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  1. Post the replays or make a video record of the matches and then we will give your some credence. Also almost half of those screen shots where against Germany or Germany/Japan, which proves nothing about your statements over the IS-6, showing your scoreboard also doesn't prove anything when it comes to fighting IS-6.
  2. The ULQ problem could be solved if they forced the trees and foliage render as simple sprites or low resolution models at the same distance the average draw distance is for medium settings instead of removing soft cover and not rendering them from several types of view.
  3. Completed prototypes. At least when there is enough documents to assert their model and performance instead of "what ifs" and speculation about how they'd perform of how they would have been built.
  4. Yuo see Ivan, when yuo store ammo in fuel no need worry about fuel or ammo fire when tonk penetraded. Is both!
  5. And how many of those "average matches'' were against teams packed with IS-6? Because by the looks of it, most of those matches you are cherry picking are with planes, not tanks.
  6. Learn to spell first. Most tanks the IS-6 faces don't have HESH. Only the British have HESH in large quantities as stock shells to counter the IS-6 with UFP shots. The IS-6 is fast enough to flank and still thanks to the messed up DM of the IS-6 even shots that should penetrate either bounce or get absorbed because of the road wheels and tracks. Also Germany and UK are very short on tanks that can actually flank. Easier said than done. It is really easy to get hit with a shell that can outright destroy most tanks in this game trying to "force a miss" and it would still rely on the enemy driver being dumb. No they don't. The LFP is practically invulnerable to even ADPS shells and only the British get APDS capable of going through there on the BR range the IS-6 faces constantly. Even then those ''weak spots'' aren't weak. The mantlet is small which makes shooting there accurately at anything but close range unviable and you still have to deal with the RNG chance of the optics eating the shell, including HEAT-FS shells with 300mm or more of penetration. The cupola only works with APHE and it still too small to hit at anything but close range and you also have a chance of the shell over penetrating and not exploding inside the cupola or simply have the shell bounce. The same can be said for any tank. So do a lot of tanks the IS-6 faces. So this pretty much means that anyone playing against Soviet teams packed with several IS-6 have to outplay not one but nearly the whole Soviet team just to get a chance to kill one IS-6. Also APCR is woefully inadequate, more often than not bouncing on the curved IS-6 turret and sides because of its awful slope modifiers and not doing much damage if it penetrates, same thing for solid AP. Are you aware the only place solid AP and APCR can pierce the IS-6 reliably is the lower sides bellow the tracks right? As I said above, you still need to hope the road wheels or tracks don't eat your shot and I've fired Solid AP and APCR on those spots enough to know it can go to one end to the other without setting off ammo even on direct hits and hardly kills more than 2 crew, which can still leave a gunner with a shell ready to destroy your tank. This is as much of a generic advice and giving generic advice gets in War Thunder. I could bring a M4A1 armed with a 75mm cannon and still win against a King Tiger, it doesn't mean it is fair or that it is balanced. Currently the IS-6 is facing plenty of tanks that don't have a snow ball chance in hell of actually fighting it fair. Specially when the IS-6 driver isn't a brain dead player who just holds W and points and click everything he comes across. The majority of the IS-6 players won't sit around and give you a chance to disable their tank or move alone making it easy to be picked on. It is never one IS-6, pretty much any tank on 6.3 to 7.0 will be dragged to 7.0/7.3 matches filled with IS-6 teams, while the teams facing for sure don't have either the tanks that can fight an IS-6 on relative even terms or don't have those that can fully spaded to do so. Germany is by far the biggest loser in this situation since it hardly if ever gets paired with the US or UK which can take on the IS-6, the former now with the M46 and M56 HEAT-FS shell and the latter with APDS and HESH. There is the ST-A1/A2, Type 60 and Type 61 but there are hardly any Japanese players on those tanks to make up for it. The best counter Germany gets is the RU-251 but it is also a premium, the second best counter would the be JPZ 4-5 but it is overtiered at 7.3 and still needs to be fully spaded to get HEAT-FS. But please, show us the replays of you taking on teams packed with IS-6s to validate your "advice" and arguments that the IS-6 is totally balanced and easy to deal with.
