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  1. Yah I waved at you guys. That match was abnormally awful. Nothing was working for me. I wasn't always flying low. One of your guys flying an La-7 caught me as I was extending after a BNZ, for example
  2. It is possible you're getting fatigued and not shooting as well as the play session goes on.
  3. That's how I fly the Bf 110 C-4. And the P-47.
  4. I attribute this to a tactic favored by unskilled players.
  5. Dreamy. This is a great plane in all respects. I also love the E-1. The F-1 flies better but simply lacks the bite of the E-4. The E-4 and F-1 share the same BR. If I had to pick one, it would be the E-4. The F-2 is patently inferior and is probably a 2.7. It feels a bit better than a BR 2.3 Yak. There is no comparison between these planes. The E-3 is plainly inferior. The think the E-4 and F-1 are both BR 3.0 (Fact check please!) They are ok there. The F-2 should be 2.7 or perhaps just removed from the game as unnecessary.
  6. I can't seem to get the cannon on target. It's a pleasure to fly however.
  7. Perhaps I am mistaken... I could be having PTSD from spading the thing.
  8. Until recently, I was negative with the F-4. I still don't get more than BR 3.7 out of it. I do curiously better with the trop however. I have no explanation for this.
  9. And the F-4 can choose to run when it is time to run. The I-185 cannot.
  10. I like to ask "how do I work this plane" questions as I always learn something. One frequent caveat that comes up when discussing planes is "In the right hands..." Now this is not unreasonable at all - to get everything a certain plane can give, one may have to apply certain techniques. So one must know which technique is appropriate and be able to apply the technique to the particular craft, while taking into account the current situation. Say there's a good plane. The Bf 109 F-4 is the Lord God King, verily, the Mac Daddy of allegedly OP. If Joe Sixpack (95% of War Thunder players) flies the F-4 and get a 3.7 BR out of it, but the elite top 5% get BR 5.0 out of it... what's the real BR? It maybe isn't 3.7, since clearly some players run amok in it. But if it's a 5.0, why bother? Why not equip BR 5.0 planes that don't require crazy skills? Discuss.
  11. I have no experience with the cannon Bearcat (F8F?). Is this good, or bad, or just an observation?
  12. I have not had any issues with the rudder causing a flat spin. I prefer the BR 4.0 La-7. 2x 20mm Shvaks gets the job done against fighters. I have the La-7B-20 but have not flown it - if I do my BR goes from 4.7 to 5.0 and I am not prospering at 4.7...
  13. I had some good luck with the plane's predecessor, specifically over the runway at less than 200m in single-airfield domination matches as time was running out. Twisting, turning, shooting, evading... It was excellent as disrupting the Reds' plans even when it didn't kill out-right.
  14. All planes are pretty good when the target is distracted. I certainly didn't have kill-counts like yours, though I think we play a different game. My big games were 4 kills. My average kills per game is probably less than one. It took me forever to spade it.
  15. That sort of advice is why I come here. I have heard of rudder turning, and sometimes I think I do it accidentally. I need to get better at it. I run out of fingers for the keyboard sometimes.
  16. I was being a jackass and making a point that ultimately, the bombs don't matter.
  17. Bombs... Ground strike... What would be a suitable BR if it could not carry bombs?
  18. I have seen a few posts lately that claim the I-185 (M-71) is OP or at least "best of breed" at it's BR. I am curious why this is. It has 3x 20mm cannons. But many deadly planes (Cannon-Stangs, Tempests, Hurricanes, etc) have 4x 20mm and have a lower BR. The I-185 is slow in level flight, maybe only faster than a Sea Hurricane. It has an insane roll rate, but it's turn radius isn't as good as planes it commonly meets such as Spitfires and similarly BR-ed P-63s. The I-185, in steep dives, out-flies it's control surfaces and plows. Finally, it's fragile. One burst and it's ruined if not burning. I finally - finally - spaded this thing last night. I have never seen such a one-and-out fighter as this. I've been flying BR 4.7 Russians for a while now and I don't see many people flying these. Why not? It isn't like there are a lot of other choices at this BR. When I do see one, I kill them. They are as easy to kill as P-400s. Compare to, say, J2Ms and Bf 109-G models, both of which are freaking UFOs. I avoid the former, but the Imp of the Perverse in me makes me want to test the G-2s. I am just about ready to pull this thing out of my 4.7 lineup (while leaving three 4.0 BR planes in!) Why would this be a mistake? What magical amazing attribute of the I-185 do I not see?
