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  1. Big enough. Looks like a small error, I think 750 is correct
  2. You mean 2x 1400kg bombs.
  3. This is a very old topic and much of the list has been implemented. Plus the screen shot links are no longer working. If someone starts a new list it will be pinned, but this threads has little value now.
  4. Currently the game has these bombs (SC is code for high explosive splinter, number is mass in Kg): SC 10 SC 50 SC 250 SC 500 SC 1000 What is missing is the bigger ones PD 1400 (armor piercing type, less explosive than SC 1000 but is often referred to in aircraft manuals) SC 1800 SC 2500 What bombs could LW aircraft carry (as listed on manuals)? (Here is old list but needs verification) **Not including combinations with <1000kg bombs** Ju88A-4 2 x 1000 1 x 1400 2 x 1400 1 x 1800 He111H-6 1 x 2,500 kg 1 x 1,800 kg 2 x 1,400 kg 1 x 1,400 kg He111H-16 1 x 2,500 kg 1 x 1,800 kg 1 x 1,400 kg BV 238 (yes, that monster seaplane has external bomb option) 2x 1800 2x 2500 FW 200 (Does it carry anything heavier than 500kg?) Do217E 1 x 1,800 kg 2 x 1,400 kg 1 x 1,400 kg Do217K or M 1 x 2,500 kg 1 x 1,800 kg 2 x 1,400 kg
  5. 1+2 I see now, the flat bottom was only used by a very few types (H-11, H-20, maybe H-10), so that is an error. 3. Need get bigger bombs in first. 4. Are you sure there was no option to remove the right ESAC for another PVC rack?
  6. 1. I see now, the flat bottom was only used by a very few types (H-11, H-20, maybe H-10), so that is an error. 2. Need get the big bombs in first, THEN talk about adding more loads 3. Better get 1x 1000kg then (with an internal load then). External loads = drag.
  7. Some missing info 1. If it did not have have the platform, how did it mount the 3ed bomb? 2. The bombs >1000kg you list are not in game. 3. Why load 2x 500kg when one can get 2x 1000kg?
  8. There is missing information: 1. I have 1 source saying the platform was first used on some H-11 types. 2. If it did not have have the platform, how did it mount the 3ed bomb? 3. The bombs >1000kg you list are not in game. 4. Why load 2x 500kg when one can get 2x 1000kg?
  9. A new addition to the US bomber line announced 19 May 2017, the PB4Y-2 will clear the skies of enemy fighters! Although based on the B-24, it was a truly new design and a very different mission, to ruin enemy forces far beyond the horizon.
  10. Game can only offer so many load outs.
  11. To the delight of everyone, the MC.205 was announced as part of 1.69 on 19 May 2017! The latest evolution of the MC 200 line and powered by the DB605 engine is proved to be able challenge any fighter on an even basis, 2 versions will be introduced. MC.205V Serie 1 - Early production version armed with machine guns MC.205V Serie 3 - Later production version with improved firepower
  12. For #1 above, I need to write a suggestion to include: UK has the "Cookie", 4,000 lb HC "blockbuster" (1890kg) Russia has that 5000kg bomb. USA has a 2000lb (1000kg) bomb (bigger?) Japan's biggest is 800kg, but they are a bit odd. As for 10kg, there is a good enough data for report, but will there be a value for it? For this to work code will have to be created to work like a cluster bomb, and then will it be effective? Have some shots of destroying things with the 10kg?
  13. Yes, I will mention them. I will submit 2 or 3 reports for just the A-4
  14. Thanks for images. So you said: There was such a beast, but it was more experimental field mod. Will submit but is not technically an error. Will see how GJ decides.
  15. BOOOOOOM!! 35 new Italian aircraft! (and a few others in other nations. Really big release)
  16. Thank you for sure submission. I will review the submission. Could you please add images of the units in game?
  17. Thank you for your submission, I am reviewing in context with others.
  18. I found a very similar but closed report to this (0009148), but lets try this again, with focus. The Torpedo armed one is a special version, unlikely accepted as an addition to the stock A-4. Nor the one with the flying torpedo. There is no real value in the AB 24 canister in game. The WB 81 and WB 151 are valid.
  19. Another example of what I hope to find. (yes, this one is known)
  20. 17 May 2017 the Sd.Kfz 234/2 "Radpanzer" Puma was announced. Fast and with powerful 50mm KwK 39 cannon this regular tree Rank 1 will keep players guess. No ones flank is safe anymore!
