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  1. I found the belts on the Ki-61-I tei to be disappointing. I don't have a previous reference however; I only started flying this plane within the last week. The tracer ammo on the BR 4.3 B7A2, A6M3 Mod. 22 and A6M3 Mod. 22 ko has been very tolerable. This belt is 100% HEF-T.
  2. Not sure; half my deaths are still coming from cannonstangs.
  3. Why not?
  4. I always enjoy clearing the 6 of an ally. That red is distracted and generally easy meat. I play opportunistically anyway, so I am usually floating on the periphery of the furball waiting for a tasty morsel to pop out. The other day I was in a turn-fight with a Hurricane and maybe a LaGG or an I-16. I was able to last a long time before one of them got guns on me. I was 1 km from 4 allies who were hovering over a capped airfield in a dom match. No other reds were around. Not one of the 4 came to my assistance... I was waiting.... and turning, and evading, and waiting, and evading... it went on for close to a minute. Eventually I came up short. I chastised them in chat, and it was like I was explaining a new concept to them.
  5. Sorry, no dice. Usually I cannot get to bomber altitude in a reasonable amount of time, and if I do the bomber dives and I can't keep up. Or, the bomber pilot flies properly, my presence keeps reds away, and the match ends with me having earned basically 0 RP and 0 SL.
  6. I was not. I'll check the store, thanks! (I mean, this is a good problem to have, I would just like to be able to thank the responsible party...)
  7. 500 Golden Eagles showed up in my account today. I didn't see any explanation in the mail/chat system. Is there any way I can find out how they got there?
  8. Just flew and had a typicall clubber on the team; Hurricane Mk. IV (BR 2.3), the only plane in the lineup, clubbing biplanes. He had 11 kills last I saw.
  9. Same with me.
  10. It's pretty grueling to spade a higher-tier plane. Around 4.7 it starts becoming sort of miserable. I could certainly see someone taking out a 1-plane lineup and flying that plane until it dies, then starting a new match. One could probably spade a plane 2 or 3 times quicker that way. Some maps (Guiuna Highlands, The Gorge) can be a real pain for unspaded engines. They may not want to use their game time to fly around wallowing like a cow until someone puts them out of their misery. Then there are some people who just want to club beginners. You'll see them flying single-plane lineups against biplanes. It's hard to tell these people from those who are hunting skins except you never see the clubbers in matches where they are uptiered.
  11. I'm spading some Japanese planes. I don't fly Japanese planes often and was struggling with the cannons. I normally ignore tracer belts completely. Invariably it seems like they include a 3 tracer rounds, 1 ball, and 1 strudel. The tracer belts on these two Zeroes, however, include 100% HEF-T (high explosive fragmentation tracers). As soon as I switched I could see the difference. Sadly, they are not incendiary also...
  12. I won an "abnormal" number of Talismans when I was hunting low-BR skins. Unfortunately, most were on aircraft I would not consider flying except as a stunt. That was a lot of WT; I got all the skins for every low-BR (4-and-below) fighter from any nation, with the exception of the no-cannon MiG-3-15s (uh no thanks) and at 4.0-or-so, the skins requiring 200+ kills. For this I won Talismans on both machine-gun MiG-3-15s, a British 1.3 biplane, a Ju-88 bomber (not the C-6), and the A-36 which was the most useful by far.
  13. Not sure it was you. And I believe the original comment was about the 3.7 cannon Chaika. So ignore me.
  14. I only just realized that "passive behavior" isn't bad English, but refers to a type of in-game behavior that is unsportmanlike. Does anyone have an link to the official definition?
  15. Ha, I have sampled cumulogranite on a few occasions.
  16. This looks like a duplicate of the other bomber thread.
  17. This. The game doesn't reward fighters for escorting bombers. People generally leave escorted bombers alone since unescorted bombers or lone fighters are safer kills. So the escort gets jack for RP and SP. I would probably be more inclined to cooperate with my auto-partner if I had an easy way to chat with him. AFAIK, however, there isn't. Normal chat is noisy and rarely worth looking at.
  18. Some people are funny in this game. There's one guy from an uber squadron I run into on occasion, and if you shoot him down, or even if you inconvenience him, he'll hunt you down with his next plane (invariably a premium plane) and assassinate you. He's done it to me quite a few times. (The first time he chased me all the way across the Iron Range map - 10 or 12 kilometers or more.) Of course I then go back at him, because it feels like an attempt at intimidation, and this shall not stand.
  19. As I continue my quest for skins, I move on to the Spitfire Mk IIB. This is a BR 3.7 2x 20mm Spitfire. I mostly fly BNZers and now I find myself in something maybe not as fast. Currently I am getting one kill (and some change) with this plane per match. Clearly not good enough. To confound issues, my 2nd plane is the BR 2.7 Spitfire Mk IIa (8x .30 cal). With this plane I tear it up even though by BR it ought to be completely outclassed. I don't understand why this Spitfire is so much easier for me. How should one fly the IIb? I have not checked out the Long5hot and TX141 videos yet. Just looking for advice, esp on longevity.
  20. I flew this iconic plane early on and was aghast by the results - it could not turn, it could not run, it could not shoot. Any spray of .30 cal would cause a fire. Then the FM was refreshed. Of course we all know that this plane is now very competitive at its BR. What people may not know is that there are a ton of skins to be earned. I recently unlocked the last skin. It is a formidable plane now, its only real weakness being uninspiring ammo belts. I got "meh" results with all the belts. However I currently favor ground target belts. The reason is that it includes a lot of AP, and things shot with AP stay that way. it's great for sniping and for killing bomber gunners.
  21. So I watched Jengar's P-40 video. Ok, realistic looks fun, I thought I'd try. I am a 100% mega-n00b in Realistic. I can't get the P-40 to do anything. One wing or the other drops. It turns like a cow. It is getting handily out-turned by bombers. It handles like a Do-17. Yet for Jengar, it flew fine. I was just trying it again, and was struggling to fight a I-16 with my P-40 wallowing all over the skies. 200 kph, 400 kph, no matter. It never handles well at all. As I was fighting that I-16, another P-40 flew in like a missile and obliterated it. Is there maybe an instructor setting I have wrong? Is my speed just bad? Any advice would be helpful. This is crazy.