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  1. I also find the 131 most effective at close range. But then, what weapon is better at long range? :P
  2. 1. The idea of flying wings existed long before Horton, Northrup, Junker, and Lippisch. 2. No game or sim will be 100% realistic, after all it is VIRTUAL, and REAL. 3. It is a GAME, there are several reasons the game has to deviate from being absolute accuracy and precision. 4. What-If's are hypotheses on aircraft that where on the edge of going into service but did not. Do 335 never had a combat mission, but was in service. Ho 229 was a couple of months away from service and all the key info was known. Bv 238 was flying, the armament was known, an armed version was in works. All the pieces where there, just the puzzle was never finished. 5. I hope GJ would release the B-35 (and it succeeded in fulfilling all requirements, just a yaw instability that caused minor issue))
  3. VIDEO NOTE Those are a handful of BEST examples of engagements that results in something dramatic (fire, wing failure). there are thousands of other bits of footage that show hits but no apparent critical hit resulting in destruction of aircraft.
  4. Yeah, I know OTH, seen those BV zergs? Last couple of EC4 I was in, a squad of players only took BV and came in en-mass. It was supper hard to take them down, and even some damaged one was able to drop load on AF. They eventually won by destroying all 3 AF's, but it was a rather exciting challenge! I think had they flown close formation with max crew they would have won in 1/4 the time.
  5. As much as it would be great to have every possible combo and option on the aircraft, there is that pesky thing of game balance. The BR of the 88's would likely go up to 3.0~3.3 if it had the larger bombs. GJ is reluctant to change models, even a major model error may take a long time to correct. Keep in mind those dual mount will have a much smaller cone of coverage, guess 60 degrees at best. The LL is a full 90 degrees. Pic is 1x 1000kg + 500kg is very good, will help in approval of that load, if they decide to. Sorry not back sooner, I am taking care of a lot of family issues.
  6. WT has had the (miss-modeled) Ju 88A-4 for ages, now it is gaining the venerable Ju 88A-1! (soooon! TM 'Future Content Rumour Roundup (Currently 1.53)' ) Time for a thread! Known as the 88, German crews called it the "Dreifinger", "3 fingers", because from below the equal length fuselage and engines looks like 3 fingers. While the A-1 was a terrific combat aircraft, it was also plagued with teething issues, lacked power, and crews not yet fully experianced in this high performance craft. Just like its older Stuka sibling, it was also equipped with dive brakes for dive bombing, so it was unofficially called a "Stuka". UPDATE! Improved Ju 88A-4 and new Ju 88C-6 "zestroyer" was added in 1.65.