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  1. Crew points are all part of the grind. The more you play the more likely you'll just end up maxing out your crews, no matter if you actually use the crew skills anyway.
  2. It shows how messed up this game can be, and particularly how messed up AI gunners are, when the topic has shifted from fragile engines to gunners. It's somewhat rare to lose your engine to an enemy and yet most encounters with bombers result in a badly damaged / dead engine. The semantics can be argued all day long but at the end of the day.. with a computer firing back at you instead of a player, as it should be, things just aren't right.
  3. Engines are the AI gunners 'random' target of choice. Have been for a while.
  4. Judging by the 'success' I've had, a squad of Hurricane Mk IV's would make light work of the Wellingtons. I just don't have the inclination to organise it.
  5. Saw them for the first time on something I flew yesterday. Meh..still wondering what the fuss is all about tbh.
  6. I had that map a couple of times running a few days ago (not seen it since - yet to see Ardennes - why have new maps and not have them appear regularly when the same old maps appear time and time again?..I really don't know). It was fun for the first couple of minutes the first time around. It's kinda Greece all over again with regards to targets being at the enemy spawn. And the altitude thing just seemed kinda strange and pointless - not to mention unrealistic (trees at that altitude to name but one reason). Pretty sure that when the novelty factor wears off it'll be on a few players' least favourite lists.
  7. The op was suggesting removing an apparent buff..not adding one. Weak though the Japanese guns may be they have good dogfighters but the problem, if there is one (which I don't believe there is), is that there are a plethora of Russian low level planes with 20mm guns. Historical their gun strength may or may not be, the British planes of the era did the job. The best performing British planes in WT at lower tiers do have multiple 7.7mm guns but that doesn't mean all 7.7mm equipped planes require a nerf or that all 7.7mm equipped planes are great performers. The best performers do what they do as much for their flight models and despite the guns they are equipped with.
  8. At low tiers, where you can give and take hits.
  9. Or...we could just go back to how things were pre-update. I didn't see a problem before the update & thinking back I never saw a need for change or a means of improvement. Now that we've had the unnecessary change the game has taken a big step backwards.
  10. As much as I don't like scalpels that are fired at me to slice my wing off with surgical precision, on some planes/kills you are left with a little piece of 'something' that flies alongside your plane without being attached where your wing used to be.
  11. We already had wing stump models. Now we have surgical precision slicing.
  12. If I'm just playing solo, and quite often as a squad, I always play at 2.7 in arcade planes. The planes can take a hit or two..sometimes even three and the action is fast and furious. Best fun there is in the game.
  13. I don't think wings are any more susceptible to damage than they were before the update. But the graphic effect of losing wings is terrible... ...not to mention the flight models. Most planes would go into a vicious roll with one wing completely missing, not glide serenely on.
  14. help

    Aim, imo, is all about positioning for the attack. Prediction of your enemies' movements in advance gives you a far better chance of a kill or at least, do more damage. Much of this comes from practise and experience. The amount you need to lead varies from game to game, aircraft to aircraft. Connection, server state, wing or nose mounted guns, round velocity, target type - the list goes on.. So give yourself the best chance for a kill. Regardless of what you are flying, line yourself up so that you get the biggest profile possible to hit. Also keep in mind that one burst may not be enough so you need to have the energy to manoeuvre according to your targets movements. But a big target profile may mean if you don't hit the engine as intended you may get the tail instead. Nobody can really teach you how to lead. So give yourself the best chance in other ways.
  15. It's worth mentioning as nobody had already.. Wagers can be 'put on hold' simply by playing games outside the wagers tier requirements. So drop to tier 1 / 2 games to regain your confidence/connection/squad/whatever and return to the necessary rank line up when you want to continue.
  16. Disclaimer: Any previous comments made by me in this thread were solely based on the Assult mode being worth playing. It's not.
  17. Planes Favourite : Britain airfield domination Least favourite: Alpine Meadows (could easily add African canyon & Rice terraces, perhaps a couple of others - purely based on over-use.
  18. It's not like you couldn't shoot wings off before. Only now it looks terrible if you are the recipient. It's like the cars cut in half at car shows, only they show what's inside. WT planes have nothing inside.
