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  1. I don't really like the new Sinai, it is good for heavy tanks but if you're driving light and medium tanks the amount of open spaces and the distance between cover pretty much means you're going to get shot by a heavy tank sniping. I didn't have a single victory on this map thanks to the IS-6 spam and Tiger II camping the rocks beyond the range where almost all of my tanks can shoot back. Liked the old one better, at least I could drive hugging cover and Domination mode didn't force me to advance completely in the open if I want to capture the objective.
  2. Because the majority of the German players using the RU-251 found out that flanking requires thinking and it isn't as easy like they believed it is, so they resumed spamming the easier to play tanks like the Tiger II and Panther II as usual. Playing light tanks is hard and they were simply expecting the RU-251 to be an easy to play seal clubber, but this time they got a hard to play seal clubber.
  3. Compared to light tanks and even a few medium tanks, the RU-251 is stupidly good for its BR, the reason why it is performing badly isn't because of the tank, it is because of the room temperature IQ of the players using it. So what if the majority has a negative KDR? The majority of players a rushing with the think and expecting to get one hit kills with it like they would be playing Panthers or Tiger IIs, which for a fast light tank it is a suicidal playstyle. If I can get 10/0 killstreaks using a M56 which has even less armor than the RU-251, no machinegun and a very limited arch, slow turn and without any sort of stabilization turret, so can the German players. Take a look on how to play M56s and you will get an idea of how you should be playing the RU-251, instead of the moronic way it is being played. Seriously, Gaijin gave you a really good flanker but almost everyone who got it is treating like it should be played as a braindead clubber heavy tank, like the IS-6 or acting they should be instantly good on it because it is much better than the light tanks other nations get at that BR. HEAT with 200mm of penetration. Oh wow that is totally equal to "the can shoot UFP of heavy tanks with its 320mm pen" HEAT-FS the M56 and the RU-251 get. In a nutshell the RU-251 gets the firepower and speed of the M56 and and the machineguns and enclosed hull of the T92. How to M56.wrpl Funny thing, it already has better stats than the M41A1.
  4. So I finally got my T34 today and the first match I got to use it was in Berlin. Dispatched a Tiger II(H) with the thing and started trading blows with an IS-6. I hit the so called weak sport 3 times in a row and the optics ate all my shells, the best I could do was to yellow the gun breach, it still died because it got flanked while we're shooting each other. Taking out this thing frontally without using HEAT-FS is extremely annoying, the turret front weak spot is very inconsistent even with HEAT-FS, not only the target area is fairly small you also need to hope the optics simply don't absorb all the shells. The Russians just got another RNGeeezus protected tonk to complement their T-54s.
  5. The whole uptiering problem is a mess, it wouldn't be such a problem if they balanced the teams BRs instead of filling one team with higher BR tanks and leaving the other with lower BR tansk. I got uptiered to 7.7 for 5 matches in a row using a purely 6.7 line up today, in at least three of those uptiers the highest BR of my team was 7.3 on an all US team and one the highest was 7.0 while the other team had no shortage of IS-3, IS-6 and the two flavors of T-54 along some BR 7.0 German tanks and a few RU-251. I wouldn't mind being uptiered as often as I am being right now if Gaijin at least made the team BR average even, right now I am seeing teams of 6.7 tanks being ROLFSTOMPED by teams filled with tanks with more higher BRs than the other. You should try the US 5.0 and 5.3 BR line ups 99.99% chance of being uptiered, including to 6.3 matches where you will never be top tier. 6.3 tanks aren't good either, you will be seeing more matches full of 6.7 and 7.0 tanks than you will be seeing matches where the highers BR is just a few 6.7 tanks.
