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  1. Spawncamping and -killing is against the spirit of gaming!
  2. Hi folks, When I try to respawn, I might already know (and that is quite often at the end of a battle), that there are Spawncampers waiting on the ground or in the air. I dont think, the meaning of the game is, not to spawn into the game because AAs, Heavies, planes and light tanks are waiting right beside your spawn, waiting to pull the trigger. I did it once at had kind of fun to wreck three tank with a oneshot before getting killed in my three spawns, only to find out that i played Tier 4, where tanks and planes actually cost between 10k and 20k Silver Lions each to repair, giving me to pay lots of SL for that game. That leads to players, that won't respawn even if they have spawnpoints left. Is this not a problem? Many complains in chat though. I think competition is good. But to spawn, just to get one-shot, isn't that good in my opinion, plus the costs. So here is, how I think we might keep the competition in obviously loosing games: Would it not be alright to make the spawnareas outside the battlefield, covered with buildings, only accesable for friendly tanks for two minutes. Enemy tanks might see a message: "Return to battlefield" when they enter the spawnarea counting down from 10 seconds. The only problem might be TKing by prevent friendly tanks to drive out of the spawnarea. Another idea could be to add more spawnareas (up to 3-4) and/or show all enemy tanks in a certain area around the spawnarea. More buildings at the spawnareas would definitely correct the unbalance. What are your thoughts?? Sincerely BUUURN