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  1. It also helps to be King Kong in the BR list. That being said, 5 kills per plane is pretty good. Look at the scoreboard. Most players won't have 3 total. So lets give this fellow his props (pun!) for a job well done. Wait, this guy did this with the 8x .30 Hurricane and Spitfire, not the cannon varieties. That's pretty good.
  2. There is a timeout for some critical hits; after a certain number of seconds, they no longer count for kills/assists. Also, if the damage you caused is not deemed sufficient, and the enemy pilot finds some cumulogranite, you may not get a kill or assist. I have had it happen, but usually any type of damage inflicted directly before a crash is worth an assist. Finally, on a collision, you won't be awarded a kill or assist. There are provisos and special cases, I'm sure. I have not seen any change of behavior in this regard lately.
  3. This is a real thing to be sure. Chances are, it's just an event error, where the "turn the plane into a flaming disintegrating wreck" animation is not being activated. The "you're dead" flag has been set, however, so... you're dead. But without any feedback. I am surprised it has gone on this long.
  4. According to the Wiki, 200 mph is approaching destruction. Daily operation would probably see these at 250 km/h (155 mph). That being said, the whole point of adding helicopters would be to add something different, so I don't know why we'd care if it is faster than this or that. Helicopters are dreadfully slow; it's the price they pay for vertical takeoff and the ability to hover. Never exceed speed: 190 knots (219 mph, 352 km/h) Maximum speed: 149 knots (171 mph, 277 km/h) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_AH-1_Cobra
  5. Well, yah, but not in a combat role, which is the context here. And the Huey is a Vietnam era chopper, I believe. MASH seamlessly transitioned from one quagmire to another.
  6. In arcade it's a dangerous plane for its BR. I think Gaijin is being kind to it, but that's ok. I boom them and extend.
  7. I can't find any evidence that helicopters were used in combat before the Vietnam era, which is after WT's timeline. There might be opportunities in tank battles for them to be non-combat observation vehicles. An eye-in-the-sky could be a force multiplier.
  8. I have never seen a game where keyboard configuration was so individualized. Normally with games people use the defaults.
  9. yep, it feels like you get hit the hardest after you fire. But this could be because you're still getting closer even if you're evading. Maybe once within X meters, you're going to get hit.
  10. I have not had an engine immediately die, but attacking a bomber almost always means I have to land to repair. They see me approaching turn their tail towards me, and that's that. Perhaps an H8K hit you in the engine with a 20mm. While engines are fragile, I think that Gaijin is kind with respect to them seizing from being out of oil. A combat engine would probably last about 5 seconds without oil.
  11. Ah yes. I found down elevator to be less useful and swapped it with up elevator.
  12. Thanks for the update. Regarding not having enough fingers, the default keyboard layout sort of simulates a control stick. They are absolutely not finger friendly. That's why so many people redefine their keys. For example, I found myself using up-elevator and left or right ailerons all the time. So I swapped the rudder and aileron controls. Now to roll right and up at the same time, I hit W+E instead of W+D. I moved guns to the mouse. my +throttle is the space bar, my down-throttle is the left ctrl key. Some people retain the default 1-3 gun keys, but I ran out of fingers! Try to keep positive; this game can beat you down early on. Americans are hard to play early on. If you are, I recommend you switch to British or Russian and work to get a good BR 2.3 lineup. Both countries are splendid there.
  13. Hopefully the OP will return and give us an update.
  14. I will test-fly the I-185 (M-71) tonight and see if I can notice a difference. I have hit a few I-185s lately that survived a number of 20mm hits. They don't seem any more fragile than normal. They are made of glass, in general, however. More To Come.
  15. I can't say if it is new or not, but i have a hard time reading some messages in the team chat box. No other issues.
  16. Until the OP's controls are working, no other advice will help.
  17. I played more P-400 and P-40, the latter generally being uptiered to 2.7 I am confident that both are much improved. 50 cals on the P-40 are hit and miss (ha!), it felt like a hit-detection issue. They seem to hit more easily at 700m than they do at 50m. Could be parallax but nothing I did worked. Anyway, scoring plenty of kills with both. Give'm a spin! Oh, P-40 booming at over 675 kph and the entire plane gets insanely sloppy. That's not necessarily wrong, just don't think you're going to pull off a 3 kilometer boom without slowing down on the way.
  18. I think what Assault really needs is a purpose. It's deadly, so it isn't better gunnery practice than Mission Editor. The bots are, well, bots, so PvP is more interesting. It's expensive since the bombers shoot your planes up.
