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  1. The last one is the only Combat Mission load I have ever seen with external load. Others are manuals and testing data, not for a mission. REQUEST! I am looking for ARMOR DETAILS on the 88A-4 and C-4, most important is THICKNESS of the armor. I looked around, but cant find much about it.
  2. Razielkaine's advice is very good. Don't need to Ace every vehicle (especially if a over a rank down from what you are researching), but definitely the ones you are good in. Besides Premium, Talisman too (Rank 4 and up). I find Talisman of top bombers (Do-217E4, Do 217M-1, Ar234C, B-17e, Pe-8, etc) are RP gold mines, especially Rank 5. BV238 is a must have Rank 3 bomber to rank up Rank 3 and 4, but not 5. Key note about bomber, CREW EXPERT them, that helps tremendously to win battles. Lastly, fly Enduring Confrontation, the 50% RP bonus is a massive gain, and easily earn 20,000 RP/hour, 60,000 RP an hour if you have a really good day.
  3. Check the A-26B thread for interesting details (and there is a error in the new model) I have not seen any change in old 26C model.
  4. yea, but they still didnt fixed armored glass, from that small part to both (left and right) windshields, sadly doesnt have a thickness but i found that 35-50mm armored glass was mentioned couple of times in non manual documents. And... WHO THE HELL "FIXED" bombardier station by covering it all with weird sheet of metal, this isnt in even a single photo of that plane, that was glass part with steel mounting around. What the duck is this?! Black patch is gone in
  5. Wonderful! BTW, what is that bird you flying? Custom LW markings?
  6. a-26

    It is LIVE now. Post ALL the data here, we want to have plenty of sources for this. ATTENTION: There is claims the 26C rudder causing excessive speed loss when used. Does 26B have same issue?
  7. db-3

    Open for posting of awesome pictures!
  8. IL-4

    Looks cool, also pilot can spy on the navigator to make sure he's not doing anything dodgy. Superior Sobiet engenerring! Yes, must watch and motivate the peasants!
  9. Type 60 ATM dev post 15 March 2017
  10. 1.67 (March 2017) saw introduction of Ilyushin DB-3, where "DB" stands for Dalniy Bombardirovschik (Russian: Дальний бомбардировщик) meaning "long-range bomber". The later version (DB-3F) eventually was renamed Il-4 (WT topic here)
  11. There was much dancing, celebrating, and love making!
  12. ki-67 hiryu

