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  1. Yeah i was thinking of that. Well to be fair i am not that big of a fan of the Cobras. But the russians do have some nice examples of flyingthem so does the soviet p-40 ( i love the US p-40 so much after the buff ) so from russians theres teh p-40 as option too. In the japanese probably am for the BF-109 looks cool and i can usually fly them pretty well in the germans.
  2. Well seems to me like Japan and Russia have teh best offers. Might even have the best teams in tearms of win ratio ( with Japan mainly in mind ).
  3. So tell me more about your problems with this. Sure yeah come to the us teams and witness the strenght of turnfighting p-51 and p-47s. Spoiler. It doesnt end good for the American teams.
  4. So ? Any ideas what i can get for this amount of cash ? I dont plan on puting more money soon so thats all i have at the moment. I see quite alot of planes but wonder witcha re worth it.
  5. So in the meantime i farm lions i decided to gofor japan until i have cash for to continue my f-80 and research other jets in the us tree. I cant believe how easy playing as the japanese is. I mean serriously. Everything thinks it can outturn you witch is the biggest mistake i have seen. To be fair the planes are quite frigile i mean you spit on a zero or hyabussa and it breaks down into 100 pices. Is it supposed to be this easy playing as japan ?
  6. Strangley i cant seem to do anything with them recently. Like they just spark. I saw other people say that too so there is something changed but can we be wrong ? P.s sorry if its in the wrong section.