  19. Sorry The one on the launcher update news feed thingy
  20. The link / survey regarding the 1.67 "assault" survey isn't working for me. Anyone else having trouble?
  21. AI gunners, even or perhaps more so - dead ai gunners, have been this accurate towards engines since I have been playing (a few months now). The topic has been well covered elsewhere during this time too.
  22. I've echoed this in a number of threads already. Wings don't drop off like this unless you forgot to add the glue when putting your model together. Realism - I think not.
  23. I haven't once noticed the exhaust flames on anything I've flown. But I haven't had any night/dawn/dusk maps that i recall, so maybe that's why. As for the wing thing.. not only does it look implausible to leave such a clean break but when it happens your plane goes from looking like an actual plane to an airfix model your big brother has stepped on. It leaves a hole in your plane and allows you to see inside and it's kinda crazy to reveal that your plane doesn't have an engine after all.. And planes would not happily glide on with a wing missing completely.
  24. I think ppl believe that there are more intricate nuances to war thunder than there are. If you can be killed with no apparent cause and no game reported cause do you really think hit boxes are set up with enough accuracy to create ricochets?
  25. This was not a good change imo. It looks completely false with such a clean break and the totally wingless flight model is totally incorrect. Something that didn't need change but was changed anyway when there are so many things that needed change but were left untouched.
  26. Personally I couldn't see the sense in it. Did a couple of games last night. The second by accident so I just hopped out of it immediately. The first, I had 10 kills before anyone else got 3. The firefly formation did nothing as i took each one down from the rear & the Wellingtons shot both wings off on the two planes i used before quitting the game - one bomber with AI gunners is bad enough, let alone a formation of them, overly gung-ho approach or not. As my 'teammates' were in typical plane preservation mode & didn't even scratch any bombers the outcome was somewhat inevitable. So it'll be, enter a game & go make a cup of tea from now on..thank you for the booster.
  27. Didn't the release notes say the PVE mode was not going to be available as yet?
  28. But we are about to get lots of shiny new stuff. Who cares about broken old stuff.
  29. My suggestion: Before anything else, look to see where your nearest friendly is. Nothing more exasperating than seeing a teammate in trouble and trying to catch up with them as they dive away from you, taking the enemy with them. Aim to fly towards friendlies as you implement the suggestions above.
  30. Player levels dealing me 'mystery snipes' in the last few games this evening.. 8, 10, 17, 17, 17 (different players), 46 & 54. Perhaps inconclusive with regards to any new player buff but the fact that there's a level 54 suggests that this isn't the cause.
  31. I've been trying to find a common link but this is something I hadn't thought about. I'll keep an eye on player ranks and see what happens. Very occasionally I shoot ppl and get what could be a one shot kill. It doesn't happen as often as it happens to me so I barely pay any attention. I'm usually too busy with my next target and forget altogether.
  32. Unless there is a squad involved it's quite rare to see more than 3 or 4 players actively attacking the objectives. If you haven't been one of them you have a good chance of influencing the outcome. In ground strike & frontline only the flashing objectives really matter. Make sure you have the best bomber available at your chosen BR level and use fighters/attackers that can be equipped with bombs or rockets. The more ordinance you can drop on targets the better your chances.
  33. Pilot knock outs very much exist and the fact that you don't see them is odd in itself. It's not a crew skills issue as my crews are maxed.
  34. Never flown an fw190 but if you are at an energy disadvantage you need to regain energy and use whatever tools you have to regain the advantage. I'd engage the enemy, preferably head on. At least that gives you a 50-50. Your opponent may evade or you have the chance to evade also. Being head on, if your shots miss the target you have a further opportunity to dive & evade. Some chance is always better than no chance.
  35. ^ mystery snipes I get them occasionally playing 2.7's but pretty much every other kill at 4.0 -5.3 is a 'mystery snipe' (that's as high as i generally fly). In one game earlier..3 mystery snipes and one pilot snipe out of the 4 deaths i suffered. The instant burn down kill is a curious one too but at least your unmanned plane is smoking as it flies off without you. Also, if the mystery snipe happens close to the ground or during a dive and my plane goes on to crash without me in it, the reported kill method is changed from.. no reported cause Pilot credited for kill:xxxxxxxxx To.. Crash Pilot credited for kill:xxxxxxxxx Imo, there should never be an instance where the game cannot explain something like a kill. Something gets hit to cause it, the game should be able to tell us what that is. The fact that it doesn't screams bug.
