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  1. When people complain here that centurion Mk.10 is OP but : -They don't know that their this even more to come less or far more powerful. -They cry that it use hesh but it doesn't have HEAT-FS. Stop crying dammit, you'll get your T-55 stabilized soon enough near 7.0
  2. I think allowing the D shell at 7.3 is the best idea, it would make it a premium alternative to the IS-3 and still making it a competitive tank. Chemical ammunition destroy it (RU251 or M56 are the best exemple), so putting frontal threats equipped with those type of ammunition would be fine. IS-6 would still be one of the fastest heavy, with a nice ROF.
  3. Well you can trap-shot the IS-6 from the side of the turret since it's not like the IS-3, I was today by an US T34, who shot the low part of the turret, making his solid shot going trough the roof and ammo racking. Still I agree it's a very very very hard shot to make and IS-6 really need to be uptiered at 7.3.
  4. Until you unlock APDS this tank is a struggle, once you get them with expert crew and ace, it's like But yeah, you'll often get sucked at 6.3 or 6.7, but the APDS make it bearable at some point.
  5. Ok, So my boss finally paid my overtime, and with this money I said to myself : "I should buy a premium Is-6 or Ru", being a british player, I allowed myself to try some armor at Rank IV. IS-6 here we go, I launch a game, on my laptop without mouse and keyboard. US+USSR V GERMANY, OK So mainly Tiger II (H). Used to fight them with Brits, I go gently not totally head-on, first Tiger shot at me, bounce, I hit his turret, OHK. His friend come around, same thing. I end up the game with 6 kills and a cap. Only damage was my barrel. "So this is what Russian BIAS feels Like" - StalkerSoC, 24/03/2017 I feel dirty.
  6. For me the advantage is not being able to fire on the move, it's being able to perform a perfect shot just after a quick stop.It's just way faster than a non-stabilized tank. I don't know how work the stab in shermans since I haven't unlocked any of them, but if you get stabilized just before stopping it's actually quite good.
  7. Is that a 17pdr / 77mm HV ?
  8. The Vickers shown earlier looks like a more potent top tier than the scorpion 90, Since I don't know the gun of the scorpion 90 I would assume it only used APDS and HESH ? Gaijin will most likely use the same numbers for the Scorpion HESH as the RU. So I see the scorpion sitting at 7.0 or 7.3 with this configuration. For all RARDEN light tanks, as said before I'am skeptical, I heard that 30mm APDS for it were never used ?
  9. Hopefully it will come this year....
  10. Discussing about this makes me want (even more) a Light Tank and an armored car line in the tech tree.
  11. Yeah true 7.3 sounds better and tier 4 is even better so I can take it in SRE. Argh, It would be hard to get it implemented in the regular tech tree, and it's a little too much for premium.
  12. After some research this is definitely some 8.0 material, 105mm stabilized, 550hp for less than 20t, a beauty ! Sad how I never heard of this. It's the L7, supplied with heat-fs no ?
  13. We definitely need a light tank line, but I'am skeptical about the 30mm RARDEN and it's ability to fight heavy armored. What is this tank ?
  14. Most likely we will get the Mk.5 variation or if they feel generous the Mk.5/4, both of those doesn't have the Stillbrew, and I don't think we will ever get it since it's somehow a composite armor. Actually my wishlist is : - Centurion mk.5/2 at 7.0 but tier IV - Centurion Mk.2 at 5.7 or 6.0 - Chieftain Mk.5/4 at 8.3 or more since it would get the APDS-FS L23A1 - A whole light/scout/Armored car line
  15. Yeah actually played it in SRE, quite a good map, you can make good ambush at the east and long range at C, B is more a brawling point, near the village.
  16. Yeah right I forgot about that sorry japanese player For me Type 60 MAT should be 6.7 right now in RB
  17. And the only tank I've actually saw flipped by a bomb was a sheridan.
  18. British BIAS is the new BIAS.
  19. I agree, In RB it's the third tank I get out after the chieftain and the Mk.10
  20. It can ne used In a lot of map, just forget the idea of brawling with it like an it-1, it's true that it's the worst atgm, but In RB and SB it can ne somehow useful.
