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  1. I hate to compare the two games again but looking at WoT assuming you play Tier one tanks your placed in games with similar experienced players for the first X amount of games with a two map rotation. This allows you learn the map fairly quickly so you can concentrate on learning aspects of the game, your free to enter the main pool of gamers should you take out a tier 2 tank but can return to the safety of tier 1 as and when you wish. For me personally I liked this introduction and more so once you've got so many games under your belt the experienced players cannot access these beginner games.
  2. In my experience BR 4 tends to be the fairest level of gameplay. Lower tiers are plagued by experienced players hunting easy kills and higher is full of wallet warrior premium tanks in god mode. I was aiming for the area which I find to be the most enjoyable and therefore the best show case to impress the new player. Regardless argument as the issues I have identified are present right from 1 to 8 BR
  3. I will, truely. But if your happy with the current BR compression I understand why you can't see the logical point to this heart wrenching story. Always someone trying to be the smart arse, keyboard warrior
  4. Try it for yourself and have a look at the player cards, it's as if they get kicks out of spawn camping new players regardless of the utter lack of skill.
  5. I've been trying to get my brother involved in warthunder for weeks now, he is a die hard WoT fan. Im aware this is the superior game as we all are so I invited him round to try out warthunder, expecting him to immediately see the light. Ok so here's the problem, us experienced players and regulars can moan and bicker about this and that all day long but ultimately we will still come back and play. The major problem is Br compression and that's because there isn't enough players to spread it out with acceptable wait times. So we need more players? Here I has the opportunity to see what a fan of the genre and online gaming as a whole on first experiences. So straight into realistic as like me he is all about realism. I took out the German Churchill as it can take a fair beating with a quick firing gun so would be fairly forgiving for a new player. So imagine this as you would someone who has just downloaded the game and is trying it out, will it be enough to tempt him from WoT. Game loads reasonably quick and first impressions are the excellent graphics and much more realistic tank controls, so far so good. We've loaded in late but that's not a problem, I direct him to follow the already dispersed team and as he gets his first feel for the controls... Bang! Bombed by US CAS and insta killed. He asked what had gone wrong, how could we have avoided this, what chance did we have to defend against such attacks? So anyway not best start, he rejoins in the Flakpanzer and being explained it's all we have the points to play. So we load in and start scanning the sky for that pesky plane in revenge. Then once again, Boom! This tank a US tank destroyer spawn camping behind the spawn. At this point he laughs it off, throws the controller down and returns to WoT forever, another potential player lost. By the way have you ever played BR 1 lately where all the new players hanging in the balance of remaining or chucking the game away start? Lvl 100 idiots spawn camping every match. No wonder we can't attract fresh players.....