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  1. I completed the research on the B-17G-60-CO in the very first game post update. Turns out I can't buy it because I now have to research and purchase the PBY4Y-2 first. Kind of annoying but I guess it is what it is.
  2. Useful info: You need crew points in reload & weapons maintenance. I've seen no benefit to having gunner skills maxed at all! - sooner or later you'll max them anyway but the two mentioned above are the most crucial Watch your enemy. Often there are diving fighters and there are climbing fighters. This provides a window of opportunity somewhere in the middle. Don't be target focussed - aim for targets where the enemy is elsewhere and adapt your strategy accordingly. Use altitude initially and speed latterly to evade any nearby or potential attackers. Gain height when you can/when you're reloading. The extra available speed will come in handy later. Use your teammates, either as protection or as decoys. If you can follow a friendly fighter they'll either kill a pathway for you or at least they'll occupy anyone ahead of you. If there is a friendly bomber nearby, put them between you and your enemy. Be aware of high level targets and hit them first - why die bombing AA when you can come back and strafe them later. Get ahead by hitting pillboxes (relatively easy at altitude on your initial dive) and hit softs later if you survive the reload. Flashing targets are all you need to destroy to win. The rest is just a bonus. Reload in the direction away from the enemy. Chances are, they'll chase something closer and even if they survive they'll forget where you were and will latch onto something else. This also allows you to time your reload to be perfect for your next target (half the time flying away, half the time to fly back- allowing a few seconds for the turn in between). Reload when you can- not only when you run out of bombs. It's often safer to retreat to reload for fresh targets than it is to push too far for that extra last ground kill (don't forget to drop remaining unused bombs before reloading - sounds silly but I'm guilty of this more times than I care to remember). Stay low on bomb runs to ensure accuracy but include lateral and vertical movements if you're under fire. Staying on the deck will present more enemy to your gunners that may buy you some time. If under fire, get the enemy on your tail and keep your hittable profile to a minimum- whilst heading to the nearest friendly fighter if possible. With speed and thought, there is often nothing an enemy can do to stop you from hitting your initial target. After that it's what you do that makes the difference between top 5 and middle of the road.
  3. With the way things are, in most games, 2 pillboxes will get you top 5..perhaps higher if there are no squads on your team. When I'm playing solo, usually just in fighters, there is often one dedicated bomber on the team. Make that two, with yourself, and you can be right up there too. I've seen (& achieved myself) 40-50+ ground kills. The bomber spam threads even show you how doable bombing is. As with the OP, if you're bombing and not finishing with good rewards, you're not doing it right. The skill level of the average player is, I'm sorry to say, extremely low. Usually, the bottom ten of any team is made up with wannabe fighter aces. They may get a kill or two but often don't & finish with an assist or two with the loss of 4-5 planes. If they strafed a single ground unit they'd be top half I got 13 air kills (5 more than anyone else on either side) and finished 5th on my team in a game the other day. Everything points to ground units if you want to finish in a high team position. And it's not like you can't do both bomb and fight. I've achieved terror of the sky and thunderer in the same game 5 or 6 times recently. Believe me..if i can do it, everyone can.
  4. For every map (airdoms aside) there is a strategy to make the most of your bombers.'s not always going to work out but there are always things you can do to make the most of whatever opportunities that present themselves. If you want longer games I'd suggest you play realistic mode. I agree that staying high, unless you are base bombing, is kinda pointless but that doesn't mean you need to dive to the first target either. I'm far from a pro bomber and I'm pretty gung-ho with everything that I fly but the results you are seeing suggest you're doing something extremely wrong.
  5. Of course the Italian tree will get a buff in all areas. Who'd want to ever play Italian tanks otherwise. And so the nerf/cycle continues...
  6. Cannons should outperform MG's, logic should state that - let alone history. So why did the mg's get a buff in the first place? As for the sparking..that's an entirely different issue than pure firepower. If hit detection (lag correction) worked properly, nothing would need a buff. It's not like rounds spark because they don't hit hard enough. They spark because they don't actually hit server-side at all. BR is one of the many knock on effects from nerfs & buffs. Buff one thing and the BR should be raised, nerf another etc., etc. I for one would be glad if all this had been settled years ago and allowed dev time to be spent on more objectives/targets/modes in the games. As it is, aside from a few more of the same targets being added recently, the game hasn't changed one bit since I started playing 8 months ago and probably since way before that.