  21. Someday we will get the Centurion Mk.5/2 at 6.7 or 7.0 in tier 4. A nice 105mm on the Centurion Mk.3 hull.
  22. Same, In the 3 centurion I find a good Hull down position and let the APDS do the reste of the work. If I get In an urban map I ambush tanks at common places. It's rare for me to extend and often get me killed if it's too early in the game.
  23. Mixed belt are here to take out more armored planes Like Il-2 or heavy bombers, In WT it's used mostly to moleste tanks in the side.
  24. The best way to counter IS-6 is the Caernarvon, in SRE with the team, i'am the only one playing British, and the only one able to reliably counter IS-6, LFP, and turret cheeks are weak to APDS, it's just like shooting at a king tiger, but the weak-spots are smaller. I'am just waiting for gaijin to put the Centurion Mk.5/2 to 6.7 or 7.0 at tier 4, just for the lulz of heshing this thing in SRE.
  25. I support this, in fact I get quite the same result either on the RB frequency and on the kill ratio (Sometimes a little more), I play the centurion Mk.1 actually at this BR, and it's an endless struggle to fight vehicles that are, in fact, far superior. For exemple, in the same Tech tree at 5.7 you get the Centurion Mk.1, and at 6.7, you get the caernarvon, with a gun far more powerful, a stabilizer etc. German get from Tiger 1 to Tiger 2 (H). Actually I enjoy so much the Cent that I don't care getting uptiered, but I shouldn't.
  26. Once you get APDS you can manage to hit Tiger 2 (p) and (h), even if it's not a fair fight you won't be defenseless against them. Don't lose hope. As for me I've unlocked APDS with GE, 17pdr grind make me sick. This tank is really good with Ace crew, and at first I thought it would be sluggish as hell, but no, it's quite fast and maneuverable.
  27. Today, RU251 player seems to perform far better, got a lot of game where they clubbed hard at 6.7
  28. I agree, but now HESH is a one shot on a lot of tanks, but yeah, tiger hunting is dead
  29. Give 6 pounder's it's APDS #Historical
  30. Love how half of those T-34 drivers looks dead and react slower than snails. Anyway, GG, you're a great exemple of map/game awareness
  31. Yeah somehow it feels that everything that do good in the British TT is going to be nerfed one day or another... Actually, I've dropped rank V because it doesn't feel competitive anymore (Was it ever ?), at last until they add a new 8.0 MBT.
  32. Do you know what is at 6.3 ? KT(P) , believe me, fighting a King Tiger with a 17pdr is the opposite of balanced. Then again you compare a medium with a MBT, you don't see that the British TT doesn't have any major Heavy, that's why it's an MBT, it can fulfill multiple task.
  33. Centurion Mk.1 should stay at 5.7, maybe if they ever get the Centurion mk.2 it could go at 6.0 or 6.3 and then the MK.3 could be uptiered. And Centurion aren't mediums, they are MBT, it's not quite the same.
  34. Well 12° to 10° of depression, going against a Centurion of any marks in hull down is Honorabru, yes, but it's kinda dumb.
  35. Yeah that's what I thought ; First, most of the german player don't know how to play their armor and angle it, an angled Panther is almost impossible to penetrate from the hull, bar the turret. Same goes for the tiger 1, you angle it at 45°, enjoy the armor. And yeah, your final point make sense, a lot of high experienced British player go back to 5.7 just for the sake of playing a Centurion, and most likely they are gonna club some german players that just get their Tiger because they were watching history channel.
  36. Yup same, no problems. There is nothing near 5.7 that is a real problem for 17pdr APDS, only angled Panther and Tiger hull, USSR design at this range aren't a big threat.
  37. Actually, I think armoured cars, along with news centurion is the thing I want the most. But some issues need to be looked for like ammunition performance, mobility mechanics, refining hull breaks and stabilizer mechanics would be great too.
  38. It's not totally ineffective... Nobody killed shooting on the side skirt of this thing with a centurion MK.10.
  39. It's weird, some have .tga, but other doesn't...
  40. It's weird, because when I import any user skin I downloaded to my MacOS (I work only with this) it come in .blk and not .tga. I already got photoshop but I thought I needed some special software. Anyway i'll figure it out, thanks
  41. Hello everyone, So I wanted to design my own userskin, I've never done it before, and I would know what software do you use to create them ? Maybe this question was already answered, if so, point me a link to it so I can start to learn how to do it. Thanks.
