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  1. filthy member messaged me saying that he's cripplingly shy and cannot bear to see his name thrown around on this thread. Please stop to save his fragile sanity. Or, even better, start a new thread dedicated to roasting him. #savefilthymember
  2. shhhhh I'm lazy
  3. He's fighting enemies with stupid arcade flight models. Therefore, it cancels out. Your statement is invalid. And here's a few questions for you: are you proud of the fact that you can't even average a kill per death? Are you proud that you can't even fly a plane properly, let alone camp a spawn? Once you learn to play, learn to camp a spawn, learn to perfectly control your plane, and learn not to die and blame it all on "arcade physics", come back with a decent, arguable opinion. You think camping at a level that Filthy Member can achieve is easy, because like all other n00bs, you haven't been in a camper's perspective. At least you admit to his skill and provide a very reasonable statement. Thanks for that. Usually, all we get from n00bs are reports and insults--they see the ease with which we deal with enemies and assume that spawncamping (and I mean aggressive camping) is a skill that everyone can achieve easily, and instead of improving themselves or asking us how to improve, they throw shade at us and stay locked in their little bubbles of incompetence. I'm glad you aren't like that, although it would have been even better if you had been even a little curious about the maneuvers and tactics Filthy employed--you don't have to be a camper to be skilled, although you will eventually find options lacking, and will eventually gravitate towards the spawn during slow matches :P
  4. And you're so special? By watching your video and looking through your stats, you are no better than the monkey I roasted for stepping out of line. Literally anyone who gets lucky can get kills in a 112V5--all I see in your video is you following people with your mouse and clicking. Miraculously, you didn't get anyone attached to your six--if you did, you probably would have been roasty toasty. To answer your question, anyone can get a few kills in a low-tier monoplane.
  5. Ah, so that's how it is.
  6. God, how am I supposed to say this? Barry and Tiggerspooky: are you actually having a serious conversation? Barry, you're trying to grow daisies out of your behind and shoot rainbows out of your nostrils. You're deviating sooooo of topic, and shoving so much puerile drivel into this discussion that I fear that this thread has been lost. FYI: that's not a skin. That's a decal. Ples. And no one wants to see your lack of imagination on this thread. This is a (more or less) serious discussion; let's keep it that way. Tiggerspooky: You've been around this forum a lot. You should be able to spot irrelevance easily. Don't follow it around. Tell Barry to start a new thread that isn't intruding on an argument. If Barry wants to spit rainbows, tell him to do it on a fresh thread. Happy flying
  7. What? This literally makes no sense. So furballs are hard to participate in while staying alive, and Air Dom is literally one big furball? What's your point?
  8. The problem is that all the monkeys fly Americans because they're easy to do decently in (and 'cause 'Murica, guyz!!111!!) Edit: Something told me to look at your stats, and it seems that you are one of these monkeys. You literally have not flown any planes from other nations, and yet you have the gall to think that you're worthy of saying that you're superior because you fly Americans. I would kind of understand your reasoning if you had some decent stats, but you're just an average, inexperienced Corsair 1C pilot that I eat for breakfast every match. Your plane of choice and the corresponding stats attached to said plane tell me two things: A) You furball, and you furball. The Corsair is good for Joes for this reason--it has great guns, turns decently with mouse aim only, and has a decent roll rate. Very simple plane to fly in--just spray, get a couple of kills, die. At least you admit that Americans are hard to fly--they are for a good part because their planes are just so BAD. But you don't know that--you're just here to demean people because you think you're so special by flying a plane that an experienced pilot will hate because it has such a low skill ceiling. B) Your entire game consists of headons. The only plane that you seem to have a KDR over 0.6 (lol?) in is the Cannonsair because you lose headons in other American planes, which tend to have a weaker armament. If you can't kill an enemy by charging straight at it (and if you don't ram the enemy, provided he is a n00b as well, when both of you don't pull away in the headon), you try to turn with mouse and get destroyed. Then, you think to yourself: "Gee, Americans are bad. Guess I'm just really good but I'm being limited by my plane." I concede that you're kind of right in that the plane sucks. But you're wrong if you think you're being limited by the plane--you lack so much skill that you literally can't even use the 1C to its fullest potential. Pro tip: jiggling your mouse around won't win you dogfights I'm being this harsh and purposefully demeaning because I'm pissed that you have the gall to lecture people who are a million times the pilot you have ever been about how your choice of plane makes you better (and it's not). Even worse, the way you word your statement makes me