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  1. Uh... the mantlet of the M4A3E2 is 178mm cast, so about 167mm effective thickness. The BR-471 can pen 200mm of vertical armor. The IS-3's stock shell can pen the Jumbo's mantlet almost to 1km.
  2. I have a much easier time killing IS-3s and IS-4Ms than killing IS-6s.
  3. Gaijin has no interest in fixing APCR. They nerfed it into the ground to make APDS look good, which they had to do because they screwed up APDS.
  4. The issue still comes back to BR compression. The T32E1 with T50E1 should be a 7.3, along with the IS-3 and IS-6. The problem is those tanks will constantly face HEATFS and ATGM tanks, which they have no chance against.
  5. I haven't used it but I see it spammed a lot. It's annoying because most people I've seen don't use it properly. They just send a few smoke shells down range, especially during the beginning of the match. I can't count the number of times I've had shots ruined because someone spammed smoke all over.
  6. I hate the Obj 906. So many M82s fail to fuse on that thing.
  7. The bounce garbage needs to go. US APBC has penetration data down to 75 degree angled plate. It should almost never bounce on a 60 degree plate.
  8. I enjoy playing US tanks above any other nation. I like the gun handling, even at the expense of armor and penetration.
  9. Still waiting for the Jumbo 76 to get dropped to at least 5.7.
  10. And? Literally any tank the T32 faces can pen its side armor. The current T32 is much closer to the Tiger II H than the Maus.
  11. I guess that makes the T32 a 6.7 or 6.3.
  12. There would be outrage if the US APCR and APBC were fixed. As for the speed of the Hellcat, that would have to be reported as a bug, not a suggestion. The issue is Gaijin has some Russian document of a prototype Hellcat tested in the snow showing 55 kmh as the top speed. It's going to be hard to convince them otherwise.
  13. The US has two counters to the Tiger II H at the same BR or below, the M46 and T34. Just about any German tank can easily kill every US tank up to the T34.