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  1. I've just played my last game for this round, only needing one game for a win. It started as maybe 8v8..we got the upper hand pretty quickly but matchmaker kept on adding new players. The original starters slowly got knocked out one by one and it became a bit of a lottery. But we got there, only just. 100% win rate for today. About 40% yesterday. It's pretty much just luck of draw when flying solo.
  2. This is getting worse for me. I even got killed by AA fire yesterday. There was no report of anything until my plane slammed into the ground after I had been ejected. The game said I crashed.
  3. Good to hear
  4. I still see most players using totally unsuitable aircraft for this mode. Then they moan in team chat about how they're going to lose. It's pretty boring to play, win or lose but you may as well use something that gives you kills and half a chance. If you're stuck with a bad team try for your kill record to relieve the boredom.
  5. Not much here to be proud of if I'm honest. Relying on airfield AA, on the other side of the map, to save your a pvp game. And then you offer up the noble 'I'd rather crash my plane than get killed'. Didn't see much of a mention for using your skills to turn the tables on your potential attackers.
  6. ...but there are no spawn camping issues. Gaijin says so..
  7. The hardest one? The one that's in front of me doing 'the wiggle'. Time and time again I see people so fixated on wiggling and not getting shot they forget about everything else. Like actually trying to escape, turning the tables or playing the game in anything close to a sensible manner...or even playing the game at all. Strange thing is. I always shoot them down in the end. It's an inevitable conclusion. So, if you are reading this and you too are a wiggler, do yourself and everyone else in the game a favour... At the very first hit, J-out & save us both some time.
  8. Patrol boats were a pita to kill in the chronicles event. Every ground unit has been buffed now, to varying degrees. It's even more noticeable with boats because bombs don't kill with splash damage, ironically.
  9. Firstly, very few planes will out-turn a well flown Hurricane, if you did then you're on the right track - though you shouldn't be trying to in the first place. If you've watched the numerous tutorials available, and you're flying the German line, I'd imagine you're edging towards the boom 'n' zoom philosophy. Nothing wrong with that if that's how you want to play. But if you're doing it right there should never be a point where you get into a turn-fight with a Hurricane or anything else. You should be starting with excess speed & energy over your intended target and if your initial attack doesn't get the kill you extend away & repeat or move on to a better target. If you don't you will bleed energy extremely quickly and before you know it your opponent has the edge. The British fighters that you're facing require very little energy to manoeuvre to their fullest in comparison to many other planes. "Bnz' is all about patience, of which I have little - so I rarely boom n zoom, not in the purist sense at least. If you don't have patience either, maybe Bnz isn't for you. Try the British line, it may suit your style of play much better. And you'll at least gain some knowledge of how they perform. The Spitfire Mk Ia, Hurricane Mk IV & Hurricane Mk IIb/trop (all 2.3br) are all devastating planes in the right hands. Aside from the above, it sounds like you are having a few graphics/technical issues. If you have a low fps rate ensure 'old videocard support' is selected in the launcher setup, or lose a few of the fancy graphics that you don't need if you have a reasonable set-up. Try different servers to find your best ping for your location (longer queue times may apply).
  10. Not sure if it's just because of the chronicles event, and thus a real or expected increase in queue times, but one of my squad mates was put into a match against a fellow squad member a short while ago. Anyone else seen this happen?
  11. Given that assists are dished out for splash damage on armoured cars, etc(ridiculous). It's fair to say that assists should be reviewed. But I'd be against converting them to kills. This being despite the fact that I've flown more low level brit planes than anything and therefore suffered from 'crippling assist but no kill' syndrome more than most. If a vehicle can still shoot or bomb it ain't dead. And if it's an enemy vehicle that ain't dead it needs to be.
  12. And yet, for many, Britain airfield domination is the best map there is. It's certainly my favourite. Wall to wall action from start to finish.
  13. Just got 48 kills in a win with a Hurricane Mk IV. 2 of them should do it comfortably (with a third for the ground units I guess). So long as you don't duplicate targets too much.
  14. Yo-yo-ing is a great strategy. It allows you to break away from danger during reloads. It helps you replenish energy in case you are attacked. It keeps potential attackers guessing as to your whereabouts and intentions. But also, it helps you change the view of your target from a slim profile (from their six) to a nice fat juicy target from above. An extended yo-yo can often fool your prey into believing you have broken off entirely, so they relax their evasive efforts. Just be aware that you will be at your most vulnerable at the top of your Yo-yo, when you are at your slowest speed.
  15. ^post of the week. Refreshing to see this kind of advice instead of the usual 'get gud', 'L2P' comments that are all too abundant.
