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  1. Aircraft/Loadouts

    A nice plane indeed +1
  2. tanks/vehicles

    GIB 90mm HEAT spewing fury!!!!
  3. aircraft/loaduts

    Gib! The best cobra has my support
  4. Put all these in the British tree!!!!! I can never get enough of the staghound.
  5. *Armored cars Intensifies* I support this as well!
  6. gameplay

    +1 can't wait to see the Kursk campaign
  7. Yes! more tea!
  8. Idk about the one with SAM but the others get a yes from me.
  9. Another beautiful car is suggested!
  10. aircraft/loadouts

    Looks like a MIG and FW had a baby..... looks really nice though but I'm not sure at the moment if it is a yes or no from me. Edit: would be nice to see in game so that will be a yes from me
  11. These are definitely going to be fun to use can't wait to see these and the greyhound in action.
  12. Gib all of them
  13. Yes more British tanks! I'm for the regular tree
  14. gameplay

    sweet can't wait to find out.
  15. Tanks/Vehicles

    Gib! I don't care where it goes!
  16. Amazing! I like this idea