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  1. Don't bother, people who complain about it don't bother actually aiming and likely won't change.
  2. I've yet to kill a Tiger II with the T34 front on. Every time I shoot AP at the mantlet, it'll only take out some of the crew in the mantlet and nothing else. So AP just isn't enough to OHK Tiger II from the mantlet. Considering the reload of the T34, Tiger II pretty much stomps T34 in a brawl. I'll have to keep trying though, haven't got any pen on the hull of Tiger II yet since they always are angled and bounce shots.
  3. That is why there is RU-251. Panther II was just too good at 6.7 imo. Does well at 7.0 from the games I've played in my T-54.
  4. Where did T29 touch you?
  5. Yeah, RU-251 in AB is just funny. It's like watching M18s get into trouble, I know that feeling very well. They are barely a threat to most people, kind of expected in AB. Killed two in my two matches, they don't seem to understand how to use light flankers because they just try to rush into cap zone that is already occupied by opposition. Have to play RU-251 like a M56, always stay with teammates and stay behind cover. Anyone know if it's being spammed in RB? Haven't played it yet.
  6. T26E1 is pretty decent for its BR. Just never considered it to be a heavy, has all the downsides of a heavy but no benefits of being a heavy. Either way, T34 is going to be the main heavy for 6.7 on US tech tree so I don't really care what happens to the T26. Beside that, I wouldn't go head to head with a T29 when you are using a 6.0 tank, that just doesn't make sense. A 6.7 tank is obviously going to be much better than a 6.0, so either flanking or just ignoring it and letting someone else take care of it is just a smarter thing to do instead of risking your tank for one silly kill.
  7. Yeah, I forgot Panther II is tier 4. I should say 6.7, instead of going off of tier instead. Yeah, one-shot through turret doesn't happen that often. It's either you hit the ring of the mantlet and watch the shot get soaked or take out the loader, or miss entirely because turret wiggle. You miss a shot on a Tiger II, usually spells doom when you're in a brawl with one. Tiger II is just as trolly as hell. And I've just asked a simple question, never once did I say I was right with that discussion about reload times, get that straight for once. And never said German bias, only implying you just play Germany which usually means you don't have any experience at all with other nations. So maybe you should actually play it instead of crying here about it. The amount of times I see someone in a Tiger II say T29 is P2W in a match, and I see that T29 die and ask if he actually won. It's just downright pathetic, honestly.
  8. Right, it was your most played tank in tier 4. Looks like you really love that Leopard. I watched the video, quite awhile back actually. I only asked if crew had anything to do with repair time, nothing to do with the video. I played the T29, I'd actually know if T29 has a hard time dealing with Tiger IIs, not you because you obviously don't own the tank ;).
  9. I'm sure your most played tank is a Tiger II then. All I'm saying is that I don't see any issue with the T29, it's about on par with the Tiger II's and you only get a single T29 in your load out compared to having four available to you. I just don't see why so many German tankers need to complain so much about it, it's doing its job if it's giving Tigers a hard time.
  10. Yeah, that T-34-85 is pretty fun. And I enjoyed T29, made is much easier with the Tiger II spam but sucks most of tier 5 is very lackluster to me.
  11. Yeah, no better then that T-34-85. Used T29 to get through tier 3 and 4 because all the other tanks kind of blow. I main Russia now these days and have absolutely no issue with T29, they are super easy to kill because I actually know the weaknesses and don't sit here complaining about them being overpowered like you are doing ;). If anything, T29 is just as good as Tiger IIs, so they are both overpowered and need 7.0, unless you are going to object because precious Tiger II won't club everything. They do quite well in 7.7 actually, see them often in my T-54.
  12. Coming from someone who mains Germany. German bias confirmed. Also, doesn't repair time have to do with the number of crew members you have in said tank? T29 has more crew members, that'd probably be why.
  13. Play it like a light/mdeium tank and hope for downtiers. IS-3 has a pretty reliable shot trap even when downtiered, so still have to be super careful of showing your front.
  14. Hello, First thread and suggestion. Playing M56 in arcade is pretty fun, except for planes and artillery spam. I'm use to glass cannon tanks but having gotten a kill or two, you are guaranteed to be the target of revenge planes. This happens almost every match I've had, I get a kill and the guy spawns in a plane and instantly starts coming down to me to finish me off. What I'd like to see done is remove tank tags when you spawn in a plane, or at least have glass cannon tanks that cannot be seen from enemy planes in arcade because it makes these flanking vehicles very useless compared to other tanks with proper armor that can withstand fire from planes and arty. I've also noticed that M82 can't even pen Tiger II turret cheeks, don't know if this is intentional but since you're trading so much for firepower, it'd be nice to see a bump in penetration for this round at least so the M56 can actually defend itself.