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  1. There's never any noticeable damage when it happens but who knows I guess. Just another way to get us to reach for another plane
  2. I get instant 'burned down' deaths too. I'm talking specifically about the lack of reported cause for the kill.
  3. On numerous, and increasing, occasions recently I'm being killed with no reported cause. The game simply states 'pilot credited for kill: 'whoever_shot_at_me'. It's a one shot kill like a pilot snipe but without being a reported pilot snipe. What are they hitting?
  4. Fun levels in planes AB begin to drop off after 3.0 for me. Below 3.0 you can have great dogfights and stand a chance of turning the tables on your attacker after sustaining damage. After 3.0 everything starts to be a one shot kill & even if you do survive you might as well just bail as your flight characteristics are all shot to pieces, literally.
  5. The sea hurricane really is amazingly slow. If you can catch someone napping you can destroy them but otherwise you find yourself reaching for a fresh horse. I think the fastest it ever gets is when it falls from the sky with its tail shot off. There a number of brit planes I'd just never fly if there were alternatives at the same BR but there just aren't enough spitfires to go around. Thankfully the fun disappears from the game after 3.0 so anything more is war bonds only.
  6. I'm not seeing the hispano improvement reported here and in the other thread at all. I'm more 'accurate' at different times of day. Probably due to ping fluctuations, net traffic, server use, etc. 'One swallow does not a summer make'
  7. Any new maps are welcome. Just any.
  8. Target identification and avoidance are key to all encounters, no matter what nation. The basic principles are virtually always the same. If German aircraft retain energy better than you, you need an energy advantage before you go head to head, etc etc. If you are at a disadvantage to an enemy, find a target where you have the advantage. It's only because most 109 pilots have only ever graduated from the boom and zoom Academy / watched too many WT youtube tutorials that they feel they need to be higher than everyone else. They're often best left alone and bypassed from the battle completely, which often happens. They pick on the unaware for fear of getting into a 'proper' fight. But as stated above. You answered your own question. Climb where it's safe to do so if you feel you must. Your teammates will surely thank you for keeping the 109's busy in an altitude war whilst the battle ( for battle, read fun ) rages on elsewhere.
  9. There's a reason why the world record holder for consecutive free throws is a 72yr old. There's a reason why he has never played pro basketball. Nothing wrong with being a one trick pony like most spawn campers. It's a talent, for sure, but with a very limited use & probably a smaller skillset than an all-round player.
  10. I do..I forgot one. You don't take the full on bomb thunder approach.
  11. Paying attention to your enemies' line-ups can help a great deal too. Often the guy at the top of the tree has downtiered a plane. Either to spade it or just to 'seal-club'. Kill that best plane and you basically put them out of the game.
  12. To me, War Thunder is a first person shooter first and foremost. Especially in arcade form.
  13. You mean Tempest
  14. It's quite a common sight to see hurricane Mk IV's in 4-4.3 games. Probably more so than I see them at 2.7, oddly enough.
  15. It has been very noticeable, although unannounced as a change, how many games at 2.7 are no longer light vehicle maps. At this BR the only map where I have seen light vehicles as I always did is Gorge. The overused 'favourites' such as African Canyon, Rice Terraces, Alpine Meadows now involve tanks, as does Cliffed Coast - which seems to have been every other game I've played. Light, medium and heavy tanks are now present on all of these maps & more.. Great for game length but also kinda frustrating. It will drive more players into bombers at lower levels as strafing with 7.7mm no longer cuts it and games feel artificially long as you end up buzzing around trying to find something to do whilst hoping that someone on your team has something left in their locker with enough explosive tonnage to get that last heavy tank. ********* Sidenote ********* Has anyone else experienced a strengthening of ground units? Armoured cars / AAA don't seem to pop as easily as they once did and tanks need a direct hit, even with 1000lb'ers.
  16. Having grabbed a Halifax for war bonds my own conclusion now is i MUST dive if i want to stand a chance of reaching my objective. I tried the altitude approach on Greece just now. Went wider than I thought necessary, climbed as high as i ever have. Got smashed by two fighters. Sure, I could have gone wider..I could have gone backwards from spawn, climbed to 8km and then turned towards my target. But the game would be over before I returned to my spawn point. Bad luck that I had a fighter head out my way perhaps but there's no room for bad luck when war bonds mean I need quick results. Dive, dive, dive for me from now on
  17. Enjoy to fly and being a fighter ace in may be two different things. But even so, for all of the above mentioned planes and the above posters, you'd all fancy your chances in the planes you now see as 'easy prey'. Horses for courses at the end of the day. Just because it's not a handful of planes perfectly suited to boom & zoom doesn't mean they can't be utterly devastating in the right hands and the right scenario. Switching things around..things I hate to fly but fear attacking...bombers! Not because the skill levels of bomber pilots I see are particularly high, just because if it's me against a few aimbots I know things will never end well. Attacking a bomber is a plane throw away task.
