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  1. As an engineer (to be) I say making the front sloped would not be an issue (in itself). The problem is that the driver would not be able to see forward, unless you make a big hatch in the front. Also, the normal thickness of the plate would either be reduced (retaining LoS thickness and thus still having better performance), or you would retain normal thickness - and make it possibly a bit heavy.
  2. At the same time, keep it real - making the big ships consistent will take some time.
  3. Aircraft/Loadouts

    I am saying that if that was the case, you should not be worried. ...Tu-4's tho...
  4. Just skimp through it, there are isoterm maps and charts with morning temperature. Also, if you actually take time and read it, it says quite clearly that it was not the winter that stopped Germans... Actually, the onset of the winter is (and I'd conscider it such too) very mild, at least in continental (climatically) European standards. Also, the page numbers - I mean the numbers in upper corners. On 279 in up-right corner is the map I meant.