  7. Not this topic again. There are already threads complaining about this already.
  8. Properly flown CAS planes like the P-47 can really tip the match on your favor when well played. As in prioritizing targets like heavy tanks, spawn campers, tanks capping or rushing the cap and most importantly, not crashing into the ground trying to get a kill. All those two matches were on a 6.7 uptier on my 5.7 lineup. First Replay: Most of my team dies, I spend some good time alone on the ground with my T25 and after clearing the ground of some AA guns and SPGs, I get 5 kills before I am killed by a Japanese STA. From then on I get in a P-47 to make sure they don't recap the points I've aided in capping and manage to get 5 more kills with the P-47, one bomb kill, three rocket kills and a .50 mutual kill on a flakpanzer. I like this one because if the remaining players had simply given up, it would be a loss for my team but everyone fought to the last and despite half of my team simply being killed, me and the rest got to spawn planes and SPAAGs to kill some of the opposition and cap some points, as a bonus the guy that killed me got really salty after I killed him a few times. Second Replay: The match was pretty much won since the after I got 3 kills with a M18 Hellcat, then I used my P-47 and F-6F to wipe whatever was left on the ground, provide cover and spot whatever is left for my teammates on the ground. Both cases, no cap n' fly used and even with a 50% SP cost increase I'd still be able to spawn in a CAS plane. [trigger warning] CAS.wrpl [trigger warning] CAS and Hellcat.wrpl
  9. I can confirm it works. I've been on the receiving end of this a few times and the only thing stopping German players from doing that is certainly the lack of GF RB players with their aircraft research tree at 6.7 and 7.0 planes. Besides, the US in particular has a lot of open top tank destroyers that are vulnerable to even fighters using regular ammunition and no armor whatsoever to protect them from strafing runs. Trust me on this one, most Allied CAS pilots can't dogfight worth a damn, it is pretty rare to find someone that does. So if you get on the air, having some practice in AF RB will allow you to own most Allied CAS pilots. Also the AD-2 is pretty much a free kill if you find one while flying. It is huge, slow and isn't good a turning.
  10. Avoid US 6.3 and 6.0, it isn't worth it. You will spend your time being outclassed by everything you meet, skip the 6.0 and 6.3 to 6.7, which is very good for the US.
  11. Well, Germany does have some really capable CAS but most at 6.7. Every time I see someone flying an Arado I know that every tank is just short of receiving 1000 Kg bombs the whole match and Arados are practically impossible to shoot with AA and propellers unless it flies directly straight at you. The last match I've been had an Arado score 6 kills in a team with 8 players, practically winning the match. The Me 262, specially the Narwhal, shred any US medium and heavy tank on the ground with turret back hits and they are also particularly difficult to shoot down because they can outrun most of the allied fighters, let alone the CAS. That plane with a front and rear engines can also be a very dangerous dive bomber and with those 30mm HVAP cannons that can sherd any US light tank and heavily damage US medium and heavy tanks with engine and turret hits and still be a dangerous dogfighter because those MG and cannons can destroy anything that flies.
  12. Last time I destroyed a Ferdinand was in Poland in a 7.3 top tier match versus German/Russian team. The Ferdi driver just sat in the open right outside the spawn and I was in a hulldown position on the forest near C with a M46. The result? I missed the first hit trying to get the range and he did nothing, then I got a second on his gunner, he also did nothing then I got the third on his driver and drive train and then he died on the 4th hit. No attempt to fire back after the first hit lands just in front of him, no attempt to move away from the shots. That sums up the majority of Ferdinand encounters I've seen. Even on maps where you can get some range the majority of the players I've seen still insist on sitting in the open. Including the large version of Sinai where I've seen more than a few Ferdinands simply sitting on the top of the dunes where they were practically waiting to eat some 120mm armor piercing freedom shells.