  18. Whilst it's probably best to avoid slave to splinters i usually have a crack at it. The toughest part is often getting the win. Airfield domination maps help big time as enemy planes have a tendency to offer themselves for a darn good rocketing when landing. With Groundstrike games, spawn your rocket delivery platform of choice on your second fly-out and head for the enemy base. 9 times out of 10 there's somebody repairing or doing their make-up in their rear view mirror. If all else fails head for the biggest bomber you can find.
  19. Definitely try arcade mode as mentioned. Also, I would advise not racing up the 'tree'. Stay around 2-3.0 BR and get your planes spaded (fully modified) and some crew skills under your belt (imo, best spent on reload & vitality - but that's my personal choice, others may think differently). Planes at this level offer the best fun for me..they can take a fair amount of hits due to the lower calibre guns aimed at you for the most part. Here you can learn your craft and works out your best play-style.
  20. Whilst my play style isn't all about RP and researching new aircraft I play more than most people, a lot more. But, I've only been playing for a few months and I'm still a tier or two away from Jets. If I'd have worked towards it from the off maybe I'd be in jets now, maybe not. I also, until the last week or so, only played one nation.. so that should be in my favour for jet acquisition. If any of the following applies to you then sorry, it's pretty much no jets for you... You have a life. You play all nations. You've only been playing for six months. You can only play for a few hours a night. You like to spade what you get before you move on. You don't buy your way up the tree. You enjoy the game less the higher up the ranks you go (this is me). I suspect the vast majority of jet players have at least 2-3 years of WT under their belts and many players, after 2-3 years, have quit. Don't hold your breath for the next influx of jet aces. If they haven't started the journey already, even the average gamer is probably 2 years away, such is the grind.
  21. Every example given of a successful bomber kill without getting your plane torn to pieces by a game sanctioned aimbot is a complete 'ideal world' scenario. Ideal world scenario is as follows: Player who is totally unaware of bombthunder takes his brand new bomber out of its box & takes it out for a spin. Said player climbs, but not too high, he has furballed with the best of them and gotten nosebleeds when approaching 3000m in his fighter. He has watched the history channel and seen bombers fly straight for days until they reach their target. He has set his course and carefully calculated that he has enough time to make a cup of tea and get a slice of cake before he has to smash his space bar a few times. Thus allowing the fighter to line up for the perfect, can't believe your luck, it's your birthday, once in a blue moon strafing run attack. Bomber dead, fighter flies off into the sunset to fight another day with the pilot thinking 'i can't wait to post the YouTube replay of that on the WT forum to prove how easy it is'. Bomber pilot finishes his cake and returns to find he has been shot down, but can console himself with the other 2 kills and three assists he got whilst he was in the kitchen. Now let's look at the typical bombthunder scenario. By typical, I mean the other 99.99% of fighter attacks on bombers: Experienced Bombthunder pilot climbs, again, not too high as he knows there's no need other than for a bit of extra momentum later on. He sees a fighter approaching and has two options. Option A - To split S (or whatever other fancy move he feels is necessary) in order to dogfight - knowing full well he'd put up more than a good fight, Or, option B - to immediately dive. Option B often works best as there maybe other fighters in the area and he only has three aimbots onboard. So the bomber is now in a full on dive, out-accelerating the fighter, towards its target. Fighter gives chase down to the deck and is immediately blinded by aimbot projectiles so he starts evasive manoeuvres. Bomber pilot smashes space bar and pulls out of the dive as if bouncing on a trampoline. Fighter, by this time is now smoking & listing to one side - at best, follows the bomber trajectory and starts shooting aimlessly as he is now blinded by a red/black screen, having been to the dry cleaners only to find his order had been mixed up with another customer. He got a hand knitted sweater that said 'bombthunder rulez!' And some other guy got his G-suit. Success! The bomber has had his tail completely blown off (for dramatic effect - this nearly never happens). Whilst now on fire the fighter pilot can at least console himself with a kill as he watches the bomber reach a fiery end in the face of a cliff and is happy. He does a victory roll and his fire goes out - bonus! He surveys his radar takes a drink, assesses the viability of returning for repairs, takes a bite of his chocolate bar and then decides to head off to find his next victim, totally unaware of the survivor from the fiery inferno of twisted metal. The last surviving aimbot, with the last twitch of his trigger finger fires off the shot of a lifetime, hitting the sweet spot - firing a 7.7mm round through the exhaust vent, around the exhaust manifold and straight into the spark plug on cylinder 3. Fighter prop stops turning, fighter pilot bails, bomber pilot giggles and the aimbot is inducted into the aimbot hall of fame, posthumously.
