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  1. Interesting, Japanese tanks are a forgotten history in WWII, mainly because pacific wasn't the theater of hudge tank battles like in Europe. They are also rare in tanks museums. Sometimes, news come from airplanes wrecks found in lagoons or jungles, and removed to be restored by rich warplanes enthousiasts, tanks seems to don't raise such high interest.
  2. Well, I've been played for 2 month now, and still lots of things to discover, as only basic informations are provided. And about decals in planes, I've only seen hudge ones on others players planes arround for the time being. I come from IL2, and still playing with SF2, were such problems don't exist on these two simulators. Anyway thanks for the help.
  3. Excellent! Only good sense here, and more close to battle reality.
  4. Very good researchs and usefull ideas here. But the main problem is all decals (numbers, units labels, etc) available, are oversized, and look totally unrealistic when applied. I speak only about aircrafts, as I don't know about tanks. Something must be done about this. I have already unlocked many decals, but I don't use them due to this ridiculous oversize.