  13. The German APCBC shells don't overmatch both plates of the Jumbo individually, however the Russian 85mm APHE does, which is enough to ensure a penetration. Which means the Tiger I 88mm and the Panther 75mm won't penetrate those plates even with their higher penetration but the Russian 85mm shells will. It is just another case of lazy programming by Gaijin, since they didn't adjust the Jumbo modifiers to work for both shells. Though it makes you wonder, they already took long enough to fix this issue of both Jumbo armor plates being penetrated individually but they only did it for the Germans but not the Russians, I wonder why ))))))))
  14. Well it wouldn't be so bad if the US/UK tank trees at 5.0, 5.3 and 5.7 weren't such pain in that cavity to play and the 6.7 and 7.0 being quite good for them, which drags the 5.7 and 6.0 to 6.7 and 7.0 matches very often. But the real culprit here is the massive power gap between 5.7/6.0 and 6.7/7.0. Up until you hit 5.0 to 5.7 the power gap between each tank a full uptier or downtier wasn't that massive, with just a few exceptions, specially for Germany which gets tanks that can punch well above their weight at 3.3 but at 5.7 and 6.7 they face plenty of allied tanks that need some good effort to kill. Germany also lacks the flexibility of other tank trees, with a focus on heavy tanks and heavily armored tank destroyers makes it quite slow and not agile enough to react well in close quarters like other tank trees can. I see a lot of potato brained players in the US/UK/USSR tank trees too, this problem isn't exclusive to Germany. The difference however is now, since the introduction of the T29, the allies are getting tanks that aren't as easily OHK'ed by German tanks at 6.7, before you had the IS-2 and M26 at 6.7 and the M36 at 6.3 which were one shot wonders by the Kwk 43 and Britain didn't really have many Centurions to make up for it, now you have T29 and T34, a few medium tanks and TDs with ammo that can cut through German armor and Soviet tanks that laugh at German guns thanks to poor modeling and artificial RNG to make them harder to kill. Playing heavy tanks just got harder and Germany relies on heavy tanks to be competitive.
  15. I like the decent all around aspect of US medium tanks and they are fairly compatible to a game style I mostly enjoy playing, sometimes the maps and uptiers don't help, but I've always played my medium tank, specially Shermans and the M46, with a fair degree of enjoyment.
  16. 6.7 stabilized bulldog would be redundant with the T92 being better than the M41.
  17. The M46 HEAT-FS isn't even that much good against German tanks, it annihilates Soviet tanks but it will usually need two hits to kill German heavies. You still need to shoot German turrets first if you want to survive long enough to make the second shot though. The difference is now that the M46 has a working shell for frontal engagements you will now see a lot more of them playing aggressively, which means they will be running towards the opposing tank's sights when they shouldn't.
  18. Given how many SP you get for shooting down aircraft I'd say it is smart to spawn a fighter, clear the skies and then spawn on a German bomber or attacker. The Allies don't really have good SPAAGs, so if you shoot down their aircraft you can fly as long as you want unless you fly straight ahead towards their AA.
  19. M4A3 Sherman, it is a good tank but it is in a BR that pretty much guarantees it will be outclassed by most things it meets. It is at the same BR as the M18 Hellcat so there aren't that many reasons to choose it over the Hellcat most of the times. It will hardly ever be the top BR or among the top BRs because the lack of Russian and German 4.7 and 5.0 line ups. Gets uptiered to 6.0 and 6.3 all the time. It has to fight Tigers and IS-1/2 all the time, pretty much it has to fight tanks that need careful shot placement to kill but can OHK you in return pretty much anywhere. The gun is outright mediocre in the face of the tanks it has to face all the time. It is fast and mobile but not enough to make up for the lacking armor. It is really tall, which makes it very hard to hide and find cover that actually protects it. The combination of poor armor with a 4 Km/h reverse that pretty much means you're dead if you don't hug cover. The stabilized gun, decent mobility (for a Sherman), gun depression and good turret rotation are the only good things going for it. How did I find a way to make it work? Passive play, mostly hulldown and ambush positions. Map knowledge, know where you can drive and hulldown without being an easy target. Picking up fights I can win with a Sherman. Reserving the M18 for full uptiers and the Sherman when the top BR is either 5.7 or 6.0. Avoiding fighting heavy tanks like the IS-1/2 unless I need to because their armor trolls the 76mm very hard. Avoiding long range fights with Panthers and Tigers. Avoiding getting too close to T-34-85s Not engaging IS-1/2 and T-34-85s whenever they manage to hulldown because penetrating their turrets at range is a nightmare for the 76mm while they can OHK you with turret hits. Sames as the above for Tigers, Panthers and German Tank Destroyers.