  6. Maybe if you didn't ignore every other statement over how the RU-251 outperforms every other 6.7 of similar role and is comparable to tanks at the 7.0 and 7.3 BR you wouldn't be making this statement and appeal to straw manning. The crux of the matter isn't how the RU-251 is OP, it is how it is simply better than everything filling similar roles on the same BR and higher. The British don't have anything similar to it. The FV4004 and 4005 have HESH but they are big, vulnerable and slow. The US has the T92 but it starts with APCR and its HEAT-FS has a top penetration of 200mm which isn't enough to threaten the UFP of any heavy tank in that BR, not to mention it is much slower than the RU-251. The M56 doesn't have a turret capable of 360 degrees rotation, awful gun handling which is something that will sap precious seconds from the tank, recoil that knocks off your position and aim on top of having the bad gun handling and quite frankly the RU-251 isn't nowhere as vulnerable as the M56 is, since the RU-251 has armor to provide decent protection from HMGs and total immunity to LMGs which is something the M56 doesn't have due to the exposed crew, which also makes it extremely prone to being destroyed by bombs from further distances, artillery shells and aircraft strafing runs. The ASU-85 has a horrible turret depression, forward fixed gun with very limited swerve capability, reloads slower and isn't as mobile and fast as the RU-251. The Type-62 is also similar to the RU-251 but it isn't a tank you see often, it still suffers from having bad gun handling like the low gun depression and excessive wiggling. The Type-60 is the closest thing to the RU-251, it has HESH and HEAT with higher penetration values but sans having a set of machineguns and having a much lighter recoil, it shares all the same issues the M56 does. The Object 706 is sitting at 7.0 and so far is the most similar to the RU-251in firepower and mobility. The M47 Patton is at 7.3 and it needs to get HEAT-FS to be competitive. The RU-251 gets turret capable of turning 360 degrees, two machineguns, the highest speed of any 6.7 tank, HESH and HEAT-FS with more than 300mm of penetration, a 90mm gun very similar to the US 90mm gun reload rate and a fully enclosed hull. Now the other 6.7 tanks with HEAT-FS get one or two of those characteristics while the RU-251 get all of them in the same package. Which when you consider the lack of disadvantages the RU-251 has in comparison over the 6.7 tanks it is equivalent to and how it can compete on the same standing against tanks that have higher BRs, it makes the RU-251 BR be extremely overperforming compared to its peers. However, the completely moronic ways the German userbase has been using it doesn't excuse its BR being lower than it should be, otherwise if we're going along the but it can be one shotted by anthing! there are plenty of Russian and British and specially a lot of US tanks that could go to a lower BR on that argument alone. Which is ridiculously jarring because the M18 Hellcat got several nerfs and more recently another BR raise and everything that applies to the RU-251 can also be applied to the Hellcat, except the RU-251 has ammunition capable of going through the front of everything it faces while the Hellcat doesn't. The JPZ has more of a right to be at 6.7 than the RU-251 does, in fact I wouldn't mind at all having it at 6.7, since it has its share of trade offs like every other HEAT-FS slinging tank does at that BR.
  7. I usually don't engage them FRONTALLY because it isn't a good idea to begin with and the only tank that the US has with enough penetration to do that is the M56, fighting Russian tanks frontally on a M56 is also asking to get 14.5mm HMG fire to the face of the three very exposed crew that little thing has but in case you see the T-54, IS-3 or IS-6 moving at your position and flanking isn't an option, the M56 HEAT-FS is the only shell that can reliably knock them off, meanwhile the M46, T92 and T26E1 Super Pershing have a harder time shooting those tanks through the front. I mostly shot them frontally when they are either busy looking somewhere else, when I am moving and bump into one or when my concealment still working and I can aim and fire at their UFP or turrets. I've spent some time looking at the Armor Layout of the IS-6, no wonder my M82 shells were bouncing like crazy from their sides, save the rear and the back of the turret, nearly every bit of the IS-6 has 100mm worth of armor, which combined with the curved turret surfaces and the angled front and sides means that any sub 100mm shell has a decent chance to bounce thanks to the overmatch mechanics. So this pretty much means that most US and German guns will have some problems shooting the tank. That thing isn't just saved by the hard stats, the game mechanics benefit the IS-6 tremendously.
