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  1. True in a way. The shock wave shatters the armor causing spall. It will cause spall up to a certain thickness of armor.
  2. It goes through armor and causes spalling. An HE shell won't.
  3. Out of all planes the p47 should be the strongest
  4. This guy is a genius. Give him a medal. To solve this what you could do is have enemies marked once in spawn and have 30 to 50 seconds of shield regardless of shooting or movement.
  5. Unlike a HE shell, it goes through armor.
  6. I had this problem with the Italian planes last night in my P47N-15 and A26. I put so many rounds into them and they were fine. Then a FW190 attacks me and I kill him no problem. I destroy them in head on but I did one with a G55. 14 50 cals hit him and yellowed his left flap. Then he proceeds to kill me as I put round after round into his invincible plane.
  7. I never touched Japanese. Out of everything they are the country I never played, not once.
  8. I always kept it on. Even though I use 50 cals planes as they are my favorite.
  9. It's still got the bad armor and meh mobility.
  10. You don't understand what making fun looks like. And I didn't say it was a AP tip. The tip squashes on to the armor and blasts in, so it has a penetrating effect.
  11. It carries more then a B17 or even a B24 can carry at 6.0. And it is at 3.7. I think it should be up tiered to 4.7 ish.
  12. 6.7? Sure, I wouldn't mind. There armor is so trolly against a 76mm.
  13. I know an HESH she'll doesn't have a AP head. That's why I say squash head. HE rounds don't spell.
  14. It's a HE shell with a squash penning tip. It actually performs incorrectly when it only destroys a track or gun barrel. Or when you shoot a tank in the side and yellows the track.
  15. No American dds?
  16. So you want 152 HE to one hit kill any tank it shoots and make British tougher to use by rendering there HESH useless?
  17. Only a tiny portion will hit it. Most of the blast would go off the armor.
  18. Problem is armor will stop it. HE will only create a outside blast.
  19. Thing is that they were low velocity Like using a sling shot to throw a bomb at a tank. But the HE would seriously wound if not kill the crew from the shockwave and also damage the tank. The T30 had a higher velocity long barreled 155mm cannon that I am looking forward to.
  20. A moment of silence for the Churchill.
  21. I don't see anything for HVAR rockets. But I got rockets for a German BF-109 and put detonation at 200 meters, hmm.
  22. 13.2 MJ is enough to rip turrets. It also pushed the tank back when hit.
  23. Super Pershing needs fixed armor and gun and to be put to 6.3 as long as br spread is at 0.7. Sherman Jumbo 76mm should go to 5.3.
  24. Wrong. I am talking about ap rounds. The American 120mm can rip off a tanks turret. Now how about the hesh or he on the T30's 155mm? That is king.
  25. There is a problem with the M22 Locust. When it climbs a hill the engine keeps stuttering, on flat ground it is fine.
  26. Pray with me that the P51H be added. It was on the release tree and it's time to shine is overdue.
  27. I didn't get my reward yesterday. Will my streak be reset?
  28. Hvars have detonation settings?
  29. Why are my hvar rockets exploding at about 200 meter range?
  30. American bombers are dangerous with the buff received. The best bet is to try and snipe the engines, use rockets, or go directly head on where the guns are weakest and hope to pilot snipe. Be careful against my b17g as it has a nose turret.
  31. Or the 120mm on the T34 and M103. They hit harder then Russian guns.
  32. Just Russian propaganda.
  33. It's what I grew up with and still am. Just my preference, not arguing that it is better.
  34. gameplay

    Due to bombs and rockets not included am I right?
  35. Feet and Fahrenheit is life. Meters I can use. But Celsius, no.
  36. Sources I found say it could fly with a max of 4 1000lb bombs but could carry 6000lbs of ordinance.
  37. As I mostly play American fighters, at least side climb to at least 18k feet. Yes I use feet not meters deal with it
  38. I'll look around and see if it could handle it.
  39. B29 is fine where it is imo. A26 could go to 5.7 if it gets rockets and bombs together like the AD2.
  40. Nice post. I prefer 50s over 20mm.
  41. 50 cals are finally balanced. All it takes is a good burst to kill, even bombers stand a chance now!
  42. Red Tails is a completely inaccurate and stupid movie. Though the reversle maneuver was done by a white pilot in a P51.
  43. I got the A26B-50 last week and decided to spade it. I spaded it in one day and got the B17E/Late. The next day I decided to grind the Bombers up to the B29 so that I could have a choice when to research the PB4Y-2. I got the B17G that same day and at the end of the day I loved the A26 so much I bought a talisman. The next day I got the B24 in four hours and the day after that the B29 and F7F Tigercat in one sitting of four hours. I took a break for a day and then played 6 games with it before work and grinded the P80 almost half way. It also makes a good fighter, I got two ace games in one day against German teams and multiple four kill games. It is also very durable as I have taking Yak 9 cannon rounds and survived with a black body frame and dogfighted four Russian fighters and won. I found it to be a great plane to grind higher tiers with, what do you think of the A26?
  44. b29

