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  1. The max heights on all the Yaks and Las is still 3,000 meters or more above the Highlands altitude (6500m?) That's almost 2 miles. I would not expect their performance to be wretched.
  2. Not sure; the P-51D-30 is only BR 4.3. The La-9 is BR 5.7. I would not expect the P-51 to win. According to the wiki page, the La-9 was a post-WW2 aircraft and had a service ceiling of 10,800m. That's plenty for the Highlands. So there are three issues here, I think. The P-51Ds have a broken FM and aren't performing to expectation (regardless of BR.) are under-performing with respect to the 4.0 and 4.3 BRs assigned to the plane. have weaponry that is under-performing. We know this to be true. Historically, the P-51D was adept at killing German fighters. In WT it isn't a real threat, comparatively.
  3. I have heard of controls resetting on the PS2
  4. The P-51 was also noted for being able to fly to the combat zone. I'm not aware of any other plane that could fly for 700 miles, engage fighters, then strafe targets on the way home. The P-51D had a 2,000 mile range with drop tanks. This range came at a cost - a low-drag wing that didn't allow turning like the Spitfire. But the same trade-off the other way doomed the Spitfire to being a fine defensive fighter. It could not get to Berlin. In the BoB, 109s had about a 10 minute window for dogfighting before they had to return home due to low fuel. In addition, the armament on the German aircraft was not superior; it was different. By 1944, German fighters were becoming interceptors; indeed they were being tuned to this role the same way the Spitfire and P-51 were tuned to their roles. German aircraft were designed to take out bombers and thus bristled with deadly cannons. But one does not need 30mm cannons for taking out fighters. The escalating weight of armor and weaponry just made the older 109 design less effective in its original air-superiority role. By mid 1944 Bf 109s were not a serious threat though there are stories of individual outstanding German pilots. And yeah, numbers. Numbers win. And the T-34 is what happens when there are numbers, and the design is effective in general.
  5. The word is that Landing Craft are seriously armored now, and that patrol boats are not. So are you sure it was a patrol boat?
  6. It's easy enough to do. That 2nd "3" might need to be a real E.
  7. Because yer a freak of nature
  8. I guess that depends upon what a patrol boat is. I was thinking US Patrol boat, like PT 109. A proper strafing from a US .50 cal plane would ruin one of those pretty quickly.
  9. Welp, I researched, bought, crewed, and flew the D-30. I got a few RP. Now I can't lose it or the opportunity to get if/when the FM is fixed.
  10. The P40E-1 "White 106" and "112th Squadron RAF" skin requirements are showing different numbers of accomplished kills. Looks like the "White 106" requirement is missing some qualifications. DxDiag.txt
  11. For all intents and purposes, I play fighters exclusively. When I fly attack aircraft... I don't bomb or shoot at pixels. Until embarrassingly recently, I didn't know there was a difference between any of the non-air-dom game types. front line? Whatever. Ground Strike? Whatever. I did not know that altitude mattered in Air Doms. I still don't know the difference between the types of non-air-dom games. I don't know how much altitude is necessary in Air Doms. Example - that atoll in the Pacific where it looks like an AIr Dom (There's an "A"!!) but there are boats too... I have no idea what the boats are for. I shoot down lots of bombers as they attack the boats. Does it help my team? I dunno. If they stated the scoring rules in the pre-game screen, it would be very helpful.
  12. Last night I was able to kill patrol boats with my P-47D-28 and P-51D-5. One pass. I think ammo type matters more than it did previously.
  13. It isn't immediately obvious to me that those numbers can be directly compared.
  14. What is it you're saying, exactly? Malware? Patrol boats? Wot?
  15. There's also a thing were people clean records with white glue. Do it right and the glue pulls the crud from the grooves. Do it wrong and the record is ruined.
  16. That's roughly my KDR too. In fact, that's pretty much my KDR on all more-or-less stock aircraft. I ask the original question because I don't want to sink a ton of time and Silver Lions into planes that are ultimately insufficient *cough* F8F-1 *cough* I will continue my work on the American lineup to get the -30, but I won't be buying it. I just don't want the research requirement to be increased if the FM is improved, leaving me more work to do.