  8. Not only that. It is entirely possible and more common than it should for a APCR or AP round to simply go through a tank without killing anyone inside or doing any damage. Still, aside for the British APDS and now the 120mm shells for US Heavy Tanks, the Solid AP shells either for you to kill crew or modules. Case in point, one of the things that pissed me off the most while trying to spade the Super Pershing was seeing my AP round kill one or two crew without damaging the breech or turret right and then see the tank replace the lost crew member and shoot back before I could reload. On the other side of the fence, APHE even if it doesn't kill, can maim any tank to the point they are mostly waiting for the second shot to finish them off. Specially since the shrapnel dispersal not only kills the crew but also can damage the turret ring, the transmission and the gun breach on a turret penetration, all that if it isn't a OHK even then it has a higher chance of achieving OHK on turret penetrations specially because each fragment can set more than one set of ammo at once. I really wish the US would get the M82 as the stock round, because not only it spares the US tankers from having to choose between the M82 and Parts, but also because the US doesn't benefit from the fast reload the British tanks have. the reason why I hate solid AP.wrpl
  9. balance

    Go easy with the all bold and caps text.
  10. I almost exclusively play the M56 when I am facing Russian 7.0 and 7.3 teams because I know they will be full of T-54s, IS-3 and now IS-6, mostly because I know that HEAT-FS is the only round in 6.7 that doesn't get trolled by Russian super RNGeezus armor very often and above everything, it can pen reliably. Unlike that PoS APCR that either bounces or doesn't do much damage when it pens. I sometimes I get one or two tanks before I get machinegunned to death, but I've been in plenty of matches where I managed to flank and get some good turret hits with the HEAT-FS and score 4 or 5 kills on unsuspecting IS drivers and a few T-54s and their packed turrets. I usually never engage Russian tanks from BRs of 7.0 and above, it is a losing game and at least of the US there aren't many tanks than can reliably penetrate or kill Russian tanks frontally, because for that you'd need to get either APDS or HEAT-FS.
  11. Believe me or not but I've seen the IS-6 simply eat my HEAT-FS shells on the mantlet on both left and right sides on a straight angle. From the camera it wasn't even the Optics eating shells glitch, it was the armor that was supposed to be 200mm at best eating a shell with 320mm of pen. Not to mention the side armor of the IS-6 simply being capable of bouncing 90mm shells like crazy or for some reason being able to absorb the shells it shouldn't. It isn't just the Germans suffering from it, the US teams are getting also slaughtered by Russian teams filled with IS-6, not only this thing is heavily armored it also has the RNGeezus blessing on top of that, courtesy of the Russian curved turret and weird slope modifiers. So far the best way I've found to dispatch this thing was with a HEAT shell to the side or back of the turret and hope it sets off the shells stored there or kill the 3 crew members inside the turret. I'd use regular APHE or APCR on this thing, but after seeing a lot of bounces out of curved turrets I don't even try to shoot them with those shells anymore. For taking this thing frontally? Shoot the Mantlet and pray it penetrates instead of trolling you. Funny enough, from what I've seen, the British tanks don't seem to have much problems penetrating the IS-6.
  12. HESH: Can deal with most tank as long as you aim for the correct spots, both on the side and the front. HEAT-FS: It is good to counter heavy tanks, specially the Russian heavies, it requires actual decent shot placement to work but it is still leagues better than most AP shells. Mobility: the combination of speed, turret turn, gun depression and handling make it outright better than other light tanks and tank destroyers with HEAT-FS with more than 300mm of penetration. Map design: Any map that the Germans can be flaked on, can also be used by the RU-251 to flank the other team. Play style: Very similar to US medium, light and Tank Destroyers as in, it needs to avoid direct confrontations to survive and get kills. Why it is doing so poorly: a learn to play issue from players who are using it to either rush or brawl instead of flanking maneuvers or hit and run.