  16. There can be no perfect balancing on a regular basis. No matter what system is used there are going to be unpredictable factors. Say an elite fighter pilot with great stats needs to get 72 ground targets for war bonds and decides to go ground pounding...or an elite bomber has a new fighter to spade up. Some games will be balanced, some won't be. Some you'll win, some you'll lose. Hard to see a workable system that is going to be any better than we have now..especially with a dwindling player base.
  17. Air AB - coz that's all I play atm... 1. Kill bug/glitch - whereby something one-shots you and the game can't tell you why you died, because you shouldn't have. 2. Strict game mode rotation - 50% GS/FL, 35% airfield domination, 15% Air domination. 3. Introduction of new targets and scenarios in ground strike missions (ammo/fuel dumps, bridges, train stations, etc. as well as non military targets that cause point reduction if bombed (to encourage precision bombing) - e.g. hospitals and prisoner enclosures in bases.
  18. Some clearly have skills. Others are by no means as good as they think they are. Hard to sort the wheat from the chaff in the circumstances in which they operate.
  19. Pretty much everything you spoke about was high tier. There are many elitist ppl in the game that seem to believe that high tier is where it's at..that only good pilots play high tier and that the best of the best are at high tier. Not true. As for fun, which matters more than anything imo..for me, it drops off more and more with each level above 3.0. But, for the cost aspect alone, you'd be better off at lower tiers.
  20. Patrol boats can no longer be strafed. As for the other stuff..
  21. I never said he wasn't capable. He admitted to actively not doing it, or even wanting to do it. So don't be so naive as to the think that someone else should or will. Or even be naive as to think that the game should change because it doesn't suit the way one player wants to play. As you and others point to the fact that if you kill one, another spawns. So that's right up your alley - no problems there either. If you want to kill other planes there is nothing stopping anyone in any mode. It's not like there isn't a furball of fighters taking shots at each other in every game. And if the win doesn't matter to you that's even better. As for selecting air-dom permantly. Feel free..within a day or two your queue times would be crippling. So, if the chance ever arises (which it won't) knock yourself out.
  22. So a thread that is borne from someone's refusal to shoot down the planes that do damage to his teams' chances in a game now spawns the suggestion of throwing in extra, AI, targets for fighters to shoot down - thus increasing the likelihood of those that do the damage going about their business even less challenged than they were before? How can that possibly be of any help to anyone? I guess there are those that play who are largely incapable of shooting down other players but, if most posts here are to be believed, most of those pilots are flying bombers and thus, are the ones doing the damage... There are enemy planes to shoot down. That's kinda the point of the game. We don't need AI air targets.
  23. If it takes that long to find a game, the chances of getting an assault game together wouldn't be good at all. Makes sense to ask a captive audience.
  24. I suspect, because there are fewer high tier players for matches, BR's generally get 'sucked' upwards. A vacuum at 8.0 gets filled with 7.0, which increases the likelihood of a vacuum at 7.0 and so on..probably working downwards to 4.0 or perhaps even further below. Somewhere around 3.0 there is a surplus of players and it's a toss-up whether you get tiered up or down.
  25. Pretty much this^ Though you'd clearly struggle solo so a contributing teammate or two is still required..and often hard to come by.
  26. A few weeks ago I created a thread entitled 'i feel grind-locked' (or something similar). My point in that thread was: that having researched most of the British tree and near maxing out all of my British crews I really didn't want to start from scratch elsewhere. Well, since then, I have. With the premiums I earned with the last couple of months warbonds I kick-started the American tree and I've made considerable progress with the Russian tree. I've also re-evaluated my views on the grind. The vehicle grind aspect of WT no longer worries me - because I enjoy what I play and ignore the rest. I've had a complete line-up of British 8.0 jets available for a month or two and I've never once flown any of them. There is some mild curiosity as to how they perform. But I'm not going to know, truly, how they perform until they're all spaded anyway. Even if i used them for hours a day, spading them all isn't going to be a quick process. So I'm kinda 'meh..why bother', the curiosity ain't that intense. The American & Russian trees have proved entertaining, if only for a change. Russians are a different beast to brits and I'm enjoying learning new disciplines. The American tree is just plain bad, for me at least. Aside from the premium 109 that I used to kick-start the tree I've found no gems that interest me at all. I haven't flown many admittedly but I've seen nothing that gives me any desire to either. I've unlocked a heap of planes pretty quickly in both trees. No complaints about vehicle grind in either nation So it's just module grind & crew grind. I perform well enough with the Russian planes to get by on crew skills..though the constant black outs are an issue. Pilot knock outs are painful too but beyond a certain level, crew skills don't seem to matter with this anyway (a 20mm to the face is still a 20mm to the face - max skill points or not) and no number of crew points will stop the glitch kills that happen more frequently at higher BR's either so again..meh. I'm working on the reload crew skill first as it's one of the very few that make a clear and tangible difference - the crew grind is real for this. Though I've found a fun Russian line-up to play that takes the sting out a little it takes a massive amount of kills to max reload points with no premium and no talismans. But that's the bottom line. I don't pay, beyond my time input to the game, so I can't complain. If the grind gets too boring I switch back to brits for a while. Nothing stops me playing the game at a level that is fun and the grind shouldn't stop anyone else either. If you haven't found fun in the game and think jets or tier 5 tanks will provide it, I think that's unlikely. If you find fun at lower tiers the grind elsewhere doesn't matter a jot.