  7. I don't want to send this thread off on a tangent but in response to the above. Thankfully, not all planes fly the same in game, nor should they. Japanese planes got a FM buff and the games are now awash with them. We all see the ridiculous aerobatics of heavy bombers. Historical accuracy went straight out the window there too and we now suffer the consequences. Historical accuracy can still play a part in arcade mode. But alas, it rarely does. As for maintaining the grind. The game has too many, unnecessary, variables as it is. Set the guns as they should be and leave them that way. Some nations will win, some will lose. If that doesn't balance when it comes to grind there are always RP changes to fall back on.
  8. Idk about buffs & nerfs and all that fancy stuff...I'm just happy when the game lets me hit what I'm shooting at. But what I will say is this..different nations exist with different strengths and weaknesses - or at least they should, supposedly with at least a hint of nod to historical accuracy. The planes in this game aren't all X wing fighters shooting one-shot-kill lasers, nor should they be. If that's where this game is leading it won't end well. 5 years on and the weaponry balancing is still an issue, really? Why? Because one nation gets a perceived buff and everyone is up in arms that their favourite nation isn't as effective, relatively speaking, anymore. So the buff / nerf merry-go-round keeps on spinning until every aircraft can one-shot everything on the battlefield. Then everyone will moan that they're getting shot down too easily & we can start the whole process again. Historical accuracy provides a sound basis and a solid reference for performance levels, or at least it should. It's not like the devs have carried out continual weaponry development over the last 70 years or so. Each vehicle should perform like it did..and that's that. It should also ensure variety, which is fast becoming a rare commodity, in this game. We see swings from nation to nation with each buff/nerf introduced for flight models, damage models (not so much because nobody knows how they really work and nobody ever really tells us anyway) & armament. It's a shame that much of it comes at the expense of historical facts and the disappearance of gaming variety. It's also a shame that most players seem to want it that way. It's also a shame that many aspects of the game that desperately need attention get passed by because something that should have been set in stone 5 years ago is perpetually tinkered with.
  9. It is not so much a hit detection issue as it is an item placement issue. The items being myself and my opponents in places unknown, with little to no resemblance of what I see in game.
  10. I'll say again for the hard of comprehending. This isn't player on player, this is game (upon game) by game. Thankfully, being the weekend, I'm able to get games on the SA server. Higher ping but massively more playable.
  11. I don't tank so excuse my potential will smoke be effected by ULQ users, if at all?
  12. It's not a ping or connection issue.
  13. I see bad hit detection game by game, not target by target. Then a game will be trouble free and I'll kick the proverbial. Some (very, very few) games good, most games bad. I didn't have any games yesterday where I would say it was good. But then I didn't play as many exactly for that reason. I'd be interested to know how often & when the servers get a reboot.
  14. I don't play high tiers very often so maybe that's why I have no SL worries. I'm currently sat on 23.5mil or thereabouts and I'm not yet level 100. I do unlock planes as they are researched though and I'm 2-3 planes from a complete British aviation tree.
  15. Because most lvl 100 players have more than enough SL anyways. They'd probably see it as a bit insulting.
  16. I'd like to know which rounds do apparently no damage at all but kill you instantly with no reported cause of death. That's a far more important question imo.
  17. The point is, that you are enabled to do this by severely misguided (for misguided, read - incorrect, unrealistic, non-historic, downright wrong) game mechanics. Gaijin's answer to bomber spam was a very quick and simplistic solution- throw in a bunch more targets. More targets means longer games. So now we have to go through the lengthy process of trying to figure out where the balance lies with regards to rewards, skill level applied, etc.. Which is a minefield. But one that must be crossed, and quickly - before the fighter pilots simply up and leave.
  18. Yup..a Halifax that drops a few loads of bombs outstrips a fighter with 10 kills by a country mile points wise. Activity & skill should be rewarded.
