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  1. tanks/vehicles

    another T-62 why not, any idea for its BR? maybe 8.0
  2. we need to slow down with these we barely have composite armored vehicles (type 87 exception) to even begin to consider something like this, as much as I like this tank its not needed now.
  3. tanks/vehicles

    Yes!!!! +1
  4. Tanks/Vehicles

    GIB moar US TDs pls +1
  5. Tanks/Vehicles

    Make 105mm Howitzers great!
  6. Where has this been all my life........... Its beautiful!!!!!!!!!
  7. ground vehicles

    A nice addition to the Patton family +1
  8. Now that you mention it it is kind misleading and should be changed to show how the HESH round works. You got my support
  9. ground vehicles

    XD I'll still drive it with pride, would interesting to see in game
  10. ground vehicles

    Nice but to me it looks a tad bit shorter than the other and I see no rivets. I support this
  11. Tanks/Vehicles

    Gib +1
  12. Love the camouflage +1
  13. ground vehicles

    Looks awesome I want one
  14. Tanks/Vehicles

    for a second I thought this was a medium from the way it looks doesn't it have an autoloader?
  15. Idk if it does where exactly is it going to go? its not as good as Tigger IIs.
  16. tanks/vehicles

    Rip soviet steel.....
  17. I don't see anything bad about it, to me its not really op. but the spam....I feel its on the same level as the T29. but I still like the tank anyways just have to wait for the spam to lessen.
  18. we need more support....BRING ALL YOUR FRIENDS! smash that support button!
  19. ground vehicles

    *Armored cars intensifies* soon
  20. Its adorable........cant wait to through AP concrete slabs at it
  21. Ground vehicles

    I'm not sure about this.....
  22. nice for low rank battles +1
  23. tanks/vehicles

    For D-Day!?!?!?.......... oh my goodness I can not even picture this rushing the beaches...
  24. Aircraft/Loadouts

    lol, btw its a very unique looking jet
  25. well there is a prototype T37 Its an M24 with a 76 mm cannon and rangefinders (1949) but idk if we need something like this yet if at all basically a prototype M41
  26. After playing the super Pershing for awhile: place it in the folder with the M26 and make room for real heavies like the T34, T30, T29E3, and/or jumbo pershing
  27. tanks/vehicles

    100% accurate
  28. tanks/vehicles

    This interesting but I'm on the fence whether I want it in game or not still cool though
  29. ground vehicles

    RIP everything with thin god....that mini gun
  30. gameplay

    Interesting......doesn't seem to be a bad idea, I'd definitely would like to test it out
  31. Alrighty then I'm here to present you this rare cat The T88 was a prototype in an attempt to mount a 105 mm howitzer to a M18. A single prototype was in made in 1944 and tested before the project was cancelled due to the end of the war that also ended all other prototypes that were based off the M18. The tank is the same exact hull as the 76mm M18 and the Turret mounted A howitzer similar to the Sherman 105. I propose that this should added as regular(maybe) or premium/event vehicle due to how rare this vehicle is. In light of seeing that the 105mm gun could fire AP and APDS the BR of this vehicle should be raised if it should receive these rounds specifications crew: 5 weight: 17036kg(37.557 lb) Performance: max road speed 88.5 km/h Powerplant: Continental R-975 CI Radial petrol engine armament: 105mm M4 Howitzer Ammo capacity : 40 rounds 105mm M4 Howitzer Ammo (based from other suggestions): HE HEAT APDS (would require higher BR) AP (would require higher BR) HEP (Not sure but would require higher BR) Changes form Original M18: AA turret ring replaced by pedestal mount Gunners position moved from left left of the gun to right M10 periscope and panoramic telescope installed If there is any Info regarding the vehicle let me know so I can add to the OP Thank you for your time sources: