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  1. So let's do this all again... I'll start off by saying I like the look of the new screen it's refreshing to see something different if nothing else. However.. Hopefully there is some future need for the change because there's a mountain of other things that require dev time and attention above irrelevant cosmetic changes. If you are changing things at least get it right..minor I know but the star heading for player scores still appears over the ticket information, it looks shabby and ill thought out. The information players want to see is still broken...squad info and vehicles used is still missing. No surprise as it's also broken in-game, often missing when you hover over many players in the match screen also. There are above posts about other information that we'd all like to see but never will, which ultimately is only detrimental to the player (customer) experience. If that's a trade off Gaijin are willing to make then so be it. They make similar trade offs in other areas too. It's a shame but it is what it is. The 'to battle' button saves a click but not as often as it could with other changes made. I'd also like to see warbond battle task information updated and included on the report screen (see above).
  2. What you would have experienced in your first few games were games largely populated by bots. Much easier to fill a game when 8 of the players on each side aren't real. Bots don't appear after a certain point and you are relying on real players to populate the games. The wait becomes too long so ppl go to another server (or matchmaker forces you to another server). Being in Australia the S.A. server would be my best option ping-wise, but not by much. Not by enough to make the wait times worthwhile so I gave up on it a long time ago.
  3. You can pay for crew skills if you want to. Or you can earn them for free. That's not pay to win in my book.
  4. There are a lot of groan-worthy maps. Most of them because of the pure monotony (like 5 front line games on Gorge in 7 games in the last 2 hours - like seriously??) Guiana highlands is just flat groan-worthy, for bomber or fighter. I know it has it's supporters and fair play to them..but I'm not one of them. Not even close. The attempt to create something fresh and different was very much welcomed, the result was not.
  5. I'll happily switch out tasks, pretty much to the nth degree. At worst I make the silver lions back in the games I play to earn the warbonds, at best I don't have to switch many out and make a profit anyway. Given the fact I'd be playing anyway and the reward is a premium plane worth significant amounts of GE, it's a no-brainer. Some days they take 3 games, sometimes 10. No biggie.
  6. My tail gunner, halifax, out-killed everyone else in the game yesterday with 4 kills. Sad & wrong on several levels. I've had a kill streak of 5 twice before, both times my gunner skills were not even close to maxed, nor were they aced.
  7. This is a game and whilst based loosely on historical machinery any basis derived from history beyond that is a misnomer. I truly wish there were more and varied targets in the game..but as previously stated, the game and its improvement is woefully neglected. So, for now, we have mini bases as preferred bomber targets and a bunch of bombers totally unsuited to the purpose of bombing them.
  8. client update

    An opportunity missed to remove a minor cosmetic annoyance...the star (heading for the score column) still appears over the top of the word 'tickets'. I'd also like to see a return of the player info - planes/tanks used during the battle, the removal of which I understood to be a bug. On a's good to see update information itemized.
  9. All this talk about bombers that should be bombing bases is, quite frankly, nonsensical. I've played numerous games today where many people have bombed bases, asked for cover whilst bombing bases or complained for not getting cover whilst bombing bases (actually, let's get off the cover blame train completely - if you're not in a squad you need to be able to base bomb solo as many others can - not to mention the fact that cover takes an extra person away from potentially far more beneficial, for both team and player, modes of play). 9 times out of 10 these players have finished the game with less than 1 tonne of bombs dropped. But not because of a lack of cover or even because of the lack of necessary skills per say... but because the vast majority of bombers are completely useless when used for base bombing. 4x100kg & 2x250kg will barely scratch a base at 4.0. There are so few effective base bombers it begs the question why these players insist on bombing bases for next to no reward when a single heavy tank or pill box would reward them so much more, and furthermore, benefit their entire team with regards to progress towards a win (with the associated extra rewards for winning). Again, it's a lack of education or at best, a lack of understanding. Bombers should bomb bases right? No, no they shouldn't - except for the one or two at each BR that are best suited to the purpose. And I say all this from the perspective of a player that has been on a base bombing splurge this last week (aiming for crew points) with very mixed results. All at 4.0 using the Halifax- best game was 76.5tonnes dropped, airfield destroyed, game won, 10k+ points, around 120k lions and circa 1k crew points (premium + talisman). I did not ask for, or expect, cover and received none. Many more games were not remotely as successful, not necessarily (though often) through my own doing - more so because any team tends to have a maximum of 3 to 4 players capable of turning a fight. I found that whilst I was base bombing my teams were getting overrun and games were ending too early, with a loss. I have my crew points so my halifax is now back on tank & pill duty where it helps me win more games.