  21. Interesting. 32 SC50 replaced by (32x4) 128 SC10 bombs in cluster packs. Can you find more about the name? Gr4 C10/VII Clue may be in the name "Gr" part, like "Grenade"? Found a couple of interesting pages https://decoartmunitis.wordpress.com/2014/02/01/el-pozo-lanzabombas-esac-250-ix/ http://bombardeodeguernica.tumblr.com (similar to above) less useful https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/heinkel-he-111j.3574/ http://dws.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=121285&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&hilit=tabory&start=400 The dimension of the SC 10 bomb are 86mm diameter and 584.5mm long, so one could easily fit 4 in space of SC50 (200mm x 1090mm long)
  22. Thank you for your report. Let me remind you that the largest German bomb in game is the 1000kg SC1000, which is already a load-out on the H-6. I suggest first make report to add the additional bomb sizes to game, 1400kg, 1800kg, 2000kg, and 2500kg and hope GJ implements. List the aircraft that list those type in loadouts (Do217, He111, Ju88, Ju188, He177, etc) However the error with the bomb rack is valid and I can proceed with that. By chance can you find some written text describing the change to bomb rack from the H-6 to H-11 series? NOTE!! The rack in image, that occurs when you unlock all the bomb rack models? (I have not unlocked all modules) Regards
  23. Try the EC Events (if you have stick) Work hard, I am sure you can get them all
  24. Very sorely missing!
  25. I think I have one of the other SM79.... You count the Premium CR42? That one may stay (uncertain)
  26. B-24D

    BUG REPORTED. Hopefully fixed in 1.69??
  27. The 12 Italian aircraft in the German tree will be removed once 1.69 goes live. If you have it, you keep it. If you did not unlock and purchase, it will forever vanish* (final decision subject to Dev's) EDIT: added tree images:
  28. If there is any Italian aircraft in Germany tree you do not have, unlock it now! Once 1.69 goes live, those UNLOCKED and purchased Italian aircraft will vanish from your tree, never to see light again! HURRY, will not be long before it happens. If you do have it, then you not loose it. EDIT: Added Image of units:
  29. Hello TT33a, What you have posted is the SC250 magazine and SC50 adapter. Please look around for the image Gr4 C10/VII, I suspect a very different design. I realize the He 51 carries the SC10, how effective it is? It will help with report to support its value. Thanks!
  30. Plausible, but will take a lot of research to verify it a crew transfer is possible. B-29 (and I suspect Tu-4) is a very unique situation with its incredibly complex turret system. And as you pointed out the B-25 has to be a case-by-case situation. Some B-25 did not have a fuel tank over the bomb bay (removed), so it was possible to squeeze from front to rear. Also as pointed out, both waist guns manned by same person (He 111, SM79, Wellington examples) Oh, and to add a twist, BV 238 wing gunners COULD be replaced! There is a tunnel from fuselage.
  31. How many threads have you destroyed with that key? I agree with your BR and B-25 comparison. Bomb load may be 3500k, so BR more than Fw-200, less than Pe-8
  32. After years of pleading and much passion the dream of romance lovers of the P.108 (wiki) has finally come true! Gaijin announced the much touted Italian heavy on 16 May 2017! The 108B (Bombardiere) version, nothing announced for an 108A (Artigliere) version. (An earlier but very old thread on this can be found here, but its time to start fresh) This is the Series 2, optimized for night missions. (and by the look of its load-out, will come just time to deal with the threat on the high seas!!) And the colorful Series 1 with nose turret. Let this be a warning to attacking fighters!
  33. Starting new thread with announcement.
  34. premium units like t29 or king tiger may be appealing to buy, but only if they are ever sold separately along with 50% off, dont be marketing victims. do not buy anything if there is not at least a 50% off. premium units - some of them might look great ingame, but will narrow your game options - on the other hand premium time(faster grind for everything) will widen your options. if you are fresh to war thunder ask around before visiting store, discounts may hit you hard if you are not aware of when to buy and when to wait. your needs will change over time, plan accordingly. Your bullets repeated what you said earlier, but that last line I totally agree with, consider your game play and your goals when deciding. Sales most often happen during the holiday season, keep eyes open.
  35. Hello, Thank you for taking a good look at the 200 series. Yes the armament is not correct for type, but to fix a very careful analysis of records is needed. Besides the manual photo records are needed. A lot of photos can ID version (outboard engine, dorsal turret) With enough solid evidence the errors can be fixed.
  36. g.91

    This Italian Stallion was announced 15 May 2017 and is sure to bring other jets a run for their money. Just don't make mistake of confusing this fine hand built engineered machine to the roughly similar looking F-86! The G91 was the new Italian Fighter during '50s and the first exported in other countries after WW2. Thanks to its maneuverability it was used by the PAN (Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale) till 1982 after being replaced by the MB339
  37. I am looking for the exact movement arc (elevation and azimuth) of all 5 turrets on the B-29 and Tu-4. Not just a general area, the exact values. I found a manual that lists values on page 47, but seems general info, not specific operation. I found this piece on the tail turret. Maybe another image in this link full page? Hoping for detail will look something like this: I expect the other turrets will be 360 azimuth and +90 to -10 for elevation, but need proof (more than one welcome). Thanks! PS: Posted in General Aircraft to get the most eyes on in shortest time and its for 2 similar aircraft.