  19. What? Huuuuhhh?? Wha.... Ok, new thread time! I'll start one on the I-185 (M-71).
  20. Well, your advice could only help my score. That being said, isn't a plane that's so poor that it has to avoid most of the game pretty much the definition of a "problem plane"??
  21. Well, I suppose if you accept that you will only encounter biplanes, and the ubiquitous BR 1.7 He 100s and Me 109 E-1s, BR 2.3 cannon Yaks and LaGGs, and BR 2.3 Spitfires and Hurricanes, etc never latch onto you, I suppose you're fine.
  22. I see my unharmed plane sailing through the air... looks like a pilot snipe.
  23. It's been happening like mad for the last few days.
  24. I don't know how he did it, but I watched. Maybe one was a non-Premium and I got confused. It was excessive.
  25. CItation? My first though was P-40. The P-40 is saddled with .50 caliber guns (which are ok at BR 2.0) and is otherwise a hulking cow full of gasoline. It's a "one and out" aircraft, at best. If you fly it in a Tier 2 or 1.7 lineup, the rest of your planes suck. If you fly it overtiered, at least you can have fun with the remaining aircraft. It has no defense against the likes of the He 100 (3x .30 cal) (BR 1.7) or the Me 109 E-1 (4x .30 cal) (BR 1.7) According to the Wiki page on the P-40, it was considered more than a match for Hurricanes and E-model 109s. In WT, the idea that It can compete with either is laughable. Why so annoyed? Because it has 10 skins available for it, and i like to collect them. I am at about 20 kills now, I need 10 more for the first skin, and 290-ish more for the last skin. And I don't want to play BR 2.0 or 3.0 Americans for the rest of my life! My second thought are the Do 217 'destroyer' planes. Their maneuverability is such that there's no real way to line up on anything. And every heavy bomber in the game can fly circles around them.
  26. Well, the symptom will be if too many people gravitate to 4x Hispano. I had a BR 4.7 match last where I had 6 deaths... ALL of them - EVERY ONE - was to 4x cannon Mustangs. Some were premium British Mustangs, some were not. I think they all have Hispanos. I know one player in that match brought in at least 3 premium Mustangs, because I killed him three times as he sought me out and forced a head-on every time. I died each time too. After the last time, he brought in what I think was a 4x 20mm Hispano Typhoon. It's the first time in a long time that I lost all my planes. They guy had an impressive kill-count, I'll give him that. For the entire evening (20 matches?) I was unable to complete a single module in my BR 4.7 I-185 (M-71). My executioners were very frequently Hispano-equipped planes. Death was really quick, and frequently by pilot snipe. And the previous evening, I was mauled by Typhoons and Sea Hurricanes. Hence the original post. Maybe it was a fluke. Time will tell.
