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  1. Worth the coding effort (probably for a GE purchase? )
  2. Thanks for report. 1 question, how were you damaged? gunfire from another aircraft? If you remember.
  3. You are welcome. It is possible the G-6 and G-14 has wrong "fahrtmesser"
  4. bombs

    The difference from an SC1800 to SC2000 is 200kg (440lb), that is a lot of weight! Only way to do that and keep same primary dimensions is thicker walls and tapered shape, at that point will be an "SD" type, and have less explosive (that is if you follow the German bomb types) The diagram looks much more like a SC1800 (or a PC1600).
  5. 0058686 tracking number assigned and report forwarded to forwarded to the developers. Thank you for your help improving the game. This thread will remain unlocked for one week (7 days) so that anyone with additional information\evidence\examples will have a place to post. After this time the report will remain active but will be archived
  6. Allow me to explain: It has 2 needles, a low speed and high speed. As you go faster than 250 the need will be hidden, and the high speed will be revealed. https://www.deutscheluftwaffe.de/fl-22244-fahrtmesser-1944/
  7. 1. Look at the Explosive content. Many PC bombs have low HE filler, so would not be worth players time to use. It is that that Japanese AP 800kg bomb with only 31kg of TNT, less explosive than the 60kg bomb. I do not believe AP type bombs are useful in game. 2. SB is like PC. Again, the HE content is what counts. 3. SD 70 = SC 50. Slightly less HE in heaver case. 4. No small bombs (for now?) Weeell, the SD 1700 has good HE value, but for such a small weight and size difference I think GJ can go with a slightly unhistorical 4x SC 1800
  8. Where is video? Your post is not clear. The new boosters are working, the question is are they working as on real aircraft
  9. It is in manual,, look back a few pages. 7G IIRC So, you are saying it gets sluggish on maneuvers, but what about the turn once the full effect is in?
  10. First book, TM9, is a USAF intel Tech manual, authored in 1953, so at best is second source. See this image, the SC2000 dimensions are smaller than the SC1800 The Junkers book is a great overview, but only 2 pages mention an SC2000, and not in any detail. One of the best places to find actual LW documents and manuals is here http://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/archiv-englisch/dokumente/web/new site/frames2/Dokumente.htm Compared to all the other types, mention of an SC2000 is almost non existent. In red are the only 2 the LW are missing and will be useful in game. The blue is a possibility, but it will have less TNT power than the SC1000
  11. I just received word the Cougar does indeed have the "flying tail" flight model (FM), only the visual 3D model does not show it. The game Cougar can also perform maneuvers that exceed the real aircraft structural G limit.
  12. What of this mystery SC2000? Need actual manuals, not books. The colored image is a official German manual, no SC2000
  13. bombs

    @SD501st Thank you for that list. (I already knew them, but very useful for others) I the game only considers HE / TNT for damage, no other type (AP) is used. BTW, a question of the "SC 2000" The more authoritative documents do not list an SC2000, and the dimensions given are the same as SC1800. The only ways to be same dimensions but 200kg heavier is if it was an SD type, thicker walls. SC 1800 1800 660 3500 1000 SC 2000 2000 660 3500 1200 Great list of ordnance here, I think has link to German bombs.
  14. I think the SM79 is due to major update.
  15. Ok, gonna skip rank 2, looking at Rank 3 or 4 then. It is Ironic the BR.20 has the biggest bomb in Italian fleet (800kg). One could think the 1007 or 108 could carry it too. Let me ask this, which Italian fighters are best to ignore?
  16. Sounds like a bug. Post screenshots.
  17. Tal a Rank2 to work on Rank3's
  18. Thanks for the addition! 0058584 tracking number assigned and report forwarded to forwarded to the developers. Thank you for your help improving the game. This thread will remain unlocked for one week (7 days) so that anyone with additional information\evidence\examples will have a place to post. After this time the report will remain active but will be archived.
  19. I am looking to Talisman a few Italian aircraft, right now Rank II The Macchi C.202 is one, but considering if the 20mm MC202EC version. Still the 0.7 BR jump (AB: 2.0/2.7 RB+SB 2.3/3.0) is pretty big Yes, I know it replaces the 7.7 with 20mm, but the heavier wing 20mm guns (4x heavier, each?) will really impact performance. On the bomber side, Talisman the lowest BR SM79? (BR 2.3) What about Rank III? ================================================================================ June 16 edit/add OK, I will look at Tal something in Rank 3 or 4 instead. ....now which one of those?