  38. CANNOT be done in B-25, the bomb bay separates the fore and aft sections, no passage. PV-2 family can B-29 can B-17 can B-24 can A-20 cannot A-26 can, IF the bomb bay is empty and door closed. (then again, it only has 1 gunner >_<) There is a SUGGESTIONS section, look for it. Make sure to add plenty of details, the more thought out, more consideration.
  39. OK, as a hard core PRO gamer I can agree with your direction, just some notes: Modules: When you are grinding a R4 or especially R5 Jet and see you need <10 GE worth to finish a module, it is best to buy it. You save SL (don't need to grind it), and best is you can use the module in next match. And if you are Premium, then I agree a Tal is not that valuable. OH! and the Rank 1 PBY (UK/USSR) paid off IN SPADES.
  40. Like I said, did not evaluate all. I forgot about some camo bonus.... is there a camo skill bonus?? Been years since I heard about that.
  41. So you spent your hard to earn $EuroYenWhatever to get some Gold Eagles. Now what to spend them on (not doing any good sitting there)? From a CASUAL / Part time gamers experience (2 days a week, 4 to 8 hours total) First off: keep some GE in bank for specials, never know what GJ does. Also in case you must have some extra Silver Lion cash for urgent purchase. 1. My top choice to spend GE on (if you are GE rich) are Premium Units. Value of Premiums vary, but no matter what you choose the bonuses of a Premiums make then all worth getting. Some of my favorite units (but not all of them!! Some did not use enough to judge) are: PBY-5a in UK and USSR TBM in UK F6F in UK I-153P H8K3 P-47 in Ger and USSR Spit IX in USA BV 238 Fw 190 in Japan B-17 in Japan T-34-100 T-44 (again, did not evaluate all of them, these are ones I have used enough to give opinion) 2. CrewXP purchase. Trained crew = winning more often. Spend 10, even 100 GE to accelerate training and get the edge over others. The fact the training works for all vehicles assigned that crew and a permanent bonus, make this a great investment. 3. Purchasing Talisman. Like a Premium unit, it will give you Research Point (RP) bonus, but thats is. One must be careful choosing which unit to Talisman, they need to be a one you are successful with or love to play. Otherwise the Talisman would be wasted investment. Talisman is a permanent bonus, so its always ready when using that unit which why a great investment (if you use it!) 4. Buying unit modules, but only to finish the Modules! 1 GE=433SL with best GE/SL exchange rate. A module on a Rank 4 cost over 3000SL, rank 5 over 10,000SL If it takes only 9 GE to finish, you save lots of SL spending a few GE! If you are really lucky and have a Jet module (20,000SL typical) and need 1 GE to buy, now the exchange rate is 1GE = 20,000SL! NOTE: Not worth expense with Rank 1 and 2. Starts being useful with Rank 3 and up. Dubious Investment: 1. Premium Account Time: This is a temporary advantage. If you spend GE but cant play, the GE is lost. So make sure you have to the time to take advantage of Premium time before buying. It is low for the temporary nature, but is certainly great when things go your way time wise. 2. Camouflage (bushes) for tanks: Camouflage does not work in Arcade since the game reveals your location anyway. It is also not that big of advantage in RB and SB because the only moving bush is you! Trees don't move unless knocked down, so again a moving bush is target (but works great if you found a great ambush spot). Just for fun! Nothing wrong buying skins, decals, and decorations for fun. May not give you any advntage, but its OK to let loose your crazy side!
  42. gameplay

    If the reward is low then it wont be abused. I approve of this feature
  43. Good bet they will, as they are Italian designs.
  44. Only spawn 1 aircraft per match, right? H8K's are a near match, a long as you maneuver in front an below the BV.. Sunderland is not a bad option either, but focus on wing in this case.