  13. You guys whined and moaned about not having a fast and mobile tank to flank, now that you got it you realized that flanking isn't that easy and you actually need to think to pull it through. Nearly everyone using the RU-251 isn't even trying to flank, don't blame the tank when the issue is the brain dead players who can't use it. It is a damn Baby Leopard, what else do you want? Stop complaining about Map Design not allowing you to flank because the US medium and light tanks have to go through that all if they ever hope to fight German heavy tank spammers or not get one shotted by Panthers firing from longer ranges. This forum is full of German players complaining how most maps don't allow German heavy tanks to be properly played because they can be flanked. The reverse is also true for everyone else, if Germans are easily flanked in most maps so are the other nations. Stop crying. If you don't I want a written apology from all the German players complaining about the M18 Hellcat and it being nerfed through uptiering again. Nope, the T92 has 200mm max pen and APDS both of which aren't going to get OHK unless you get lucky, the only thing that keeps the T92 from being completely outclassed is the RoF allowing it to crew snipe before they can move. Maybe the Type 62, which is an event tank, but when it comes to the HEAT-FS slinging the RU-251 is the equivalent to those tanks at 6.7 and those tanks are the few with similar firepower and mobility when compared to the RU-251. HESH ignores slope modifiers and only a few Heavy Tanks and the T-45 Mod 1949 have a UFP with more than 100mm while the 7.7 T-54s have 100mm UFP that can be destroyed with HESH. Most medium tanks have UFP with 100mm or less and the very few heavies have over 100mm of armor on the sides, so a well placed HESH round can heavily cripple or outright destroy the tank. At 6.7 it is going to mostly fight US, UK and USSR tanks sometimes if they aren't teamed up with the Germans, so aside a few tanks in those trees where isn't anything that is really impervious to HESH either through the front or the sides. Would you rather have the HESH or the APCR/Solid AP shell most 90mm guns have? Because if you think HESH is bad just wait for you to get a shell that when it pens, even when it hits a module, even when it hits the crew, even when it hits ammo and fuel has a good chance of doing absolutely nothing. Appreciate that only a few tanks are effectively immune against HESH through the front while most aren't and HESH is still capable of getting OHK if you aim right. So is the HEAT-FS if you go for ammo racks. The RU-251 HESH can even go through the front of the IS-6 without any problems and the crew layout of the IS tanks make HEAT-FS shots in the driver's seat quite capable of killing the whole crew in a single shot. Newsflash welcome to the US Tier IV and V tank tree again, HEAT-FS isn't the devil most German heavy tank players cried about, you will need good shot placement to make the most of HEAT-FS and repeatedly use it. Get used to tanks that are easy to kill if you want fast and mobile tanks, because that is exactly how the entire US medium and light tank line is. Hard to get kills with but easy to die to anything tanks, all of which require knowing the map beforehand, good shot placement, tactful use of the terrain and cover and seek opportunity targets instead of fighting through everyone. Or the problem is that you actually have to aim to get kills with the tank instead of the usual point-and-click provided by the APHE and high penetration of the German guns making OHK through the front and sides so easy? The M551 acts more as the US ATGM tank than a light tank and it is 8.0, pretty much an end game tank and its ATGM isn't even stock, even then it has a 20 seconds reload. The Object 906 is easily killed by .50 MGs through the front and the ability to float is quite moot because most maps don't have large bodies of water the Object 906 can use for anything other than being an even easier and bigger target, besides the Object 906 can see 8.0 matches, the RU-251 can't. The RU-251 doesn't have just speed on its side, it has the best penetrating shell of its Tier, capable of taking out anything the US, the Russians and the Brits have, excellent gun handing specially compared to the M56 and ASU-85, two machineguns and a fully functional turret. If the US and British tankers can do that with HEAT-FS, APDS and Solid AP so can the Germans, stop acting like every thank should be OHK when you shoot at it. We don't get this luxury all the time and we still manage to wipe the floor fighting German and Russian tanks. Shoot the sides with HESH and the front with HEAT-FS, swap the rounds when the situation calls for it, a shot in the middle of the tank is liable to ignite the ammo or kill most of the crew, specially the Russian ones where everyone is packed inside the turret.
