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  1. typ-klasse 140

    I am not impressed by it, but it does look decent.
  2. An iconic aircraft in the Inter-War years, the Martin B-10 only barely participated in WW2, but it heralded a major shift in the future of aerial warfare. In 17 February 2017 Gaijin announced the development of this historic bomber to the game as the B model. There is some incredible detail on this rather complex model!
  3. I wonder what data is used to calculate the changes. Lucked out as I just unlocked the MiG-9, would have saved me an hour of grind. But in luck with a few others.
  4. Aircraft bothering you? Type 87 is cure for you. Twin 35mm cannons, no waiting. Dev blog announced 15 Feb 2017 (It somewhat reminds of this "mecha" and this one from the original Macross series)
  5. japanese planes

    GREAT start, but need more information/sources/drawings/etc.
  6. Armored Gunboat Project 186 (announced 2ed October 2016), more armor and more bigger guns than its "Project 1124" cousin, it will be a powerful warship. In gaining many big guns and heavy armor, it also became slow and unmaneuverable, but its offensive weapons, oh my!
  7. Navy is HERE! One of the 2 starting ships is American torpedo patrol (PT) boat captained by future President John F. Kennedy! It is a Closed Beta early access pack, and likely the only chance this will be offered! John F. Kennedy is one of Americas greatest presidents and an icon to the world regardless of political standing. Not surprising he was chosen as subject for a new ship release. Plenty to read about the adventures of the Elco 80 foot torpedo boat PT-109 and her captain, worth a read. Info on the Russian first ship offering is here.