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  1. Early Heat seekers couldn't tell between the ground and the jets engine heat So it had to be up against the sky to work. Radar guided missle lock was broken by evasive maneuvers. Also all missles at the time couldn't distinguish friendly aircraft from enemy.
  2. There was a option for the A26B to use a 75mm cannon. Maybe another A26 in game? I love the A26B-50 and it would make a good gun platform unlike the PBJ.
  3. Can't do that because then they will club Tiger 1 and Panther or even Panzer lV Hs. Br is a mess right now.
  4. To be fair without Americans ww2 would be lost. Sorry i should of clarified my sentence.
  5. Will you stop your anti American propaganda? Jeez you disgust me with your hate, like we were useless in the war. We won it, your welcome. On topic about the P47N. I like it very much and 5.3 or 5.7 would be good for it. I noticed when i play the G56, that 5.3-6.3 Allies are smarter and win much more then 4.3-4.7 Allied teams.
  6. Match making is really screwed up. Ar 6.3 is faces IS6 and t54 1947 spam, M46, etc. At 5.7 it would still be able to compete in a uptier but it can club 4.7 tanks like the Jumbo(when i do 4.7 i see nothing but 5.7 germans). That's one problem but i would like to see it at 5.7 but a change in mm is needed.
  7. Amazing how this turned into another CAS thread.
  8. I'll have Italian cas ready for all br in a week. Only the jets left to get.
  9. How do you earn these from the chronicles?
  10. I like sniping Fw109 D9s in the middle of a dogfight from over 7k ft away in my M19. Just saying.
  11. I am wondering if they will add the modification for gun pods for the A26B. It could carry 8 more 50 cals(22 total). Other mods had twin 37mms or a 75mm.
  12. It's stupid phone auto correct, By attacking my spelling your argument is weak. I also see you have a 82% win rate in the G55 and it's your best plane, hmm. What's a good software to view screen shots?
  13. Good man.
  14. I'll post screen shots when I can and you'll see what I mean by bugged. I actually kill a lot of Spitfires in my G55. I think they are my most killed plane with the P47 close behind. I almost always out turn a Spitfire. With it's guns and performance it could go to 5.0.
  15. I almost always get an ace every game in the G55 Series 1. My K/D is amazing in the plane. I can fly with a red engine without over heating, same with a red oil tank and water cooler. Or still control the plane at 50 mph to shoot a P51 down. I am not saying it's a ufo because it's out turning the Mighty Plane that won the war, blah blah blah. What I am saying is weird things happen with the damage model a lot of times, I can do maneuvers at speeds I shouldn't be able to, and 9 out of 10 I can put out a engine fire and return to base to live. When I do kill them it's always a pilot snipe. That is what's bugged
  16. I'll try to post them asap.
  17. I play the G55 and it is op with it's bugs. I have screen shots proving it. I played my P51D-30 against the British and survived the game as the last player with a ace. Then played against Germany 5.7 and got 6 kills easy. Others games I run into a G55 and put a spot on burst into them and yellow his right flap or I find them at 28k feet and they effortlessly kill me. Very hard to kill them with the bugged damage model and ufo flight model.
  18. Air rb has being bugged recently. Pilot snipes when you don't hit the pilot, rammed into a never ending spin, twitching of the plane when it is damaged in the wing or flap is gone( this is mostly fixed now).
  19. AI planes count on your K/D.
  20. A lot of times I see enemy fighters attacking me in my P47 and they always go on a rushed head( Causes a bad aim) which I then end up killing them without a scratch because they don't want to take the time to pull on my tail and get a easy kill.
  21. After speed reading this i have come to a conclusion. Your not a viable source of info. Bromax isn't a American fan boy he is simply pointing out facts. It's just a game why you hef to be mad?
  22. Only issue I have with American planes is when fighting Italians. Those are true ufo's. Very hard to kill them because of the bugged damage and flight model. But when I fight Germans, Brits, japanese, Commies, I usually get an ace.
  23. Some vehicles are just bad. Nothing can change it. An example would be the pt-76 and type 60 atm. They are so unrealisticly low in br and people still don't play them. Imho they should be removed or replaced with a upgraded version.
  24. rebalance but don't take away 1000lbs.
  25. No. Just increase spawn points and start planes on the runway. You are not taking away realistic bomb sizes used on planes. Bombs are nerfed already as it is.
  26. No. People will play what they want to play
  27. Gaijin shouldn't listen to whiners. They should look at facts presented by people who play the game and do what is right. I hate it when one update a round or plane, etc is balanced but because a player who doesn't counter it right whines, they nerf it. They should just balance everything to historical performance and leave it like that so they can focus on bugs and lack of AIR RB maps.
