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  1. I must admit that when I Googled the serial number I was surprised to find that R1451 did exist. I didn't find much information .... just a couple of pages about a tragic event. Makes you realise, in the grand scheme of things, that moaning about a game is pretty silly. I didn't say it in the video, but the pilot (the oldest member of the crew) is the same age as my son .... that really hit home. Thanks for the very nice reply. See you in the skies.
  2. War Thunder: The Grind is a video series about my attempts to spade all the planes in War Thunder. However, today's video is not about spading. It is about a Wellington bomber with the serial number R1451. Please watch the video. Thank you.
  3. video

    Enjoy .... it is a great plane when you use it carefully. Very fast and immensely powerful.
  4. War Thunder: The Grind is my attempt to spade all the planes in War Thunder. Along the way, there are tips, anecdotes, historical information, fun, tears, pain, and rants!! Today's spade: Hawker Typhoon Mk. Ia One of the best ground attackers from WWII. However, it had a very difficult birth with the Typhoon being threatened with cancellation on a number of occasions. Used carefully, in War Thunder, the Typhoon Mk. Ia can be a devastating interceptor/fighter. Chapter times: 00:00 Introduction and short history of the Hawker Typhoon; 05:07 The Hawker Typhoon Mk. Ia in-game; 06:40 The story of the spade; 17:43 The spade musical montage; 23:45 Final thoughts.