  20. c.202

  21. New thread started with the latest, please post in there.
  22. The Macchi C.202 was one of the initial aircraft in Italian tree with 1.69, brought over from the German tree but remodeled and a new version. A proper intro was announced on 13 June 2017 (this thread replacing an existing one) " Nimble and agile fighters, the Macchi C.202 was equipped with German DB.601 engine. The aircraft had only one major flaw - weak armament. We have completely remodelled the whole series of these famous Italian fighters, and also added brand new modification that is armed with 20mm cannons! " And for those who crave a little more PUNCH, the 20mm version!
  23. bombs

    Those dimensions match the SC1800, or very close to it. Do not recall another reference to an "SC2000." Besides, SC2500 would be better, no?
  24. I bet the Spit or Mustang is better.
  25. Can you please upload a CLOG file for the test flight? (and suggest getting a new name.) Will investigate issue.
  26. 0058529 tracking number assigned and report forwarded to forwarded to the developers. Thank you for your help improving the game. This thread will remain unlocked for one week (7 days) so that anyone with additional information\evidence\examples will have a place to post. After this time the report will remain active but will be archived. It will also serve as a place where the developers will post questions for you to answer so please keep up to date here
  27. bombs

    Guess everyone is stunned in awe, can speak.
  28. Because the player is likely gliding at less than 10% power. It is one of the most aerodynamically clean aircraft and can easily glide level (0% power) faster than nearly all propeller bombers flying at full power.
  29. Thank you for additional info. And yes, Pretty sure he means 0.93 GR, is that correct?
  30. Thanks for details! Will be posting soon.
  31. Good, will file sometime today Possible, but cannot assume. German documents are very good, much be a reference somewhere.
  32. Pretty much you can sum up in this sentence " The cougar's pitch control begins to lock up at speeds in excess of 760kph whereas in real life the all flying stabilizer maintained extremely effective pitch control at speeds of up to mach 9.3 (speeds in excess of 1,111 kph)" To verify what you said: above 760 the pitch effectiveness reduces, pitch changes are noticeably slower (or the rate of angular change is reduced), As the speed increases the reduced pitch control is same, or does it get worse with speed?
  33. bombs

    OK, everyone can stare in awe.
  34. That would be great, as not everyone has time to read pages of posts to find this answer: How is the games FM different than the real FM. TO be precise, at what speed does the effective of the in game model become less responsive to pitch control than real F9F. Thanks, all of you!
  35. Lots to read, will read it when I have time.
  36. bombs

    UK and USSR have the biggest bombs in game, at 1814kg and a whopping 5080kg respectively (USSR also has a 2983kg one too). Just for speculation, what other *non-nuclear*, high explosive, bombs are out there? While I found USA, German, and more UK bombs, I did not spend much time look for Japan, Italy, and other USSR big ones. Listed are all High Explosive types, except 2 that are semi-HE. NOT included are AP or "earthquake" bombs like Tallboy and Grand slam. I also included what aircraft could carry that bomb in game. Designation explosive Mass kg kg explosive % ratio Max armor pen Dest rad Frag rad 1st Unit Qty Rank Japan ? Italy ? USA AN-M56 L.C. (4201lb) Amatol 1906 1472 77% ? ? ? B-17G 2 4 AN-M56A2 L.C. (4535lb) Amatol 2057 1594 77% ? ? ? B-17G 2 4 Pumpkin Bomb (10525lb) Composit B 4774 2858 60% ? ? ? B-29 SilverPlate 1 4 Germany PC1400 "Fritz" (APHE) Fp. 60/40 1400 320 23% ? ? ? He111H-6 2 2 SC1800 "Satan" Fp. 60/40 1800 1100 61% ? ? ? He111H-6 1 2 SC2500 "Stahlmax" Fp. 60/40 2500 1700 68% ? ? ? Do217K 1 4 UK M.C. 4000lb (semi-HE) Amatol 1814 900 aprox 50% ? ? ? Wellington 1 2 H. C. 8000lb Amatol 3629 1800 aprox 74% ? ? ? Lancaster 1 4 H. C. 12000lb Amatol 5442 4017 aprox 74% ? ? ? Lancaster 1 4 USSR ? Image comparing the UK High Capacity (HC) bombs, of which we games has the H.C. 4000lb Mk.2 (green square) Here is the full German bomb lineup, green is what is in game, red and blue are possible additions. US 4000lb (and others) in front of B-29 and lady for size (and beauty) Here is a PumpkinBomb (just) fitted inside a B-29 Silverplate. Inside Silverplate B-29, with Little Boy