  28. So we pick 20 planes for each nation we want?
  29. And it has terrible armor even the lowest tier tanks can pen and its open top. Plus it has worse mobility and higher silhouette. Nothing wrong with me.
  30. Stats in spaa are tricky. Most of the time people take spaa and get spawn killed or a player gets through and kills him. I play my m19 quite a bit and do very well against even jets.
  31. Everything has a stabilizer, better ammo for armored tanks, better turret traverse, armor is trolly on some. Though the m82 shot is great against lower armored tanks like the Leo or side of some of the mbts.
  32. T25 stays at 5.7. M36 to 5.3. Jumbo stays at 4.7. Everything else is fine. Fv4202 is tricky though.
  33. I like the American list. I would like to have the AD4 Skyhawk, FJ3 or 4 Fury (naval sabre) and XP-72 Superbolt added.
  34. I agree with MH. No standard Sherman should be more than 5.0 br. M46 should be back at 6.7. The centurion mk 3 could go to 6.7 and mk 10 to 7.7 or 7.3. Mk 10 is at 6.7 right?
  35. Playing the m46 against a Leopard a1a1 or T62 is not fair. I want my GE back or put the m46 to 6.7.
  36. That sounds like a good addition. I think before adding more bombers like this to the game they should change the gameplay for them. More ground targets to bomb to make them less predictable so you don't find a swarm of fighters waiting for you and so your not useless to your team. But then the other issue is bombers climbing to 30k+ feet and letting the tickets run out in his favor.
  37. My piloting is not the point. It's the spaa skill.
  38. This. I rarely get killed by planes even when against U.S. teams. Why? I don't draw attention to myself, nor do I go fighting tanks in a spaa unless in self defense. I also don't open up at planes a mile away. Wait for them to get close and comfy and then strike. This isn't hard to learn.
  39. Leopard has a good gun for armor. You trade armor for mobility. You can use the cl-13. It has 16 rockets.
  40. If Germans get the m41a3 then Americans should get it as well or even replace the m41a1 we have now.
  41. But they have the Mig 9 and the Su6 for ground attack. The real problem is spawn cost for aircraft and that players ignore planes in there spaa and get killed then they complain in the forums. I good spaa player will 9 out of 10 shoot me down before i can get a good strike run.
  42. What jets? I heard there was a naval sabre. But what model was it? Can we have a jet on par with the Mig 17 amd Hunter? Fury was the name of the naval sabres.
  43. And you have jets and great spaa to shoot them down. You get killed by 4.7-6.3 planes? in a 7.0? That's weak.
  44. Is6, T54 1947, and Ru251 ruin 6.7 and 7.0 for other countries.
  45. And american version.
  46. If its a tank that can snipe effectively sure. But when you have multiple tanks of every type ignoring the objectives and sniping you out of spawn. You have two choices. Get a fast tank and flank them before they see you (if map allows). Or get a plane and try to kill them.
  47. I don't like to play tanks from 4.7 and up in the US side now days. 4.7 meets 5.7 every game. 5.3 meets 6.3, 5.7 meets 6.7, 6.7 meets 7.3+. Always Americans with one top tier vs germans and russians all top tier. #Balance
  48. Revenge bombing can stop campers sniping from there spawn points. My blood boils when i see a german or Russian spawn camping on his or our side. A skilled bomb or rocket strike can fix that.
  49. Super sabre. I want a Covair Delta Dart.
  50. I love my M4a3 Sherman but i think 5.0 would be better for it As for the T34-85 i don't have it yet. Soon
  51. MrCheese I played 15 games today in American 6.7 and 7.0. 14 games were horrible losses and only one close victory. Ru251, IS6, and T54 1947 ruin American 6.7 and 7.0. The HEATFS on the 90mm is trash. Its like apcr. Russian 7.3 and 7.0 is undertiered.
  52. Put IS6 at 7.7 and make a requirement to actually have tanks in that country(maybe third rank) to buy it.
  53. America at 7.0 and 6.7 is horrible as it is. The T54 is almost unkillable from the front. M46 and the M56 can only pen it using HEATFS.
  54. When will the match making and rank battles from 4.7 onward be balanced? I don't want to make a suggestion and pray the mods let it through then wait a year for it to get passed to further discussion and another year for it to be denied or passed. Stop adding new stuff for an update and actually fix bugs, balance, match making, tanks armor (cough US tanks), game modes, and spawn camping. Please.
  55. What did you smoke? T54-1947 to 7.0 are you nuts? It should be 7.7 with it's armor along with the is6. Is3 at 7.0 is ok.
  56. That is exactly the point. He had join in progress and got in a game late. Used to happen to me when I would spawn in and have a German plane kill me instantly.
  57. Who won the match? Also 70 seconds is false. Game was already in progress.
  58. Yeah the MBT-70 would be great for America.