  20. I'd be a rich man if I had a dollar for every time I am the only one in my hellcat actually flanking. If you meet a hellcat flanking, then it is a hellcat doing its job. Do you want to be surprised? It actually works. Holding the ground slightly forward of the first cap and avoiding rushing the middle caps altogether can work wonders when you see a lot of enemy tanks slamming their heads into well placed German cats like the Tiger and Panther. After you kill their first and second wave tanks you can move in to cap with little opposition. Which involves doing two things. The first having a few players move to secure the flanks and the second is not to rush. Also, shoot the very large LFP and the turret top of the Centurions and you will see the 88 shells going through them. I've gone through this thread and it is a case of a mediocre player complaining about tanks he doesn't understand how they work. I have absolutely very few problems devastating hellcats with my tigers, the only times I have problems with hellcats is whenever I kill one and the driver just spawns a P-47 or when my team is full potato can dies because almost everyone rushed straight ahead to the middle cap zone and I am alone with a hellcat and assorted tanks surrounding me. Keep an eye on the flanks, angle the Tiger I hull and most importantly, learn where it is a good or a bad idea to drive tanks in. Doing well in Tigers also involves a lot of map knowledge in order to know which paths you can use the advantages of the Tiger I and avoid its disadvantages. For example, never move middle in the abandoned factory with Tigers, where you can be attacked from any direction, you can move through C and either push towards their spawn or cap B pushing from the side instead of the middle, which limits the angles they can approach Tigers from. Also what else does Rainofwhatever wants US players to use at 5.3? Sherman tanks against teams packed with Tigers? You want to nerf the M18 Hellcat even more? After several consecutive nerfs to its BR and speed? All because you think that a tank whose main advantage is being fast enough to flank is not fair because they don't play on head on engagements where they'd be killed in masses (something that always happens when Hellcat teams try to fight head on against German tanks). Also 76mm Armed shermans are 4.7, 5.0 and 5.3 all of the very into the BR range of Tigers and if you reach 5.0 the Hellcat is going to be one the best tanks to use because the Shermans simply aren't worth to play on 5.7 and 6.0 matches. Also before anything Rainofwhatever, I have experience in the Tiger H1/E and the Panther D, Hellcats are a problem only when your entire team is dead or if you don't bother to check the flanks and move in places where flanking is easier. Other than that hellcats aren't particularly hard to bring down and it doesn't matter how fast a Hellcat is, a 88mm shell will always be faster.
  21. The only Tiger II that can be frontally killed by the M82 shell fired from the US 90mm armed medium tanks is the Porsche. The T25, M26, M36 and Super Hellcat can't penetrate the Tiger II(H) turret front since those shells have a top penetration of +-164mm at 10m. The M46, M47 and M48 firing the M82 shell can't penetrate the mantlet of the Tiger II(H), only with a 10% chance due to their M82 having 170mm penetration at 10m. For those tanks the only way to reliably penetrate the Tiger II(H) is with APCR or HEAT in case of the M46, 47 and 48 as all other shells are plain garbage. The only APHE capable of going through the mantlet of the Tiger II(H) is the M82 fired from the long 90mm of the M26E3 (premium), the Super Pershing and T32 ,the 105mm of the T29 (also premium) and T95. So from the free US tree there is only two tanks capable of going through the Tiger II(H) turret. One is a very situational and slow tank destroyer and the other is tiered higher than the Tiger II(H) but with a mediocre gun with a long reload and the other is a very mediocre, poorly armored, slow and overall much worse tank than the Tiger II(H). This alone makes the M82 unviable on frontal engagements with most tanks it meets, because the risk of meeting a tank it can't go through frontally still too big, even when you flank there is a decent chance of meeting a heavy tank or heavy tank destroyer sniping.
