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  1. Doesn't help that the winning team spams planes every few seconds endlessly. Seriously, they need to remove CAS badly.
  2. M56 in Arcade. Also would consider Vickers MBT to be hard to play as well but isn't as hard as the M56. You have to deal with Arty spam every few seconds because shrapnel can kill your crew from an impact from a few feet away from you, then you gotta deal with the plane spam that comes in endless waves and you can't do jack about it because they'll strafe you endlessly. Those two things make the M56 almost unplayable in arcade, I somehow kept my sanity when I finished unlocking the HEAT-FS round for it (which I must say, I'd rather stick to the M82 round over that HEAT-FS round because it can one shot if you aim for weakspots vs HEAT-FS that'll usually require more shots, so more risk of getting killed). I think I only had one or two rounds in what seems like a few hundred rounds, where I racked in 7 or 8 kills without dying. Most of the time, you'll kill someone and they'll spawn in a plane and hunt you down in revenge, it's not very fun.
  3. I don't get notifications for these replies, so this is a pretty late response :). I played through Russia after all the nerfs to them, not before. I didn't ruin them, it was most likely those who used them to club others before I ever decided to try them myself. I grinded US, noticed that T-34s were absolutely wrecking everything in almost every match, so I wanted to really see for myself how "overpowered" they really are. And I was spot on with how easy they really are, maybe not overpowered but they are super simple to use effectively. My intention wasn't to brag about my skill, it's just my opinion on how unbalanced Russia was in the lower tier tanks from my own point of view. In fact, my opinion of Russia hasn't changed one bit. They are just the easiest nation to play, however, I don't have any opinion of tier 4 because I skipped it entirely. I do know that tier 5 is quite flexible though, given that you have multiple T-54s to spam in matches. It's funny though, my score for the first T-34-85 is pretty much on par with the score for my T29. T29 is likely still considered overpowered, so I guess the T-34-85 is just as overpowered as well then.
  4. Stalin's top secret ammo comrade
  5. I'm pretty sure Germany isn't unique in this issue. And no, lowering the BR of the Tiger H1 isn't a solution, it's a terrible one.
  6. I actually had moments where I couldn't even hit the turret but the hull, just on the top edge. Doesn't happen that often but they are pretty much impossible to pen when it does happen. Think there might be an issue with aiming when it comes to that position and angle. Gonna have to record it, if I can remember to do so :P.
  7. No joking. They give me more of a hard time then T29s or IS-6s. It'll take multiple shots to their turret to kill them, because you have to dispose their entire crew one at a time (if they are dumb enough to let you shoot the turret that many times to begin with). Unlike most tanks, you can't pen the hull to kill the MG and driver and the only way to kill them is shooting either side of the lower glacis. It's just a headache. I can't wait to reach HESH though, that is the only reward. And let me say that aiming for their turret isn't as easy either. It's just like most heavy tanks, from a decent distance, you'll be very likely to miss their weakspot. It's all RNG, either your shot gets soaked by their big mantlet or hit the edge and get no pen at all. It's just hit or miss but it isn't as simple as people make it out to be, like always being able to pen it 100% reliably at every distance.
  8. Oh nice, I might actually use it now. Would be worth getting through the terrible stock grind :).
  9. Two different tanks. One being medium and the other being a heavy. I own both, and it really depends on the nation you want to grind through. STRV 81's main advantage is the ATGM it has, other then that, it's no different then the Mk3. The T29 is a bit more unique due to the gun and the ammo it is supplied. From my time grinding with Strv 81 with APDS (used APDS before on other tanks), it can be quite rough at 6.7. You'll be versing Tiger II H which are pretty much immune to APDS frontally and will require more then three shots to take down if you are lucky, which usually isn't the case for other tanks (can usually pen hulls to kill other crew members). So you'll be struggling. T29 APHE is quite devastating, it's a nice change from the M82 shot and can pen pretty much every tank you'll face and mostly kill or damage severely. As said, two different tanks and different playstyles. I usually play them the same way though, I always stay behind my team and hide, because armor isn't always reliable so why risk getting hit. All in all, the T29 is an obvious choice if you're just looking for a tank that'd fight very well in most conditions. Strv 81 doesn't look like it even belongs in the BR it is at. You'll usually forget you even have ATGMs, which happens to me quite often. Might as well include my scores for both tanks. And for giggles