  27. One issue is that reloads happen by magic in Arcade. In realistic, planes have to land to rearm, and this consumes time. While playing the cannon Spitfires I was surprised by how little ammo they can carry and impressed by the Hispano's rate of fire. And now I know that when I am hit with .30 cal, it's probably a Hurricane or Spitfire, and they are waiting on their cannons to reload. Now consider 4x 20mm planes such as the cannon Mustang, Sea Hurricanes, and Typhoons. The damage buff (correction?) is being modified by 4. Even though the MG151/20s are (probably) the best cannons in the game, I can't think of a fighter that has four (yeah don't tell me about the moo cow Do 217...) The FW 190 A-4 has 2x MG151/20s and 2x FF/Ms. Even in that case the FW has ammo management issues and ballistic differences to work through. I don't know the answer. I am not 100% sure there's a problem. I mean, the game works the way it works, ultimately, and we can adapt or not. --------------------------------------- I have one suggestion; change how ammo regenerates: The closer one is to one's spawn point (or airfield, AKA "home"), the faster ammo regenerates. Conversely, the farther on is away, the slower it regenerates. Now, in arcade, we don't have to land for reloads, so it isn't as severe as Realistic. But it does mean if I spam my cannons in the middle of the map, I may have to wait a minute for a reload, not 30 seconds, unless I exit the battle and head for home. The better players will plan for this. And this would apply to bombers, too. Loitering over a target which is a long way from the home would yield long bomb reload times. Exiting the target area and preparing a new bombing run would yield a benefit. Interesting effects: A team will be stronger closer to home; all else being equal, because they'll get reloads while the aggressors wait. Far ranging heavy cannon planes such as 45m Yaks and 40mm Hurricanes will be penalized heavily as they already have longer reload times. These same planes used defensively (close to home) will not as penalized Cannon spammers (guilty!) will be penalized more heavily for their poor gunnery skills. Low-ammo planes suffer more, as they should. Currently there is little downside to running out of ammo. "R"ing to take a reload during a lull may not work out so well. When I am out of ammo or want a reload, I generally extend for 1/3 of my reload seconds, and if things are safe, gain altitude for another (original) third, then roll over and start scanning for targets knowing that by the time I get to one I'll be reloaded. That works less well in the scheme I outline here. Gaijin could easily tune the "reload time curve". For normal ground maps, it would be as I said - distance from home. For Domination maps, the goal point could have an 'accelerated reload' to encourage players to stay (very?) close to the goal. Or, the goal point could be a dead spot where no reloads happen - planes much extend to reload. Now the various Domination maps could have some differentiating characteristic. Guns' affects are not altered.
  28. The easiest clubber in the game, the 4x 20mm Mustang, also uses Hispanos, so get ready to see a lot of these.
  29. That's a frightening thought.
  30. What one might find is that at the instant the trigger is pulled, it feels OP when one on the receiving end. However one does not appreciate the effort the Red took in getting to that point. I decided that I would try a British line-up. Generally, playing the craft either quickly reinforces or disproves the conjecture of OP-ness. My British lineup is at 2.7. So I reached into my hangar and pulled out 5 unspaded unplayed cannon machines - 2 Spitfires, 1 Sea Hurricane, and 2 mistakes (Beaufighter and Firefly) Early on, in the Honeymoon phase, the cannons were stout. The tiniest of Sea Hurricane (4x 20mm) trigger pulls would kill an F4U. I had similar cases with the Spits, but with a little more effort (2x 20mm). By the end of the evening, things seemed normal. I did not feel like a Hispano God. I spaded the Spitfire MK IIB and Sea Hurricane Mk IC. The Spitfire was a Spitfire. The Hurricane was a sledgehammer but really slow. K/D ratios at end-of-evening were about 1.66 and 2.0 respectively. The Spitfire MkV/trop is about 1/3 spaded and was a Spitfire. I played the Beaufighter and Firefly a fair amount, and I found these craft too slow to be useful. By the time I arrived at the battle, it had moved. This was a repeating pattern. I was unable to accomplish a 1:1 K/D using them. Once either had the attention of an enemy, there was no real defense. Of course they're unspaded, so maybe something would happen once the engines are developed. I researched the Spitfire F. Mk IX towards the end of the evening. It replaced the Firefly in the lineup. So far... it's a Spitfire. By the end of the evening, I was satisfied that if the Hispano is OP, it's because the player knows what to do with the plane it is in. Provisos are that my crews are about level 10 and I don't play British very much.
  31. The Hispanos may have been underpowered before, but now they are ridiculous. I'm tired of getting my wings cut off at a kilometer or more, while my ShVaks can't seem to take an AM7 down with two decent full-top-profile bursts. This is demoralizing. right now it is hard to play the game because if you get close to a Hispano, you lose your wings.
  32. Do you mean the 15mm gun on the Bf 109 F-2?
  33. The E-4 is dreamy and as far as I am concerned, is better than the F-1 and F-2.
  34. Well. I got the 37mm this evening, and got it fully researched. It is devastating. I like it! It shoots flat, has a great rate of fire, and is easy to aim. And if you run out of 37mm, it isn't like 2x 20mm is a bad thing!