  19. Maybe so..but it's not a ping issue per say. Until the chronicles event I had a ping of 220 on the US servers. High but most definitely playable, with few of the issues outlined above. As soon as the chronicles event started my ping went to 250 (where it remains apart from the odd spell here and there at 260). Higher again but in some games there is no noticeable difference whatsoever. I hit what I intend to hit, when I intend to hit it and rack up the kills accordingly. And yet in most games, with the same high ping I miss everything I target and end up with a bunch of assists from small calibre guns because my main guns have exhausted their ammunition in what should otherwise be a sure kill shot. As stated previously - if there was some sort of consistency players could adapt to an extent. There is no consistency and having to guess where your target is server side in a turn fight is no basis for good results. I've been killed by players in a near head on pass after they have flown by me and disappeared from my screen. So it's not even where I'm shooting that's effected but where my adversary is and how I evade them. In a tight turn fight, if my enemy is metres from where I think they are, and therefore travelling on a totally different trajectory to my estimation from what I'm witnessing then I might as well play blindfolded.
  20. I see the teleporting multiple times on the same target now where it used to be once on the occasional target in any given game. Last night, in my A6M2 I'd dive in for a kill with my 20mm, the target would teleport and I'd be left sparking away with 7.7mm. Being a new crew it's a 30 second reload. Next target, or even the same target, the same would happen again. It's all well and good adding new vehicles, modes and nations but there's no point playing capture the flag with flying pope-mobiles from the Vatican City tech-tree if you can't actually shoot anything in the first place. It's another example of many things that once worked but now don't - which is very worrying, and I've only been playing for a few months. It demonstrates that (unnecessary) changes aren't being tested, the playing community isn't being listened to, bug reports are being ignored and the game servers are having issues that need major work.
  21. Agreed. But it seems to have been at the expense of airdom in particular. I haven't seen an airdom game since during the time of the chronicles event...and i play way more than is healthy.
  22. Don't forget - you can put wagers 'on-hold' simply by playing any rank that does not meet the rank requirements of said wager. So..if you can only play a few games before your friends go to bed but you want to keep on playing, switch to a rank above or below the qualifying ranks for the wager & when you get your friends together again switch back to the qualifying ranks and carry on with the wager.
  23. I don't really see why you'd need to. But if you want to get rid of them, activate them at a minimum stake.
  24. You've said yourself that player level is kinda meaningless. It shows you've played too much or too long. I don't really see a need to reward a player further to gold wagers, etc that players already get anyway. We all like free stuff but, as we know, nothing comes for free. A massive influx of eagles for the countless players at level 100, and another chunk for those below, would be devastating for the WT economy and the devs.
  25. It is the variable nature of the issues that is the problem. What you witness in one game you try to compensate for in the next. But the goal posts have moved again, and so on.
  26. The merits of joining a squad are obvious, gaming and otherwise. But I guess it's not for everyone and that's fine. But if you are in a squad then some wagers are very useful/profitable, other wagers I just don't use. Gold Eagle wagers are amongst the easiest to complete with the right ppl around you. Being the most valuable of the wagers I'd suggest they are very useful. Silver lion wagers - if you're good enough to be able to complete them, odds are you don't need the silver lions anyway. But best squad wagers can be a quick and easy boost if you're ever running low. Some of the more obscure SL wagers just don't interest me anyway, regardless of their varying levels of difficulty to achieve. Orders...well...they really are all useless.
  27. That's exactly what happens with supporting fire.. The only difference between an assist and supporting fire is the requirement of being in a squad and getting the supporting fire by assisting your squad mate.
  28. I'd suggest asking your squad mate to play at a lower level. Secondly, assault is a good mode for spading higher level planes (apparently) but it's going to depend on how often you plan to play the mode. As for planes best suited for the mode...whatever you have got or can get that has the best chance of one-shotting the bombers you're going to encounter.
  29. The worst thing a company can do is believe that their customers are stupid. Do any of us really believe that a whole host of ninja changes aren't being done in the name of 'client stability fixes'. We all spot the changes eventually and I dare say that some intended changes that we aren't informed about get bounced back as bug reports on occasion. Which would only clog up the system. Not to mention the extra trust and 'buzz' that would come from changes being announced instead of ninja'd in. As for technical vehicle changes, it gets harder and yet easier at the same time. This is a game where historical references are available. And dare I say, war thunderers are more 'anorak-ish' (nerdy) because they can be...war thunder is based around actual things & events. your customers and they will trust you. Oh...and fix the obvious stuff that blows any claims to 'historical accuracy' clear out the water (tanks climbing mountains are kinda not historically accurate..kinda not even remotely). With that in the game everything just becomes a mockery of the facts.