  22. You don't really know what you're talking about. The T34, which only fires solid shot, can't OHK Tiger IIs with the exception of the 105 with turret hits while the Tigers can OHK the T34 with turret hits and the T34 solid AP can only penetrate an unangled Tiger UFP at close quarters. Other than that in most practical terms the UFP of the Tiger is immune to the 120mm. The LFP of the T34 is fairly thin and relatively large compared to its UFP and thanks to the ammo placement and lack of frontal transmission means that shooting it there is an instant kill. Something I know how to exploit very well since I've got a few amounts of kills using a Tiger I E against T34s. The Survivability of the T34 is better only on hull down and at distances. The mantlet is 204mm thick but has less than 200mm of armor thanks to it having the Cast Homogeneous Armor modifier (AKA bad quality steel modifier) pretty much not being immune to the 88mm and the turret can't wiggle or angle without exposing the 150mm side cheeks. At close quarters it is just as if not more vulnerable than a Tiger II(H), specially when you can't hide the LFP and not the machinegun ball on the hull. The top of the turret is something like 50mm and is overmatched my any shells that hits there, something I managed to do with fair a consistence with a the 75mm Pak. And yes, from playing the T34 I am sure the sheer majority of Tiger II drivers don't carefully aim at weak spots, because even at close ranges they keep firing at places the 88 struggles to penetrate . For most time before the introduction of the T29, most US tanks could be killed with center hits regardless if the shot hit the turret, UFP or LFP and before 6.7 there is just one that that doesn't die in a single hit, the 75mm Jumbo, but was on a poor BR of 5.0 that meant it would be fighting Tiger teams most of the time, something the 75mm has barely any hope of penetrating and struggles even with side hits and the 76mm Jumbo being at 6.0 on RB pretty much means it is food for Tiger IIs so no one plays it. When I drive my Tiger II(P) I've killed more T29 and T34s than I've been killed by them, I fear the British APDS and HESH firing tanks more than I fear US tanks whenever I play Germany because when it comes down to it the US tanks still need to aim at weak spots to get kills and doing that after a sudden stop isn't easy. Also a single turret penetration with a 88 on a T34 can mean a kill while a turret penetration from a T34 means you have a live driver and co-driver and at least 17 seconds to reverse into cover. Before the T29 and T34 what the US did get at 6.7? The next to useless T95 and the Super Pershing, which is barely as good as the Tiger II(P). Before that, every single US heavy tank could be OHK'ed and had guns that gave you two options, mediocre penetration or mediocre post penetration. You have a grand total of zero matches using the T34 in RB, you try getting kills on Tiger II(H) with a gun that will need 2 consecutive hits on the best scenario most of the times to get a kill with a 17s reload. The T29 is slightly better than the Tiger II(H), mostly because of the 200mm+ APHE that can OHK a Tiger II's crew on a turret penetration. Something you can't do on a T34 unless you pack your turret ammo racks with shells or you're fighting on a close range head on engagement which will come down to whoever lays the crosshairs on the target first. I rechecked something, the 88 can go through the UFP of the T34 at head on engagements and close quarters, so at close range it comes down to whoever gets the first successful penetration. Hopefully 6.7 Germany will get a free version 6.7 fast light tank similar to the RU-251 like the US got a free heavy tank at 6.7 that wasn't total garbage. Then this crying and moaning can end. But if Germany gets a free RU and the German players keep playing it like they play the RU you can expect German teams to lose even faster, because when the RU got introduced you'd see a bunch of people rushing the cap, thus denying any spawn points for whoever picked a heavy tank, and playing a lightly armored and fast tank like a heavy tank by going into head on fights instead of flanking. I already see the above on my 5.3 M4A3/M18 line up, teams filled with hellcats simply rushing the caps and then dying letting everyone else in the ground be run over. Surely there would be a P-47 in the air but as soon as an YAK or a Bf-109 showed up you'd see the US CAS dropping like flies from the sky. Not to mention that the IS-6 cupola is too small to hit beyond close quarters but that 122mm can delete pretty much most tanks it meets. I'd just like to add something, I was playing in the 6.7 before the T34 was added and I didn't have a T29 to make up for it. So yeah, having to deal with tanks that could outright destroy mine with single hits while I had to sink at least 3 successful penetrations on the front does give you the upper hand when you get a gun that can actually penetrate things outside a small target zone, because you're already used to pick your targets before they can pick you or at least have a play style for each map and BR in order to survive.
  23. I support the JPZ 4-5 being 6.7 or at least 7.0 but the M48 and M47 are probably the most frustrating tanks to play in the US tree because they need to be fully grinded to be competitive with HEAT-FS. You could get at least both T-54-51 to 7.7 and the M47 at 7.3 to fill up the gap and make a Eastern/Western Germany mixed tree like the aircraft tree is with the Sabre and the Mig.