think that you're making yourself out to be some kind of martyr that shows people how skilled he is because he flies American trash. Guess what, buddy? Look around you and notice who flies cannonsairs and why they fly that particular plane--you guessed it, beginners like you. Why? Because it's easy. So back off. Come back with proper backing for your arguments, after you've flown every. Single. Nation. Over. And. Over. I agree, Americans can be difficult to fly, but you have no right to say such things when you're obviously not well-informed or experienced. If you want to post in this forum, please don't overstep your boundaries. Or ask questions. There are a lot of (very skilled) people who are willing to help you. Don't be that guy who PM's an ace doing his thing and laying the pain on thick on you and your team and accuses said ace of "hacking" or "camping", and files a report that Gaijin is sick and tired of seeing. Happy flying
  9. I can't access your video because I'm on a Mac, but judging from Penetration's screenshots, it just appears that you're not using your plane properly and you aren't a good turnfighter. If you want my two cents, you can upload it onto a format I can view on OSX or put it on youtube. But the moral of the story is--watch your speed. If in doubt, stay level and gain distance. And if you're going to try to turn around and engage someone, either A) wait until you can be sure you're fully turned around by the time the enemy gets in guns range B) pull a half turn and run a reversal--you need to be a very good pilot, know how to look behind you and go into guns defense at the same time, and have a plane with at least a decent roll rate to pull this one off.
  10. L O L No elaboration required.
  11. You must be playing against some bad campers
  12. You must realize by now that you're being ignorant and a hypocrite. You seem to be incapable of seeing things from a fighter ace's viewpoint, because, experienced as you are, you must admit that you're not. You say that I'm not actively killing bombers. That's false. I kill everything that doesn't dive; I don't avoid bombers at all. But when they start to crash dive, why would I waste my time and follow them, spraying at their tail section and doing zero damage while they get 2-3 bomb drops off before they die? If I let my friendlies get to them, the same result happens anyway. The point is that a Do217 can keep on trucking, even if a whole squad of fighters is spraying at it, as long as it doesn't show its profile. It WILL get bombs off, and that arguably is more conducive to the WiN than me killing ten enemy planes (bombers and fighters). So why would I follow a Do diving at 700 km/h all the way to my base on the far corner of the map and spray at it until I get a lucky shot, or any bomber that decides to lose altitude, when I can kill the ones who aren't so smart and fly straight out of spawn? If I dive, who's going to deal with the threats at altitude? It's too much for me alone to handle--even if I J out constantly (and I can't; I don't have enough crew slots, and I don't have that mentality), I can't stop the tide. Most bombers seem to be weaker, though. Maybe it's because I'm spamming out the La-9 all the time. Do-217 is still as elusive as ever, though. Or even be naive as to think that the game should change because it doesn't suit the way one player wants to play. First, one player? Are you serious? My opinions are fairly representative of most experienced fighter pilots. And here's to your ignorance and hypocrisy: you think that the game shouldn't change because it suits how you play. So should I join GOLF, research my way through the bomber trees, and start flying like you do in order to "play the game properly"? Should I waste my time completing mindless tasks? Honestly, sometimes I want to unlearn everything, quit pro100, and just be an average idiot so I don't have to think of this BS. If you want to kill other planes there is nothing stopping anyone in any mode. It's not like there isn't a furball of fighters taking shots at each other in every game. And if the win doesn't matter to you that's even better. Nothing is stopping me, apart from the insanely short games. At this stage, I look at the tickets and think more along the lines of the match ending than our team winning. I just care about longer games. Anyway, Pat, it's always a joy to verbally spar with someone who has completely different viewpoints. I don't mean anything harmful with my statements, and I assume the same for you as well. Both of us want to make the game better, and that's what counts. Keep fighting, brother
  13. No offense, but if you were a pilot of a significant caliber, you would really hate the P-51Ds for more than their armament. Their entire flight models are underwhelming, and their energy retention is horrible--you wouldn't notice if you use them as one-use dive-bombers. The planes are just fundamentally broken in too many aspects to be playable at any BR above something like 3.0, good guns or not. They're just not fun to fly when everything outturns you, outruns you, and outfights you. It's high time that Gaijin fixes their flight models. It's embarrassing that the cannonstang is 4.0, yet outperforms its big brothers in almost every single aspect--it's not a bad turner, it's stable, it has good guns, it climbs almost as well, it doesn't lock up in a dive, and it doesn't magically lose half its speed whenever it turns.
