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  1. The point is still it never flew!
  2. So I had a look again at this and sorry mate you can't complain! Look at initial cost. 990k for a Germany but 1.47m for Russia. Crew training 280k vs 420k You can fix your aircraft many times over with the saving you have in purchase cost.
  3. So I read on the WT website and they are talking about a KV2 and a Iron Duke. What am I missing? Is this still last year's event that pops up on the news feed?
  4. Why are there 3 more Germans every game? There we much more Russians during the war.
  5. Good evening guys. I have been searching for a while now and can't find anything. When the Centurion carry APDS why can't they be ammo racked? I have shot many of them and it just blacken out the ammo. I understand that the projectile is non explosive but it has loads of propellant behind it to get it out of the barrel. If this is a bug and I need to file a bug report how do I get the CLOG for that game. I did save the reply the last time this happens. Much appreciated. Barendd
  6. Good afternoon guys. I'm connecting from Kenya. The last few days my ping haa been over 500 constantly and today it is 999. It use to be 200. I also download updates at 300kbps but I have a 4Mb line. I don't have anything else but WT that is taking data. I only play on the EU server. I am connecting with a LAN cable. Please advise what I can do.
  7. I'm more than over this tank. RU 251 just non penned 3 Hesh rounds on the front upper plate. Not the drivers hatch. The plate. 2 was on the corners to make sure I don't go near the hatch. This thing needs to be removed not just get a br increase. If they want to keep it in game then 7.7 is a good BR. Put a bush on the front and no one can see where to shoot the almost impenetrable turret from the front. If anyone here had a IS6 and doesn't believe me I'm available to prove it. The RU is not OP. I have been 50 called to death enougj times. I hit ammo racks with heat-fs and they go black and no kill. If you complain about the RU then your a terrible player to say the least
  8. Can someone explain to me where Gaijin got stats or anything for this thing? The V3 never flew. It was not even fully assembled! How was it decided that it is as OP in tank battles as it is? How did they decide turn rates for it? How did they decide anything? Apparently everything in this game is realistic and that's a selling point they have but having an aircraft that never flew or even fully built and making up everything for it is ridiculously far from realistic The flying wing concept was built by the Americans and they realised back in the 50's it is a bad idea and it doesn't work. Until late the B2 with modern fly by wire it did not work so how does Gaijin decide that 229 is such a good aircraft?
  9. Is it only me who thinks it's the worst 8.0 SPAA? Seldom get critical hits. Always just sparks. Can't pen tanks like all other SPAA. It's just useless if you compare it to the other 8.0 SPAA.