  19. But it's true. When you're in a plane like a Hurricane and someone in a clumsy plane tries to turn-fight you. Now what, Buttercup? The answer is, "Horde of the Flying Dead"
  20. That'll buff out. Don't worry about it!
  21. I can't imagine 1 match in 100 has been won. Expect changes to the difficulty soon.
  22. Indeed this sort of mass attack is exactly why the heavier cannons are needed. Which means if you're flying other planes you're likely out of luck. And with the numbers of heavy bombers, you can't afford for half the team to go find the Fireflys or Typhoons or whatever. Or, as I saw last night, a P-39 was killing artillery. Have you used the mission editor? I use it all the time to test new aircraft, ammunition types, and enemy planes in a target-drone-like controllable environment.
  23. Under Menu->Controls->Aircraft-control, choose the Mouse Aim tab. Do you see "Controls Mode" "Mouse Usage: Mouse Aim" ?? Under control axes, so you see something similar to the following? (I use different keyboard configs than normal because I am too old to be a typing contortionist...)
  24. You have serious keyboard/control issues. The mouse is great for fine control and majestic sweeping maneuvers. For hardcore flight control, however, you need the keyboard. We sane (not PS4) people all fly using a combination of these things. You have to solve this. Start a training mission (from hangar, right-click a plane, choose test flight). You'll be on a runway. Take off using the mouse. "g" should raise your landing gear. "f" should raise your flaps (if you wait, both will probably happen automagically) gain altitude. Now just hold down the "a" key. You should roll to the left. Now release it, level your wings, and repeat with the "d" key. Roll right? Try the "q" and "e" keys for rudder control. They should make you flop about. Are you using any sort of Dvorak layout? Qwerty keyboard, right? -------------------------------- If your planes are all BR 1 and 2, you're ok in that regard. In my early days (November 2016, lol) I researched a P-38E. First, I tried to turn-fight with it. Then when it was destroyed, my remaining BR 1.3 and 1.7 planes were wayyy overmatched. I ran up a large number of deaths. I thought if only I tried a little harder and practiced a little more, I'd "get it." Unfortunately, I was solving the symptom and did not improve for quite some time. But i digress. I'd recommend, for now, to reset yourself, choose British or Russians, and get a full BR 2.3 lineup. For the British, 3 Hurricanes and a Spitfire. For the Russians, get four cannon-Yaks and LaGGs. They are both solid lineups if you want to fly fighters. Americans and Japanese are really hard to play at those BRs. Germans don't really shine until 3.0 and above, really 3.7 where they become monsters.
  25. See above, I ran all these planes in just a few matches and they all felt much better. "A wobbly mess" is ok as long as the plane performs to its BR.
  26. Have you played lately?
  27. Regarding .303s... there's a reason the British didn't put cannons or .50 caliber guns on the Spitfires and Hurricanes in the BoB era. If a single .303 hit ruptures the coolant or oil system on a liquid-cooled engine, that plane is probably not making it home. And the British planes are hosing the Germans down with absurd number of .303s. Of course, the pilot won't get the kill if the enemy pilot has to bail out 15 minutes later, but that wasn't a concern. I think AB is actually being kind in that regard; an engine with no oil would seize immediately. Spraying BoB-era bomber also stands a good chance of killing crew members. Conversely, the 109s had cannons, perhaps, because the British fighters needed to be knocked out immediately. If they fly for 15 more minutes, they're on an airfield or are bailing out over friendly territory. During that 15 minutes, they could be hosing down bombers...
  28. The first thing I'd offer is to tell us your plane lineup when you fly a match. The reason is, if you have 5 planes, and one of them is a BR 3.0 plane, and the rest are BR 1.7, you're going to be flying in matched tuned to that 3.0 plane. When you lose it, your 1.7 planes aren't going to be competitive. Something I didn't really understand was that different planes require you to fly them using different techniques. Specifically, because of the movies, we Americans think we can turn fight with our F4Us and Thunderbolts. So we get destroyed by Spitfires, Hurricanes, and Zero-like fighters. I died a LOT before I learned about turnfighting, energy fighting, and boom-and-zooming. How many kills a match do you normally get? From your post, I'd say normal is zero, and a good match is 1.
  29. He's on a Mac. He might have a one-button mouse or other unusual thing. He also said "c" does not work. So something is really really wrong. Being unable to look around is an enormous disadvantage. I wonder if his elevator or aileron keys are also not working.