  17. Shoulda J'ed out, hopped into an Attacker, and scooped up easy RP and SL by eating undefended ground targets.
  18. And what should I have said? The same thing in 3 sentences and 200 words, with some pleasant emoticons??
  19. You can't.
  20. I don't see the Germans being somehow penalized by having two (count'em!) Bf 109 F-4 models at 3.7, the the British being penalized because of their fleet of effective planes from the low-3s and up, or the Russians who have the I-185s (3x 20mm), Yak-9 T and K models, and La-7 at around BR 4.0. For this reason, I don't see why the American lineup should be penalized for having a single decent plane that doesn't require the "In the right hands..." caveat. Another issue is that the US tech tree puts the P-51Ds pretty far in, behind at least 2 Lightnings and a P-47. That means at around 4.0, the US players get mauled for a long time while they wait for planes to develop. To make matters worse, the P-38s and P-47 all 4.3 and 4.7 BRs. So the 4.0 lineup the American is trying to create is loaded with higher BR planes that are each probably worthy of their own ranty forum thread.
  21. PennyWort and Kireta, if you could assign a BR to this plane, given how WT is right now, what would you assign? I would probably assign a 3.3. I simply got too many assists and not enough kills at 4.0. To get a kill, persistence is needed. And by then the red drags you through his allies and you're done. I don't know about the D-30; I don't have it yet. Soon, if I go back to Americans.
  22. Does this not conflict directly with what @PennyWort said above? From his (?) words, I get the idea that not only does their armament under-perform, but their flight model is also lacking with respect to the Ds' 4.0 and 4.3 BRs. G-series 109s can carry 3x 20mm, 3x 30mm, or a combination thereof, and perform pretty well when used properly.
  23. Do you mean if they performed like their RL counterparts they'd have a higher BR, or do you mean the American planes in WT currently are under-tiered / OP?
  24. Oh dear. I think the D-5 and D-30 are BRs 4.0 and 4.3 respectively. And they garner such a reaction? The F8F-1B is a BR 6.3 plane if memory serves; I'd have nothing to go with it.
  25. Well I just spaded the F8F-1 and P-38J. They were miserable. Maybe the P-51D-5 feels good in comparison
  26. No, I'm an arcade player and tend to stick in this forum. I'll check those out. Thanks!
  27. After I spaded the F8F-1, I added my newly researched P-51D-5 to my lineup. Since this plane is BR 4.0, I downgraded the lineup from 5.0 to 4.3 I took the P-51D for a test spin; 11 assists, 2 kills, 0 deaths, "Wingman". It's pretty fast and has a splendid rudder. However, at BR 4.0, 6x .50 cal is probably not competitive. What say you about this plane?
  28. Ok, the F8F-1 is spaded. It is as I suspected. It's a great plane to fly, but with 1941-era weaponry it cannot compete at its BR. It was a constant stream of "Wingman" and "On Hand" awards. I pushed the limits; I attacked everything. The plane's performance got me out of some jams. But ultimately one must put ordinance on target. I'd shoot something full of holes, and some cannon-armed plane would sail by for the kill, time and time again. I worked really hard for a lot of those assists. Overall, I regret spending the SLs on this plane. If you want a challenge, fly this plane. It's not bad, it just isn't very effective. I would say that for its weaponry, its BR is .3 or maybe even .7 too high. I have to admit that there weren't too many planes I was afraid of. I pecked many a plane to death while maneuvering. Anyway it's in the hangar now.
  29. I misunderstood. I that Pat said to be 500m above the reds. Sounded fatal. Of course he meant if they are that low there's no reason to be a 2km...
  30. (nevermind, I misunderstood)
  31. This happens a lot with my P-38s and other BNZers. I am at a relatively high altitude, maybe 2km over the lawn mowers below. I see a suitable victim, usually about 2.5 to 3km away. I start a dive. More often than not, before I get there, a plane sails in at ground level, seemingly faster than my P-38, and kills the target. Frequently I am within 1/2 a second of getting an aim point. So I zoom up and reset. This repeats over and over. I'd say 2/3 of the time, my target dies before I can get there. Sometimes there are blues in the area, and they just scoop up the reds. If I am down there, I just die in the furball like a newb. Are my allies dying but don't care? I fly very conservatively. Eventually I get impatient and do something that isn't 100% cautious... and there's a FW 190 A-5 on my tail. You know what happens next. I feel so thwarted right now. In the last match, the game itself poked me in the eye by ending the match as I am about to open up on a Spitfire with my diving F4U-1c. Maybe you BNZers out there can kinda describe how you do it or offer something to me. The frequency my targets die 1/2 second before I get there is ridiculous. Sometimes, my shells are inbound (no hyperbole) and it dies... not even an assist.
