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  1. Now's that time to tell Gaijin what we want. Let's make the game better.
  2. Plus, did you just say, you flew a 1000+ mile journey while running War Emergency Power the whole time? What where you flying? I don't know of any aircraft that can run on emergency power for such a long flight. Have I got something wrong, or are you lying?
  3. I think you're forgetting: "50. Cals have much higher damage output than Soviet 23mm cannons"
  4. 6 tanks. LVT Zis-LVT PT-76 OBJ-906 Ka-Mi M163
  5. HEATFS > APDS Does it even matter anyway when standard German APHE follows" fire into centre of mass = win" logic. And then, when Germans are finally forced to use their APCR or aim for weak spots to penetrate, they make a big fuss, when Brits and Americans have been doing that the whole time.
  6. Say what you like about Gaijin, but they do seem to be pretty darn good at programming. Firstly, we have the Graphical Engine. Beautiful, and incredibly optimised to run on practically everything. Second, the instructor. A system that can operate every plane, using just the mouse input, it's just impressive. Try to think of any other game that has an instructor like this... Because I can't.
  7. This is the earliest testing, not much is going to be final at this stage. New sounds will be added most likely on their release.
  8. Just the one you buy it for.
  9. spahpanzer

    Well said.
  10. It's a new mechanic called "Hull break" added to the game. It's not hacking it's normal.
  11. Lets think of a scenario: An enemy player has seen someone fire from the tree line, but can't see the tank. He then scans the tree line by firing his MG from the right side of the forest, to the left. Eventually, he gets a "Hit", but because of how the system works, he cannot be sure exactly where the hit was, and by firing his main gun he will most likely miss. Throughout this entire time, you (or your team) have been in the position to fire back and kill him, especially since he has given away his position through MG fire. This "method" will most likely get the enemy killed, and you are mostly safe, unless he gets a really lucky shot.
  12. server update

    Hooray, something for SPAA to shoot at. Thank you Gaijin!
  13. Alright, thank you for the research, this clears up a lot. The Typhoon takes longer to starve than the early Spitfires, so the prolonged starving modification must be installed on the Sabre. Now, about the spool-up time? That still seems a bit too long.
  14. Just checked now, and Engine Injection has no performance upgrade on the Sea Fury. Hopefully that gets fixed as soon as the Tempest Mk II did.
  15. I checked back on it last night, and it's been fixed. 150 Octane and Fuel Injection now have got their performance increases back. Thank you, @blakeob for forwarding this to the Devs for a quick fix!
  16. Thanks for clearing things up. I never fully understood how the options translated to premium test flights. During my testing, the Typhoons seemed quite resistant to fuel flow failure, at least from pitching downwards. I didn't actually manage to get a fuel flow failure, even when the screen started going red. As for being upside down (I didn't check the times), the Typhoon definitely lasts longer than the early Spitfires, but usually (excluding the Ib, and Tempest Mk V) couldn't complete an aileron roll before suffering the fuel flow failure.
  17. Nah, sadly when you test drive a premium, you don't get to test it with any of the modifications.
  18. @F7UCutlass @asyasb @Epiica Alright, I managed to get on WT and I've been away doing tests, and it seems Gaijin have got something wrong. Results, and general thoughts: Looks like the carburettor issue is incorrect, and the spool up time is definitely off. I think someone needs to do a bug report.
  19. I don't think it's a bug, it happens on all planes. It seems to be an effect of how the instructor handles the engine going into, and out of WEP. The effect seems to be most notable on multi-engine aircraft, such as bombers.
  20. Thank you very much! This is brilliant From the looks of it, Spin-up time is way too long... Speed seems fine, turning seems a bit better, but at +400km/h at low altitude, the Typhoon could probably pull a turn like that. As for the carburettor, I'm still not sure if that was a fault of the Napier Sabre powerplant. I'll need to check if the other Typhoons are affected, as well as the Tempest MK V, seeing as it has a Sabre too. I won't be able to play until the weekend though. Thank you again for the testing video @asyasb!
  21. I've heard from some sources that the Tiffie was more manueverable than it looked, but I'm not sure how good it is in-game right now, so I can't really judge. Shame about the float-fuel carburettor, and lengthened spin-up time though, those don't seem right...
  22. I've never heard of the Tiffie suffering from float failure. I may have missed something, but it never seems to show up in any documentation, unlike what you see with early Spitfires... as for slow rev-up time, that's correct, but it seemed to be correct before 1.67, I think the longer times may be a bit too much. Right now, I can't play WT to check the Typhoon, but can anyone confirm if the overall speed has decreased? Is it manuevering better now?
  23. Nah, it's classified as a "DIY Space Program"... The Komet itself even arrives as a self-assembly kit!
  24. Really? I just unlocked the Spitfire LF Mk IX, and the first Griffon within a couple of hours with premium. I don't play GF very much, but I can gauge from watching Bo Time, that with premium (and friends) the tank grind isn't all that slow.
  25. I'm sure we can be expecting the Spitfire Mk Vs to get new models, to round off the re-modelling they have been doing on Spitfires recently.
  26. panfilovs

    Like fury? Or the manuever in Red Tails? Not many big war movies are Historically correct.
  27. Some of the names seem to be duplicated, such as "Daddypapafather" and "imsoosorry", is this a mistake?
  28. Dead? Grab a Stuart, turn camo condition to 0, and cover it in "spades" decals to make it blackened. Now, that's a burned out look...
  29. Very nice idea. I support.
  30. @blakeob I've also just noticed that "Engine Injection" also suffers from a similar problem.
  31. Thank you for telling me. I'll just leave spading it till it gets fixed.
  32. My IS-6 did a backflip after a TU-4 dropped at 3000kg bomb next to it. A very nice addition to the game.
  33. The Tempest Mk II has a problem with it's 150 Octane modification. The stat sheet says that upgrading the Tempest with 150 Octane, it loses performance. Is this true? I tried flying the Tempest with and without 150 Octane, and the modification seems to have no affect on performance as it should. Can anyone verify if 150 Octane really does slow the Tempest?
  34. Because it's fun. Isn't that what games are about?
  35. I don't see where the hate even comes from. Its a heavy tank with only ~200mm effective armour on the UFP, at 7.0. Plus, it only has 207mm of pen for its gun, which makes German Panthers and Tigers tough to crack from the front, especially past 500m. Maybe they're angry because the IS-6 is another tank resistant to their beloved 88s. Completely forgetting the fact that the Same IS-6 can face 8.0 HEATFS firing death machines...
  36. Spitfires don't like speed, or rolling. Your FW will outroll them all, bar the XVI. And will beat them in terms of speed, unless they are a Griffon (but by then, you'll probably have an even faster FW or Ta, which should outrun the Griffons too).
  37. Maybe so. I think I saw another thread like this, but it was before 1.67, so maybe Gaijin have changes something, but there is no way to be sure.
  38. Engines are fragile things, they are covered in vital, but easily destructible components, that they need to function. A single 303. Definitely has enough power to kill an entire engine, or cause an unstoppable leak.
  39. Strange, when firing at any other breach in the game, 303s will take ages to destroy the thing. Now, if only they could add this effect to British tanks...
  40. How long would you actually have to fire the MG at the cannon breach for it to break like that? I'm guessing a while... Long enough that the T34 driver could react, and send a 120mm your way.
  41. This is a good suggestion. But It may cause issues with even more hit calculations to be made per shot. Instead, ammo should stay with 0 thickness, but all armour holes should be fixed by making armour models overlap by millimetres.