  14. Yeah I'd give it around 3.0-3.3 given its current performance. However, I would rather have Gaijin buff its FM and raise/keep its current BR.
  15. The p-51D can be outperformed by a lot of planes in the 3.0-4.0 range--the cannonstang is a notable and ironic example. If they had a higher BR than they do now, they would be completely unflyable (they even are now). Even at 3.0, the P-51 D-30 (the best of the lot, imo) would not be overpowered. 3.3 Russian planes, 109 Es/Fs, early spitfires, J2M2, etc can outturn it, outclimb it, outrun it, outdive it, etc.
  16. Pretty sure it was a few pro100 guys showing how BS Thunderskill is and how stats are easy to pad or something lol
  17. It's an easy plane to fly, but it really has huge limitations. At low speeds, it's a brick. It doesn't climb. It's not even that fast. It doesn't retain energy well. It doesn't turn well. Apart from the guns, it really isn't that great. 5.0 planes from other nations (J2M3, 109 G-2, Spit Mk 14, La-7 B-20, Yak-9P, etc etc etc) easily outperform it.
  18. It's worse. Far worse. You'd be better off working down other nations' tech trees or spading the F8F 1-B. The Americans have nothing good in the 4.3-6.0 BR range that's not a premium.
  19. Mechanikos, The problems that you are pointing out is more or less what the majority of the community agrees on; it's just that we don't necessarily agree on how to fix these problems, and to what extent these problems are ruining the game. In one end of the spectrum we have experienced fighter purists like myself, in the other we have bomber pilots (who tend to be inexperienced and ignorant, although some aren't), and in between tend to be experienced objective players. And yes, the scoring system is biased. Nothing that hasn't been extensively debated on this forum, although it appears to me that the general consensus is that fighter kills should be rewarded more. There is some contention as to whether deaths should influence scoring, as many players, experienced (objective players), and inexperienced (bomber pilots and average Joes) die a lot for various reasons--either they don't know how to play, or their playstyle demands they sacrifice planes for the win.
  20. splendid rudder? Fast? What planet are you on? The plane bleeds too much speed in a turn (especially with rudder, or even if you don't turn at all--the thing is a horrible bnzer. I've literally been caught while camping by players right out of spawn in the d-30, which is far better than the d-5), 50 cals are as you said pretty bad, and it really doesn't like to be at low altitude (even at 7000+ meters, you will barely be able to outperform Russian planes; it's THAT bad). If you want to play the p--51ds, play the d-30, or if you're not a masochist, just skip over them. If the planes are good for one thing, it's building discipline. You need to be conservative to do well (by do well, I mean survive). From what I know, the plane is decent in RB. Go fly it out there.
  21. Pat's right. Ideally, you shouldn't target anyone 2km below/above you directly. If you're in a crappy plane like the p38, stay high and be patient. Take people unaware, and kill high altitude bombers. If you dive to ground level, make sure that you've picked out ideally 3 or more targets in the same vicinity so that you have a good chance of taking at least one down. Wat. Then just watch your enemies closely. When one noses up, you nose up and set up the stall trap. Easy.
  22. I was flying the j7w out (it's stock) earlier and it was really bad. I could see huge poofs going off of all the planes I shot at. It look a lot more shells than it should to kill anything.
  23. *mod edit* of the earth. Hate to fly against it, love to fly it. The key to beating it is just to run away and abuse your superior energy characteristics :P
  24. You'll love the a-36, Paul. It's not a bad fighter, and with the recent change to its bomb reload time, it's an excellent ground-pounder. I've walked away alive from front line matches with 5+ air kills and 15+ ground kills--I know it's not the norm for you, but it would be interesting to see you play this dual role of fighter/attacker in a review.