  36. Pilot knock outs exist and the game reports them as such. So they must be something else, only nobody knows what that something is.
  37. I forgot to add provided, aimbot gunners.
  38. As I understand it, client side hit detection would be a very bad idea with regards to the use of external 'tools'.
  39. Britain - single airfield Imo the most fun map to play atm. Airfield, and therefore action, is close to spawn. Runway is huge so both teams can be capping with multiple planes at the same time. Just a real good shoot-fest a map.
  40. much so that there were a few tanks underwater on the fjords map a few hours ago
  41. misc/other

    Great idea. Many Golf members are in australia and there are many more besides.
  42. Screen range is more important than gun range. Unless you own a movie theatre.
  43. I have been awarded talismans on every single British tier II aircraft. Maybe I play British planes too much
  44. The biggest change that has helped the game is the ground unit buff.. though it has gone a bit too far, to the point of frustration. 500-1000lb bombs should not need to be dropped to the nearest inch to kill a tank. AI gunners still need to be fixed (for fixed, read removed). Deaths with no reported, or apparent, cause need to be fixed and tanks need to stop mountaineering. Then there's the new content we all yearn for. But we asked for a change and got it, so it's good to know people are listening.
  45. I think we've all had long losing streaks, especially in our early days. It all works out in the end, albeit tough to deal with at the time
  46. Map, and therefore mode, rotation is something so easily fixed and yet ppl still suffer from having to do the same map 4 or 5 times running and getting ground strike games all day long.
  47. Sounds like a packet loss thing maybe. At least the game told you how you died. The replay might provide some answers. I've reviewed many of my cases of 'mystery snipes' and the replays give me no further clues as to the cause than the game does at the time.
  48. Very few ppl actually man their own gunners, though some that do get good results. Bomber gunners are notoriously OP so they're probably best left to do their own thing. Depends on your flying style. As bombers often out manoeuvre fighters due to their crazy flight models in arcade it would be harder to gun for yourself. But if you fly high and straight then manning your own guns would probably pay off.
  49. Throughout the BR range there are always more people interested in dogfighting than winning, despite the majority being not very good at either dogfighting or winning. This provides a lot of opportunity to influence the game by going for the objectives, so you can increase your teams chances of getting a win quite a lot. But in some games, no matter what you do, the outcome will be a loss. Joining a squad will greatly improve your odds of winning but even then there's no 100% guarantee. Even in games without a squad in the opposite team, things don't always go to plan.
  50. whats your build

    What am I grinding for?.. ..for the sake of it. Nothing I really look forward to owning. In no real rush for higher queue times at higher, one shot BR's. More fun in lower BR games anyways.
  51. I see what you're saying but player level is no reflection on a pilot's skill level either.
  52. Pretty much this ^ It goes to my point that BR's change as much for the planes around them in the tree as they do for their own performance..sometimes at least.
  53. I haven't reached the Tu-4 in Russians yet but my recommendation with any bomber is to unlock all bomb mods as soon as possible, in preference to any other mods. The more tonnes you can drop the better the results and the more rp you can earn..hence the remaining mods arrive more quickly.
  54. Team selection is basically random but if you play solo you're more likely to be up against squads than have them on your side. Best advice if winning games is your thing: join a squad.
  55. Given that the pilot of the bomber has most likely done absolutely nothing... Yes, absolutely nothing.. cause the said injury of the said fighter, I think it's quite right for the fighter to take the bomber with them in a ball of flames if they feel that's what they want to do. Or should they bring out another fighter to finish the bomber off and probably lose that fighter too? It takes some skill to get shots on a takes some skill to guide a stricken plane into a bomber that can outrun and out-turn even undamaged fighters. It takes zero, that's zero - zip - nothing - none, skill to let the game provided aimbot gunners harvest kills on the bomber pilots behalf. I'm no great fan of ramming but if there was ever a reason that could be condoned..this is it.
  56. On numerous, and increasing, occasions recently I'm being killed with no reported cause. The game simply states 'pilot credited for kill: 'whoever_shot_at_me'. It's a one shot kill like a pilot snipe but without being a reported pilot snipe. What are they hitting?