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  1. Yes, this is the issue....
  2. I'm not saying they would prevent the introduction of Cruisers to the game. I'm saying things could get rough when the all-gun ships of WW2 are thrown against the guided missile ships of the Cold War, and that larger ships might suffer the most.
  3. You can dodge a torpedo. Even if it's wired-guided, destroying the mothership should effectively turn it into a normal torpedo. I'm not entirely sure why you brought up grenades though. Only CGs and DDGs (we're just talking about big ships) are equipped to defend themselves. My concern is the point in which WW2 vessels start meeting Cold War vessels. So basically: When this: get's uptiered against this:
  4. Not necessarily, no. But a CL may not be able to defend itself against a missile. It could get lucky and shoot it down if they put up a wall of AA fire but that really sounds lucky.
  5. I didn't say it would limit the game to DDs, just that it would be harder to go bigger, since Cruisers will be a bigger target. Exocets won't kill those in one hit, but I imagine the first hit will still do some serious damage. Of course, if said DDs and Cruisers are actually DDGs and CGs then things will be a bit more balanced because they should be able to defend themselves, but DDs and CL/CAs are going to get hammered.
  6. The Air-to-Air missiles that these planes would've carried would not necessarily make things easy. Early Air-to-Air missiles were notorious in Vietnam for being unreliable. So much so that the fact that the F-4 Phantom initially lacked a gun became a serious issue for them.
  7. But then no one would play the Brown Water stuff. I have no idea what they're thinking. If they're adding Radar Guided Anti-Ship missiles they may as well go all-in and add DDGs and FFGs. That's the only way I'd be interested in the high tiers.
  8. Wire Guided Topredoes and possibly Exocets... Man, it feels like Gaijin are doing everything they can to make it hard to implement anything bigger than a Destroyer. The only interesting things that could come out of this for me are Cold War Destroyers.
  9. The texture files for the Exocet launchers on the Albatross Class (along with it's other weapons for that matter) are in the game.
  10. We're only really talking about German WW1 era ships. They're needed to fill up the German tech tree nicely (and also they're beautiful). It's justified by the fact that the other Navies were using also using WW1 era ships in WW2.
  11. Woah there buddy, check your fire. I never said I wanted to have Anti-Ship missiles in the game. I only meant to say that with them Boats wouldn't be useless in high tier battles. Personally I'm conflicted about it, because I don't know how those work against Battleship armor. I don't think they could take out a Heavy or Light Cruiser with one hit but I'm sure they could do some damage. A Destroyer would have real problems if they ate one. However, wether Gaijin decides to add everything from Light Cruisers and up, or keep it to Destroyers as the maximum, we'll still have to deal with these things as the aforementioned missile boat's textures are in the game right now.
  12. Wow, this thread really blew up, huh? To put in my two cents, I think the Germans should get their WW1 ships. The other countries have WW1 Ships that served in WW2 so I think Germany could be tossed a bone here. If German sea power is still in question, let's remember that in this game Countries are paired up into teams regardless if they ever actually fought alongside each other. So at the end of the day what you're really looking at is a Joint Japanese-German force with Italy on the way.
  13. CA is Heavy Cruiser and CL is Light Cruiser.
  14. Atantic Fleet is a turn-based game. Maneuvering doesn't do much good (and you can do it on a dime) and reload times aren't a factor You can't really compare that to how it would be like here. EDIT: btw, I happen to be addicted to that game, and I absolutely rek things in the Scharnhorst.
  15. I don't know if anyone has tried this in tanks but according to the wiki Rockets and Missiles can be shot down with machine gun fire. This would be how you counter the missile (assuming it's true that you can shoot them down).
  16. The later mods of the Elco and Higgins PT boats could go there for the US and later S-boats for Germany. Same with later Fairmiles for Britain. Remember that the primary weapon of a Torpedo Boat is it's torpedoes, so you could put them anywhere because torpedoes are lethal weapons against all ships. Motor Gun Boats could counter Torpedo Boats, so you match them based off of that (they could also be potent for clearing deck crews on ships but that wouldn't be their primary function).
  17. To clarify for those who don't know, this is an Anti-Ship missile we're talking about here. Boats do have a place amongst high tier ships. This is the Boat sgtalbers is referring to. The textures for it's weapons are in the files. Albatross Class Fast Attack Craft
  18. I didn't include Yamashiro because she was actually sunk earlier while it was still daytime by Carrier aircraft. EDIT: Scratch that you were right. Although she was attacked earlier by planes.
  19. Fuso. She was lost during the Battle of the Surigao Strait to several American Standard-Type Battleships. Granted there were Destroyers and Cruisers present as well but IIRC the Battleships did the most damage to her.
  20. This is why stealth is required when playing a boat. Are you going to charge right at a ship in the open like they did in the trailer? Or are you going to try and take advantage of your tiny size to avoid being noticed so that you can close in and guarantee hits? Stealth is key. It would be even better if they increased the frequency of night battles or if they added bad weather (fog, rain etc.).
  21. Actually the concern, at least amongst some folks in the forums, was that torpedo boats would stand zero chance against ships. I disagreed with that personally because torpedoes are so powerful, but they are hard to aim. This would give them a better chance of doing well against ships, thus weakening the argument that you can't have them in the same matches, or that you can't have both boat lines and ship lines going from Rank 1 to 5.