  10. Alternatively, fly Japanese
  11. Survivor award is in air AB. You have to be the top air killer amongst all those that have not lost an aircraft. Not sure about the exact minimum number of kills, 5 sounds about right. You can check if you've won the award in your profile > achievements > titles > Superhero - expand the tab. There might be a dedicated Survivor achievement elsewhere but i didn't spend much time looking.
  12. The answer lies in the title of the thread. War thunder is a game (The game being to destroy and capture targets both player and AI controlled) and a game to be played. As with any game it has rules & mechanisms to be successful by the games own standards. As with other games, you are also able to define your own success - pass completions, yards rushed, interceptions, whatever..none of them win you the game necessarily but can help in conjunction with other elements. If you choose your success only to be not dying, that's fine. Others may choose the same definition and fly backwards from spawn and evade the enemy until the game ends. They didn't die - success! Did they help their team win in war thunder? No. If there is one element of war thunder that is forgotten above all others, it's the game itself. I'd be surprised if 1% of the posts on this forum concern solely 'the game'. This is why the game has been left practically unchanged for many years, regrettably. The complete lack of focus on the game itself is why we have such threads and why we see such mediocrity on the servers. Players don't understand what is needed to score points and win games. It's not their fault.. it's all down to poor (zero) guidance and instruction. Feel free to continue judging your own personal success on not dying but if you want to receive greater rewards from the game as the game is constructed you need to adapt your play to be rewarded as the game sees fit. Edit: And in case anyone feels the game as it stands doesn't represent a realistic element of the need for survival, consider this: The goal of any military unit is not to survive the mission, it is to complete the mission. Survival is pretty much a secondary bonus.
  13. The thread title says a lot, however, despite the supposed existence of hit boxes for various parts of the aircraft we all know that kill shots are based on RNG and from time to time this RNG gets 'tweaked'. Client stability improvements anyone? If it's not pilot snipes it's lost tail control or wings being blown off, fires, etc.. I can't say that I've seen an increase in pilot snipes above the norm, if anything, I haven't really detected any one mode of death being more popular than any other right now. Assuming it's not new crews with low vitality stats I'd suggests you may be finding what you're looking for, not what you're seeing.
  14. You may.. & I'll even reply. I tried a bunch of others that just didn't work out*..first game in getting smashed by campers kinda games. Not my thing. Despite the age of WT I gave it a go. Whilst players have all sorts of reasons for playing WT, mine essentially is to see stuff blow up, even though I have a semi-keen interest in conflicts of the 20th century. I'd more likely opt for an infantry style fps if I wanted to play from a military interest standpoint but having played quake III for many years I enjoy the fluidity of movement that planes (one of the main reasons why i can't get into tanks) can offer. *At the time of installing WT I had a very low spec machine. I may have ended up playing other games had I had enough interest in the gameplay to further investigate ways to cope with a low frame rate. Thankfully WT interested me enough to do so.
  15. I'm saving up...on planes and lions. Assuming 50% discount I'm up to around 6-8mils worth and counting.
  16. If running is aim you're going to do better by diving than climbing. It's better to run and reset than to die I guess. Otherwise, you need to make efficient use of your rudder and hope the enemy doesn't know the same tricks.