  27. Leader boards are stacked all over the game with 'retired' accounts that somehow 'managed' to find their way into squads. Just goes to show..
  28. Firstly, don't judge any new plane until it's spaded (has all modules researched), the difference to all aspects of its performance can be significant. With regards to shooting targets, you need to have the gun mods fully researched to reliably hit something - or to know that you are reliably missing for other reasons. Those reasons can be plentiful but as long as you have a steady connection and reliable platform it's going to be a matter of practice & experience. Wing mounted guns have convergence to think about but the importance of this, once you've settled upon a convergence distance that works for you, is often overstated imo. Unless you want to keep a spreadsheet of research on what works best for each individual aircraft, go with something middle-ground and learn how to use it. You've proved to yourself you have skills and a steady connection, etc., so now it's just a bit of tweaking for new challenges. Killing comes with practice. Use the numerous tutorials on how to maintain energy, etc. and be aware of your aircrafts strengths and weaknesses. Some turn, some don't- don't get into turn fights with aircraft that turn better than's all common sense when you get to know the aircraft you fly and the aircraft you're up against. As for being shot easily, much of the above applies. But also, you're facing a step up with armament. Cannon equipped planes, planes with multiple 20mm, etc. Evasion is hard to teach and improves with experience. Just be aware of your surroundings and be aware of potential predators as much as possible. Crew skills also play a major role in your early days in war thunder (or your early days with a new nation - as I'm discovering myself atm) and can be incredibly frustrating. But we all get there in the end. Don't get so hung up on what goes wrong with your game. Do what the rest of us do..hang onto the moments where things go right. War Thunder is like playing golf - a terrible round becomes a great way to spend a few a hours if you hit that one good shot. You can analyse what goes right and what goes wrong if that's in your nature, and that works for many. Otherwise just enjoy the ride knowing that things will improve - be it experience, crew skills, whatever.
  29. I had a problem when I first started. I didn't know how to earn enough and assumed higher tier vehicles would be 'better'. This, of course, is not necessarily the case. You plough through vehicle research, buying each plane as it's available and end up flying unspaded planes in bad line-ups against players that show you what's what. You earn next to nothing and your silver gets depleted. Once I figured out that I had to drop back to move forwards all was well and I now have no such worries. As far as lions go - the current system works.
  30. As above...also, not best attempted 'solo' for the above reasons. If your given squad mate spends the whole game base bombing from the clouds you'll get no squad awards and therefore no best squad. Best to save them until you gather some regular friends in the game or join a squadron. A squad of 4 has a much better chance than a squad of 2 or 3.
  31. If you've moved up to higher tier vehicles there can be times when silver lions are hard to come by if you're just starting out. My advice..move back to lower tiers where things are cheaper and stay there for a while until you've built up a good cushion of lions & experience.
  32. Been reported elsewhere on the forums, not just with ps4 players. It also happened to a squad mate last night..teamspeak got very 'colourful'. Couldn't have been anything that Gaijin did tho..or they'd have told us.. ..yeah...maybe..
  33. I know because historically, I've been one of those at 500m or below..usually, like 450m below. I'm working on it.
  34. Depends on your initial speed, target speed, etc but if you know most targets (of the type you're going for) are @ 500m or below there's no need to be at 2.5-3km altitude to start with.
  35. Given that, in many games, there are only a handful of players (at best) that do any real damage, here's another mechanic to help fighters influence the game outcome; whilst in-game press your 'N' key - having done so, identify those doing the real damage to your team. Next step - go shoot them down. Rinse & repeat if symptoms persist.
  36. If it's a pilot snipe the game tells you so. I get killed far more often by bugged one shot kills than by pilot snipes, even with nations I have only just started that have 0 vitality crew points.