  32. On Hand 3 of the last 4 matches... The F8F-1 and P-38J don't have the bite for the BR. The P-38J isn't spaded yet. #jeez #frustrationpost
  33. With the F8F-1, I get even closer than that; I prefer 300m. That's about .2 miles. Even then not much happens. I frequently get a Hit or a Crit and end up with an Assist. Maybe something more significant happens about one time in five. Even if you start a fire you frequently on get an Assist as someone with cannons will polish off the Red.
  34. Maybe, but I would rather understand them...
  35. I agree completely.
  36. For low-BR fun, try the P-40. It seems to have been greatly improved since the last patch. It's very entertaining. For a higher BR, the F8F-1 is a pleasure to fly (once spaded) but is under-armed with only 4x .50 cal. It would be interesting to see how you handle it.
  37. Yes. I put a lot of 20mm and .50 cal into one using a P-38E, like a belt and a half. And the thing ignored me and flew off.
  38. It's not. I'm weird.
  39. I actually did park my cannonstang. It felt like I was cheating. Seriously, how often do you see a target that you want to kill, and that you can catch, and not bag the kill? Usually the only thing that saves my victims is my own greed and impatience; I usually fly in front of a red cannonstang :-D And the FW-190 A-4 and A-5 are monsters, but they are not as easy to fly as the cannonstang. It's so bland as to be the vanilla of WT imo. (All that being said, it's the American's best plane under BR 4.0, unless you're really really good, then an argument can be made for the P-47. But I expect every US lineup to include the cannonstang until there's something better. Because sometimes, you just need to erase someone.)
  40. I am not proposing he does not L2P. I am simply trying to help him understand what is happening to him. That's what I expect the forum's (seemingly) unsympathetic types have forgotten, to be honest. The thing that frustrates me, even now, is when I lose 3 planes in a row and I can't figure out why. What changed? What did I do differently? If you can't figure these things out, improving is hard. So I offer the OP some advice - don't get hit. That seems flip, but it isn't. "How do I not get hit?" is the next question, and the answers are simple in theory and difficult in reality. That's what makes WT fun. Fortunately selfless types like Long5hot and TX141 will tell you everything you need to know. And most will bend over backwards to help, if one simply asks nicely.
  41. WT is not historically accurate. There were only about 150 cannonstangs ever made and they were used for ground attack. So it makes no sense to see them in WT in any quantity. Be that as it may, in WT, don't get hit. In WT we must change our play to minimize the chance that we get hit. And I think it is fair to say that the general consensus is that 50 .cals are a little weak. From BRs 2.3 to 3.7 inclusive, American planes are challenged. One can be successful in American planes, but the same effort yields the benefit much sooner in other nations' planes. edit - buffing .50 cals will not solve the problem of being destroyed instantly by high BR planes. Don't get hit.
  42. lol I told you I was a bomber newb. Maybe I meant red. On my way to the red circle I heard Flight of the Valkyries over and over in my head, and I got so excited by the space bar, that I typed the wrong color name.
  43. I am not sure a 1-shot kill is a good thing for the game. That aside, not everyone is a pilot in 100. You're probably so good, and have been playing so long, that you have forgotten what it's like to be at the bottom. What we have here is an issue with danger linearity. So the OP is perhaps flying out and gets sprayed with .30 cals. Maybe he gets away, maybe he doesn't. The next time out, he gets sprayed by 50 cals or a few cannon shells. He gets into a dogfight with someone. He might feel like he has a chance. Now, suddenly, when his BR increases to 2.7, he starts seeing cannonstangs. And just like that, it's over. I remember the frustration. "Don't get hit" has to become everyone's mantra at 2.7. You don't start taking a little more "spray damage". You explode. It's non-linear and beginners don't understand what's happening.