  17. If there isn't a as I Brits and make one. To hell with K/D ratios and textbook manoeuvres. The furball is where the fun is at. As for chat in AB.. I seriously doubt that all players know which button is needed to chat, not to mention time constraints.
  18. When you see players in a 4.0 airfield domination game asking things like: 'How do you land on the airfield without stopping?' Which was inevitably answered with several 'You don't stop' replies, you appreciate how much game education is lacking and therefore required. Politely directing players to the wiki just doesn't cut it (because the wiki often doesn't cut it as much as anything else). Similarly, when I was called a n**b because I had 1 less airkill by the abuser. He had 2 kills, I had one. I also had 41 ground kills and 6 assists more than his total of 0 in both categories. In those circumstances I consider it a public service to 'educate' the players, often in a somewhat curt manner as game time doesn't allow for much more.
  19. Annoying as any AI kill is, especially bomber AI when there is a PvP option, I would rather see things as is than furthering the endless nerf/buff merry-go-round. Leave as is, accept the occasional hit & grab a new plane if necessary. It ain't no biggie.
  20. Your crew become 'trained' on each aircraft placed in their slot, with progressive costs as the battle ranking (BR) rises - check the Qualification tab by right clicking on your crew slot and selecting crew. Purchasing expert crew is highly recommended at the earliest available opportunity as it helps with a number of things - the most obvious being reload speed. Once a vehicle has been purchased, you keep it. This allows you to build line-ups at different BR's (using 'presets' you can save your favourite line-ups at various BR's) so you can mix up your gaming experience. There is no race to the top - many people play nothing but lower BR games even though you research all the way to jets eventually, if you play the nation long enough. In fact, racing to the tops can bring significant issues such as running low on silver lions. Should this happen, simply play at lower BR's until you have banked enough to continue up the tree. Rinse and repeat when necessary.
  21. It happens quite often if targets are not fully destroyed by either team.
  22. was AB. Plenty of players alive with targets to kill.
  23. So is understanding what is written. The game ended in a draw, with both teams losing. With an uneven number of ground targets remaining. Why not let the game run until a worthy winner emerges instead of 2 fabricated losers.
  24. ^ that. But I've never seen the sense in having planes in a tank game. Especially with the current mechanics.
  25. I'm disappointed. Not that the wheel is back (don't mind that either way) but it kinda confirms it was a bug that it disappeared. So it was one of many, many things in the game that worked perfectly for years but now don't, with seemingly no requirement to be messed around with but messed around with it was, to the point of it being broken. And on top of that, not only was it broken with no apparent need to be but it then took a month or two to fix it again. PR blunder to break it. PR blunder to not test your changes. PR blunder to leave it broken for so long. PR blunder to not communicate with your customers at any point, especially upon repair where Gaijin could have earned some well needed brownie points.
  26. I've just been told that by a player that they were involved in several air-dom games in the last few days at 5.3. Can anyone else verify this?
  27. Keeping bombers from bombing is a lot different than tackling spawn campers. Though it also has to be said that bombing bases rarely wins games, but it probably helps more than camping the enemy spawn.
  28. Why are you climbing alone to tackle a team of spawn campers, with the inevitable outcome that will bring, when you could be diving away to help your team win the game?
  29. Me too. Which makes no sense when both teams still have ground units to be destroyed. Yesterday I was in a 'both teams lose' draw when my team had 7 ground units remaining and the enemy team had 2. The game hadn't even reached the time limit. Why have any objectives & cointers at all when the server just decides enough is enough and awards a loss to both teams? Not to mention the crazy self-destruction of ground units that can start ridiculously early in some games. I see a lot of work that goes into some aspects of war thunder whilst the actual gameplay remains unchanged for the better and continues with these nonsensical quirks.
  30. There's little point in booming without planned zooming. Perhaps you stayed a little too long on target before making your escape, losing energy in the process. Alternatively, learn to embrace the furball for the fun that it most definitely can be. Furballing at high tiers is not recommended unless you have the best turnfighters at your control.
