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  1. Save the trees. Use less paper... :P A few good suggestions and a lot that should not be a part of War Thunder. And the Skink should be British.
  2. Lots of good advice here. I'll just add that each nation usually has flaws and strengths that tend to define the nations play style (though they definitely have exceptions). For example, the Brits tend to have excellent penetration and gun depression and decent speed, with generally weak shells and poor armor. Russia tends to have good speed, excellent shells with relatively low penetration, good armor, and awful gun depression. US, japanese, and Germany tend to fall between the two. Each individual class (eg, German casemate TDs or American Shermans) will also tend to have shared strengths and play styles which stay fairly similar as they get more advanced.
  3. This is a guy I'd want to have on my team, even if he is bottom tier.
  4. Soooo, you're solution to the BR compression at T4/T5 is to create massive and game destroying BR compression and over-tiering at T2/T3/T4? Riiight. That'll be GREAT!
  5. misc/other

    I'd rather they add kill sharing (kinda like the assist counts as kill in Battlefield). Rewards you for teamwork and finishing off an enemy rather than costing the player who did the most the credit (or has players allow an enemy to continue fighting because they don't want to steal someone else's kill). This is actually a historically accurate idea, as kills were often shared by squadrons or at least between pilots in most countries in WW II.
  6. aircraft/loadouts

    Excellent suggestion. It was accepted into service and fits well as an early T1 attacker.
  7. Is there a phrase for whining commies? Like Wehraboo or Teaboo? Cause I see people complaining a lot about how hard it is to play the easiest tree in the game... Although, I do think the Mk. 10 should be uptiered and that it would actually perform much better at 7.3/7.7 BR.
  8. It even has a few marginal advantages, like slightly easier spading (if I remember right) and slightly better turret sides. (Actually, the KT H going up to 7.0 and a corresponding decompression of T5 up to 9.0 would make gameplay much better and remove a lot of the clubbing that makes 5.7-6.7 awful)
  9. And this is why we can't have nice things...
  10. gameplay

    I really like the original idea (very close to the tactical landing event, which was probably my favorite event in the history of war thunder). I'll have to look up the exact reference, but they were used extensively in the battle of France on at least one occasion for that. They just are not very effective at it (they are a fat, slow target that is usually flown at high altitude and is relatively imprecise). I have wanted this implemented in game for a while. Goes well with the idea of make the spawn point a well defended FOB, which counts as a cap point (https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/342381-spawn-camping-views-and-opinions-keep-it-nice/&page=13#comment-6847413). Also good for the FV4005 and Sturer Emil, and other tanks with a low ammo capacity. I miss being able to use the cockpit view, especially for strafing (it actually helps a lot).
  11. tanks/vehicles

    I believe this meets 100% of the normal reasons to be a premium. So maybe.
  12. ground vehicles

    I love this idea, I'd like to see it given a BR similar to the M60A1 to give the US an extra option in top tier battles.
  13. I think there is good evidence that the Italian tree has been in the works for over a year and already has many low tier aircraft modelled already. I would say it is at least possible for 1.71, if not probable. Although, I doubt it would come complete with ground and naval forces if it did.
  14. I'm a big fan of that idea, especially if you make the FOB a cap point as well (and you lose if the other team caps it). Give it lethal AA (40mm Bofors, 37mm Flak, quad 20mms and .50cals, etc.) and AT emplacements (Pak40s, 17pdrs, 88 mms, 85 mms, etc.), and it would give a good use for MGs and HE shells (which would reward carrying more historical ammo loadouts). And if you can actually crack the base defenses with an attack you would deserve to win. If you want to make a suggestion out of this (and link it here) I will go and support it. Link to the Suggestions Section: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/forum/611-suggestions/
  15. Gib dem. Gib dem all. They would help a lot with decompressing low and high tier vehicles.
  16. Yeah, I hate test drives. They cost you, they can only be used in the hour immediately after you receive them, and they are much less rewarding than anything else you'd get in a big/huge reward. I gave up on using them a long time ago.
  17. Do you have a source for that? Also, I was assuming that the absence of new Italian vehicles for the last year was a sign that they are being worked on.
  18. That's a new one...
  19. aircraft/loadouts

    British counterpart to the g91 and A4? +1
  20. I love your list. But I would decompress 5.7-6.7 a bit more (probably change it to 5.7-7.0).
  21. And that just refers to a change in capability. War Thunder also goes off of the ammunition that was issued to the tank (Tiger H1 vs. Tiger E for example).
  22. Because rules are there to keep people more or less nice to each other and keep the forums from chaos. And that means some people have to do the unpleasant job of enforcing those rules - which they do because they care about the game and the community of gamers.
  23. Does anyone have any information on how often we get new maps added? I forget whether we usually get new maps or if 2 in one update is a lot.
  24. Any idea what the Vickers 5 inch Mk 3 is?