  24. Playing the M46 was something you could only do in maps that would allow you to fully flank instead of corridor maps or close quarter maps that denied the mobility of the M46. Also thanks to the IS-6 spam the 6.7 teams were being dragged to 7.7 and 7.3 matches against T-54s and IS-6s things the M82 couldn't kill frontally, the 210mm HEAT shell being barely adequate and the APCR being simply useless thanks to its poor post penetration and high bounce chance. It is hard to play the M46 outside flanking. Meet Tiger II(H) on the front in a corridor map with limited flanking routes: practically dead if you had the M82 loaded because you have only a 10% chance or penetrating the turret at point blank or make an extremely lucky shot trap. Same deal for the IS-6 where you need to pray for a RNG cupola hit to work with the M82 and the 210mm HEAT and the APCR were woefully horrible for killing tanks as you usually tend to lose the kill because tanks can reverse to cover in those 10 seconds it takes to load another round. Meet a Panther II or T-44-100 on the front and you need to shoot the weak spots, which as much some people here like to claim they aren't big it is just US players that need to get really good at shooting them otherwise they won't get far, and hope the 88mm or 100mm doesn't insta kill those tanks because the armor of the M46 can't protect it from anything besides 4.3 tanks. The M46 is a good flanker and it was the only way to properly play it, now it can actually fight in corridor and close quarter maps and running into another tank in the front not being an instant death sentence. The US 6.7 aren't that strong, however they are extremely flexible. Need a flanker? Get the M46 or T92 but are easy to be killed in. Need a small ambush tank with good penetration HEAT-FS shell? Get the M65 but it dies to anything. Need well protected tanks good for long range? Get the T34 or T95 but they aren't good for brawling and are too big. The T34? At the ranges you can go through a UFP of a Tiger II is also the range the 88 can go through the LFP and mantlet easily and if you miss, by the time you reload a Tiger can fire a round and be almost finishing loading a second. Turret hits with the 120mm aren't going to be OHKs on the Tiger II(H) unless you pack it full of ammo. Pretty much every turret penetration I suffered with this thing were OHK thanks to the ammo being stored right bellow the turret and APHE fragments don't have problem setting it off (yes that got fixed stop bringing that up as an argument). M56? Good mobility and gun but awful gun handling, needs to realign with every shot because it is knocked back several meters with each shot and can be killed by 7.7mm MGs and artillery thanks to its exposed crew while all other HEAT-FS capable tanks on the German and Russian threes are fully enclosed, it is also hullbreaked by any shell that touches it. T92? Good for flanking but it needs to have APDS and HEAT-FS unlocked both aren't terribly powerful but the RoF makes up for it, however aircraft cannons and most hits on it are deadly and it doesn't have OHK potential unless you hit the ammo and the RNG sets it off. T95? Great frontal armor and gun, but it is painfully slow and with a long reload extremely niche tank and something you don't bring to small maps. M46? Good mobility, good gun if spaded but there isn't anything between 5.7 to 7.7 that can't OHK by shooting it pretty much anywhere. Now it got some teeth that doesn't force you to choose between penetration but little post penetration or post penetration with little penetration, something most medium tanks have in the same package at that BR spread. The M46 fights are going to be decided by whoever hits first from now on and this time whoever is driving the M46 won't have to waste precious seconds looking for the weak spot while most of its opponents don't. The Pz IV F2 can penetrate the UFP, LFP and turret of the M6A1 and the M6A1 is more than a full BR higher. The M26 gets hardly undertiered and spends more time fighting 6.7 and 7.0 teams and it is a tank that is too under armored to be played as a frontline tank and too slow to flank or reach vantage points, so yeah there is no reason to drive the M26 as you will be seeing tanks that outright outclass you that is if you don't get sucked to 7.3 thanks to the IS-6 players. The Germans need a more flexible tank tree. Too much focus on heavy tanks between 4.3 to 8.0 but too little on light and fast medium tanks. Maybe adding the 75mm actual Panther II and renaming the current Panther II to E-50 and certainly adding the 90mm Leo prototypes to 7.0 or 6.7. Reversing the nerf on APCR would give German tree shells that can penetrate heavy tanks of other nations and fixing the APCBC-HE penetrations would also help.
  25. If this happens I'll never touch any of my 76mm Shermans again unless they have a major BR drop. I still have memories of the Japanese Tiger being added and fighting nothing but Tigers on 4.7 and 5.3 line ups. Hardly fun.
