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  1. Russian driver here also suffering t-29's. Practice aiming on the T-29 lower frontal glacis. If you shoot as straight as possible you will reach the ammo rack and 1-shot it. Same for when you have it flanked, aim as low as possible (in between the wheels) and look for the ammo racks. Anyway, I think they nerfed the barrel mantlet a bit with the new patch cause it seems to be easier for me to pen it with my t54 apcbc. Remember the gunner is on your left (t29's right). Btw, in AB I hate the plane system, and usually I avoid flying nothing but fighters to bring down enemy atackers. The only time I use the atacker is to blow up t29's.
  2. Hi! Did you make this? I will download and try. Thanks! Edit: Thanks again, I tried this mission, I is much more useful than any test drive
  3. Dear Gaijin, I have recently noticed a little bug related to the Battle Log summary that we get at the end of each match, When selecting "Mine" currently it also shows awards gained by other players of the allied team. It did not show this before the update 1.67 Please let me know if you need supporting material to this. I use Windows 10 as OS. Kind regards, Thule.
  4. 1.67

    People wasting 40$/€ on their T29 and IS6 just to get absoultely rekt by this, LOL At least the T29's enjoyed few months of Pay to win gameplay. CHEAT-FS + HESH + a tank that goes 60km/h ON REVERSE (Arcade) at 6.7!!!, lol, I would rather drive it on reverse and have the engine protect my crew... I think this will be the worse patch and it will be because the Ru251 breaking the (already broken) Matchmaking. And not to forget the new wave of newbs bringing their brand new Ru251 along with a couple of Tier II tanks they are grinding, getting one-shoted on the first minute of the match and then leaving the team with one player less. At least the t29 newbs die much slowly.
  5. I see this thread is a bit static currently. I just wanted to raise a question about the t54 1947. Since I started using it I get one-shoted A LOT (roughly 60% of my deaths from frontal shots) because of the enemy rounds rebounding under or IN my barrel and on my turret and going down directly through the "roof" (30mm thickness) of my tank, killing everything. I wish to highlight that sometimes the enemy round entered my barrel and randonmly rebounded DOWN to penetrate the area I am referring to. No other tank I have driven or no other tank I am used to kill seems to suffer from the same problem. Even the IS-3 with that weak point under the barrel seems more difficult to kill this way. What do you guys think? Is this your experience? Should we raise this question to the developers? Thank you very much.