  25. duck is just as bad. Literally puts out every fire, doesn't get pilot sniped because of the armor, and can eat hundreds of 20s before going down.
  26. Zeros are hard to kill because they turn so sharply. 190s are hard to kill because of their insane roll rate. Both are obviously easy to kill if you get a profile shot. I personally love to fly the 190 as a defensive plane. It pulls reversals effortlessly because its roll rate is so fast, and once the overshoot is achieved, the plane turns a lot better than you would expect. I've outturned spitfires and 109s in 190s many times by forcing scissors and using my roll rate to cut inside their turns. Of course the roll rate on the 190 is boosted to all hell. It's AB, man. Even in RB, the plane rolls very well.
  27. So what do you propose? That they don't learn to fly? I really can't think of a way that gaijin can make their transition easier, tbh. And I haven't been playing for "so long"--I started probably a year and a half or so ago. It's just that I got good fast And this leads me to another train of thought: Why is the WT community at large so resistant to learning to play? I'm stubborn, yes, but not to the extent that I see in game. Players are more than happy to live in their own bubbles of self-worth, and literally cannot comprehend that people can be better than them, and that they can become better if they TRIED. Whenever I get messaged in/after a good match, 90% of the time it's just personal insults, accusations of hacks, threats of reports, etc. I have literally never seen a player approach me and ask: how do you play well? Can you teach me? And yes, I would be more than happy to help. The only players that tend to congratulate me for a good match are aces themselves; the elite seem to be in their own division in this game. There is very little spread of knowledge, and there can't be with the attitude (and lack of general intelligence, it seems) of most of the playerbase. Even the friends who I play with who aren't as good as I am are resistant towards me giving them help, dammit. How did I get into pro100 after only about a year of playing? It's not natural talent, that's for sure. It's because I learned fast--I watched videos of AB aces, I ran hours of test flights perfecting rudder turns/reversals/stall traps, I dueled my friends, and most importantly, I always asked for advice and made friends with my superiors. I just had to follow the current. By level 15, I was spawncamping/stall-trapping, proficient with the rudder, and fairly consistently getting ace matches (thanks long5hot). By 30 I could take on almost every player I met and win. So, yes, I remember what it's like to be on the bottom, and to die 3-4 times a match. It's just that I managed to dig my way out. Mind you, this takes very little effort on my part. An hour of playing every day is more than enough to git gud.
  28. What? It's the complete opposite. One-shot kills should be the norm in the game--as I said, second chances should not exist when you get into someone's gunfire. You should die. But then, there's the conundrum of planes like the cannonstang, which vaporize everything. No skill involved. Perfect for average players (hence the spam). Oh well--it's more of a challenge for me to not get shot, then, huh?
  29. I've just about had enough of high tier 4. My squad and I were flying at 5.3, and we played maybe 2 airfield doms and 6 ground strikes. The dom matches were fine--we got double digit kills and locked down the enemy team; bombers were useless. Great. However, a good portion of our GS matches were ruined (and by ruined, I mean the matches lasted 2-3 minutes at best) by the usual culprits: WiNFX (DocProfit, I saw you spamming those do217s *cough cough*), GOLF, LAB, etc. The Do217 spam was real; it was infuriating to see that even though we had almost every fighter killed between us, the bombers would just dive, run, and bomb. There was absolutely nothing we could do to stop them. (We got 'em good in the dom match that we met them in, though. Maybe they were looking for pillboxes) These bomber pilots are definitely good at what they do--they didn't die that much, and killed all possible targets efficiently and quickly. This is worth praise, of course, but the win for them is at the expense of every single other player on their team and the opposing team. At this point, I really can't blame these guys for what they do; they want to play the objective, and so they did. It's just that there's no room for fighters in GS matches like these--the match is decided on who can get to the ground targets first, and which side has the best cooperation and efficiency to cover as many targets as possible. PvP isn't really a major facet of matches like this, and that's really something that I want to see fixed. I really want to see a game where we can CHOOSE which game modes we want to play in. If Gaijin can't compromise, the best we can do for now is to separate PvP and PvE so that both sides don't complain. Even if I had to queue into Air Dom for 5 minutes, it would still be preferable to having multiple short matches that are completely decided by how many times each team presses the space bar.