  26. I've had some funny situations regarding AI and players. In Carpathians I was finishing off those pesky AI giving my position and suddenly I shoot a Pz IVH with my M1A1 and it turns out to be a player, sitting in the open. Same thing for a SU-85 and a particularly obvious Tiger II(P) on a 7.3 match that I also could have sworn it was an AI unit due to how slow and obvious it was to my M46. One occasion an AI Pz IVH killed me while I was trying to kill a T-34-85, which is rage inducing no matter how you look it at it. I guess the AI can be more dangerous than some players in this game
  27. I get 20/30 seconds with an expert crew and nearly every crew member having 3 ranks or more in repair. The only module I get 5 seconds of repair is the turret ring and only when it is just that module that gets damage, this is for pretty much any tank though. This issue has been reported and was more common on the T29, rather than the T34. This issue was ninja patched a month ago. Also thanks to the armor hole in the T34 mantlet anything can disable that tank for good 20/30 seconds, which in the knife fight maps this game loves to throw at us is a death sentence. I feel that Germany is being the real loser in this one, while I love that the US is getting more competitive with its medium tanks, the US has the flexibility Germany lacks. Maybe downtiering the Jpz 4-5 to 6.7 and add a F2P equivalent of the RU-251 to 7.0 would help lessen the lack of flexibility issue for Germany. The Panther II could pretty much go back to 6.7 too.
  28. I knew it the forums would get whine threads very soon. Before that shell there wasn't that many reasons to play the M46 unless you got a map that allowed you to flank and use cover effectively and most of the time the MM gives you corridor maps that force you to fight in close quarters that give the advantage tanks capable of killing in a single hit and use snap shots. Also, like everyone complaining about the M46 getting a HEAT-FS, just remember it was a tank sitting at 6.7 with an APCBC-HE M82 shell with 170mm of penetration at 10m. Which isn't even enough to penetrate the weak spot of a Tiger II(H) unless you got graced by the 10% chance of overpenetrating and woefully useless against an IS-6 unless you get lucky enough to hit the cupola and hope the RNG doesn't screw you over. Even then the M46 had to shoot the turret weak spots of the T-44-100 and Panther II with the M82 while those tanks get APHE shells with the excess of +220mm of penetration very well capable of killing any tank in this game save a few in a single hit. Which way more than enough to kill the M46 anywhere. The Panther II and T-44-100 still have a decent front armor that can shrug anything that isn't APDS or HEAT-FS. It can penetrate tanks? Sure it can but since the HEAT-FS nerf, it isn't going to get many OHK unless you don't have FPE or pack your entire tank with ammo, it still going to get two or three shots to kill some heavy tanks while everything on that BR can one shot the M46. And since Gaijin won't touch the BRs of the RU-251 and the IS-6 that shell is a godsend, specially since the US is stuck fighting 7.3/7/7 German/Russian teams while being filled mostly with 6.7 tanks while the only shell actually capable of penetrating higher tiered tanks being the next to useless APCR and the 210mm HEAT shell being mostly insufficient for frontal hits. Maybe now you guys should threat the M46 like a real threat instead of an easy kill, which was one of the reasons you didn't see it being played so much. It is a tank that was hard to get kills with but easy to get killed in, now the field is a bit more even. This game still all about the ability of OHK everything you meet, the HEAT-FS of the M46 won't change that.
  29. It is a buff for the tank but overconfident players make it a nerf. Pretty much the Leo/RU-251/Hellcat syndrome.
  30. Back to the subject of the M46 HEAT-FS. If you want to whine about HESH go somewhere else please. This pretty much changed how I can play the M46, I can semi-reliably kill tanks with frontal hits with one or two hits now. Which makes the M46 probably one of the best tanks in the 5.7/7.3 BR range. The M82 APCBC-HE no longer needs to be the first choice of shell and you don't need to always flank to reliably get kills or focus on enemy vehicles you know you can OHK on the front with the M82. Now you can use the HEAT-FS shell to disable or kill most tanks you can encounter with frontal hits and use either a second HEAT-FS shell or switch to the M82 to finish them off. The HEAT-FS isn't really good for side hits but it devastates everything frontally while the M82 is the polar opposite. For instance, this match on Finland I'd usually use the T34 as I'd expect to encounter many tanks the pre-buff M46 wouldn't be capable of reliably penetrating through the front but the T34 could. Now I can use the M46 for that. I can attest a few changes, for one I can use the M46 as my first pick more often instead of favouring the T34 or the M56 for certain maps and enemies. The M56 pretty much lost is purpose since the M46 now offers more advantages over the M56. For example I can bring the M46 against Russian uptiers or teams with a lot of tanks like the T-44-100 and IS-6 without feeling the need to pick the M56 first for its HEAT-FS shell. The M56 is will become even more of a niche choice but still great for flanking and sneak attacks. The T34 still much better protected but it is a tank I'd pick on large maps or maps with lots of open spaces where you can use the armor and not suffer too much with its long reload while the M46 is better suited for smaller maps or maps where mobility is key, with the HEAT-FS you don't need to panic anymore when you simply bump into something the former HEAT-FS was insufficient. I'd never imagine I'd say this but this tank is good, really good to the point of being too good if you give it to someone who knows how to use it. M46 HEAT-FS fist match.wrpl
