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  1. better gameplay

    You'll have the option to choose who gets out or who stays inside. Though in SIM, you don't really see combat in like 5 minutes, RB is a different story.
  2. Hi, im here to give Gaijin a unique suggestion towards to realisim. This may not be applied for AB but it should definitely be applied for RB and SIM. Once in a while i see mods or players state that it would take forever to render the interior of a tank and it's useless. While i agree it's complicated and time consuming to build the interior of our tanks but i disagree with the fact it's useless. I suggest that you make the optics/periscope more visable and also see other periscope if they have them. That will force you to design the interior tank enough to visually see the actual periscope part or optics. So my pitch is we make periscopes/optics/head out of out the hatch useful. Some would say that we already have that but i sort of disagree. I look at our view ports/optics/periscopes and for me it's half-**** and almost all tanks are the same. Gaijin is capable of doing great things, we just gotta show them what the customers look forward to. Now to the strong details °commanders! When we use our binoculars, we are suppose to be out of that hatch like you see in the pictures and you get a clear view of your surroundings. Also when you're using 3rd person view in SIM battle, it can get alittle weird. The commander isn't always in the center of the hatch and it moves around when you're turning the turret. Also the hatch is closed when you're using binos or 3rd person view. If the player wants to do third person view or use binos, then the commander should come of the hatch. If the commander wants to check his surroundings without exposing himself then he will use the periscopes like the picture below. This will give the player more realism and spotting would be hard without getting killed by machine guns. Now there are a few tanks that have a MG directly mounted to the commander's hatch. Such as the M18 here. For commanders that have access to MGs like that should have the right aim their machine guns seperately from the main gun. By aiming, i mean use the actual iron sights and kill all the nazi commanders/drivers or other heads sticking out lol. Also, those who do have access to those MG, give them the option to "disconnect" their hands from the MG so they can either duck/use binos or check surroundings faster without the heavy MG slowing you down. Also if you check out the M48, M60, M60a1 or T92..it will get very interesting. °Gunners! I would like to suggest that gunners have the same capabilites as the commander IF the tank allows it. Some gunners in certain tanks only have the scope for their main gun. However there are other tanks out there that have a periscope AND an optic scope for the gun. Here you go. You can see that the periscope is under that rail and the scope is towards the right. Since you already modeled the M18/jackson/m56/duster/ etc interior, i think the commander/gunner should have the right to be able to look at the inside of the turret. now when i said periscope don't have zoom, i wasn't talking about this one. Instead, i was actually talking about the one next to that zooming periscope. There are certain tanks that have these special periscope for commanders and also gunners too. see the periscope infront of the hatch? that is the gunner's periscope. However the tiger doesn't have one as you can see here. Hell even the Machine Gunner doesn't have one. Which means the gunner doesn't know what to shoot at except where the commander tells him. That is why this suggestion is very important, not every tank is the same and the situation awareness is very different compared to others. However in the game they are all the same, that gives the limited tanks a big advantage compared to tanks with lots of periscope/hatch/optic options. °Drivers! I would suggest gaijin to let drivers feel the breeze as they did in WW2. A lot of the tank driver's stick their head out for 2 reasons. Its hot as hell in there but also to get a clear view of whats going on. I'll show you. As you can see, they are able to see everything and keeps doing that because they are sick of seeing this all day till bullets start flying around. Some drivers only have one periscope, there are others that have more than one periscopes such as these tanks. °SUMMARY - Give the player the option to use their tank's periscope and optics realistically yet effectively. - allow the option to get your head out for a clearer view and use binos if your tank came with one. - If the commander/loader/gunner have a Machine Gun mounted directly on his hatch, he should be able to use it. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay? just remember that ever optic is different such as the view size, clarity, zoom and protection.