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  1. This^^ all day... hey, i can admit it..i've been the wirbelwind AND the rocket magnet at times..sometimes i hear the plane and dont see it until its right on top of my position tbh..nasty business,these rockets and such.
  2. this is still a sore subject,talk of tarring and feathering valve executives is circulating
  3. Sure was diggin the War in the Pacific event.It was my favorite place but it sounds cool to be able to create a mission and have a custom sim battle.
  4. Divine Intervention,thats the only explanation,the pilot was prayed up.
  5. Are you referring to Ground Forces?
  6. That says it all.Thank you Rhino.
  7. Figured someone would come along and put the brakes on. Look,we arent elitist.We are only asking for a level playing field in RB.Playstation players ARE placed to a disadvantage. No justice,No peace!
  8. Just when we were gettin somewhere...
  9. Even without the glare,the cockpit and sighting system layout obscures pilot vision to a point of uselessness. I was really looking forward to using this but not so much now,sim is hard enough without the hindering of sight.
  10. Wait,you mean to tell me L2 target tracking flew your plane towards the target? Mine only follows the target visually.
  11. Yup,air start at like 200ft above AF. Stay low,Masque isnt exaggerating.Experienced fighters will gut you if they have room underneath. Its easy to belly-land for rearm/repair just watch your speed on approach and you'll be fine.
  12. Ki-44 II otsu,hands down.40mm beast.
  13. where MA is RB's default control setup,PS4 players wanting an even playing field is labeled "elitism". And fyi,this is where we voice our concern about a major problem for PS4 players.I guess so basically we can be belittled or flagged as elitist.Thats awesome.
  14. I find the Shinden Kai to be the most aesthetically appealing fighter in the Japanese tech tree,seconded only by the Ki-87.Hope they are both as fun to fly and fight as their lower BR bretheren because so far,Japan has the most fun packed into any one tech tree.So excited about the Shinden Kai.
  15. +1 I was about to post on this when I saw this thread.
  16. Yes.The Cannon Birds air target rounds are devastating if you can connect and it is a great feeling.
  17. The Pacific is a popular destination,most of the flyers would rather find the action fast as opposed to EC's needle-in-a-haystack,hide and go seek type play.The pace is faster in the Pacific event and its pushed me into trying out the Japanese because the Allied team is full most of the time.Im glad it did though because IJN-A planes are the bees knees.Hope I see alot of yall in there this weekend.
  18. I cant speak for the nightshift demographic.
  19. I noticed this in BoS and it rings true in WT also.I attibute this phenomenon to an ailment that can only be described as "adulthood".Its a terrible affliction that often is accompanied by awful bouts of responsibility that precludes said adults from jammin WT all day..
  20. I love WT.Its the greatest game ever imo and I have few complaints but this needs to be addressed because it puts a huge majority at a disadvantage and most players dont even know why.I feel like I am punished for being a PS4 player.Mouse Aim belongs in Arcade.That being said,I can escape the madness in Sim mode.We are all held to the same standard more or less and the experience is more immersive,the payout better and kills are much more satisfying.
  21. Press L2 to see the rooms and choose a room? I never wait more for War in the Pacific Event than I ever did for RB.
  22. To be clear,base model PS4 does not have an option for head tracking and doesnt support the hardware at present?
  23. *sardinha08, ive heard its not the best Lightning and Im ok with that.Plus everyone that has told me that,has not been a simulation pilot.On top of that,in my experience,planes that fly like bricks in AB/RB can be awesome flight models in sim and vice versa.Im starting my collection of rare premiums and want this plane so bad I can hear the engines..so yeah.I have the Captured Bf109-F4 and WILL be aquiring the US Spitfire but other than the La-11 and Ki-87,this is my Holy Grail as anything post WW2 wont get much cockpit time from me.I hope like hell Gaijin brings the K model back.
  24. No,and I am sure alot of american boys like myself who just started playing since the new year would put down cold hard cash for the P38-K alone.Bring back the K model as a premium please.
  25. Hope this gets traction with Gaijin as I too wish we had more skins to shoose from.
  26. Bf-109 F4

    I have a trick I use.I place Isreali AF roundels over the USAAF markings and *poof*,its invincible. Like Im riding with the Ark of the Covenant. Shalom and tally ho.
  27. This has been my experience in Enduring Confrontation as well.If in a fighter,I take 30-45 minutes of fuel and end up landing to refuel without firing a shot a quarter of the time.If you are unfortunate and get bounced,good luck because 9 out of 10 times your "Need Cover" calls will fall on deaf ears.I was pounced on yesterday,couldnt shake my attacker and repeatedly called for help to no avail.In over an hour playing in that server,I saw teamwork in combat happen ONCE.And that was between sqaudron mates. If there is a problem with EC,its the players with a simulation skillset coupled with the Arcade mindset. The Pacific event is usually full or damn near it but the people in there are generally helpful so I play alot more.Its easy to find the action when your team communicates.