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  1. I agree with that,I should have been clear by my meaning when I say the G flys better than the F,in Full Real Controls the G model is,to me,the easier airplane.It doesnt require as much work to fly.Yes,the F is the more maneuverable of the two but it comes at the cost of ease of operation imo.In certain instances where you would be really having to fight the stick in an F,the G holds fast and bucks less.
  2. You havnt been around the PS4 section long then..
  3. This^ plus the Pz II H is a 50mm hole puncher at its tier and is so fun to play. One of my best investments has been the Fire and Maneuver pack,I have a hard time with Bf's as a whole but the firepower of the G-2 really is magnificent and it seems like those gunpods balance the FM out.It flys better than the F-4 imo.
  4. You should make a bug report about this.oh...wait..thats right,they ignore PS4 problems and players..nvm
  5. Using Mouse Aim is like wearing Bell Bottom's,just because everyones doing it,doesnt make it right...
  6. I heard the K is mediocre in comparison to the J and L's but Bostwicks jug was worth every dime.
  7. They can take back all the new vehicles and patches they've released.... Just revert the game back to the version from early February.
  8. The sqaudron,friends and contacts list arent working. It will show some to be offline when they are in fact online,the sqaudron list only works periodically and the invite option is bugged.It will continually send and resend friend request when you invite that player to a squad. I cant tell you how many times it prompted me to add two friends along with the confirmation notification.
  9. wish they "felt the need" to fix the game for PS4 players..
  10. Money.Money is the reason the Italians are so unbalanced at the moment. They'll get nerfed when GJ decides they've **** the playerbase enough. Until then,most of us can all stand in amazement watching G55's catch P-47M's and outturning Spitfires. The rest will stay in the circle jerk,expound more on the virtues of Itailian aircraft technology and make excuses for why it takes so long for GJ to fix such an obvious flaw in the game.They should be along shortly.
  11. how many updates this week?three?client stability is hardly improved for ps4.its worse.is gj trying to ditch ps4 players?screen blurs and the lag is so bad i cant even play.
  12. Sounds like you came across a pair of monster close air support pilots working in tandem. Or,they are mediocre and had a really great match.. Either way,its one in a million ways a match can end up..
  13. Sounds buggy.Its a shame more people dont play dynamic/single though.Co-op is available in many if the operations and that is a blast.,I do enjoy single player missions.Most are just Birds of Steel missions ported to WT.
  14. The most unrealistic part of War Thunder is mouse aim in RB,but MA players love to throw that statement in to a discussion.The argument that certain aspects of WT being unrealistic seems to be a favorite example of Mouse Aim players only seeking to rationalize their vastly unbalanced control method in a second game mode.The devs work hard to make the game more historically correct only to have mouse aimers spout off that its unrealistic...when in reality,when it comes to FM's,they have no clue since MA negates most RB physics.MA'ers have no clue and could care less about realism,they just want a kill in RB and the reward that goes along with the kill.Realism be damned. The Stuka's bomb release mechanic is great and it'll probably be removed since instead of learning to use it,players cry its too hard and want it to be easier,like arcade.
  15. Im so tired of hearing this...
  16. Well Im afraid that poor buffalo wont be the last bird to take a thrashing.And it may not be a filthy focker next time around.But hey,theres good news. You may take a friend into a custom battle and 1v1 in those planes tho.Might be fun too.
  17. -WARNING-Generalities may be harmful to your planes health.Use may produce side effects such as a hole in your right wing,pilot knocked unconscious,tail cut loose and plane burned down. Funny tho,you can take measures preflight to anticipate the types of planes that are...most prevalent? but random battles do not allow for such determinations.right?
  18. Playstation players ought to be separated from PC if GJ cant make cross-platform work in a balanced manor. I support WT,but I feel like my support is being used to develop features that PS4 players will never be able to utilize.
  19. GJ loves to entice players with great premiums.They are only great long enough for players to believe they are getting an advantageous vehicle. Thunderers buy the premium and a month later GJ nerfs the thing into oblivion.Its the profitable thing.The italians day is soon approaching.
  20. Yeah,ive been flipped on my back with three squadmates attempting to flip ke over by taking turns ramming me only to be bombed as soon as i was upright,killing us all..just icing on the cake after being dragged,teetering on an egde of a canal,almost rammed off a bridge and into the canal.. WT can be hilarious.
  21. I love Pacific Hidden Base and never see it in rotation in Random Battles.It along with Crater are my two favorite places to be.The grandeur and majesty of them are epic and I wish they were in regular rotation for Random RB,especially Pacific Hidden Base.The AI is sketchy and suicides alot but chasing you friends thru mountain caves can be GREAT!