  37. Table of the biggest high-explosive bombs in game for each country from least to biggest. 800Kg and bigger (note the Japanese Type 99 Num 80 AP 800kg bomb is AP type, thus its very low explosive load). The earliest unit to carry that bomb is listed. Note: WT Wiki has a page that lists all the bombs which has some additional info and destruction table, but lacks others. Here is old destruction table. Data taken from modification data card in game. Designation explosive Mass kg kg explosive % ratio Max armor pen Dest rad Frag rad 1st Unit Qty Rank Japan Num 80 Mod 1 ground TNT 800 390 49% 134mm 16m 173m H6K4 2 1 Type 99 Num 80 AP TNT 800 30.1 4% 83mm 3m 45m H6K4 2 1 Italy GP 800 TNT 822 357 43% 129mm 15m 164m BR.20 2 1 USA AN-M66A2 (2000lb) Amatol 907 535.6 59% 159mm 19m 200m B-17E 2 3 Germany SC1000 L2 "Hermann" Fp. 60/40* 1000 600 60% 175mm 21m 207m Ju87R 1 1 UK H. C. 4000lb Mk.II Amatol 1814 1339 74% 280mm 46m 251m Wellington 1c 1 2 USSR FAB-1000 (welded) TNT 1020 485 48% 148mm 18m 196m Il-4 1 2 FAB-1500M-46 TNT 1400 675 48% 194mm 23m 212m Tu-4 8 4 FAB-3000M-46 TNT 2983 1400 47% 288mm 48m 260m Tu-4 4 4 FAB-5000 TNT 5080 3361 66% 347mm 101m 300m Pe-8 1 3 *Fp. 60/40 is Amatol of 60 % TNT, 40 % Ammoniumnitrat
  38. Sounds like a Bug Report!
  39. I have seen such a number mean *total*, so 2x 500kg under the engines. Buuuut, it does look like you are right about SC1000 under the engine. Can you find 1 more source, better yet an image? (I know, tall order)
  40. ORLY? Please post the bomb load and modules here please. (actually played with 87R twice, 3 years ago!)
  41. But I also need to know when the reduction of pitch control happens IN GAME. When it looses response to control inputs. Thanks for researching. I am no where close to getting the F9F myself.
  42. In brief, the only loads missing are: 1x 1000kg 1x 1000kg + 4x 50kg Anything else? (NO SD-2) Now, there is an intriguing listing of 8x 50kg. I never saw that before!
  43. Thanks! Reposting link to manual http://www.avialogs.com/index.php/aircraft/usa/grumman/f-9cougar/an-01-85fgf-1-flight-handbook-f9f-8-8b-8p.html#download
  44. The manual actually is quite detailed on this. What I did not see is the reduction of pitch authority at high Mach.
  45. It does not matter how much force the pilot needs IRL, its all about the reduction in pitch control. If at M0.9 it is reduced 10% that minimal and control is still good. If it is 50% that is substantial and will effect combat. (now, if you have a Force Feedback stick, that is useful for that aspect)
  46. @GeneralRoach At what point does the pitch authority of the F9F start to reduce, harder to pull up? Kmh is good.
  47. @dotEXCEL What is this chart? Stall speed at G loading? Very useful, although I am hoping for loss of efficiency of pitch control. It does say longitudinal control (pitch control) losses efficiency, but how much? 10%? 20%?
  48. With the new tree in the "Italian Love" patch of 1.69 (27 May 2017) included SM.79 (World Wiki) it is time to start fresh on this type. These are old models originally duplicated from the German tree (if you had them in the German tree) it may see some updates. There are 5 versions in Italian tree (but there was 2 others available at one time in German tree). This is my list from German tree, some have 2 more to play with. Note: there are mistake in the bomb loads and the side mg range. Already there is a bug report sent to devs. When it will be fixed it would be stronger than now.
