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  1. Hitler liked them big ;).
  2. If you were able to shoot the side turret, why did you not just shoot the side of the hull? APHE will pen the side of the hull under the turret and send fragmentation in all directions, allowing you to kill the driver and machine gunner, as well as sending fragmentation upwards and killing any crew in the turret as well. Plus, you'll hit ammo.
  3. Poor you, having to compete against other tanks that are better then you. I wonder how those M26, T25, and M4A3E2's felt having to deal with the BS of superior German engineering when uptiered. Must suck being brain dead, for shame.
  4. Not even the 1951 is worth playing. T-54 1947 is really the best T-54, the ammo is enough to kill heavy tanks in a full uptier so HEAT-FS and APDS isn't necessary.
  5. No one told me we were playing German Bias bingo.
  6. Grinding US isn't exactly entertaining but 6.7 is the sweet spot, mostly due to having a well rounded mixed lineup of flankers and heavies. I've played the T34, not exactly a great tank like the T29 is due to how AP works post-pen so it'll require a bit more aiming then T13 shell. You'll likely find that some tanks take quite a bit of time to kill, like the Tiger II for example, if there is no ammo in the turret, you'll usually only be able to kill some crew in the turret and that is it. Regular AP won't have any shrapnel that'll go downward if you pen the mantlet to kill the two crew members in the hull, so most of the time, you'll be required to shoot that mantlet multiple times or just flank (lower glacis on the right or left hand side can deal with the other crew members in the hull, that is, if you can aim there). T29 doesn't have this issue, so it's quite a lot better. T26E1-1 performs pretty well at 6.7, can be a bit more tricky to play. Can't really play it like a heavy because the armor won't save you most of the time, so treat it like it's a medium tank. If you are mostly playing AB, I'd stay clear of the M56 as it's going to be eaten by planes very often. If you want a light tank that is viable in AB, the T92 is your best option, just use APDS and combined with the fast reload, you'll be golden. Walker Bulldog is a nice tank to go for once you can research a tank in tier 4. Starting tier 4 is rough as balls because the tanks aren't very good, especially when uptiered. Can do that or bite the bullet and rush to get the T26E1-1, then get the T34, both pretty good at 6.7 match ups. Or just buy the T29 and get things over with as soon as possible to where you can have a good lineup to use. You'll also probably notice that you can't solo as well as you could with Germany or Russia when you're grinding through US tree. From my experience, you'd have to stay with your team and use them as your protection and stay in cover as much as possible. Makes things much easier if you're having issues grinding US tanks.
  7. IMO, I'd rather take the Tiger II over the Strv. 81. APDS can't really one shot unless you go for ammo or aim for the hull, which is harder to do against Tiger IIs or the IS-6. Crew is cramped, often get one shotted by almost every tank I face against. Tiger II's are still quite good in 6.7 AB, often see them racking in kills still.
  8. That really doesn't make any sense. It can very well go higher then 6.7. In fact, many people will tell you that it's quite capable even in an 8.3 match up. I mean, it's got HEAT-FS that can pen most of the tanks at 8.3 battle rating and this tank doesn't rely on armor but agility, so BR doesn't matter as long as it can pen and deal damage to its targets. Shoot, if you gave M18 the same gun and ammo, it'd be a very good tank in my 7.7 lineup.
  9. Tiger II 105 looks like it'd be way too good at 6.7 due to gun and ammo. It's got very good pen AND a crap ton of HE filler to boot. It's more powerful then BR-412D, more HE filler and slightly better penetration. Currently, I'd say it still belongs at 7.0. As for the Panther II, I see it does very well in full uptiers. If anything, I'd love to see the Jpz 4-5 go to 6.7 and up the RU-251 to 7.0, therefore making the Jpz less useless and gives Germany a light TD.
  10. I don't know about you but if they did fix most of these issues, it'd likely raise the BR. T32 is at 7.0 mostly because of the turret armor anyways. The whole M82 having issues and not dealing the damage it should is probably in correlation with this APHE nerf I've been hearing people complain about.
  11. IT-1 basically out beats most traditional tanks when it comes to brawling, which is kind of ridiculous
  12. Not a fan of the Caern myself but is the buff to the armor on it make any difference for anyone?