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  1. Club poor props. Thats the ticket with the R2Y2.
  2. A step in the right direction nonetheless.
  3. Hahaha! Man, I've been in need of a good joke for a while now. Thanks for the laugh buddy.
  4. What I would love is a premium Tempest Mk I, what a beautiful aircraft with the wing radiators!
  5. For goodness sake. Don't get all riled up just because the Type 87 is from the 80's... Its just a glorified Gepard. And for anyone thinking that the Type 87's composite armour will actually be modelled in the in-game armour, you're kidding yourself, the Type 87 will have its armour modelled as RHA, and will perform accordingly...
  6. Considering the Spitfire Mk 24 is 6.7, looks like the P-51 H would be 7.0 And that's just wrong on so many levels... P-51 H will either be mega-OP, or utter rubbish due to BR compression, it'd be like the Maus of air forces.
  7. +1 from me. If Canadians moved to the British tree, we could see some standard tree tanks, which could help us Brits perform better when compared to other nations. It really doesn't make sense for the Canadians to be with the Americans. GE compensation could be awarded for all the people who bought Canadian tanks in the US tree.
  8. Airfield AAA should not be removed completely. Instead, the extremely accurate heavy AA guns we have now, should be mostly replaced by smaller rapid-firing cannons. For example, mid-tier German airbases should be protected by several Flakvierling (probably wrongly spelt) emplacements. Another example: late-tier allies could get Vulcan 20mm autocannons to protect the airbases. End result: slow-moving targets, i.e, a PO-2 would get obliterated, but a Typhoon zipping by at 500km/h should be much safer. In the end, some heavy FlaK cannons should be kept (not laser accurate anymore, though) to attack higher-flying targets.
  9. Ah, I saw the title and got exited... Sorry all, my stupidity strikes again.
  10. -ignore-
  11. I've been spawn camped a few times, but tends to be a result of our team doing badly. Although, I've never been spawn camped so badly that I stopped myself from respawning. I guess a tip for anyone who is not going to respawn because of campers, is to go onto spectator camera, and find where the most popular camp spots are.
  12. The front of the Turret reminds me of the upper turret on the M3 Lee. Plus, that British pike nose looks real nice.
  13. In my opinion: Change to ammo belts doesn't particularly bother me, but their prices do need to be re-adjusted. "Hull Break" is a sign that Gaijin are listening, and hopefully the mechanic is improved upon as right now it seems to have some issues, but otherwise, a step in the right direction.
  14. Hmm... First, the Spitfire Mk 24 is now officially a jet, alongside messing up other British BRs. Now, they do this? Why am I even grinding these trees anymore...
  15. Until the thing broke down, and the crew needed to get out and push.
  16. Just thinking; Now that the Typhoon Mk Ib is 4.3, it can now face the Fw 190 D-9 at 5.3 ... I don't think this will be good for the poor Typhoon. This aircraft is BR 4.0/3.7 material (esp. since it can only carry bombs), yet it faces the D-9. I see no reason for the BR of the Mk Ib to increase, every time I have seen one, they haven't really stood out in terms of performance, and I haven't heard of them being under-tiered. Even worse, the P-47D sits at 3.7, where it beats both the regular tree Typhoon Mk Ib/L and the premium Typhoon Mk Ib in terms of performance, especially the Mk Ib! Both P-47 and Typhoon require skilled pilots to fly well, but the P-47 has a comfortably lower BR than the (worse) Typhoons!
  17. Source?
  18. Lowest aircraft shell velocity I can think of is the 40mm cannons on the premium Ki-44 Lowest tank cannon, I beleive is the Short Brummbar's 150mm, at 240m/s
  19. Hahaha, all these people saying high tier tanks and other things, but fail to mention the best: T-60 aww yeah, BR 1.0, great 20mm auto cannon, small and nimble and has brilliant armour. Whenever I get killed in a BT-5/7 or T-26, I can rely on the T-60 to work wonders.
  20. Movement of the Typhoon Mk Ib to 4.3 is not a good decision. This now means it sits at the same BR as the Mk Ib/L while being outclassed in every way. Even worse, this Typhoon requires a bundle to purchase, which means you get a worse aircraft than you would get for just unlocking the standard tree one. I was going to buy the Mk Ib, but I'm not if it is clearly outmatched at 4.3. In fact, the Mk Ib can't even carry the 8 RP-3 rockets that the Mk Ib/L can, meaning it isn't even a viable ground striker at this BR. Overall, probably the worse of the bunch in a set of BR changes that seems unkind to British players. Especially with the movement of the Spitfire Mk 24 to 6.7, effectively telling the matchmaker it is a jet. Otherwise, the other BR changes seem quite good, and I hope that you move the Mk Ib before the changes come around.
  21. I'm not too sure as to what awards a "hull break" kill? Earlier today I killed a Type-94 by the "hull break" method, but from what I saw, I only damaged his fuel tank. My only other thought, is that "hull break" refers to the destruction of the chassis of the truck, and in destroying that Type-94's fuel tank the round had already passed through the truck's chassis on both sides, thus awarding a kill for destruction of the chassis (even if it doesn't appear on the damage camera).
  22. Level 100s are the worst. *rage incoming* Just recently got the Tempest Mk II, and in the first game I had ever fought with/against jets, there was this level 100 in an R2Y2. Long story short, me in my stock Tempest managed to get my guns on target for a kill, and at the last moment, he bails... Lets just say I now hate stupid R2Y2s and their stuck up lvl 100 stat-pushing pilots flying their OP prototype jet... nice to get that off my chest.