  49. With the 1.69 "Italian Love" 27 May 2017 launch comes one of the key Italian bombers of war, the BR.20 DR. (world wiki link) UPDATE: a Dev blog showed up on 6 June 2017 (forum link), quite a few days after 1.69, but welcome. A Rank 1 with low BR, it does have a max bomb-load of 2x 800kg bombs, impressive for such a pedestrian looking early bird! Cicogna = Stork
  50. LeMuchachoMasque was very diligent and made the list! o7 Pinning this for all to refer to. If there any omissions, errors, or changes please post. Format: Aircraft, Torp quantity, Torp size, Nation, Rank, BR: AB/RB/SB
  51. NOTE: the game ONLY factors the explosive content of of bombs to calculate damage. For example look at the "PC-RS1800" it is an 1800kg bombs, but only has 220kg of explosive, means it does less damage than the SC500 500kg bomb with 230kg of explosive. Only the "SC" type bombs are most practical in game. Currently the game has these High Explosive (HE) bombs (SC is code for high explosive splinter, number is mass in Kg): SC 10 (1kg explosive) SC 50 (22kg explosive) SC 250 (125kg explosive) SC 500 (260kg explosive) SC 1000 (530kg explosive) What is missing is the bigger HE ones (look for explosive content) PC 1400 (320kg explosive) (armor piercing type, less explosive than SC 1000 but is often referred to in aircraft manuals) SC 1800 (1100kg explosive) SC 2500 (1700kg explosive) (note: NO CLUSTER BOMBS, or AIR DROP MINES (LMA or LMB). Game does not recognize capabilities of those types, do not even ask!) What bombs could LW aircraft carry (as listed on manuals)? (Here is old list but needs verification) **Not including combinations with <1000kg bombs** Ju88A-4 2 x 1000 1 x 1400 2 x 1400 1 x 1800 He111H-6 1 x 2,500 kg 1 x 1,800 kg 2 x 1,400 kg 1 x 1,400 kg He111H-16 1 x 2,500 kg 1 x 1,800 kg 1 x 1,400 kg BV 238 (yes, that monster seaplane has external bomb option) 2x 1800 2x 2500 FW 200 2x 1400 kg Do217E 1 x 1,800 kg 2 x 1,400 kg 1 x 1,400 kg Do217K or M 1 x 2,500 kg 1 x 1,800 kg 2 x 1,400 kg Ar234 1x 1400kg PC1400 He177 (when we get it) ?????? http://i376.photobucket.com/albums/oo208/jag888/He-177load_zpscb4a9aed.png 2x PC 1400 2x SC 1800 Compare with others https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/24271-historically-inaccurate-loadouts/&do=findComment&comment=1742269
  52. A new addition to the US bomber line announced 19 May 2017, the PB4Y-2 will clear the skies of enemy fighters! Although based on the B-24, it was a truly new design and a very different mission, to ruin enemy forces far beyond the horizon.
  53. To the delight of everyone, the MC.205 was announced as part of 1.69 on 19 May 2017! The latest evolution of the MC 200 line and powered by the DB605 engine is proved to be able challenge any fighter on an even basis, 2 versions will be introduced. MC.205V Serie 1 - Early production version armed with machine guns MC.205V Serie 3 - Later production version with improved firepower
  54. 17 May 2017 the Sd.Kfz 234/2 "Radpanzer" Puma was announced. Fast and with powerful 50mm KwK 39 cannon this regular tree Rank 1 will keep players guess. No ones flank is safe anymore!
  55. After years of pleading and much passion the dream of romance lovers of the P.108 (wiki) has finally come true! Gaijin announced the much touted Italian heavy on 16 May 2017! The 108B (Bombardiere) version, nothing announced for an the 108A (Artigliere) version was announced 23 May 2017! (An earlier but very old thread on this can be found here, but its time to start fresh) This is the Series 2, optimized for night missions. (and by the look of its load-out, will come just time to deal with the threat on the high seas!!) And the colorful Series 1 with nose turret. Let this be a warning to attacking fighters! 108A(Artigliere)
  56. Just to match with the other factions types, this Naval thread is ready for future additions. NO Italian SEAPLANE ANNOUNCED OR PLANNED, this is just a forum topic. Post suggestions which seaplane you like out of the many choices in the Italian Air force. Be specific on why you chose it.
  57. Version 1.65 introduced a very nice addition to a low tier, low BR UK bomber. The Handley-Page Hampden (wiki) is an under appreciated light bomber in the RAF, able to carry almost 1900kg faster than the Wellington. Nicked named the "Flying Suitcase" and other names. Sometimes compared with the Do-17z "Flying Pencil", it did have unfortunately similarity as at least one time an RAF Hampden was mistaken for a 17z and shot down by RAF fighters. Gaijin was generous to enough to introduce 3 units in the game, Mk 1 bomber, TB 1 torpedo bomber, TB 1 UTK torpedo bomber in AV-MF (Soviet Navy). No official Dev was announced, but revealed on Dev in December 2016 release. A previous thread on this is here, but please post new comments here. Tiger_74Sqn posted screen shots from Dev, copied over from other post (is the VVS AV-MF color scheme true?) Hampden MkI (late) Hampden TB MkI ★Hampden TB MkI UTK-1 (400 Golden Eagles on the Dev server) of Russian navy ( AV-MF )
  58. Lockheed B-34: Hudson’s bigger brother introduced on 25 November 2016. Although produced in quantity and serving in UK and USAAF (wiki), this medium bomber is almost unknown to history. A welcome addition to the US (and possibly UK) lineup.