  35. Yeah, but I try to be real.
  36. Happily, I will be researching it this evening. Within a little luck I should be sparking like mad!
  37. The La-7 s the Yak-9P... My Yak isn't yet spaded, but my La-7 is a beast. It probably has the best K/D ratio of all my planes. I know that when it flies I'm going to affect the outcome.
  38. I have not noticed that the ShVAKs, MG151, FF, or FF/M cannons are behaving differently than normal.
  39. ok, so it's a 37mm. Cool. How badly does the 37mm spark? Does it have a decent cycle time and muzzle velocity? Once I have to manage two different types of ammo, I might as well equip the biggest boom.
  40. I'm spading the Yak-9P. there are options for various nose-mounted cannons: 20mm, 23mm, and 45mm, I think. I researched and installed the 23mm cannon. I have to say, I was wholly disappointed with the 620m/sec muzzle velocity and the rate of fire. With the 20mm nose cannon, it makes sense to fire all three 20mm cannons at once; they share the same ballistics. With the advent of the 23mm cannon, however, now I either shoot 2x 20mm or 1x 23mm. I am generally putting a smaller amount of ordinance on target because it is rarely beneficial to shoot both types of cannons at the same time. Note I do not have the upgraded 23mm cannon yet. But it says nothing in its description about being a higher velocity gun. Perhaps the community will share with me their ideas on this cannon, and how I should equip this plane.
  41. I wasn't feeling like spading any of my current lineup, so I decided to fly some low-impact matches that didn't matter to me. I had a 3.0 line-up that included the stinky Bf 109 F-2. I tried to like it, I did. Finally I removed it and replaced it with.. a Bf 109 E-1. So I flew the BR 1.7 E-1 in the my 3.0 lineup, as a joke. I was pleasantly surprised. The E-1 is fast. I was able to BNZ a lot of planes, scoring kills on planes I had no business fighting. Against a lot of planes, like the H8K bomber, I had to settle for an assist. Mustangs, Spitfires, P-400s... none can withstand irresponsibly long bursts of 4x 7.92mm. And when the attack didn't lead to an outright kill, I exited at high speed. The E-1 generally wasn't dominant, but it did get a bite usaually, scoring a few kills and almost always a "Rank Does Not Matter". How could I not, really, when the E-1 is 4 steps below the average BR? My best game had 5 kills, winning Terror, Balancer, and Survivor. That game featured by first honest-to-god energy kill. After a failed BNE, I skimmed across some water, closing on a P-40 that was shooting up boats. I gave him a love tap and he entered horizontal elevator turn. He came around. As his wings leveled I sniped his pilot. Knowing there was a Chaika that was close, I extended. The Chaika gave chase. As I pulled away, he did not give up, so I started climbing. How hungry was he? I started spiral climbing. He pulled up, trying to get guns on me as I spiral climbed. I avoided said guns and was pretty much directly over him when he stalled. I rope-a-doped him. It wasn't pretty, and it wasn't very good; it even took me two tries, but I did it. Rank Does Not Matter. Tell us about the planes you enjoy up-tiering.
  42. Yep. If you play with a partner the pain may be reduced. It is possible to earn RP by bombing or ground attacking? You need the plane spaded (or spaded enough), not to have a good air kill ratio.
  43. I don't recommend judging any plane by its performance in the unspaded state.
  44. Every plane is dead meat if it doesn't see you coming. Even if it lives it's ruined. So I find Hurris and Spits not so easy; they just evade the BNZ. I'm not playing turn-fighters lately, however. I also consider P-47s and P-38s (esp the E) easy kills, as well as the P-39 type in general. But this is because they are misused, I think. Hollywood has ruined 3 generations of War Thunder pilots But as I think about it, I pile pretty much every American fighter up to BR 4.0 into the "acemaker" bucket. The P-36G Hawk gives me pause, however. They can be hard to escape from if things go sideways. And the P-38G is tough as nails for me lately, though it poses little threat.
  45. I played conservatively tonight as I tried to figure out the F-4. I did stay back from the merge. I went 17 kills for 1 loss. Most of the matches I would get maybe 2 or 3 kills... but I would not lose the F-4. My best result was an 8 kill and 0 death match.