  45. Gaijin stated with the new Italian tree all the Italian aircraft in the German tree is they will remain. Gaijin has not stated exactly the plan "Besides updating models of the existing Italian vehicles", but its seem the Italian aircraft currently in German tree will be copied to the new Italian tree and will need to be unlocked and are leveled up. Any differences are not yet announced. Issue is 14 aircraft models (if one has all the units) will now exist in 2 separate trees. Visually they will look identical (except for a + mark to ID as German). This will be a problem in game, especially in SIM battles where ID markers are not visible most of time, if at all. In 3 September 1943 the Italians surrendered to Allies with the Armistice of Cassibile the Germans quickly took over Italian territory and units eventually leading to the potential of Luftwaffe controlled Italian aircraft combating Italian forces. So it is historically possible (and might have happened) to have Italian aircraft fight each other. My suggestion how to deal with the Italian aircraft in German tree is change the skin to German (GJ may already be considering this option). The Luftwaffe took possession of many RA aircraft for evaluation and others captured post-armistice, so this would be the best way to match the nation with markings in German tree (PS, usually foreign aircraft are made as a Premium type, but that does not have to be done. Either keep in current location, or move to the “Special/Premium” side of tree). One more suggestion: Ask the player base to design skins to replace the Italian markings. Would be a great competition to have and get player involvement in WT. Here is some known Italian aircraft in German markings. While not every sub version may be marked, the type is. **Hakencruz (Swastica) alert!** SM79 CR.42 G.50 MC 200 MC 202
  46. I can understand why start with a fresh tree (like you said) But why not an SL (and GE) Refund for the Ita in German tree, could be dubious. Then again a reward for long time players? For sure the Ita in LW will gain a +, and any German aircraft in RA will have a III Till then. might as well take screen shots of all of them.
  47. Just to match with the other factions types, this Naval thread is ready for future additions. NO Italian SEAPLANE ANNOUNCED OR PLANNED, this is just a forum topic. Post suggestions which seaplane you like out of the many choices in the Italian Air force. Be specific on why you chose it.
  48. Plan with Italians in German tree: Posts by GJ proper say those who have Ita in German tree keep them, but those that do no will not see them with 1.69 release. New Ita tree will contain all those in German, plus new ones. So that will be 14 new aircraft in Hidden branch. You will need to separate the German and the Italian-in-German that section.
  49. RA did purchase and use a number of German aircraft in the game now, so they will show up in Ita tree. Expect to be premium offers. The are: Do217J Ju52 Ju87B Ju88A-4 Messerschmitt Bf 109G/K Messerschmitt Bf 110C/G And 1 French aircraft we have in game Dewoitine D.520 C.1 Hopefully may see a few RA aircraft in LW.
  50. 4 May 2017 was introduction of the mighty Project 7U destroyer!
  51. The G.55S (wiki) was announced in a sales pack on 2 May 2017 in anticipation of a new Italian faction in 1.69 the Premium Pack aircraft can be purchased here. A Dev Blog posting came on 4 May. Pack includes the "Scarecrow" decal, 22 Gruppo Autonomo CT. A thread with more info on the G.55 family can be found here. Suggestion thread here.
  52. The Fiat CR.32 (wiki) Italian biplane fighter was the most widely used aircraft in the Spanish Civil War and announced coming to WT on 2 May 2017 with the upcoming Italian faction in 1.69, the 6th faction to the game. There will be 2 versions, a Reserve unit. CR.32 And the Premium version CR.32bis (bis = 2nd) that can be ordered here. Pack includes the "Sagittario" decal, 1 Stormo CT The 32bis adds 2x 12.7mm MG's in wing (with 7.7mm).
  53. he 100

    He 100 was reveled in major Aircraft updates Devblog (2 December 2016) was a gem a few instantly recognized. Nothing officially stated, although what is shown is central MG The development of the " Motorkanone " was a long process and it was some time before the Germans perfected it. While the Bf 109E-2 did have Motorkanone , they proved troublesom and difficult to maintain and short lived (only finally standard in the 109F-1 and later). Likely the Motorkanone was planned for He 100 too, it was not installed for the same reasons as above. Side note a certain competing game has the He 100D-1. A suggestion topic was posted in 2014 with more information on it. UPDATE (12 Dec 2016): The 3x 7.92mm MG installation. Some period documents state that due to issues with engine mounted 20mm MG FF's a MG 17 was installed instead. There are many documents that list a proposed armament of MG FF or MG 151/15, but there is huge difference between a wish-list and reality. One can argue that if the 100 was accepted into the Luftwaffe it would have the cannon, but then it would not be historical since the 100 was never accepted into the LW. The German, British, and USA archives still are full of secrets and there may yet be the "smoking cannon" waiting to be found. However, a Soviet document states, analysis of the He 100's they purchased from Germans: БНТНКАП (Научно-техническим бюро Народного комиссариата авиационной промышленности СССР) № 88 выпуск 3 от 1941 года
  54. Lockheed B-34: Hudson’s bigger brother introduced on 25 November 2016. Although produced in quantity and serving in UK and USAAF (wiki), this medium bomber is almost unknown to history. A welcome addition to the US (and possibly UK) lineup.