  14. Welcome to the US medium and light tank play style past 4.7 enjoy your stay. The RU is OP when you compare it to its equivalents which are the M56, ASU-85 and Type 60 all of which are full of drawbacks the RU-251 lacks. The RU-251 isn't a bad tank, the HESH is outright better than most ammos most US and UK tanks start with and can eat Russian tanks with UFP shots. The HEAT-FS is quite capable of taking out every tank it faces like the Russian IS and American heavy tank T series. However the incredibly moronic way the German players have been using completely negate the advantages of the RU-251, so far they have been using like a front line brawler though the RU-251 can be taken out with one shot even my Solid AP shells, or sniper tanks though it needs at least two to four hits to kill most tanks while they can be one hit by almost all tanks from range, or as capture point rushers where they will be caught in the open and get easily killed. I haven't seen many players using the RU-251 to flank or hunt heavy tanks through flanking maneuvers or flank control, what I've seen is a bunch of players trying to get close to get kills or simply rushing straight to the objectives and getting their asses handled to them. The tank is good, better than all the light tanks this game has regardless of the nation but most players don't know how to use it, they are playing the Baby Leo exactly like they play Tigers.
  15. There are only 3 US tanks that have an armor advantage between tiers 6.0 and 7.0, with one being a premium, the rest are one shot wonders.
  16. Russia/Germany vs US teams have been a rolf stomp for the former if the latter doesn't have enough heavy tanks like the T32 and T29.
  17. Can't say I am surprised to see the Germans doing poorly with it. You need to learn the map to do well in mobile armor less tanks. I just left a match on Kursk where there was the one point to capture in the village, soon enough it was full of RU-251, they were slaughtered in the open trying to cap. I swear this is one of the few matches I've seen a Russian/German team lose so badly versus the US/UK team. After the first minutes there were only IS-6 and IS-3 tanks left to kill.
  18. Well, they are making German teams lose faster. Because instead of Tiger II drivers rushing forward without minding the flanks we're seeing tanks with no armor doing the same thing but this time they die in a single hit in the front.
  19. I would rage at the RU-251 more but most German players are using it like brain dead Hellcat drivers. Now the IS-6, that is pissing me off.
  20. I got a few side hits on this thing on a fairly flat angle with the M82 Those that didn't penetrate bounced...
  21. I am getting chewed by the RU-251 on my M56 because both gonna get to the objectives and flanks roughly at the same time, but having a fully capable turret, machineguns and not needing several seconds to stabilize the gun work wonders for the RU-251 to get the first shot. However, my M46 is eating RU-251 for breakfast.
  22. Guess what? So can Tiger IIs versus light and small tanks. Don't take speed for granted, it can be easily negated by a lot of factors.
  23. Not exactly a hole in the model, WT has a hit detection that isn't all that great. It has been discussed in the SPAAG threads on how the high RoF SPAAGs can glitch shots through armor because the server can't handle all the hit detection and ends up letting some shots glitch through armor and hit the crew or modules. Given that it is three Fiddy cal shooting at the same spot, it is likely that some shots glitched through.
  24. I kid you not, something is wrong with repair times and it isn't exclusive to the T29. Sometimes the repair time of my gun breach or barrel are under 10 seconds even after losing one or two crew.
  25. I've seen it several times either. HEAT shell from my M46 taking how the gunner and commander and disabling the breach all being repaired and able to fire as I am lining up another shot. Methinks this issue is bigger than just the repair times being wonky, I am starting to think some forms of damage are not being registered by the server or the client side, as if the damage you dealt was visible to you but not the target player or the server.
  26. 40 US dollars is actually a lot of money for whoever doesn't live in the US or Europe. Specially since for that money I can get some decent games on Steam.
  27. And this list is the reason why I know you never drove the M56 because if you did you'd now it isn't as powerful as you make it to be.
  28. And gun stabilization and not being stopped by a fence and not being destroyed because someone called artillery a little too close to you and not being killed by a whiff of a machinegun and not taking several seconds to actually get the aim on the target and it has a turret that is capable of turning 360 degrees and it gets to climb irregular terrain without getting stuck and not being easily flipped because you hit an invisible rock and it is faster. The M56 has a lot of downsides compared to the RU-251 and it is the only the SPG US has that can threaten heavy tanks frontally though it is a really bad idea to engage heavy tanks frontally with them, meanwhile the German tree has no shortage of tanks that can one shot kill the majority of the tanks the US has. On top of that Tank Destroyers usually receive a lower BR than Medium, Light and Heavy tanks do but the M56 still listed as a Medium tank and costs as much as one to spawn. Good thing you left the disadvantages of the M56 out. Strawman much? Also: APCR as starting round. Advantage. Pick one. THe RU-251 doesn't even have half of the disadvantages of the M56. You're just trolling at this point if you are defending that the RU-251 is OK at 6.7 because the M56 is at 6.7 when the RU-251 outclassed the M56 in several areas and is better than other medium and light tanks at a higher BR.