  30. More static targets are needed and then make them (and bases) bomber only. Trouble is, there are attackers with hefty bomb payloads too. Heavy/strike fighters also need a designated role too imo. But all of that needs a larger variety of targets which many ppl have requested but nothing new is on the cards afaik. Heavy bombers shouldn't be, or allowed to be attacking convoys, especially with crazy aerobatics.
  31. If you lose, you lose. Leaving early won't help.
  32. If you run out of vehicles and leave you get the result of the game when it ends (and any rewards/bonuses and relevant rp, etc). It's only a loss if your team goes on to lose anyway. No matter what the outcome, all relevant results are reflected in your stats. In the meantime you can join another game. An easy way to check for yourself..take a plane you haven't flown at all into a game with a single plane line-up. Leave early and see what stats are added when the stats are updated.
  33. A week or two ago I seemed to play a lot of frontline maps that dragged on way past their usefulness as a contest. I even ran out of fuel on more than one occasion. Nobody on my team had bombs or a willingness to use them on the remaining target that was left and the enemy was reduced to one or two that were completely awol. Maybe the self destruct has been tweaked to prevent this as I haven't seen it since.
  34. The 'who does the most damage and should be awarded the kill' mechanic has always been somewhat up for debate but the incidents I outlined resulted in no kill be awarded to anyone. Simply, 'Player X crashed'. They crashed either because the hits I got did damage resulting in a crash or the hits, and resulting evasive manoeuvres, caused the pilot to crash.
  35. In many of the games I play there is simple proof that the games are now long enough. The amount of players on each team or, more so, one team that have either used up their available aircraft or just quit the game.
  36. I agree that 'the old' spawn height for bombers should be reinstated as it now seems you are forced to dive as going for altitude is a rarer option than it ever was. However, as a firm believer in having no AI gunners at all they are already OP to the point of silliness. Though their chosen method of killing seems to have moved on from knocking out engines to shooting wings off, no less annoying but slightly less frustrating.
  37. The head-ons seem to be a lottery more often than not. A lottery that I lose more than win, despite being in a similar situation to what you describe. ..and crash mechanics with collisions, etc. could use more than a little tweaking
  38. Several times in the past few days I have registered hits on my intended target, in a continued attack, until such point that the target has hit the ground & only a crash has been registered. Regardless of damage this has always been awarded as a kill? I certainly expected a kill to be awarded so I was surprised that it wasn't given. I've either been incredibly lucky over the 1000's of games I've played to have done the 'right' damage in the past (as I've never seen events unfold like this before) or something in the kill mechanics has changed (for the worst). Anyone else seen this happen? *note* I'm aware there can be time limits on hits and the like but I have registered hits until my target reached tree level before impact and not been awarded the kill.
  39. I've seen it on several maps in the last 24 hours. Whilst they can be still be killed (unless they're underwater) it's not always easy and it inevitably effects the balance of a game where it happens for one team but not the other. I would however, happily live with all ground units going where they please if the game was able to tell me why I have been ejected from an apparently good plane for little to no reason on a highly annoying, regular basis.
  40. I appreciate the amount of code in something like WT is pretty immense. I also appreciate that afaik the tech mods are all volunteers and they must also be bombarded with bug reports, many of them to be things working as intended. Here's the but.. I play only Air AB and therefore there is plenty of the game that I don't see. But I can go into my next game with a good chance of seeing tanks climbing up near-vertical mountains, or worse, going underwater. And worse still i can almost guarantee that I will be killed, with a single shot, and the game won't be able to tell me why I died. I won't be able to figure out why I died either, no matter how many times I watch the replay. I say guarantee because this has happened to me up to 4 times in one game and it's rare for it to not happen at least once in any given game. These aren't rare bugs. They aren't dubious in their interpretation. I think it's great that a bug whereby some bomber has the wrong colour needle on the oil pressure guage gets fixed due to proof and documentation. But for me, gameplay always comes first and the two bugs outlined above were reported months ago and despite their obvious existence still haven't been fixed.