with American, British and Russian i can say the Russians is overpower ..
  7. Disappointed with IT1 ??! U should try M551 or M60A2 to know the real meaning of disappointed
  8. Anyway i just want to share my opinion to know it's only my problem or it's a public and i see an others topics talked about this issues with M551 and M60A2 .. Thank you all
  9. atgm

    To be honest this is the worst tank i played with it . Only two thing make it playable if the developers make a rockets available as stock or change the Heat shell to Hesh and all thing are a dreams
  10. atgm

    M60A2 is totally garbage until spending some golden eagles to unlock rockets ... i think its most useless tank specially with heat shell
  11. Lightening darke So you main our discussion will not change anything ?!!
  12. Its not a historical case .this problem can developer's resolve it they at least should make rockets free as a stock .. i just want to know our discussion here can change anything ??
  13. By the way M46 is good but use it right u should flank it so good with M82 .. sure T29 is a strong tank i dont try it but i play against it with 8.0 RB tanks it not easy to beaten .. Strv 81 same Cent MK3 with 3 missile need more skills to use more than T29 .. one more advise don't buy M47 and M48A1 because you need to spend some golden eagles to make them playable ..
  14. Why the devs putted it in the game ??!! To make a game more playable and joyful .. so when i see some thing not good i must say not for me but for the game.
  15. Hello guys .. i just unlock M60A2 and play a few games with it at stock. it make me so disappointed because it not give to me as American ground forces player a new options in a game it just like a havey tank not a ATGM. and if we compare between it and an others ATGM's it a only one without rockets as a stock and the only one rockets with 490 SL and it a only one has a 21soc reloading. i think it not fare enough . American ground forces need a some care from developers.. please give us one ATGM like a others .. thanks