  29. Too bad this thing is going to be competing with the M46 not the M60. That tank is better than the M47 and M48 and both of them have a higher BR. Also knock it off with the M56 having HEAT-FS being something troublesome for Germany, it is literally one of the easiest tanks to kill. HEAT-FS is only useful if you need to shoot someone in the front when the M82 can't do the job and in that case it isn't even a good idea because any shot will destroy the M56. Doing frontal engagements means a simple machinegun burst can take you out. Not to mention the total lack of protection this thing has which makes it vulnerable to everything, specially artillery strikes, it doesn't even have gun stabilization and stopping to take a shot can take up to 4 seconds between stopping that thing and having the gun stabilize so you can actually aim.
  30. If this thing is at 6.7 and has HEAT-FS with over 300mm of pen against flat surfaces, then I want my M46 Patton with the M82 shell with the correct penetration values and the HEAT shell with its official values instead of the reduced performance it has or the 90mm HEAT-FS the M56 gets. Alternatively have the M47 with a reduced BR, to 7.0 instead of 7.3. Because if the US needs to flank and out maneuver to have a decent chance to win against the German teams that already have the very mobile Russians with them most of the time then I want buffed US Medium tanks to make up for the Germans also getting a fast and hard hitting medium tank, specially one with the ammunition to neutralize the only two heavies the US gets that don't get instantly BFTO when they face a German gun. I am none too happy to see a tank that can easily outflank my light and medium tanks on top of having to deal with hard to kill heavy tanks.
  31. Considering the T29 is a premium tank and the Tiger II(H) isn't, Gaijin has a lot of motivation to keep it at that BR. Because every German player at Tier IV will have a Tiger II(H) while only a few US tankers will have the T29, and I've seen German teams with nothing but Tiger IIs and a few Panthers scattered here and there, but I've hardly seen US teams with more than 5 T29s on the same match. Besides, it is the only Heavy Tank at Tier IV the US has that is actually a heavy tank and not a slow as hell tank with bugged and ineffective armor souped up medium tank like the T26E1 Super Pershing is, which is supposed to be our 6.7 "Heavy Tank". Also don't bring the Win Rates as your argument, otherwise the whole Tier I, II and III German tanks tree needs some heavy nerfing because you can consistently keep a Win Rate between 60% to 80% there.
  32. True. I did the daily missions yesterday on my 5.3 line up mostly using my Sherman M4A3 Out of 14 missions, I was uptiered to 6.3 8 times, 6 of them in a row on a team that was mostly filled with 5.3 tanks while facing mostly 5.7, 6.0 and 6.3 tanks, which is why I think now that playing a 6.7 line up is less frustrating than playing the US at 5.0 and 5.3, because with a M46, M56 and T92 on your line up you will mostly fight other 6.7 and 7.0 tanks and 7.3 tanks some times. On lower BRs you will almost always get uptiered if you play from 4.7 to 6.3.
  33. Nevermind how tier II and III vehicles can have a Win Rate of over 70% with the German teams, though I didn't play much my Pz IV F2 has 80% Win rate and my G has 70% win rate, so do most of the German AFVs I used from Tiers II to III and a win rate comfortably between 50% and 60% on Tier IV. But any US tank having over 60% Win Rate? That can't be tolerated! The only advantage the US has over Germany outside 6.7 isn't even having better tanks, just mobile tanks and one tank for each occasion. M46? Mobility. T92? Mobility on a small profile. M56? Even more mobility and a good HEAT-FS shell. T26E1 Super Pershing? Only a gun that is good enough to pen the front turret of a Tiger II(H) and that is it. T95 "Doom Turtle"? Strong front armor and a decent gun for the tier. Save the last two, which doesn't have enough armor to protect it from anything on that tier and the latter with a large weak spot on the top that can't be hidden. All the other US tanks at 6.7 need to flank and stay mobile if they don't want to get hammered and actually be capable of getting OHK kills. It would be very hard to do it but Russians like to Rush and Germans suffer from tunnel vision and poor flank control, which is something that any US tanker will have to explore if they want to get kills.