  42. We, british tankers aren't used to get nice things. And every time we get nice things it doesn't last long... Biggest fear is german crying that it perform to well and getting it uptiered to 6.0.
  43. My spitfire LF. Mk IX, in this configuration with the England, 1943 camo :
  44. Hello everyone, Just a simple question, every tanks can get the Mark of distinction if you buy a talisman, or only premium tanks ? Thanks.
  45. IS-6 isn't much of a threat with the 20pdr, I've won all my duel so far with the centurion Mk.3, APDS is very good to defeat those kind of opponent. Main problem could be the stabilization that come way earlier for US/UK tanks in comparaison of WW2 german design.
  46. m4 tulip

    Didn't they made Firefly tulip too ?
  47. Yeah until they released another tier V MBT I won't play between 7.0 and 8.0 anymore, I'll just play lower tier.
  48. Add the Centurion MK.2 at 5.7 or 6.0 because of better armor ? So we can have a nice backup. Isn't the Mk.2 gun stabilized too ? I can't remember
  49. Centurion mk.1 get apds, fv4202 doesn't have.
  50. Yesterday I was thinking about stabilizer and how german WW2 design at high tier will suffer from this. I think we are going to see some BR change in the near futur, I don't know how, but most likely lot of the best german tanks that were fighting "equally" now have to fight fully stabilized tank. I won't cry for them, but truce is that yesterday I got more than 75% winrate.
  51. This tank is really good, but most of the time it's bad because either people don't flank far enough, aim very badly or the map is an urban battle and the mobility effectiveness is reduced. My first games today with the Centurion Mk.3 got me caught off guard because of the speed of this thing. I was just out of spawn, and it was already on my back...
  52. For me 6.0 is kinda the useless BR, you always get uptiered to 6.7 where you can do nothing, and once in a while you get downtiered and club the **** out of everything.
  53. Travel back in time and talk to german engineers that preferred turret rotating by hands. And even if it perform well, I doesn't see it above 5.7
  54. It's not superior, it's on part with them. Centurion Mk 1 isn't an heavy armored tank and doesn't have APHE rounds, what makes you think It's superior is that it's able to penetrate the Panther and the Tiger quite easily. But so does the 88 or the long 75 with the Centurion.
  55. It's Insane how well the 17 pdr perform with APDS. It feels like the Achilles against PZ IV except you are shooting at Panther. And damn she looks pretty.
  56. Just unlocked it with APDS, I love it. It's a beast at 5.7, a Panther hunter like no other. Now gib Centurion Mk.2 as a back-up and lower BP to 5.7 and I'am ready to fight the Tiger spam.
  57. wat. Mediocre ROF and lack of APHE ? You should give it a try, HEAT-FS with a 90mm is the contrary of mediocre ROF.
  58. Ok the nerf is real on the 105mm... Have a nice day.
  59. You haven't looked until the end, they shoot at two set-up with space in between, and the damage go trough both set-up, still bulletproof glass is to compare with actual steel armor.
  60. The two type of ammunition are free, but damage from APDS is like shooting a laser, and cause not much spalling. Plus with the sneaky update on those they tend to bounce more often than before and fail to penetrate some angle that they were able before. This is why lot of people turned their faith into the Holy HESH of Antioch.
  61. Hesh is free on british tanks. And for a lot of player it's the main ammunition on top tier brits.
  62. What is after effects if you can't get penetration...
  63. I swear if they nerf HESH, I'am not going to play WT anymore... At least keep it like it is on the live server, but nerfing the only ammunition almost as capable as HEAT-FS and APHE is a big mistake...
  64. On some tanks you can put nice decal on it without having it totally non-historical, and It looks pretty rad.
  65. As a student in France, I have a part-time job that gets me about 400€/Month + a grant of 166€, roughly 560€; I need to pay my bills, about 350€+subscription to the public transportation. With the grosseries I often finish the month with less than 20€ lol... 40€ is hell of expensive for me, even if I live in western Europe. This is why I pray everyday the god of gaming to drop the prices of some premium from 7500 to 6000. Anyone noticed how US premium at tier IV cost way much than most of USSR premium at the same tier.
  66. You don't know anything about AVREs don't you ? Spigot churchill isn't the only tank with the AVRE designation. Avre stands for Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers, and a lot of earlier and later design carry high caliber guns. There is even a churchill with a L9A1 165 mm demolitiongun, able to shoot 29kg HESH. I don't understand Gaijin logics sometimes, but hey, maybe we should make some suggestion about 165mm AVREs.
