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  1. its very lethal in my opinion, not sure if its a new thing, but 20mm minengeschoss has never let me down (as long as you hit the targt ofc).
  2. on pc, my trim is reset to 0% after the first repair on airfield. this happened after patch 1.67. annyoing indeed
  3. if you are serious about flightsims, an spend much time in them, i would recommend to buy rudder pedals. also i would recommend you get the best joystick you can afford by streching your budget. thrustmaster joysticks seems to be enjoyed by many people on this forums. i got the thrustmaster warthog an would gladly recommend it, but it is a bit expensive. in my opinion rudderpedals are more important than a fancy expensive joystick, as long as your current joystick is working properly and is not worn out with big deadzones etc.
  4. started flying with 100% sensitivity after reading this thread, flying much better now. A little harder the first 10mins, but what a difference when you get used to it, even feels more realistic. Thanks for this advice