  34. Currently the US tree is suffering from balance issues, specially when it is competing with German or Russian tanks, that is if the German and Russians aren't in the same team against the US. These changes are for Realistic Battles. Tier II: No change needed on the BRs of the US tanks. Reasoning: The US tanks manage to be competitive at that BR. Tier III: M4A2 (75): BR drop to 4.0 Tier drop to II Reasoning: Under performing APCR, German tanks receiving APCR much early on and APCR being under performing, add-on being available to USSR and Germany tanks early. M-24: No change needed. Reasoning: It is a light tank with a low profile and a gun that still capable of taking out most tanks it faces, 3.7 still keeps it away from tanks it can't deal with. M4A1 (76): BR drop to 4.3 Reasoning: Direct competition to the Pz IV H, cast armor modifier making its armor weak and vulnerable to basically every gun on its tier. M4A2 (76): BR drop to 4.7 Reasoning: No major improvements to armor, 5.0 puts it in the range of tanks that outclass it by a good margin, still going to face Tiger I and Panther Ds on that tier. M6A1: No change needed. Reasoning: A BR drop would leave in a position to club everything in the down tier and the tank still capable despite its lackluster armor. M4A3E2 Jumbo (75): No change needed. Reasoning: Being at 5.0 leaves it out of Tiger II range and every gun on that tier has trouble taking it out frontally. Still needs to have the armor glitches fixed though, but that isn't a justification for the BR drop. 18 Hellcat: No change needed. Reasoning: Probably the best Tank Destroyer in its tier and maneuverable enough to deal with tanks in the 6.0 rating. Tier IV: M4A3 ''Easy 8": BR drop to 5.0 and Tier drop to III. Reasoning: The two improvements over the M4A2 are mobility and the presence of the lackluster APCR are no justifications for the higher BR, at 5.3 it ends up facing King Tigers and it is prone to be uptiered more often, the repair costs for being a tier IV tank are higher than other 76mm Shermans. M4A3E2 (76): BR drop to 5.7 Reasoning: At 5.7 it would still face tanks that can one shot it through the front with a well placed shot, at 6.0 it faces tanks that the 76mm struggles to penetrate while facing plenty of tanks that can destroy it in a single hit, not mobile enough to use flanking tactics to make up for the weak gun and OK armor for its BR. M36 GMC: BR drop to 5.7 Reasoning: Following the line of Tank destroyers receiving lower BR rating than medium tanks, open top and vulnerable to SPAAG and Aircraft cannons, the 90mm being underperforming at 6.3, meant to be used as a counter for the Tiger I spam not as a counter for the Tiger II spam, lackluster 90mm M3 gun with a M82 Shell having a performance similar to the 88mm from the Tiger I, at 6.3 it gets constantly uptiered to matches where it isn't fast, armored or armed enough to be competitive. It also has a longer reload compared to the M-26 and T-25. T-25: No change Reasoning: it is supposed to be the Panther D competitor which already is at 5.7. T-26 Pershing: BR drop to 6.0 Reasoning: Very underperforming on its tier, due to the gun having less penetration with its M82 APCBC-HE than the Panthers A, G, F APCB-HE, slower than the Panthers A, G, F and specially the T-44, terrible off road and climbing performance, lackluster armor for its BR, meant to be a direct competition to the Panther A, F and G but it is a 0.3 BR higher and categorically worse tank than the Panthers. No suitable tactics to make it competitive: no mobility to make flanking viable, the gun isn't really better than nearly every medium tank guns on that BR (the 85mm in the T-44 has similar performance with the BR-367 and reloads faster, the 75mm from the Panthers have better penetration and all of the have APCR and better reload speed) and the armor isn't reliable enough to allow the M-26 to absorb hits and return fire. That is if it doesn't spend all the matches dealing with Tiger II both P and H spam, which is a tank that is woefully inadequate for the task. Not to the mention of having to fight 7.0 tanks for a good share of its matches due to the BR compression. M41A1 Walker Bulldog: BR Drop to 6.0 Reasoning: Despite of its mobility, the lack of AP-HE ammo and having only access to APDS on the end of its grind don't