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  1. I have just one thing to say : I wont take any 17pdr tank at 6.0, the risk to be uptiered to 7.0 is actually too high, and even with APDS, I won't even fight T-44-100 or IS-6, german tanks aren't competitive at the time, but soviet 7.0 are just too much for anything that isn't 20pdr APDS or above. I'll take everything with my Centurion Mk.1 from 6.0 to 6.7, but 7.0 is just too much for 17 pdr tanks.
  2. Correct the actual APDS, so we can go against T-10M in frontal battle and I will eventually go back to 8.0. Actually playing the chieftain is a mess, it's punishing and not fun at all. I came back to the Firefly, Achilles, and Centurion Mk.1 because the first two just rekt anything and the Mk.1 is just one of the best tank in the game.