  67. Oh man, I can't wait, new update gonna get us some news tanks : One new SPAA confirmed for japan, and a medium for the brits !
  68. Hello fellow tankist. It's been some times since I play the British ground forces, and right now i'am half the way to unlock the whole rank IV vehicles. Most of the people consider the British tech tree to be the worse in the game, and it's seen in the game, I don't fight along that much Brits (If anyone want to squad sometimes, MP me). I presumed that some people wanted to know the point of view of a not-that-bad but not-that-good player, me. So the main things about the British tree is that, exception of the Sherman II, all vehicles use solid shot, HE, APDS and HESH. You can quickly come to the conclusion that most of the British gun get more penetration over their counterpart in any nation. The fact that there is no HE filler can be quite difficult, if, like me, you played some tanks in other nation. Tank in hull down position will be tricky to get, since you can get the crew in the turret pretty easily most of the time, but the driver, and sometimes the machine gunner will give another chance to the tank you aim at. The point here is that most of the time, when I play the Achilles, or even the high-caliber rank IV, I feel like a support tank, I cripple my target, and an allies finish it pretty easily. And it's not just a feeling, most of the game I get between 3 and 6 kill, and about the same amount in assist, sometimes twice (And it's not assist like MG ****, but often a solid shot that take at least 2 crew members). I feel like our ammunition did got afterpen damage nerf, and If I recall well, solid shot shell did actually bounce quite a lot inside the target, here it disappear god knows where. Anyway, talking about the afterpen damage, Am I the only one feeling that APCBC got really hard time to destroy by igniting their ammo racks ? I think it's about 1/10 of my kills even if I aim for the ammo rack and it get black. Most of the kill are crew knocked out. But here again, it feel wrong when APDS did get ammo racks in an insane way at higher rank. In a general way, there is some tank that are way more effective than other. First in mind is the Achilles, it's by far my most favorite tank in the british tree. Why ? At this BR the 17pdr feel like a godly weapon, it's able to pen pretty much everything, I only struggle with KV-1, I don't know why Anyway, that godly feeling quickly disappear as soon that you'll unlock the Firefly, the 5.0 BR make you battle against a S***load of Tiger, japanese or german, and some Panther. Useless to say that the Sherman cannot do much, most of the time you'll be unable to get a good shot, and the sluggish/Bad armored tank will be an RP/SL pinata for anyone. But the firefly is for me, the only real bad tank in the tree along with the Avenger. Talking about good, but not perfect tank, there is the Churchill MK VII, it's quite fun, and if you got lucky with the match making, you can get some funny game bouncing everything that come at you, but like the Firefly, it suffer from the Tiger/Panther spam. The two Cromwell are fun as well, but the Cromwell 1 is... Well I feel like shooting with a 9mm pistol, getting only one crew member each shot, it's kind of frustrating since the gun is not very accurate, but well, I only play it when my two Achilles got destroyed The rank IV is very rewarding if you got the patience to get here, I haven't played the Challenger, and directly get to the FV4202 along with the Caernarvon, and as I write this I've just unlocked the Cent MK.3 but as far as I've played them, there are insane. The FV4202 is able to 1v1 any 6.0 BR Panther and surpass them by far even if it do not get APDS, the turret is bouncy, it's getting a really small profil along with a fast reloading gun, I think I can even take Panther 2 in 1v1. The thing with the Caernarvon, it's higher, but the APDS can penetrate almost everything at long range, and it's very good to ammo rack tanks. To conclude, one could say that the British ground forces are the most team dependant, playing a support role. You won't get that much kill playing in a classical way, but the key is to relocate often, aim for the gunner/ammo rack first. I actually think that Brits tanks are the best school to learn internal layouts of any tank in the game since you need to be chirurgical. But trust me, brits isn't the worst tech tree, (I actually think that USA is by far worst), but yeah it struggle in between 5.0 and 6.0, but USA does too. To improve the british overall gameplay, I think that more tanks are needed in between 5.0 and 6.0. Some need to get upgrades too, like the firefly need an underpowered APDS, not the one on the Challenger, but at least one with the same penetration value than the one used on the Comet. I actually asking myself if the Rank V is worth the grinding ?