justify this tank being at 6.3 as it only has mobility on its side, it basically has no armor and has a large profile making it an easy target. T-92: BR Drop to 6.3 Reasoning: Despite having access to HEAT-FS, it is the last item of the grind and the PT-76 has access to HEAT-FS at 5.7, it has basically no armor and can be taken out by everything it meets, the starting round is APCR which forces having to repeatedly shoot weak spots that APCBC-HE can also penetrate (which the T-92 doesn't get) and the side armor to reliably score kills. It only has mobility and reloading rate on its favor and needs HEAT-FS to become truly competitive. The reason why it should get the 0.3 BR increase over the M41A1 is the HEAT-FS. M-56: No Change. Reasoning: Seems to be fine where it is, the small size and speed make it good for flanking and its grind seems to be more forgiving than the T-92. M-26E1-1 Super Pershing: BR drop to 6.3 Reasoning: For all the reports posted in the forums, the spaced armor isn't working properly, it manages to be less mobile than the M-26 and the cannon still needs APCBC-HE to be viable against the threat it faces, it is more suitable to be a competitor to the Tiger II (P) than the (H) and at 6.7 it gets uptired to 7.7 matches despise being worse than the Tiger II (H) in every category, specially in firepower. Tier V: M-46: Tier Drop to IV. Reasoning: it is the direct competition of the Panther II which is tier IV with both being 6.7 and the US tank tree at the tier V is large enough as it is. T-32: Tier Drop to IV, BR Drop to 6.7 (BR 7.0 tops). Reasoning: As a viable competition to the Tiger II (H) and Tiger 10.5cm, it has better turret armor but several weak spots on the turret, the cupola is a weak spot and it has as weaker Upper Font Plate than the Tiger IIs, it doesn't have HEAT-FS to compete with tanks in the 7.0 BR and upwards and its 90mm cannon doesn't have as much penetration as the 88mm of the Tigers do and for some reason still a higher tier than the Tiger 10.5cm. Observations: One of the main issues of the US tanks is how most of the US tanks start with solid shot AP, forcing the player to either choose between survivability or killing power. Which compared to the Russian and German grinds there isn't this issue. The current damage mechanics overly favor shells with HE fillers, which invariably harms the US tree and it is unforgiving towards the British tree, while in turn making the German and USSR trees much easier to grind in comparison. Solid shots like AP which has a high bounce chance with mediocre post penetration and APCR which not only has low post pen effect, is expensive and has a very high performance drop against sloped armor end up combined sapping a lot of the performance of the US guns, not to mention the German tanks receiving APCR and HEAT much earlier than the US tanks do and without a substantial BR increase as a result. The Solid shots also are very dependent of RNG to work, while an AP-HE round has a lot of chances to kill the crew and disable some modules, the solid AP rounds can hit ammo racks, engines and fuel tanks without setting them on fire and has a lower chance of killing the entire crew in a single hit. Most of the issues with the US tanks is direct result of the BR compression and BR spread, it is easy to get uptiered to matches where the US tanks can't reliably compete and yet they still struggle to compete with tanks on their same BR. I know the BR compression affects every nation but the US and the UK tanks are hit the hardest by it, both on the account of having over tiered tanks and the Match Making throwing those tanks to higher tier matches very often. One of the biggest examples of the BR compression is how the Germans lack 4.7, 5.0 and 5.3 medium tanks, thus forcing UK, US and USSR tanks at those BRs to face 5.7, 6.0 and 6.3 tanks which is completely unfair. Currently I am grinding both US and German trees and by far the easiest one to grind is the German one, not only my scores in the German tree are generally higher than the US tree but the stock grind of the German tree has been easier to unlock. Most of the proposals were made by both driving those tanks and facing them and few were based on common observations and reports in the War Thunder forums. Constructive input and suggestions are appreciated.