  30. Welcome to WT. Don't get hit.
  31. I tried the P-400, a P-39, and a P-63. They all seemed better. I scored a 3.66:1 KDR with the P-400; unheard of, for me. With the P-63A-10, I had some good games including a Terror and Survivor match where I was not the greatest BR. The cannons seemed better, perhaps the plane lets me aim it a little better now? Also, the .50 cals on the P-63 were brutal. I took at least 4 planes with those. Maybe all this is due to a small-sample statistics thing (there's a word for that) but it sure felt better. Edit1: 6.0 KDR for the P-63A-10 5.0 KDR for the P-39N-0, 1.0 on the poor P-63C-5, 3.66 for the P-400 Edit 2: P-40E-1, one mission, 4 kills (SB2M, Pe-3, Ju 87 B, Bf 109 E-4), Balancer. Did not die. Again, much better than normal. The .50 cals were effective; maybe something has changed.
  32. Perhaps they should change the AI pilots so they dolphin-dive and high-yoyo the eff out of you. Then it would be like AB!
  33. Have you tried the P-63s?
  34. Let's be clear - those images above are the exceptions. For every remarkable picture, there were probably 100 bombers that took similar damage and did not return. There is a time scale difference between WT and Real Life. In WT, you have about 3 minutes between seeing a bomber and needing to intercept the bomber. In RL, the Germans had an hour or two of notice so they could be at altitude and ready. Similarly, In RL, a bomber could be shot up to the point of being unable to accurately drop bombs but crash an hour later, on its way home. In WT, when a craft is "combat ineffective" it doesn't fly for another 60 minutes. It turns black and falls. (Tail controls shot away, yeah, squint a little...you know what I mean...) The video of the B-17 getting shot to pieces... that bird did not shrug off that abuse; it did not make it home. It might have flown for another 10 minutes, or another hour. It is for all intents and purposes, destroyed; shot down. But in WT, that means it immediately turns black and dies (and then the gunners set ablaze your fighter).
  35. The one on the He-111 looks like a ram. The B-17 took a direct hit from an 88mm shell I believe.
  36. The P-47D-28 with tracers did a good job on the Ki-49s it encountered.
  37. It was fun the first few times, but then it became "how long until the Lancasters' gunners kill me" or "how long until the Ki-49 20mm gunner cuts my wing off". And the battles seem to be unwinnable, not that it matters much. 7 or 8 players aren't defeating 50+? bombers.
  38. I was looking over the P-63A-10, and I noticed the ammo... Could sparking be related to shells simply bouncing off an aircraft and exploding relatively harmlessly outside the target? Note the 'angle of attack' bit. And I do attack bombers from behind, where the wings, tail surfaces, and fuselage body could be at very oblique angles...
  39. pictures or it didn't happen!
  40. Last night 6 hits to down a B-25. 4 for a Beaufort 2 for a Beaufighter which crashed some time later. I am not sure the 37mm "duds" are doing nothing, but I'm having to work awfully hard for it. I usually use the default belt which is all explosive. The other belts have an AP round and the last thing I need is to spend a hard-fought hit on punching a 20mm hole in two sides of a plane. The 4x .50 cal isn't good at all at BR 4.0. The only plane I was able to take down with them last night was... another P-36A-10.
  41. I just spaded it, what a drag it was. Wobbly rudder, dubious 37mm, exceptionally fragile. Decent flight model. I finally resorted to just spraying with the .50 cals, and letting people in cannon Stangs, cannon canes, cannon Spits, cannon Yaks, cannon La-s, etc etc get the kills. Had I not done this I don't think I could have spaded it. Has anyone here excelled with it since the latest patch?
  42. You don't need tracers with the CannonStang. Easiest plane in WT.
  43. The 109s and 190s were close enough that it was down to the pilot, with the 'tie breaks' going to the P-51Ds. Oh, we also had numbers. It was good, but not the uberplane we are lead to believe it was.
  44. There is a thread about the .50 cals. Welcome to WT. The P-51D was specifically designed for long-range escort duties. I would expect it to do well, .50 cals excepted, at bomber height, and tolerable at tree-top level. Remember by 1944 the Germans were running out of pilots. This is one reason the Allies started racking up kills. Even in 1945 the venerable Bf 109 was deadly in the right hands. You won't dominate with the P-51D, and neither should you expect to. The .50 cals... yeah. But get the plane spaded, it will help muchly.
  45. ..and bombers should not be able to out-yoyo Spitfires ;-) Agree on this completely. Always tense, always a hoot.
  46. That's been happening a lot lately.
  47. The B-17 might be easier to down than the B-34. And the B-18 isn't far behind the B-34.
  48. 5.3 for me, specifically, because when I play 5.3 I am invariably the low man on the BR totem pole and have to fight 6.7s match after match. Yet when I reduce to 5, i start seeing opponents with BRs of 4.7 and even 4.3