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  1. In a multiplayer game where you player with randoms there will always be players who do things you don't like or play in away that you disagree with. All Gaijin can do is as others have said, identify why people feel the need to leave matches early and address those problems. When I first started playing I would always stay to my last spawn and go out fighting, however nower days I am more than likely to bail on a match early due to a number of reasons which include things like: Being spawn camped or the matching getting to a point when a win is no longer possible. I'm not going to put myself out of pocket spawning vehicles only to be fodder and feed the opposing team. I will happy take crew lock and play another faction if I feel that is a better use of my time.
  2. I like this idea and agree that time limited vehicles are stupid. I'm not against having limited items in the game, but these should be things like customisations or camos, not vehicles.
  3. I'm not suggesting they are but I think there is a better potentual middle ground between what we have now and something that could be appreciated by a larger section of the games community. I think Gaijin is really missing an oppatunity to use events like this to grow the player base and get people having "fun" again. I apprciate that what is in place now will appease some people but given the growing levels of frustration and toxicity I see growing in the community I think a more laid back experience every now and again would be a breath of fresh air, or at least a peice of content thats a bit less repeatative. I appreciate that they cannot please everyone but I do worry about the long term health of the game if they ignore the new and casual players who make up the bulk of the players we play against everyday.
  4. Agreed, I would have asumed this was already the case but I guess its not. Personally I think the bigger issue is that event tasks take days, instead they shouldn't really take more than an hour or so, its rediculous to expect players to put their lives on hold to participate in a special event. We already know many players are put off playing the events due to the requirements, personally I would prefer to see events be more inclusive which would give us a larger pool of players to play with, covering a wider range of skill levels and in turn give shorter queue times.
  5. Personally I really don't mind the uneven matchups, but if this is the case I wish they wouldn't put performace related tasks on the event. I would relish playing the underdog side if simply playing the event multiple times was the task. You could even make it two tasks to play as each side multiple times. This way you get "historical" battles, players get a more relaxed event enviroment and Gaijin can still give us a "grindy" task.
  6. 3.7 is the sweet spot for me in both planes and tanks and if I'm having a bad run I'll go back to these line ups for some pure fun.
  7. I'm actually suprised how Gaijin doesn't use events like this as a means to entince new players into playing, or bringing lapsed players back. In other online games I would often get friends to play during events as a way to get them invested, but with War Thunder this simply isn't a realistic option, given the large amounts of time and effort you need to put into completing the tasks. The tasks themselves also don't really engage anyone and do more to highlight the worst parts of the community more than promote the games actual enjoyable core which is a real shame.
  8. Yeah I have noticed this in the past. It's a shame really as their April fools events have always been very fun, which I think is mostly down to there being no personal tasks associated with them. I just wish they would change their ways but I don't hold out much hope given their track record of changing or fixing issues with the game.
  9. The problem is fun is hard to quantify. Gaijin constantly use the excuses that they can't please everyone as reason to keep churning out these poor events despite them universally getting panned by the community.
  10. So true, the events are terrible IMO. Everyone is just out for themselves and will take the easiest route to complete the tasks, this often means just playing the "better" faction which leads to a massive imbalance and given the events claim of wanting to be historical means it totally fails in that respect. If Gaijin had historical accuracy in mind they wouldn't put tasks in the event to complete which are harder with one team than another and simply make the task to play the event X number of times, at least then you would get a better spread of players across the factions but also players could relax and enjoy the event, rather than it be an exercise in frustration. The events are also a massive time sink and punish those who simply don't have enough free time to spend each day playing, if you work a full time job and have kids then forget doing these "fun" events. Also I find it strange that events also exclude players by requiring them to have access to vehicles, why can they not be more like the april fools event and the vehicles be provided for you. I generally don' get invested in these events because I know at some point there will days when I simply cannot play them as I don't have the correct vehicles unlocked even though I have been playing the game for over two years. Make it so the vehicles are given to the player as part of the even and not only would this create a more even playing field but also allow everyone to participate in each event, lowering queue times and giving a better spread of players to play with.