  31. Don't load bombs in the first place if you see no need to use them. If you have them or they reload, I'm sure your teammates would appreciate you using them to good effect.
  32. @GrumpyExile the devs have said the problem doesn't exist in air battles, despite the above facts and this pinned thread's existence. There will never be a fix.
  33. This suggests that WT is pay2win. Far from it. Perhaps I have gained a little experience in the game since I went premium, perhaps not, either way I would have gained that experience anyway, regardless of paying. After my initial lions shortage (caused by racing up the trees without the necessary knowledge, crew points & experience) I settled back to lower tiers and stayed there, amassing 20mil+ silver lions. No more lions worries for me. I play well enough to make a profit in every game I play and would make a profit even if I wasn't premium. Through premium I gather research points more quickly, nothing more. To suggest that free players are easy targets is way off the mark. There are many great players that are F2P and many bad players who believe paying will make them better. It won't.
  34. 1. (Again) fix the glitched air kills where the game cannot tell you why you died - six months or more and counting. 2. As above 3. As above x2
  35. Drop me a pm when you're on in-game.
  36. Whilst the above responses show this situation should never occur, one has to wonder how many players have reached the same conclusion as the op & have left the game for good without giving notice first on the forum. All for the sake of a few missing hints and tips in-game. I remember being in a similar situation first and only foray into the WT wiki was a disaster - the first three links i clicked were broken, I never went back. Thankfully I gave it another shot and found the forum. My first post was locked, apparently because other threads already existed on the subject. I persevered still and finally found another thread that matched my enquiry so I posted there instead. That got locked too, because I necro'd an old thread. It's a wonder that I'm still here to tell the tale.
  37. @SneakySausage you don't need to be top 100 to get the skins. 100 rating for one, rqfe victory is the other. The event, as usual, is a bust. I earned the Herringbone skin for achieving the 100 rating. Don't know how. Don't know how the ratings work - no explanation how the ratings work, never has been, never will be. The G55 is a waste of time. I completed a race in my G55, without crashing & in 3rd place, 8 seconds behind the guy that won the race (in his G56). The guy that came second crashed and finished 2 seconds behind the leader. The guy that finished 4th had also crashed his G56 & finished 17seconds behind me. Doesn't make any sense. So yeah...don't bother with the G55 and only bother with the event if you like the WT mystery nonsense factor.
  38. Don't rush up any trees in tanks or planes. The grind is designed to keep your crew skills, silver lions & machinery pretty much in sync with your experience levels.
  39. The OP was a very comprehensive and well thought out request for discussion regarding proposed or potential changes that could be made to the crew point system. I fail to see where any assumption comes into it from my part. It's there in black and white. Resultantly I gave my response. Crew points work as they are. More education of the player base would go a long way to fixing any existing issues. I'd rather see developer time being spent on revamping the game itself than revamping essentially secondary elements. What there is too much of on this forum is posters that that wish to argue with fellow posters for the sake of arguing, often with no or very little relevance to the topic under discussion.
  40. Must I have an opinion? No...but I am entitled to one.
  41. By AI system, you mean matchmaker? Regardless, squads generally do the most damage and squads won't be split.
  42. Having enjoyed the use of rockets, especially on airfield dom maps for a quick solution to a sneaky capper, I'm bemused as to how and where I can use the russian rb/rbs rockets. When I started out with the Russian tree these rockets used to do things. They actually made things explode. Now, even if they don't disappear into the ground with no effect whatsoever (as many rockets from various nations seem to do more often than they should), they have zero effect on anything. AA, artillery, armored cars, air to air - forget tanks - all seem to be immune. I still see huge chunks of earth erupting on impact but that's it. Might as well remove them from the game.
  43. To run alongside @Tigerspook 's, and other, OP threads.. Which planes do you feel are under powered, complete lemons for their BR and in need of a drop?