  44. Well, there is more to it than that. In WW2, the Germans moved their airfields to where they were needed. Their planes had to get into position quickly and efficiently. If you could put 200 defenders over Hamburg and 0 over Frankfurt, you surely have 200 fighters. But I attacked Frankfurt, you effectively had 0 fighters. That is, the fighters over Hamburg were useless that day. Now, in WT, when I see a furball happening in some random place, I see 'fighters over Hamburg'. Regardless of the outcome, Frankfurt is getting bombed. These furballs, however entertaining, are useless and meaningless to the overall goal. That is why I disagree in general with the idea that "fighter lives matter". There is no reason to be abstract about the worth and use of a fighter. Either defend bombers, or kill bombers. WT does not reward this behavior in a substantive way. "Bomber Rescuer" hardly cuts it. Dom battles are different - that should be 100% fighter savagery. If a player has only a bomber lineup, I'd be ok with him getting to swap out to a fighter lineup of the same BR, or being assigned a generic fighter lineup if he wishes. I don't want bomber pilots to be punished for flying bombers. I fly fighters nearly exclusively, by the way. I did bring a B-25 in just this week and it was kinda meh. "How many times can I bomb this red circle before something full of cannons kills me?"
  45. Starcraft is a high bar. It is impressive by every measure. I completely agree the spam is a symptom of a broken mechanic. Don't misunderstand what I mean when I say "solution". I am not saying the spam is "the way it should be". I am saying that people have discovered the answer to a problem that exists in the WT universe. I only fly fighters in this game. I have tried bombers and found them to be a little boring, then suddenly fatal. I would like you to help me understand why anyone would fly a bomber in WT, if they could not spam (safety in numbers) and especially if the flight models were not downright silly.
  46. These are all good suggestions. The "Kill a certain number of aircraft" is a new form of Domination. Sounds good to me.
  47. Oh, and the "bomber spam" problem may simply be a clever solution to every fighter having insanely powerful weaponry. I know I enjoyed my 4x 20mm F4U-1c last night, and my IL-2 (1942) earlier this week... Why would anyway choose to fly a bomber that had to fly more realistically when frightening numbers of FW 190 A-4s and -5s, BF 109s, cannonstangs, etc etc await?
  48. See, I'm not so sure about that. In Real Life, no one cared if a fighter got shot down by a fighter. The reason is, the downed fighter wasn't doing anything anyway - it was fighting a fighter. The purpose of a fighter is to clear a path for the bombers and attackers. Consider, if a fighter plane is goofing off doing nothing, he might as well be dead. If you shoot him down, you have by definition accomplished nothing since he was doing nothing. With that being said, I could see every bomber and attacker having a sack of RP and SL associated with it. If the bomber scores hits on the target, the defending fighters split that bounty. If the bomber is shot down, the defenders split the bounty. Imagine something similar for Attacker planes and escorts. Now there's an incentive for fighters to be where they are needed (and not in the abstract) and clear a path. And there were cases in RL where fighters would range, seeking other fighters. I think the various Dom missions reflect this.
  49. Thanks Paul. I flew this plane a little (who really stays at BR 1.7...) and then moved up to the Bf 110 C-4 which is a lovely plane. One thing that's missing is that at BR 1.7, you can expect to see planes from BR 0.7 to BR 3.0 (downtiered). Since there are no BR 0.7 planes, the Do 17 on average will be "fighting up". The way the matchmaker is working for me lately, the Do 17 will have to be ready to face BR 2.7 planes almost every match. Realistically speaking, the Do 17 pilot can expect to encounter 8x .30 cal British planes every match. Rough going. But now I want to try it again. Previous I would fly it too slowly and get the result you'd expect.
  50. Is there a way to download my service record in a consumable format?
  51. I researched it, and bought it, and crewed it, and trained it... Holy crap it has 4x .50 cal at BR 4.7. Seems very fast, even unspaded/stock. But do I really want to spend any time on this plane or just write off the Silver Lions and be sure to read the spec sheet before purchasing next time?
  52. I just spaded it, what a drag it was. Wobbly rudder, dubious 37mm, exceptionally fragile. Decent flight model. I finally resorted to just spraying with the .50 cals, and letting people in cannon Stangs, cannon canes, cannon Spits, cannon Yaks, cannon La-s, etc etc get the kills. Had I not done this I don't think I could have spaded it. Has anyone here excelled with it since the latest patch?