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  1. Thats the value I was looking for. I think they're still at 1600, did it get decreased?
  2. Forget about P-47s and P-51s. The dang P-40s man, they're evil! With 1500hp super-WEP, and 50. Cal chainsaws, these planes are nasty to fight against (especially when downtiered). They seem really able to pull energy from nowhere in an engagement. Only downsides I see from them is their lack of ability to fight when slow, and the fact they fry themselves after 10 minutes of WEP.
  3. Ok, you play Zero vs experienced P-47 pilots. Let's see if turning is king...
  4. Incredible work. Thank you for all of the hard work you have put into this, it truly shows what people can do when they set their minds to it!
  5. ShVAKs are very hit or miss for me. I do get times where they vapourise planes, but too often do I land several shells on target and get little to no result. Similar happens to Hispanos, but they seem to be more reliable.
  6. Not really. In my experience ticket bleed can go both ways. There's been plenty of times F-84s just run and let tickets run out. So the Brits are punished because the US don't know how to win without bomber spam? Seriously, if American teams didn't contain AD-2s who crash into trees, and F8Fs who all dive on one Mosquito or Wyvern, you'd win much more often. A group of F8Fs who climb and play properly often wreak havoc against British teams. Depends, Wyverns could use a higher BR, but they aren't easy to use as fighters. They wouldn't work as bomber interceptors, as the Wyvern doesn't climb well and it's performance drops off with altitude.
  7. Least sparks? You sure? ShVAKs want a word.
  8. server update

    Spalling for AP. Is this for aircraft only? Or are tanks included too?
  9. That turret doesn't look very spacious or comfortable, looks like the loader takes longer to load the shell because of the cramped fighting compartment.
  10. For planes, I'd say RB. In a 10 minute AB game with 10% booster, getting 15 kills only grants me ~2k RP. In RB, a 2 kill game grants me nearly 4k RP, and that only takes about 15-20 minutes.