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  1. Definitely not too shabby for his level. I attribute his results to mostly a lucky match where no one was shooting at him and the enemies lined up in front of him. But I can empathize--when I started, I would get excited over a lot of things that come second nature to me now. Keep up the good work dude; you still have a lot to learn in order to pull this off consistently.
  2. do you have autorepair on? did you lose any planes during your flights?
  3. The 3.0 BR range really is a mixed bag. A lot of trash, but also a lot of undertiered sealclubbers. The F2A is firmly in the former category at the moment. It shares similar BRs to the aforementioned P47 and A36, but it faces a lot of stiff competition from other nations. Many planes at its BR are far better than it, although they may be more difficult to fly/less versatile.
  4. The F2A-1 has a much more generous BR. I don't know if the 3 deserves 2.7 for the addition of some more guns. At that BR, I'm much more inclined to fly the A-36, P-47, and P-400 (now that the plane can actually perform worth a damn now) in the American tree. I guess you like it because it's an easy plane to fly--rolls well, turns well, has a small profile to shoot at and probably is pretty tanky. I'll have to fly it myself.
  5. I don't have windows. Can't open it. Please just summarize and we'll judge you >:D
  6. This really makes it simple. I'm much too used to my current controls, but I can see this really working for a lot of rookies moving past mouse control.
  7. Since it seems WT wants to make arcade a haven for bombers, this mode is perfect! New players can shut off their woefully small amount of brain cells and experience playing the game, spray at stationary targets, and feel good about themselves--I mean, wow! Ace matches! 20+ air kills! Such skill! And of course, when they play that once-in-a-blue-moon air dom and go 0-7, they scream on the forums to remove the mode and complain that bombers have no role in air dom and that their gunners and damage models should be buffed to all hell. And of course, the aces who go 20-0 during the air dom match just feel thankful that they actually influenced the outcome of the match Gaijin, please.
  8. f4 seems less powerful. Still turns the same, though. The g-2 seems unchanged.
  9. There's one more minibase and I THINK there are more ground targets; bomber damage models have also been slightly nerfed. This all leads to longer games, but Gaijin still hasn't addressed the crux of the issue and created a fair game for both fighter and bomber pilots. Most games, bombers dictate a win or a loss, so I (and many other "aces") have ended up ignoring the result of the match and focusing on kills. The objectives that we have to play in 99% of AB matches (that other 1% is Air Dom; I WILL play the objective in this exceedingly rare mode) are mind-bogglingly stupid and tedious. I refuse to lose my plane capping some zone instead of killing 3 reds in the meantime, and I refuse to ground pound EVERY single game for the win. Call me conceited or selfish; I really can't care less.
  10. One more addition to the list: Spitfire 1a, 2a, 2b: much worse than before. Not necessarily unstable, but the rudder is not smooth and tends to jerk about instead of giving a constant movement. It's really hard to gauge turns now. I find myself over/underturning a lot now. Spit 1a does roll much faster than it used to, though. I'm pretty sure it now shares the same flight model as the 2s. Still great planes, but nowhere near what they once were. Reminds me of what Gaijin did to the lf9 a while ago.
  11. Bomber pilot? Then you have no right to complain in this current state of the game.
  12. Try force quitting the launcher and restarting. Happens to me every patch. If not, go contact Gaijin or something
  13. This is from a couple of hours of flying, so take these as "first impressions". Ki-84: I spent most of my battles in this, so I can offer you a pretty solid opinion. The plane is MUCH better than before, although from what I hear, this new FM isn't as good as the one that it had prior to 1.59 (or whatever patch it was that ruined the rudder). The rudder is apparently very weak compared to the old "good" ki-84; I don't have much experience with that old plane, but I can tell that the rudder is fairly stable, although it still seems lethargic sometimes. The plane is by no means a good turner; rudder is much weaker than elevator. Other flight characteristics seem unchanged. This plane is nothing amazing, but it is competitive at its br. Holds energy well, has a decent roll rate, climbs well as well. P-40: a slight improvement, but in the wrong ways. The turning circle when using one direction of rudder and full elevator is immensely small--a friend of mine thinks that it's smaller than a zero's--I have no opinion as of yet. However, when you switch rudder keys, the plane still wants to flat spin. Gaijin made this plane playable, but the FM really doesn't make any sense of all, and the rudder is still really annoying to deal with. P-400: Turns much better than before, rudder is completely stable, feels far more powerful as well. P-39: Similar to the p400, but I don't think they share a FM. It doesn't turn as well, but has more engine power. Very stable rudder. Good job, Gaijoobles. J7W1: turns worse than before, and is slightly less stable--I don't yet have an opinion on what this change entails, as you really shouldn't be turning in that plane either way. The plane feels smooth to operate in a straight line. Will still be a monster bnz plane. Spitfires: Flew the 5c and 14e out; don't see any real differences in the FMs. I'll have to check out the f22 and f24 soon; those planes had horrible rudders in 1.65. That's it for now
  14. If you're looking to learn something by playing this mode, don't. It will only build bad habits. Go play some random battles against real players.