  59. The first of a horde of Japanese tanks, announced Oct 2, 2016
  60. In late February 2016 with 1.57 the Sunderland was released and is a hard hitting Rank 1 powerhouse. If it looks similar to the Sterling, they are by the same company which used many parts of this seaplane to make the bomber. Enough type, on with the pictures! Post away!
  61. Compiled a list of common acronyms you might see and hear in game, written for English audience with foreign info as appropriate.. PM me if I missed any. Translations welcome! General: GJ Gaijin (could also mean Good Job if used alone, during game chat and such) MM Match Maker, the system that groups players from various servers into a game. Nerf Means to make weaker, origin from "Nerf" foam toys soft enough not to cause damage when hits something. Buff Means to make stronger, like a weight lifter with bulging muscles is called "buff". OP Over Powered: unit is way to powerful, kills stuff just looking at it! L2P short for "Learn to Play", most often used when players complain "bomber gunners 2 OP, need Nerf!" Seriously, L2P! (don't fly formation with enemy aircraft) AI Artificial Intelligent, the game is smarter than you are and shot you down. Bot for Robot, another name for AI (above) TL:DR "Too long: Didn't Read", Posted information was over 4 sentences and reader was too lazy... er, BUSY, to read it all. UTC Coordinated Universal Time, the high precision 1963 successor to GMT (below), in aviation and nautical reporting is called "Zulu (time)" GMT Greenwich Mean Time, nautical time zone with Prime Meridian (0 hour) in Greenwich, direct foundation for UTC and still often used, but not longer official. AM/PM "AM" Latin phrase for Ante Meridiem "before noon" (00:00:00 ~ 11:59:59), and "PM" for Post Meridiem "after noon" (12:00:00 ~ 11:59:59) 24h 24 hour time, from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59. Diso/DC/dumped/booted - lost connection to server / disconnected from... Typed Communications: kk (understood) origin: "k, kool" cc (copy that/understood) origin: EIther "Click Click" of pilots mic as informal acknowledgement of non-critical message, or old typing shorthand for "carbon copy". vox voice comms TS Team Speak (or TeamSpeek) hf have fun, gl good luck, dh die hard GG Good Game FM Flight Model DM Damage Model LoD Level of Detail Air Forces names Allied air forces (major powers): VVS / AV-MF Voyenno Vozdushnye Sily ( Военно-воздушные силы (СССР), literally "Military Air Forces (of Soviet Union)") / Aviacija vojenno-morskogo flota (Авиация военно-морского флота, Maritime Military Fleet Aviation) RAF/FAA Royal Air Force & Fleet Air Arm United Kingdom (note UK Commonwealth air forces RAAF, RNZAF, RCAF, RIAF). USAAF/USN United States Army Air Force (in 1947 made separate branch, dropped "Army", thus USAF), / United States Navy Axis air forces (major powers): LW Luftwaffe, Germany (German wiki) RA Regia Aeronautica Italiana (Italiano wik) (all units incorporated in German branch) DTK Dainippon Teikoku <branch> Kōkūbutai (大日本帝國<branch>軍航空隊, lit. Japanese Imperial <branch> Airforces). Imperial Japan (IJ) also had a Navy and Army (Navy was dominant) (English writing and wiki as IJN and IJA) The English phonetic of IJ use "DTK" ** ** This acronyms is based on native saying of the forces, if not correct way to present please let me know. Munitions, ammo basics (see this post for more explanations) RCM "Rifle Caliber Machine gun" (also RCMG or Medium MG), rounds 7~8mm (0.303in) in diameter BB nickname for RCM becuase RCM seem to do no damage, like BB's (technically BB is 4.5mm / 0.177in diameter) HMG "Heavy Machine Gun", rounds 10 to 15mm in diameter (typical is 13mm and famous 50 caliber) Cannon Anything bigger than 15mm, most common is 20mm Major classes for munitions (combinations of below possible, except for Ball): HE High Explosive type (link is for fragmentation type), effect like a mini-grenade (fragmentation type uses fragments with the HE effect) AP Armored Piercing I Incendiary (fire causing), often added suffix with AP (less often with HE) T Tracer, has easily visible tail, but design is less likely to cause fire, often added suffix to another type "Ball" Simple solid round, a Bullet, replaced/updated with others (used because its cheap), often used for practice. Bombs classes (extremely broad variety, this is just general list): Kg/Lb Kilograms (Kg) and Pounds (lb). 