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  1. i experienced the same problem yesterday, got in after some players left and none of the teams were full
  2. you can also bring a 3.3 plane to ec3. you can bring any plane as long its under the max br of that tier. as for the me/bf109 it is the plane im most successful in, so its all about learning the plane. but of course it sucks to have to fly a plane you dont like. but like i said, you can bring planes from br 1.0 - 6.3 into ec 4 as long as one of tjem is between 4.7 an 6.3. the crewslot will be blanked out while in que, but you can still use the plane when you are in.
  3. i have the same problem. i get around this bug by repairing on af, bail out and respawn. that way the trim is reloaded. in planes with full trim control i just set it before take off, but in 109's you cant set aileron and rudder trim in flight, so then i use the respawn trick mentioned above