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  1. american planes

    Yes please. I like the look of the Cutlass.
  2. I had a duel with a Tiger 1E yesterday when I got the nerve to take out my 76mm Jumbo. At point blank range I angled my hull and hid my track. The Tiger player for some stupid reason stayed flat on to me. He shot me three times and bounced all shots. I nuked him in two good shots.
  3. I like the P47N, but it just isn't a P51D-30. It doesn't have as much ammo but with trigger control, you'll have no trouble most of the time.
  4. What the fudge is that?
  5. I never really liked the Corsairs. The Mustang and F6F are my favorites.
  6. I love my D30, it is a monster. To anyone who says it won't reach it's top speed, you are wrong.
  7. I love one shooting them from the front with my 90 or 76mm gun and seen them go boom. I have little to no trouble with them.
  8. I love American planes. The P51D-30 is my favorite plane. It is so fast and very maneuverable. The guns are sometimes a problem but with stealth they are great. I can hardly wait for the P51H to be added.
  9. Bombs are stupid in game. They don't even harm a tank if they are right next to it. But they destroy a plane even if it is hundreds of feet away from it. Bombs need to change not rockets.
  10. I want a X Wing and flying carriers! Either that or modern tank battles. Abrams tanks would wipe the floor against Russia!
  11. I think either pod racing, space battles, or the Ratte.
  12. I am still researching the Tiger 1h. But when I get it I know I am going to wreck my American allies. I am used to not taking hits and no armor. Pershing feels weird since it can bounce short 88mm and the Panthers 75mm most times.
  13. No, just no. It is realistic that planes used rockets on tanks. Americans and British rely on rockets. Spaa should just do their job instead.
  14. I never really use the range finders. No matter what gun, I seem to have a natural good aim. My brother sucks at shooting at long range but I have no problem even with a new tank gun.
  15. aircraft/loadouts

    M56 and M50 Ontos should be in the td line.
  16. What do you expect? It's Russian. They probably opened the breach to clean it out or load a shell.
  17. It is not a P51D by a long shot. The power is greatly increased even without wep. It would be the fastest plane until jets. It has a slightly different wing and body design for better maneuverability and speed and it is lighter. Before it was made North American Aviation visited the Spitfire factory to make the new Mustang comparable to the Spitfires. The plane is 600 lb lighter and most P51D parts aren't compatible with the H model.
  18. On July 1st it will be my first year. I still remember my first game. In a P-26 Peashooter in Arcade mode. I remember being amazed at how the feel of tanks was different then WoT. That was a good feeling.
  19. This will be my first Aprils Fools day!
  20. Oh my the frames! I used to have that fps. Bad times. I want ponies or walkers. Or Modern battles, like space.
  21. I am on the 29th. Close, at least Hitler killed himself on my birthday
  22. I am dreaming of the P51H and XP-72 Super Thunderbolt.
  23. Ok that's what I thought.
  24. Is the P51H coming? It has being to long of a wait.
  25. How does the bars on the sight work? Is each line about 200 meters?
  26. aircraft/loadouts

    Add this after the T-95.
  27. Not even close. I would be a worthy competitor for the Griffon Spitfire in maneuverability and it would be much faster. The climb rate was also massively improved. It would be a great plane. The P51D-30 is already a superb plane in the right hands, like me.
  28. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Sure +1
  29. Germany and Russia, the most biased of nations. Don't accuse me of being one sided.
  30. Your to funny. Why do you trolls aways show up on these type of topics?
  31. Not going to argue with a German and Russian fan boy.
  32. It is so funny when people think that Americans never made anything good or better then Russians or Germans.
  33. It might have being a older model of the Abrams or it was the M60-2000 Patton. United States never sells the most advanced model to other countries like Saudi Arabia.
  34. Pretty sweet. I love to see Russian tanks blow up.
  35. I prefer the thrill of the hunt.
  36. 70 mph? Dude you need to calm down. 47-48 mph max.
  37. I love night battles. But the last one I had was months ago sadly.
  38. I don't think understand what I mean by Vietnam eta. I want new br separate from regular br we have now. New maps, tanks, missiles,etc.
  39. I would like to see these tanks. What I would really like is to have a Vietnam era part of the game.
  40. Tanks/Vehicles