1 Kg = 2.2 Lb's. Use for bomb weight, for simplicity divide Lb by 2 (500lb = 250Kg) HE High Explositve GP General Purpose (less explosive fill), something in-between an HE and AP. AP Armor piercing (hardened nose with delay timer, used against hardened objects and ships) A-P Anti-Personnel (smaller grenade like bombs designed to scatter wide and equipped with variety of fuses Mines Air dropped mines against ships and vehicles Forums IBTL NOT PERMITTED TO USE IN FORUMS (means "In before the lock") Other games you might see mentioned: GJ Gaijin Entertainment is the maker of WT and other games (do not confuse with Gaijin Games, totally different) WT War T... what was it now? BGE WWII Online: Battleground Europe a competing and very, very old MMO game with TRUE combined arms play. WoP Wings of Prey precursor to WT. WoL WIngs of Luftwaffe add on to WoP, expanding to WT. BoS Birds of Steel, it is the ps3 and xbox360 game that became War Thunder. WoT World of Tanks, from Wargaming.net, where survivors came from. WoWP World of Warplanes from Wargaming.net, competing sim WoWS World of Warships, see the trend? IL-2 Old but still popular sim game when talking about games, engine for WoP, otherwise name of aircraft IL-2 Strumovik. CoD Cliffs of Dover, competing war sim games (less likely use if Call of Duty) AH Aces High, competing air sim wargame. AW Air Warrior (possibly the first multiplayer air combat game, closed Dec 7, 2001) WB Warbirds (very old game still being updated) RoFU - Rise of Flight United (competitor WW I flight simulator with multiplayer) UI (User Interface): GE Gold Eagles- Purchased with real money is the major currency that can be exchanged for SL, XP, CS, or special equipment. SL Silver Lions- Minor currency earned while playing and used to purchase all manner of items, from airplanes to upgrades to munitions. RP (blue light bulb) Previously "eXPeriance" (details here) - points earned to unlock the next selected aircraft upgrade, and toward next unit (earned in game or can be purchased from GE). CS Crew Skill eXPerience Points, earned playing and applied to each crew slot, can be purchased from GE (suggest to reach 10 CREW LEVEL as quickly as possible, then be more selective). AB Arcade Battles (easy flight and DM model, use any or all aircraft in lineup) RB (HB) Realistic Battles (formally Historic Battles (realistic FM, DM, only 1 aircraft)) SB (FRB) Simulated Battles (formally Full Real Battle) (like HB, but cockpit view only, no markers on any aircraft, object.) EC Enduring Confrontation, hours long (usually 3) event in SIM mode that players join. Big maps and access to lineup makes for very open game play. PvE Player versus Environment special events PvP Player versus Player special events In game: EA Enemy Aircraft ET Enemy Tank EB Enemy Boat PB Pillbox, bunker. AA or AAA Anti-Air Armament (yes, enemy) Alpha Markers (airfields, buildings) with "A" Bravo Markers with "B" Charlie Markers with "C" Delta Markers with "D" BnZ Boom and Zoom, diving in, attacking target, fly away; used by less maneuverable but fast aircraft TnB Turn and Burn, turn with target until flaming mess; used by maneuverable aircraft. TG Tail Gunner, defensive gun on aircraft that have them (usually but not always refere to rear one). RTB - Returning to base (if addressing someone else, add their name) WT or WP - Way Point (path to follow) IP - Initial Approach (point where bomber turns to target and starts run) BUFF Bomber (Big Ugly Fat "Fella", a term first used with B-52's, bit of a time-warp term) LF Little Friends, fighters “o'clock” simple method of indicating direction to object based on analog clock face laid over aircraft (see image at below). High/Low simple method to indicate height of object in relation to formation, often said with clock direction (ie. 12 O'Clock High!!) 666 (or any combination of 6) EA behind someone (maybe YOU!), on their "6 o'clock position" jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj Someone *trying* to bail out.