    Air rb needs a makeover to make bombers and ground attackers useful, the maps lack proper targets and objectives. Plus take out markers.
  45. gameplay

    They are 4.0 now I believe.
  46. I did the same thing to a J2M in my Bearcat. I dived on him for a fake head-on going faster then 400 mph, he does a 180 after me and catches up to me in a few seconds and shoots me down. I was diving he was level, utter bs.
  47. Please no. I hate this system in World of Tanks and World of Warships. I want to play what I like and grind what I like, not be forced to play something I hate.
  48. Same thing happened to my brother playing his M18. Side shot into a T-34-85 and it didn't pen.
  49. Interesting. I love my 50 cals, especially with the buff. They are very effective and efficient. I am wierd, I hate cannons. Unless they are the bearcat 20mm.
  50. They always worked for me. I snapped shot so many planes.
  51. I was wondering the same thing. It still has the bomb bay. Why can't it use both.
  52. I killed a King Tiger using my BB1 with a single 50 kg bomb
  53. Gib now!
  54. Good point. When the ammo explodes it kills the whole vehicle as Tank Burnt Down.
  55. Yeah sometimes I don't have a chance to shoot them because of spawn campers or there are no aircraft. But I like the M19, except when your ammo explodes from a strafe run.
  56. ??? M19 is a great spaa if you have a good aim like me. And I can go anti tank if necessary. I have even killed tiger tanks. Plus it's a great troll tank to shoot the gun of a is6 or king tiger out.
  57. T-34 only beat the Tiger through shear numbers. That is the only reason the Russians survived. They had no tactics, just use numbers to overwhelm the enemy. My grandfather who was a T-34 tank commander hated it. He actually preferred the 76mm Sherman and loved American equipment.
  58. I think it's funny that when whenever it's an American in ww2 that did something heroic it's cast away by Russians as propaganda. Super Pershing, the shot up Thunderbolt, and the Americans as a whole in ww2.
  59. I hope they add this for rockets and bombs.
  60. The M19 is my favorite spaa. I have over a hundred games in it. I usually shoot down 2 to 5 aircraft when I use it. I always clear the sky.
  61. I hate the map and fighting Brits all together four times in a row.
  62. I haven't been able to test this out because I haven't died in my M18. I wish it had the 60 mph it could go to.
  63. With lightly armored tanks I can hit very close to kill them but for heavier tanks you need a direct hit. There is a reason why the nickname for HVAR rockets was "Holy Moses". They were very effective and is realistic in War Thunder.
  64. When I say balancing factor I mean like with the KV-2. It has a gun that can kill tanks much higher then it but it has a very long reload. So it's at 4.3.
  65. This sounds like possibly a 7.0 tank? 203 hesh is going to be really nice. But you could argue about the long reload as a balancing factor and hesh doing hesh things.
  66. How about a team of 4.7 American tanks vs T34-85s, Tiger 1s, Panthers. And 5.3 America vs 6.3 German and Russia. And 6.7 America vs 7.3 and 7.7 Germany and Russia. It's disgusting.
  67. The rockets are realistic in damage and accuracy. They don't need to be nerfed. What should change is a aircraft spawn points increase.
  68. T29 and T34 stay at 6.7. What about the T30 when it comes? What shells would it use and how much pen?
  69. This was mainly a joke. But from playing the spitfire mk9 and the yak 1, and ta 154. I noticed russian cannons to spark less then others. I was playing my new A26 today and a K4 came behind me, all his cannon rounds sparked off me.
  70. Not with a aphe. I tested it.
  71. The American tank tree at 5.0 is suffering. The Russians have many good tanks and the Americans have to few and weaker tanks. I propose adding the T14 to help fix this problem. Along with down teiring and changing other US tanks. There is another Forum on that. Today for example I played 40 battles on the US tank tree at 5.0 br, out of forty, 39 were against Russians, out of 39 my team won only THREE. We were slaughtered. This is wrong and has to change. The American tech tree needs be fixed.