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  1. I got the twin mustang but haven't used it yet.
  2. I have the D30 and I am in a long hard painful miserable excruciating horrible wretched dejected downcast despondent despairing aging grind to spade it.
  3. Very flammable to!
  4. The only problem I see is that spaa isn't doing it's job. Germans have the best spaa all around. But instead of shooting planes they go tank destroyer mode and let their friends and themselves die then they go on the on the forums and complain how American air power is op.
  5. aircraft/loadouts

  6. There is a suggestion to add a Stuart modified to carry four m3 20mms. And another for a M4 with 20mms.
  7. M19 is the only spaa I play. And like it. It takes skill to hit targets but with the right ammo and aim it is deadly.
  8. I am a military nerd. Even if Mayer wasn't the one who shot up Johnson's plane the p47c still withstood the damage and made it back to base safely.
  9. Look up Robert S Johnson or Egon Mayer.
  10. I don't think any plane would survive a 88mm shell. Sometimes in game my p47 gets killed easily but sometimes I can get lucky and return home with a red engine and red and black frame.
  11. I don't think it could survive a direct 88 hit but sometimes you get lucky. Remember that ww2 pilot who's thunderbolt hit set on fire by a bf 109? The fire went out and as he was trying to get back home when he was intercepted by a German ace. He was in a fw 190 and he unloaded all of his ammo into the Jug and it was still flying. He ended up making it back to base. I am not saying this is how each plane should be. Just letting you know they could take a beating.
  12. I love most of these changes. Now America will have a better 5.7 counter to the Germans. If they could put the 76mm jumbo to 5.7 it would be great. I now wish they would fix the armor of the Super Pershing and T32. And the stupid cupola of the T95. I would love to see the Walker Bulldog at 5.7 but I think German and Russians would complain to much. 6.0 might be a good compromise.
  13. That is correct, if your team is losing at the cap you can push behind the enemy all the way to the cap and if you are lucky you can kill most if not all of them or you will create a distraction allowing your team to push in and cap.
  14. Don't know. I haven't being able to play since my internet company is taking out revenge on me.
  15. True. It was called the Jug for a reason. I hate it when people say, "Oh it's just history channel propaganda". I am sick of hearing that. They think it justifies making America under performing.
  16. America rises! To top it off can we get the 76mm jumbo at 5.7 please?
  17. +1
  18. Countless times have I played the M18 Hellcat and witnessed my teammates go head on with enemy armor and die a horrible death. I have my tactics for the M18 that tend to work out well. I can get 12 kills without dying easy if I stick to my tactics. So to help my teammates improve I will share some tips and a video. 1. Always flank. Never go to the popular parts of the map. Stay away from cap zones, roads, and towns. Always begin the game by driving a little more than half way across the map away from the cap. Before pushing in check for and eliminate potential spawn campers, snipers, and flankers. Once that is done move up to the enemy spawn, don't drive in it. Stay on the outskirts so you know if someone is spawning in or driving out. Now begins the part I call "Cleanup". Drive down the enemies route to the front lines and pick them off one by one from behind. 2. Watch the kill feed and spawning situation. When you have left the enemy spawn behind you keep watch of the kill feed and spawn situation. When new spawns occur set up a ambush spot, preferably under trees so they can't kill you in a plane. Never stay in one spot for to long. Kill no more then two tanks and move. You must stay on the move otherwise you will be killed. 3. Timing your shots. If you have multiple enemies in your sight don't just shoot. The only reason I flanked and killed four Panthers and a Tiger tank in a tight group was because of trickery. Wait until they are in a position to where there are multiple ways they could get shot. I killed them all by following right behind them and only shooting when they came out of cover to shoot. Because of this they thought they got shot from the front not the back. By they time they realized it they were to late. 4. Using no armor in CQC. Sometimes you get into a map like Korea or Abandoned Factory (just to name a few). These maps require ambush spots. For almost each map I have a favorite spot to use when flanking is not possible. You must use rocks and buildings to hide and slowly push up. These maps are tricky so sometimes you do great and sometimes the enemy finds you. Usually if the map is not in my favor I just take out my Easy 8 or T20. This video here is a example of flanking. I get killed before completing it but I eliminated a majority of flankers, snipers, and spawn campers. And it was enough to get me 4500 rp and win the game. I was a little lucky when the German 75mm over penned me though.