  22. Destroyers have always been on the table. What we should be looking out for are Light Cruisers. Only then can we be confident in Gaijin's apparent intention to go big like we wanted.
  23. I don't know about that man. I don't really think There's anything out there that could shoot down a shell fired from a railgun.
  24. It's nice to see them making changes that opens the door for ships. HOWEVER, they use the terms "Boat"and"Ship" interchangeably. I will only get excited if we see a Light Cruiser. That is when things will start looking good.
  25. I would think that a new generation of Battleships would have a strong enough AA defense to protect itself just fine without a Carrier. I mean, imagine a really big Arleigh Burke (because I don't like the way the Ticonderoga looks), but with railguns. A ship like that would surely be capable of operating independently.
  26. This would be wicked in another game, maybe a VR game even (god that would be cool), but it doesn't fit War Thunder.
  27. Real quick correction here: The Battleship's name was Yamato. Yamamoto was an Admiral.
  28. And on American torpedoes at least, that could cause premature detonation.
  29. Troll? Me? Is this your first time on a forum or something? You know this place is for discussion right? You started a thread about how torpedoes are more effective in games than in reality, and proposed a new mechanic to try and bring it closer to reality. This mechanic however could really hurt the gameplay and I brought that to your attention, stating that it simply wouldn't fit because this is a game. Not reality. I talked about exactly how this mechanic would harm the game. I then asked how you would solve the problems that this mechanic would cause. Then you call me a troll for not agreeing with you? Don't bother making a thread proposing a mechanic if you're unwilling to discuss it.
  30. I was talking about the feature you are proposing. Please explain to me how that's off-topic. If discussing a feature you proposed is off-topic to you then I have to wonder why you even started this thread in the first place.
  31. I was on topic. Would you like to repond to my questions or am I wasting my time here?
  32. What exactly is stopping me from turning on this switch as soon as the game starts and leaving it on for the duration of the match? Why would you wait to turn it on? If it's not a toggle button like it sounds like it is, and you press it when you know torpedoes are in the water, what happens if someone isn't paying attention and doesn't push the button? He gets blasted out of the water anyway. The button becomes meaningless, because even without it, you could just start turning when the enemy fires, and it would be easy to go back to firing on whoever you were focused on to begin with.
  33. Hold up, excuse me? I have kept my argument completely consistent. You fail to understand that even in RB and to a lesser extent SB, War Thunder is not a simulator. While it does achieve a certain degree of realism, it's still a game. Like I said before, having a feature that makes your ship automatically dodge torpedoes is simply not going to fly. We're not arguing about reality here. We're talking about a game. What you're asking for completely eliminates the need for situational awareness in regards to torpedoes. It eliminates the need for the skill required to avoid all of the torpedoes in a spread. And then what about the guy on the other end who launched those torpedoes? He takes the time to learn how to aim his torpedoes and the enemy ship, who isn't even paying attention, just effortlessly and automatically dodges them. If this feature was added to the game, the community would immediately put their feet down and tell Gaijin to remove it like they did with "Last Man Standing". It doesn't create good gameplay.
  34. I don't play Arcade. I'm a strictly RB only player. I don't want ships auto-dodging torpedoes. That isn't fun for anyone.
  35. I never said it had any basis in reality. In fact War Thunder is not a simulator. This is something you must understand. You simply cannot have ships auto piloting their way around torpedoes. The player has to be paying attention to his surroundings. He has to spot the torpedoes himself, and take the necessary steps to avoid them. This is much more interesting gameplay than having the game take over for you when a spread of torpedoes is headed your way.
  36. Destroyers won't and don't have to be limited to Rank 5.
  37. This takes away the need for skill when dealing with incoming torpedoes. Don't forget that this is still a game, and that one of the most common arguements against ships is that they're "boring". It would be boring to have your ship automatically dodge the torpedo and it would be frustrating for the guy who launched them. Managing both the weapons and movement of the ship at the same time during combat takes more skill, which is necessary for gameplay purposes. It makes it more interesting to play.
  38. That's one of the mounts for the Tribal Class Destroyer. Texture files for it's other weapons are also in there. To answer your original question, the only way we're going to see the fantastic quad bofors mount is if Destroyers truely come to the game (which is highly likely given my last statement). Off the top of my head, I know the Gearing and Sumner class Destroyers carry two of these mounts. The twin mounts are more common on Destroyers.
  39. In WoWS, you have a lead indicator for your torpedoes. That and apparently it's common for people to not pay attention for fishes in the water. That's why they seem so effective. In WT we don't have assists like that, so if we got ships they would be harder to use since we have to estimate when aiming them. The only reason they might seem easy to use now is because we're playing with little high speed boats fighting at close ranges (the torpedoes shouldn't even be able to kill another boat but we'll let that slide for now). Even if we got large maps, most people are going to move into point blank range before firing off their torpedoes.
  40. 74 crews? Holy crap how many people is that, and why so many on such a small vessel?
  41. Yikes. She looks rough in that picture. Here's a better one.