  15. Yes. I flew it out recently and I don't remember it being so BAD. The plane's energy characteristics are about where they always have been (maybe the energy retention is worse now, though), but it turns like a dog now. Rudder is hilariously unstable.
  16. i have better kdrs in my dive bombers. I tried the d5 a few matches, got destroyed, and gave up. Really, if you can't achieve at least a 5-1 kdr in any plane (these are my standards, not yours), it really isn't worth flying seriously.
  17. Dude. No matter how you fly the p51d, it's never going to do do well. Climb to 8000m, and even there you can barely outrun russian low-altitude specialists. Try to spawncamp, and I swear I have been caught by people straight out of spawn coming straight up for me. It loses huge amounts of speed whenever you use the rudder, and isn't even exceptionally fast. No matter how good you are, certain planes just won't perform as well as others; they have a skill ceiling that no one can break (sea hurricane cough cough).
  18. ^^ This. The plane is absolutely trash. If you want to fly a p-51 d, fly the d-30 (and even that plane is still trash). You're much better off flying the cannonstang and kingcobras at that br.
  19. I probably won't cover all of them, but here are some planes that I find unplayable, outmatched, and/or overtiered in WT arcade, as well as my proposed brs. Feel free to add your own two cents--I haven't flown every single plane in the game, so the ones I list below only come from my own experiences. Americans: 1) F4U 1C: a full 2 brs above its 50 cal cousins; outperformed by basically every plane at 5.0; extremely sluggish at low speeds. If the cannonstang is at 3.7, then this plane shouldn't be anywhere above 4.3. 2) F6F 5N: worse than the 1C in basically every single aspect, but still the same br. 3.7 is probably more than enough for it. 3) P51 D: The plane is definitely underperforming. It climbs well, but has trouble maintaining any amount of energy; rudder turns sap an unreal amount of speed; high speed handling is not amazing; isn't even that fast. The D-5 especially--the thing is near unflyable stock. If the cannonstang is at 3.7, then it is logical that the D should be at 4.0-ish. However, the flight models must be reworked. 4) SPD-3: rudder use leads to uncontrollable spins. 5) P-40: same problem as the SPD-3. 6) AD-2: lol. Haven't flown it but it's kind of obvious, no? 7) P47 N-15: Probably undeserving of 5.0. I can't even get it past the first upgrade--the plane bleeds energy like crazy; there really isn't anything special about this plane. Perhaps it will be good spaded. 8) P36G: underwhelming armament, underwhelming engine; obviously doesn't belong anywhere near 2.7. 2.0 seems right. Germans: 1) Every Fw190 A past the A-4 and 190 F-8: the regular a-5 and a-8 are debatably overtiered; they don't seem to outperform the a-4 enough to warrant a full br increase. The a5u-2/12's brs are absurd. One can carry bombs and has the armament of a 190 a-1, the other can carry 6 20mms but handles like a dog when equipped with them. Both are 6.0, which is truly insane. The one with 6 20mms should not have a br past 5.3, and the one without has no place above 4.0. British: 1) Sea Hurricane 1C: performs like a tier 1--worse than its mg counterparts. Even with those guns, the plane has no business past maybe 3.3. The flight model may also be underperforming--or maybe the cannons really do just weigh the plane down that much. 2) Firebrand: lol. Just lol. Would probably still suck at 3.0--the plane can win headons, but nothing else. Maybe the fm should be changed. 3) Spitfire Vc: Has 4 hispanos, but still shouldn't be at this high a br just because it has 2 more 20s than the Vb. 4.7 seems about right for it; maybe even 4.3. Russian: Everything seems in place so far. No "broken" flight models to report. Japanese: 1) Ki-84 ko/hei/otsu : PLEASE GAIJIN FIX THE FLIGHT MODEL. It used to be good, but the rudder is completely broken now. Same problem as the spd-3 and p-40. Also bleeds an insane amount of energy when using rudder. Other control services work fine. 2) Ki-61 hei: The plane is amazing at 4.7, but with its performance probably doesn't deserve the br. Its performance is not that much better than its sisters at 2.0 and 2.3, and the ki-100 is at 3.7. I personally believe the plane belongs around 3.7. 3) Ki61-II: worse than the hei, same br, same issues as above. Whew. That's a load off my chest.