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  1. ; )
  2. As you may be aware of, update 1.69 regia aeronautica has been released. Next week as of May 30-31, I will be taking my finals during the day, taking my valuable time of playing War Thunder. I am here to ask of you to write me a note to excuse me of those 2 days from my finals so I may be at home playing the new released update. If you can make me a document and email it to me, signed with your signatures, that will be much appreciated. I shall await of your response. Sincerely, AlphaX3069
  3. So I was checking my researched modifications on my M4A1 (76) W and noticed that the research points for the fire extinguisher is at negative (-344). My last game was RB on [Domination] Port Novorossiysk but I don't see how the replay would benefit anything. (2017_05_23_20_31_04__4480.clog) Thanks!
  4. This always happens and I've never really gotten a full explanation on why. I'll see there's players on my team alive but they wont show on my map or screen. Is there some sort of distance limit that I can see them or something, bc if that's the case that's kinda stupid that I can't see where my own teammates are. Thanks!
  5. I am so excited for the US bomber PB4Y-2 Privateer! It looks so cool especially those gunners
  6. That used to me, until i got a cooling pad for my laptop so it can run better, i spawned in calling right then someone says "oh already called it". No fret, I just said sorry and i switched targets
  7. I know how you feel, gets me so upset when that happens, what made me decide to make this post was when a bomber started shooting me with his gunner so i could swerve around so he could pass under me to take the base.
  8. *This post is not about the roles of bombers and what they choose to do during the match, more of communication and respect between bombers 1.) Respect your fellow bombers- light bombers, medium bombers, heavy bombers, torpedo bombers, etc. 2.) Call your bomb target (Left, Mid, Right, AF - DO NOT take another bomber's target) 3.) Communicate with each other, tell the others if you will not finish the base target so they could finish it for you if necessary 4.) Do not argue over targets and/or shoot them on aggression 5.) If you're the last man standing with no obvious winning chance, you've got nothing to lose, go head into battle and take down as many with your gunners 6.) Work together to take all bomb targets so you can attack the enemy airfield 7.) Doesn't hurt to bomb in formation to cover each other while you move onto each target 8.) Support each other, warn them of enemy players following or preparing to attack ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9.) When playing a server with people who don't speak your language, call your target with the "Attention to the designated grid square!" marker @Light_Flight 10.) It's good to have a escort to get a better outcome of coming home safe to rearm, ONLY when you give an escort the chance to fly with you, circle back for them @Rapitor 11.) When in formation keep some distance or don't try to complete a move that can lead to a ram @LilyTheKitty 12.) When you're chat banned, make the others aware of which base you're heading to with the "Attention to the designated grid square!" marker @AlphaX3069 (huehue) 13.) If you're the last man standing with no winning chance, save on repairs and land on airfield to J out @*sigma__zero Feel free to add Sincerely, AlphaX3069
  9. Thank you @Orlunu @Asakaze @Liz_F_Beurling @Sarin
  10. I get confused with the bombs I see on the Japanese tech tree. On most of the bombers there is 2 different kind of bombs that are the same kg" size or whatever, for example 2 different 800 kg options. Like these 2 4x250 kg bombs that are the same but the specs are different, the top one clearly is better with mostly everything. So what's the difference and which one IS better and to choose from Thanks!
  11. Gunner body glitched in G4M1 in [Operation] Zhengzhou Realistic Battle. (2017_05_06_13_48_41__12476.clog) (#2017.05.06 14.30.32.wrpl) ( (DxDiag.txt) As shown here from Google Images, the human body is not formed this way as shown above. The arms are side by side of the torso and are not normally long as above. I find it offensive that this is how you showcase the Japanese, smh racist. Solution to this problem is give a dosage of loli anime to that poor Japanese soul.