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  1. Why does tailgunners not shoot at enemy aircraft? My crew is expert and my gunners are fully upgraded yet at 600m gunners don't shoot at the enemy aircraft. Target tracking range is 1.04km and shooting range is 740m. The enemy are not in blind spots because when I take manual aim I can shoot them. I seriously think there should atleast be some action from the gunners.
  2. Just got mine. Need some info please. Climb speeds. How many of which bombs to clear a base. If you going back to base when you you cut power as I'm always doing 200 when arriving at the runway. Best belts. What to do in a 9.0 game since the Hunters just wreck you within 2min. Any other tips will be great Should the Tu-4 be a 7.3 since in 9.0 it's completely useless and almost every game is 9.0?
  3. I started playing this about 3 weeks ago and can't even archive a 40% win rate. What is going on? British at this tier has a 65% win rate. I don't see how this is balanced. Yes the IS-6 is still OP as hell and you see them almost every game. One guy got 12 kills within 7 minutes. He just charged at the us knowing that he basically can't be killed. I really hope something will be done to bring back balance to the game. I played Russia before. At 5.7 I couldn't pen any 6.7 Heavy tanks from the front. In my Tiger 2H a 5.7 centurion just one shots me from the front. I don't understand how any of this is balanced. Please advise me on how to get anywhere as a German 6.7 tanker.
  4. It's stupid OP. Nothing at 6.0 can pen the turret. It has crazy good hull armor. Unbelievable good gun. Compare it to any Panther and it's only one winner. Compare it to a 6.3 T44 and there is only 1 winner. I don't see how it can be a 6.0. 6.3 at least. Now they bringing in the Mk1 Cent. Where is that going to fit in? The problem with the British tech tree is that there are bad tanks and good tanks. You can't exactly move the Mk3 up. The FV4202 should be at 6.3. It should be like the Tiger H1 and E both 5.7.