  31. I own both and I am very recently giving the T25 a second try after it got dropped to 5.7. So far I am enjoying the T25 and for some reason I am not suffering as many uptiers as I do with my German 5.7 line up but from experience I can say this: Panther D: Pretty much owns any 5.7 tank at long range thanks to its generous reload speed and high muzzle velocity. The LFP is easy to hide and pretty much impossible to hit at long distances and the UFP is practically invulnerable to anything bellow 6.7 with a few exceptions such as British APDS, the M41A1 APDS and the PT-76B and ASU-85 (with HEAT-FS). The Panther D is fairly fast for a well armored and armed tank, which is fast enough for you to reach a vantage point and snipe from there, which is how you pretty much have to play the Panther D since the slow turret rotation and very weak side armor makes it suffer in close quarter brawn, the slow reverse is compensated by the UFP and fairly difficult to hit turret weak spots at medium to long range, however it can be a death sentence at close ranges, so you must always be sure you have some room between anything you and whatever you want to kill (War Thunder map selection will screw you over). If properly played the Panther D can be untouchable by most tanks, however aircraft and non-brain dead M18 and T-34-85 players flanking will be a major threat. T25: It is the first 90mm armed tank the US gets along the M36 and it dictates how every other 90mm gun works, it is pretty much a OHK machine if and only if you penetrate. Fairly accurate stock but it suffers with a long reload of 11 seconds, which means you will need an expert or aced crew to make up for it. Its M82 APCBC-HE is useless against Tiger II(H) frontally but you will only face them on full uptiers, everything else has weak spots that the M82 can go through and kill, specially Russian tanks where the 90mm is big enough to avoid the overmatch issue. The gun depression is great and the mantlet can bounce some shots, however the turret ring, the cheeks and the turret top are overmatched by pretty much anything that shoots at them, so it forces you to hulldown, move out of cover to shoot and you can take advantage of the 10-12 Km/h reverse speed to move back to cover. The T25 is not suitable for brawn because you can't rely on its armor and it isn't an agile tank, it has a very slow forward speed and acceleration and awful terrain handling (you're going to get 10 to 12 Km/h on snow, sand and slight elevations) which also limits flanking or reaching a vantage position quickly. So your best bet is to hug cover and find somewhere to hull down, while taking a careful approach regarding movement in the open. T25 vs Panther D It will depend on three main factors: Distance, angle of engagement and first hit. At longer ranges the Panther D will usually win and since it reloads faster it can make follow up hits or recover from misses faster than the T25 can. At closer ranges it will be down to whoever hits where you can penetrate first, which comes down to angle of engagement and first shot. On frontal engagements the Panther D holds a slight edge, since the T25 gun usually wiggles when it stops and it needs to aim for the Panther's weak spots to get a kill, however the Panther D can penetrate the LFP, UFP, turret ring and the mantlet at close ranges. If both at close range fail to kill on the first hit the Panther D can fire a second shot before the T25 can reload. The T25 holds an advantage on non head on straight angles of engagement because the side armor of the Panther D is thin and overmatched by the 90mm and the M82 has practically a 99.999999% chance of OHK. The Panther D can also OHK the T25 on side hits, specially on center hits in the area where the turret meets the hull. Now when it comes to first hits both have a pretty much equal chance of OHK each other on turret penetrations, the T25 has the M82 nuke shell and the Panther D 75mm has enough filler to kill 3 on the turret or one of the 2 drivers but the main source of OHK by the 75mm is the ammo rack of the T25 sitting directly under the turret which means that any turret penetration can send at least a single fragment to detonate the ammo. Also the grind of the T25 is more painful than the Panther D, since the T25 has to choose between survivability or killing potential because the M82 shell isn't stock and the default T33 AP shell is rather garbage, while the Panther D has a fairly easy grind compared to the T25 since you don't need much besides the stock shells and can go for parts right away.