  37. The one shot bug in game atm doesn't help. If the game can't tell you why you're dead it's kinda hard to come up with countermeasures...if there are any for a bug.
  38. If you are going to 'summarize' please keep the context of what was said. I don't see where I said the game was broken. You said 'the game is broken' because people abuse how the game works'. Therefore, spawn camping is totally game-breaking - let's all quit now? The game is over by the time you get to altitude? Herein, probably, lies my biggest issue with your argument. You spawn 'at altitude' - more than enough altitude to go after a diving bomber. Of course there might be more than one, but there might not be. Even if there are more than one, the game time will be lengthened if it's killed. This thread would have carried more weight if it was started by someone who not only, actively tries to counteract bomber spam by shooting down said spam bombers, but also, has not stated that they actively avoid shooting down spam bombers for the sake of some game-wise, vague personal reason. Fair enough that your argument has been amended from 'the game is totally broken' to 'Do217's are totally broken' - a little while ago it was Tu-4's that were broken (perhaps they still are, just at a different BR), but both are somewhat a balancing/FM/DM issue. The recent fixes have gone a long way to lengthening game times. They could go exponentially further. Mini-bases could require 100 tonnes to drop - but until fighters take down those doing the damage an unchecked bomber will keep on dropping bombs until the job is done. A longer game?, sure, a better game?, maybe (maybe not), a different game outcome?, Inconclusive. To be able to say that the game is broken you need to have a clear vision of what it should be like when it's fixed. I personally like the game as I experience it now; I'm so fed up with 'mystery kills' at 4.0+ it's not funny - but that's a bug that needs fixing and has little to do with gameplay per say. I don't think the game is fundamentally broken but I can see many a tweak and then some that would improve the gaming experience. By all means tweak the bombers FM's. Tweak the rewards for getting 'assists' on ground units (seriously - the next bomb dropped on the armoured car would wipe it out anyway, no need to reward the previous guy for light splash damage - but if you must reward them, don't give them more points from multiple 'assists' than you would give to the fighter pilot who shot down both bombers, that's just absurd - someone that drops on light vehicles and misses but ends up with 8 'assists' shouldn't be higher on the leader board than anyone with a single air assist, let alone air kill). I could go on for hours about tweaks to the game, probably more so about content I'd like to see but I don't think for a moment that the game is so fundamentally broken in it's current state.
  39. Tanks are still scuba diving on the Fjords map.
  40. Ticket bleed for air kills (which absolutely does exist in some modes) or no ticket bleed, if you believe that fighters play no part in winning games then you're playing a different game to me. If that game is jets then maybe..I don't play jets. But an issue at higher BR's doesn't mean the whole game is broken - it just means the recent balancing measures which went a long way to fixing issues didn't go far enough. But how often does the team with the most air kills lose the game? Not often. Blaming people for utilising game mechanics with full knowledge of those game mechanics is ridiculous. Of course, many people don't understand game mechanics (I often see players trying to cap airfields populated by enemy GU, or players at high tiers trying to strafe pillboxes). But if you've posted here with authority of knowledge it's a given that you know how the game works. Utilisation of game mechanics is not cheating, the OP will testify to that all day long. But selectively choosing some game mechanics to whine about when there are counteracting game mechanics already in game that some players choose not to utilise is kinda crazy. The OP was quick to point out that 'why stop a bomber when they can spawn in with another' The OP was always quick to point out that he 'didn't want to sacrifice his altitude to stop bombers' - we can all break that code-speak. So the game is now broken because a few people want to pump up their stats instead of utilising the numerous options available to them? And I'm not even saying if you want to beat bomber spam you need to bomber spam.. You want a game mechanic for stopping bombers? Here's one...fighters. You want a game mechanic that gives fighters a role? Here's one..kill bombers. You want a game mechanic for fixing up your roughed up fighter? Here are four! Crash it - get a new one. J-out - get a new one. Ram an enemy - get a new one. Return to your base - get the same one brand new. You want a game mechanic for preserving your stats? See above. You want a game mechanic that helps you retain your altitude? See above x2. Rewards should be tweaked for bombing but more so for killing. Bomber FM & AI should be tweaked & imo bombers & maybe fighters should be returned to their old spawn heights. The game is not broken if it provides measures to counteract the issues in the game.
  41. On numerous, and increasing, occasions recently I'm being killed with no reported cause. The game simply states 'pilot credited for kill: 'whoever_shot_at_me'. It's a one shot kill like a pilot snipe but without being a reported pilot snipe. What are they hitting?