  46. I like spreadsheets. I have been copying some information from my "service record" into a spreadsheet for analysis. Mostly to temper my feelings with facts. Over the last few nights, the F-4 has achieved a mighty 1:1 kill ratio; that is, every time it kills, it signs its own death warrant. The trop has achieved a 4.6:1 kill ratio in the same matches. Facts/suspicions: I thought the F-4 was doing worse, not achieving even a 1:1 ratio. Yay spreadsheets. I DO have trouble pointing both planes. When booming, I can't seem to hold the nose on the aim point. I suspect I don't lead enough an instead put too much faith in the aiming point and the MG151 20mm's muzzle velocity. I fly the F-4 first and the trop after the F-4 dies. All too often, the F-4 dies in the initial merge, or right after the merge as I start looking for targets to dive on. Something catches me from the side. Perhaps a few minutes into the match, the better planes have been shot down, leaving the trop far easier pickings? A few minutes into the match, the planes have all spread out allowing the trop to pick a single target out, or to pick a target already engaged with a friendly. The obvious thing is the fly the trop first to see if the ratios reverse. Or, to start with the FW 190 A-1, so the 109s are not penalized by any complexities of the initial merge.
  47. I BNE with it. To turn-fight in a P-47 is to give someone an easy kill. I BNZ when I can, depending on nearby enemies.
  48. There may be a little national bias here. Not necessarily on your part, but on the part of the people who were reporting the news at the time. While the P-47 was a great plane, planes that get lesser amounts of attention such as the Hawker Tempest and Typhoon were also top-tier. There were a LOT of P-47s, but that's due to the USA's industrial might. Last night with a straight USA .50 cal lineup, I got Terror of the Sky + Balancer + Survivor in one match... and Wingman in another. Just spam the MGs. Don't save any for later. Ammo magically regenerates.
  49. I spaded the P-47D-28 last night on your recommendation. I achieved a 3:1 ratio before the spading was complete.Have not flown it totally spaded.
  50. Funny you should mention that. Are there a thing to aiming with it? I am doing something fundamentally wrong. I have a higher kill percentage with pretty much any other fighter though that may not be saying a lot. The F-4 sure flies nice, however.
  51. A person on one of the forums here says it reverts for him when he gets killed.
  52. I suck with the F-4. Everyone says it's OP. I struggle with it.
  53. I was under the impression these planes were effectively identical. Yet my kill percentage with the trop is much higher. Is it me, or is this a known thing? Also, has anyone else noticed that, on the modification page, the 20mm and 15mm ammo belts are reversed between the two planes? Further, my standard F-4 forgets my 20mm ammo belt choice where the trop does not.
  54. The Bf 109 F-4 sometimes forgets the ammo it's supposed to be using. My German lineup includes the Bf 109 F-4 and the Bf 109 F-4/trop. From the hangar, I selected the standard F-4's modifications. See the screen shot for the F-4. The 20mm ammo belt has default selected. I can assure you, I have never chosen this belt. The game keeps forgetting my selection. This causes me to occasionally enter combat with substandard ammo. The 2nd screen shot shows the layout for the Bf 109 F-4/trop. This plane has never had the problem. Also note that even though these two planes are identical, the layout of the their equipment is different; the 20mm and 15mm cannon locations are reversed. My gut tells me this is germane and that something about the optional nature of the gun pods has caused a problem. DxDiag.txt
  55. I only last night started flying the Yak-9P. Even standard it was doing very well. It did not take long to get the 20mm cannons upgraded. I share your disappointment re: the -9U. It feels good, it looks good, it flies good, and I can't seem to get kills with it. The La-7 and La-5FN are both in my 4.0 lineup and do quite well.
  56. When in a dogfight, I frequently find myself very close to my opponent - right behind. At close range, the aiming point doesn't seem to be accurate; it seems to be too high. At close range, do you ignore it and shoot for the plane? I was behind some low-BR open-cockpit monoplane last night and had to freaking spray the entire vicinity with 20mm and 30 cal to finally bring it down.