    More Bulldoge +1
  41. Ru251 belongs at 7.0 minimum imo. It has 320mm heat, it has a low profile, and is very fast. It is stupidly weak, yes, but a cold war era tank shouldn't be fighting mid war to post war tanks. The Pershing should be at 6.0 and M46 to 6.3 wouldn't be bad. Plus the 90mm guns should get HESH like they had.
  42. ground vehicles

    I want this now.
  43. Where is this toughness? How do i get it?
  44. Notice the Abrams tank containing the blast? Unlike the Russian tank. It has a safety in case the ammo is hit.
  45. Misc/Other

    Yes please. Premium vehicle of my choice? SWEET.
  46. Tanks/Vehicles

    They would be nice lower tier tds. There is no problem.
  47. Like the title says, what tips do you have for playing these planes? I know all to well that the first Bearcat doesn't have good guns and most people say to skip it but I am not going to spade it. So what tips do you have for each plane. It's play style and strengths.
  48. Tanks/Vehicles

    +1. I'll have to get of WoT ptsd though
  49. tanks/vehicles

    So? Patton mbt's are in the medium tank line. It would be a good line up for 9.0 America. M163, MBT-70, M60a2, M551, and M60a3.
  50. tanks/vehicles

    MBT-70 could be the top tier heavy tank. Possibly.
  51. tanks/vehicles

    And M60a2.
  52. Not just faster. It was lighter, much more manueverable, had m3 50 cals, excellent climb rate, and was VERY fast.
  53. tanks/vehicles

    I want the M103 so bad.
  54. tanks/vehicles

    He jumped parole. I'll find him and bring him to justice!
  55. Tanks/Vehicles

    The M6 heavy tank got up armored to 200mm.
  56. ground vehicles

    Yes please +1
  57. I am fed up with all the pilot snipes recently. Every time a plane makes a pass, my plane is untouched but my pilot is killed. My pilot's vitals are decent and I never had this problem until recently.
  58. Aircraft/Loadouts

  59. Here is part of the solution . P51H And the XP-72 Super Thunderbolt.
  60. Put it at 7.0 and put the br spread to 0.7 so it won't club 6.0 tanks.
  61. I have ask numerous players who got the T34 if it was any good. Almost all of them said it was great. Some said it could pen the Tiger 2's ufp in the right conditions. When I get I'll see.
  62. And it's a massive relief. That's why we do so well. We trained in fire!
  63. Welcome to American tankers life. Where Germans and Russians point and click on us.
  64. You know what I hate? A German player gets a low tier spaa, charges the cap, gets the cap points, yolo dives into the enemy, dies, gets into a Ho 229, and wrecks allied tanks. This plane is a fantasy plane that would be very unstable in these maneuvers. Make realistically unstable and give it MK108 cannons.
  65. It has a 75mm gun. Just angle or flank him.
  66. Technically the M26 and all American 90mm guns should pen ufp of the Panther up to 1000 meters. But it doesn't. I like the Pershing but it is under performing and over tiered.
  67. If that was possible then terrorists would be doing this all the time. Designers thought of this. A grenade blowing through the breach? Not a chance.
  68. Ground vehicles

    Make it an event tank. And if that is not enough to cool the Germans down, give it a slower turret traverse.
  69. Ground vehicles

    Some German players still haven't learned to counter American armor. They are so used to point and click that if they can't do that to American tanks they cry until it is nerfed to where it is useless.
  70. I agreed until you said T29 is op p2w and that World of Tanks is better. My hair greys when I play World of Tanks.
  71. Ask Gaijin.
  72. News flash. They actually existed. Unlike the Panther 2 and King Tiger 105.
  73. Ground vehicles

    OH! the hypocrisy. Every nation has a captured tank except for American and Britain. Americans used this, so there is no problem. German fan boys are crying so hard right now.
  74. Don't forget the M6 heavy tank with a 105mm and more armor!
  75. Ground vehicles

    Americans getting a captured King Tiger? German players against it? That is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen! A massive +1 for this!
  76. Germans and Russian players need to learn to flank. It's not too hard to flank the T95 or T28. Fix it's cupola and keep it at 6.7. When I play American tanks my instinct is to flank or die. Germans and Russians from my experience go head on most of the time. And when they can't pen a tank frontally they whine and cry about it, trying to get it at a br where it can't compete. Then they call it balance.