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  1. Have to agree just spent the morning researching this tank for the novelty of the auto loader... Wow what a disappointment, one shot killed every single time and the gun doesn't pen anything. Big, slow, lazy target with a horrid turret traverse.
  2. What if that last plane was carrying enough payload to kill and prevent the other teams remaining few tanks from capping? I know matches rarely end so close but it would seem unfair.
  3. Just how does the crew lock work? Sometimes I can be in a match for 5 mins and get crew lock and others last 30 seconds and all my crews are available immediately?
  4. Got both in the end lol. By far enjoy the IS6 more. Sometimes I survive shots that even I feel dirty about, invincible mode! The Ru251 takes a very particular technique to be good in and the heat fs isn't as reliable as people seem to think.
  5. I check what the teams are soon as it loads up, if it's German and japan on their own vs anything guaranteed loss and I quit immediately. Playing Russia at the mo they seem unstoppable.
  6. I do enjoy playing it becaus it's rare and unique. Its not particularly useful though, very large target at that tier and any frontal hits are gauranteed pens, with a small fighting compartment the 8 crew don't last long either. Machine guns are purely there for aesthetics, useless.
  7. I've never had a night battle!?
  8. I can earn 30k per battles SL with the Wyvern. On good battles it's also not rare to top the leaderboard amongst all the fighters. If you wish to effectively ground attack you need the correct plane, my personal favourites are: IL2 ( missles/bombs/rear gunner ) BTD ( 20mm guns, large bomb payload, fighter performance ) Wyvern ( Huge bomb payload, massive machine gun ammo capacity, incredibly fast ) Typhoon is also popular amongst others The technique is to carry missles, smash a location with heavy machine guns against AAA / Artillery, use the missles to take out pillboxes or tanks then and scoot off quickly back to base for reload and repeat. Your an incredibly easy and temping target on the tree line turning about slowly.
  9. It's only entirely accurate if your measuring across a flat plain. This has caught me out many times. If your measuring a point higher or lower than where you are it will not be true, but does still offer a little assistance.
  10. Trying to shoot down planes in Realistic mode is hard. You won't really learn much that way. havent played arcade in ages so can't remember if planes are marked or have lead reticles? But in realistic your frantically looking for a little black dot and your tracers make you an immediate soft target for enemy planes.
  11. I was committed to buying this but now it's here and I've been paid from work I think I'm more swinging towards the Ru251...
  12. British tanks do seem to be doing a lot better lately. Not sure the problem is entirely with Ru251s, perhaps people are using them wrong and becoming the weak link in the team. I have seen them used correctly at times and they are very powerful tools in the right hands.
  13. Once you get accustomed to realistic mode arcade is unplayable. it requires much more concentration and forward thinking, mistakes are punished quickly, but it's also much more rewarding!
  14. Evening all. We all know how frustrating it is to grind a tank that doesn't have parts unlocked, I was having particular trouble with the IS3 as the requirement for parts meant a good 10-15 battles and it seems particularly susceptible to breech damage. Anyway long story short I had no idea that tanks without parts unlocked can still repair in captured bases, similar to how you restock ammo. I happened to come across this as my breech was damaged so my only option was to go for base captures to gain points, after I had caught it I was offered the option to repair tank. Anyway as I was completely unaware of this, I thought this may help someone else in their grinds. Thanks.
  15. USA vs Japan lmao, imagine that steam roll
  16. How can it be 'realistic' if your attacking vehicles of the same nation? At least with any other scenario you can imagine some twist in history, like the Russians joined the Germans to defeat US. WoT is the place for you.
  17. Rubbish. With the likes of the Ru251 it doesn't matter how good the team do you can have someone shooting heat fs into your spawn within 60 seconds of game start. simple fix, the spawn flag is in random places each match but you can't see the enemy flag on your map. This allows a dominating team to cover that side of the map to prevent what you mention above, but prevents any single spawn campers from sniping into one location.
  18. Agreed at the moment the new 7BR premiums drag everyone else up. At the moment I find upper BR unplayable due to shocking balance. Stick to 5 or lower
  19. How do I get a video clip from my ps4 on to here to report a bug? Also when the bug happened I had a 150% research bonus activated for one mission, can I request a refund of both that and repair cost to my tank for leaving battle? Screen was clear whilst driving but pitch black on scope and Binos.
  20. Lmao you'd think yeah. Ps4 users always get the poor end of the deal here, sometimes I wonder if our small minority is more of an inconvenience to Gaijin.
  21. Can a plane destroy artillary and disable it for rest of the match? I've seen it on the map before but never investigated.
  22. I was recently killed in my Tiger 2 by enemy artillary, kill cam showed the shell landing smack bang on the turret roof. I reserve it for TDs who are camping in a tactical spot, to either distract them or cover my approach. Its also nice to get a few light hits as you can claim a kill assist for free sometimes.
  23. Oh dear I've just spend the past month grinding towards this tank and should unlock it tonight. Now I feel I may have wasted my time...
  24. I don't want to turn this into another WR vs WoT thread. It just frustrates me how they put so much effort into huge updates but refuse to acknowledge major problems and find a solution! At the lower BR level I adore this game, there aren't any hugely OP tanks and the rewards for spawn camping aren't worth it, people play the game for fun. Unfortunately some of my most favourite armour in history is set up high like the IS2 and Tiger 2, so I find myself returning against my will to the misery!
  25. All that silly little speedy tank has achieved is to worsen the already game destroying habit of spawn camping. It's the biggest problem ground forces faces and most complained about by the community yet they decide to introduce this. You can literally expect spawn campers now within 60 seconds of game start.
  26. As if spawn camping wasn't already the single worst killer of this game they decide to being this vehicle to the table. Now you can expect to be spawn ***** within 60 seconds of game start.
  27. When the ammunition explodes inside a hatched down and sealed tank it creates huge pressure, inevitably the weakest part will give which is usually the hatch blowing open, the entire explosion is then released through there. must be a horrendous death
  28. No that puts you up against hords of IS6's at the moment and as with any new premium it's OP to the stars to promote people buying it.
  29. Evening all. What does everyone find to be the fairest BR range? That being where your more regularly mid to upper matched? I seem to struggle to find one. I play my 5.7 Panther and always end up in 6.7, so I get my Strv 81 out as that BR seems popular and I'm always in 7+ BR. If I'm regularly finding myself being overmatched it must stand to reason some tanks are more often then not top tiered? Not after easy street top matching consistently if just like a fairer battle more often? Thanks.
  30. As for the most recent update... Lmao are you joking? Just keep digging this hole. the Is6 is laughably OP blatant P2W. BR 6.7 is now unplayable and for some reason I've got Poland map 4 times in a row tonight?
  31. Haven't played this game in a few months, so much frustrated me it was a chore rather than fun. Anyway picked up controller the other day and thought I'd give it another bash, I know there's been several updates. in 7-10 battles I identified this much: Spawn camping still a major game destroying issue. BR ratings still all wrong, was over matched every game. T29 still criminally OP pay to win. Playstation 4 users still loaded into game 20 seconds later than everyone else. Still only seeing 5 maps constantly recycled, abandoned factory is just getting boring. I'll pop back in another few months see if they bother actually changing anything, until then you'll find me on World of Tanks!