    Anyone have Historical bomb load-outs data? No 800kg option, make me wonder if its missing.
  13. It will work like this: Use it once in game, and your game account is permanently locked to give that historically accurate feel of being dead. /s
  14. A-26B-51: The King of Attackers!   revealed on 24 February 2017 (Here is historic article for the A-26C version) 4 years since the A-26C bomber was put in game as a hidden unit, it is now available to all as the A-26B attacker version! And it is armed to the teeth! A-26B-51 modification, the out-and-out game leader for number of high-caliber machine guns: 14 frontal Brownings, plus another four in the turrets! But machine guns aren't enough for the king of attacker aircraft – you can also carry 14 HVARs or almost two tons of bomb load (4 x 1,000 pounds, 6 x 500 pounds, 8 x 250 pounds or 16 x 100 pounds). UPDATE: It is now designated as the A-25B-50, as the -51 was model without the bottom turret, used for fuel tank instead. UPDATE 2: This is an ENTIRELY NEW model!
  15. An iconic aircraft in the Inter-War years, the Martin B-10 only barely participated in WW2, but it heralded a major shift in the future of aerial warfare. In 17 February 2017 Gaijin announced the development of this historic bomber to the game as the B model. There is some incredible detail on this rather complex model!
  16. ZiS-43: When You Need a Bigger Bang with its The 61-K 37 mm automatic anti-aircraft cannon , introduced 8 December 2016. Sure to be a terror to anything.
  17. The first of a horde of Japanese tanks, announced Oct 2, 2016
  18. Next in UK lineup to dominate the low seas is the Dark class MGB, announced 2ed October 2016 Unlike Project 186, its armed to teeth, AND fast!
  19. Project 183 Bolshevik torpedo boat is the fourth ship introduced, and second Russian. This info site on Russian ships lists some details (regular Wiki does not)
  20. After a delay after Battle March (1.57) release the H8K series was introduced in (much to cheers of Japanese players). H8K Wikipedia (Game Wiki in works) With the release starting a new thread to discuss these 2 boats. Keep in mind, the FM is likely not final, BR could likely change, other details may also changed. In fact the Data Sheet is yet to be posted (as of 3/30/16) The regular tree H8K2 costs 10,000 SL to buy (or 899 GE to buy outright) 3000 SL to train each crew slot 10,000 SL for Expert qualification (highly recommended) 23,000 SL total to get ready for action. Premium H8K3 2300 GE to buy. I guess same as K2 for training and Expert, someone please verify. Known bugs on fix list:(in progress) Waist guns should be cannons, bug report (also this, and this). Image of Premium H8 is of H6 Other issues in works Hard to take off in high waves, sits low. Gunner number may be incorrect (need sources) Guns under wing do not point down. Anything else not reported or repeated? If you have issue with something, please be detailed why, include source if possible. NEED HELP! Looking for documentation on CREW. How many, what positions. List the book source and image of text. Details on the Turrets, especially waist and 7.62mm positions. List source and image please. ============================ Gossip time. If you wonder why 40,000 RP is needed to unlock a Rank 1 aircraft (NOT a bug), I have a guess is because it would cost 899 GE to unlock outright and is a way for Gaijin to earn some GE from whose with lots of GE and impatient to grind. . Not sure why put it rank 1, except almost all events require Rank 2 and up. FM is very questionable, H8 does maneuvers no one would do in real life (but this is not RL). Needs a good look at. (Sunderland was just as bad) DM needs to be checked too. IOW, H8's are like SuperNippon, fast, heavy load (for Japanese), and would make a B-17 run for life. the Balance Thor hammer is on its way.
  21. Players LOVE Seaplanes / Floatplanes. Awesome change of pace to fast furious fighter combat. Besides that, very, very few sims offer seaplanes, so this is a strong attraction. Right now Germany with Italy is the only faction without a seaplane, despite both having more variety than all the others combined! It will be easy to create more events, simple as open ocean map with sea-plane tender ships (any DD or CA (cruiser) or even cargo ships will do) with goal to sink the enemy fleet and include to inland maps where rivers are landing ground (with a shore rearming base). Other maps can be used with changes. I propose a selection to aircraft that will fill out the selection to give all sides plenty to enjoy with. With 3 types Japan set the sweet spot for seaplanes, a light patrol, heavy patrol/bomber, and a fighter. All other countries should also have 3 for variety, some a BONUS because some are just to cool to ignore! Requirements is aircraft was actively used for military operations. Here is a list of seaplanes and amphibious aircraft to look for candidates. Light is single engine with at least 3 MG and carried bombs Heavy is multi engines with lots of guns and bombs Fighter is high performance, usually based on fighter. Green - in game Yellow - on list Red - Need Blue - BONUS. Japan (3): Light: F1M Heavy: H6K SUPER Heavy: Kawanishi H8K2 and H8K3 (these things are flying Yamato's!), Fighter: A6M2-N Fighter 2: N1K1 Bonus: Aichi E16A Zuiun USA (2) Light: Vought OS2U Kingfisher (x2) Heavy: PBY Fighter: Few choices as USN and USAAF did not have float fighter, possibly use Northrop N-3PB? Bonus: Martin PBM Mariner or PB2Y Coronado Germany (1 float equipped "reserve" fighter) Light: Arado Ar 196 (He-51W super rare gift plane, no better than OS2U. Also maybe an Italian suggestion? RO41 and RO44 for instance) Heavy: Dornier Do 24 (this model CAN BE used by Allies) READ THIS, PERFORMCE STATS HERE. Fighter: Arado Ar 196 (armament enough to do serious damage, thread on this!) AND already in Dev hands here! Bonus: Blohm & Voss BV 138 (Ulatersk posted details on it, Febrovshik making model) SURPRISE! BV 238! UK (1, USA lend-lease aircraft) Light: Supermarine Walrus Heavy: Short Sunderland Fighter: Northrop N-3PB under Norwegian Armed Forces but supported by RAF (new topic here by SubRyan) (alternate Fairey Swordfish floatplane) Bonus 2: Received PBY in UK colors (premium). Bonus: Dornier Do 24 (Dutch owned supported by RAAF in Pacific) READ THIS (flags of all nations that used the Do-24, link to details) Russia (1, USA lend-lease aircraft) Light: Beriev MBR-2 (event plane, but still!) Light: Beriev Br-4 another light but decent, added due to interest and support.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUq-YHc0AOA Heavy: Tupolev MTB-2 need for land based aircraft prevented more being built. Excellent info here (in Russian) Fighter: (cannot find native type, what can be used?) Bonus:: PBY-5a (but change to PBN or PBY-6a which is historical)