  22. War bond task: kill 32 ground units with a bomber. I got to 20 and entered the next game. African canyon, Frontline..perfect! Killed 20+ with my Halifax and a few more for good measure with my spitfire. Job done, played out the rest of the game, eager to collect my reward. reward for you! My war bond counter for ground targets killed with a bomber is now at 1/32. Benefit of the doubt..I enter Spain and smash some more ground units. No use..still 1/32. Sigh
  23. The more I play with tier 3 spitfires the more disappointed I am. They're nowhere near as agile as the tier 2 imo
  24. I've played 4.3 all day and on the whole the games have felt like they've been a reasonable length.
  25. Given the age of the game and reports from the vets on here, there are far fewer players playing now than there once was, hence the increase in queue times. So I'd imagine the servers have handled a higher number of games, with a higher number of players in the past.
  26. There should be a prize for getting a Good, Bad & the Ugly quote into a forum thread
  27. If you're that close you can afford to pop up, reload, and roll-over..more often than not you'll then have a bigger target to aim at.
  28. A small but welcome step in the right direction at last.
  29. There are plenty of squad players that prefer to spawn camp than play objectives, work on their K/D ratio than cap airfields (I've experienced several instructing their team to cap whilst making zero effort to do so themselves), double-team fighters at the expense of enemy bombers, etc., etc. It must also be noted that belonging to a squad doesn't ensure a minimum skill level either. I've also seen games where one side has all bombed and the other side hasn't bombed at all. It's all luck of the draw at the end of the day. Joining a squad will ensure you have at least a portion of your team working with the same mindset as you. And that's usually all it takes. You just have to choose the right squad.
  30. I haven't flown the Wirraway. But my stats still say I have over 3 days behind the controls of an attacker.
  31. ^^ this Yes, I have played over 3 days in an attacker and yes, I have played nearly exclusively the British line-up. The only plane that I have flown that I know is an attacker is the Russian BB-1. The 28 games in this plane must have been long games to constitute 3+days worth of playing time. I have played more games with that than anything else in my Russian line-up and the other nations haven't been touched. So let's talk about the obvious....obviously the Brits have no attackers, as you gracefully pointed out. And obviously, I have played more than 3days in an attacker, again..well you get the picture.. So perhaps a more constructive post would be if you were to inform me which plane in the British tree is the 'obvious' covert attacker. Edit: The BB-1 is colour coded light-green, presumably this is the 'attacker' colour. Interestingly..the Hurricane Mk IV is also the same colour, but the text says fighter.
  32. There only needs to be one to snipe you at 2km+ range As for the fancy flying the same applies. They also fire more than one shot I guess.
  33. Trolls..ugh..'s still kinda silly that a nation doesn't have an attacker when specific tasks request the use of one
  34. No..dude...i tried first and then came here for an answer to the stupidity. And then you posed more questions
  35. I just tried this task in my Mk IV Hurricane and no go. Kinda laughable that an entire nation is excluded from a war bond task.
  36. Just like's not what car you drive but how you drive it. Sure, there are faster cars than others but it's who's behind the wheel that counts. Find what works for you.
  37. I've been thinking about this for a while so I may as well post and see what y'all think. Firstly, we all seem to be in agreement that short games are desirable for Gaijin to keep the player tick-over constant, thus returning players to the game queue to reduce wait times. But is this the reason for short games and does it have the effect on queue times that we think it does? I'm still kinda new around here so there's probably quite a lot of information I'm lacking for a full how many games are underway at any one time & how many players are playing at any given time. It's also very dependant on player habits (do players play for a length of time/number of games/one game/etc.). My thought process, basically, goes along the lines of.. It doesn't matter how long the games are, as far as the queue times go, as long as there are players waiting to play. So, in theory, a longer game will create a backlog of players waiting to play. As long as a game finishes every two minutes there will only be a maximum of a two minute wait. The games could be 1 hour long or one minute long, as long as a game ends every two minutes. Does a short game annoy someone enough that they log off or does it give them time to squeeze one last game in before bed? Are queue times even a factor in bomberspam at all? Bomberspam could be Gaijin's way of lessening the eternal grind, with no consideration of queue times at all. It seems to me that queue times are not benefitted at all by bomberspam & shorter games. In fact the opposite seems to be the case, as demonstrated by higher BR games being the most effected by bomberspam/shorter games whilst having the longest queue times. But the higher tiers probably have the fewest players too. Is this because of the grind or the bomberspam & shorter games? So many questions..