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  1. Wait but the Army installed either a 4 or 5in thick front plate and welded another 1.5in on top if it doesn't reach to 5.5in. When you go to the armor view in-game.. its different, so it's not 47°.. it's actually 43° degrees. i know it's dumb but in the armor view, everything starts from 90° instead of 0° degrees. In the armor penetration, everything starts from 0°. Here is a picture of the 2 plates http://www.toadmanstankpictures.com/restore.htm While the bottom plate looks thin, it's not.. see that tab that is sticking out? That is for the transmission armor mount. So seeing that together is alot thicker than the 1.5in top plate, by alot. http://www.armorfortheages.com/MilitaryVehicles/CobraKing/CobraKing.html You'll find the measurements on the top of the welded armor and you'll see a serial number that has a "4" in the end which stands for 4in thick for the first plate instead of 5..
  2. http://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/detail.asp?armor_id=111 "Front hull was no less than 5.5in" 100mm thick equals 140mm basis 38mm equal 50mm basis. 140mm thick together is a basis around 180ish. Lets just say it really was 130mm basis, the 29K shouldn't penetrating me. Last time i checked, the penetration is 139mm at 90° not 43°... Since the armor plate is closer to 30° rather 60°.. i think the 29 K is around 60ish mm at 30°.
  3. aircraft/loadouts

    I have to admit, watching the m60a1 live firing video really impressed me as far as speed goes. Though, the US wants to stick with human loaders unless its 152mm or bigger. With tech getting better, the 120mm may not get the job done for any new projects in 30 years or so. If that is the case, i just figured out how i can autoload a giant 152mm/155mm shell fairly quick without ripping the loaders arm off in 5 minutes. I could replace the human loader for the m134 loader though.. Okay that is pretty sick.. I figured out how to do everything perfectly but it's almost impossible to explain in here.. besides i would like to make money off of this design lol. When im done with engineering school and draft up to General dynamics or something yeah i'll be fooling around alot xD.
  4. Guys, i can confirm the jumbos are now broken. You're welcome ladies and..just ladies. The 1st plate is 101.1 thick and the 2nd is 38.1 thick. Both at 43° basis is 140mm and 50ish mm. Together is around 190mm. A f uc king 29K one shot me in the center of my front hull at 10M. The 29K only gets 139mm pen at 90° in 10M. Same goes for the T-34-85. Gaijin needs to fix it.. AGAIN!
  5. Again, the operator is the deadly weapon. If you gave the RU only to Ace players then they would scream out for a buff.
  6. aircraft/loadouts

    IKR?! Imagine if it had more powder than the M103. It takes a long time to load it as is, might as well make this one worth it. Speaking of loading, what if i created a lever action loading mechanism for huge long calibre such as 152mm. Instead of a long tube, it would a revolver wheel. The military doesn't want autolouders unless they go as big as 152mm. Last time i checked we don't have anything bigger than 120mm inside of a Tank today. Reason why they don't want autoloaders is because alot can go wrong. However, i have alot of experience with henry lever action rifles and it has seen alot of care but also alot of abuse. It has never jammed on me ever, btw this was a $200 rifle back in the 90s. The difficult part would be moving all that mechanism unless there is new tech that can carry the weight and stabilize quickly. They really shouldn't it should be in the light tank. Agreed!!
  7. 1. The vigilante is deadly but only for 200 rounds. The SGT York has alot of 40mm ammo choice. The 40mm APFSDS-T built by Bofors has penetration of..actually more than 140mm at 45° in 600M. Since the SGT. York has 2x L/70s, the ROF will be 10 rounds per second. It will be deadly not only against ground force but also against planes by using 3P aka PFHE. The PFHE work as a proximity fuze which is set by the gun's rangefinder. Once the PFHE, explodes.. it will spray 1,100 tungsten BBs like a shotgun. Idk about you, but i rather have the York than the M163. Indeed, it will be more practical against ground and air forces.
  8. Question to gaijin Developers. 1. What are your plans on the M247 SGT. York? Is it going to have the L/70 bofor's APFSDS-T and 3P rounds? I only ask because the data of APFSDS-T and 3P rounds are very hard to find. I manage to find the penetration value of the APFSDS-T which was OVER 140mm at 45° in 600M. 2. Are you looking forwards to make mudding look more realistic? Such as getting stuck, losing traction, mud flying everywhere when you're drifting on the mud etc etc. 3. If you're planning to put new maps in the next update or two, would you consider making maps of American locations? Such as °29 plams or Indio..it's a tank division training ° grand canyon.. looks beutiful but deadly ° ocotillo wells.. used to be a big military base. ° san diego USMC base. Or is it only going to be historical battle locations only? 4. I've been doing some research on ATGM performances and i've learned that the guiding control doesn't work till the ATGM is at a certain range. With that being said, do you have plans to correct the ATGM vehicles in the near future? Thank you for your time.
  9. Oh, i thought you can ask questions and discuss apropreiate suggestions..
  10. Question to gaijin Developers. 1. What are your plans on the M247 SGT. York? Is it going to have the L/70 bofor's APFSDS-T and 3P rounds? 2. Are you looking forwards to make mudding look more realistic? Such as getting stuck, losing traction, mud flying everywhere when you're drifting on the mud etc etc. 3. If you're planning to put new maps in the next update or two, would you consider making maps of American locations? Such as 29 plams, grand canyon, fort irwindale or battle locations only? Thank you for your time.
  11. No tricks, just luck mate.. you could go to custom battles and play night games all day long.
  12. Since you guys seem to like the challenge from night battles.. then check this suggestion out, i think you hardcore players will like it.
  13. Hey panther, what if i made a light tank, like an M18. Then i design a 1 piece per side heavy duty rubber track( with other exotic materials of course ), basically like a serpentine belt with a tensioner pulley. Not only the tracked vehicle is light but you're not using heavy metal tracks. Next to that, you have a tensioner pully which will stiffen when it's not absorbing heavy terrain. So with a light vehicle, new rubberized track, and King shocks at each wheel and extremely high HP motor...say 4,000HP? Without any restrictions, it could easily reach 112mph in 12-16 seconds. With all that being said, would it throw the track off?
  14. Why not just have a middle mode? Far left is air force, far right is ground force only and the middle can be both :).
  15. tanks/vehicles

    I wouldn't exactly say auto fire, it's a lot like a single action revolver pistol. Though with the new 105mm ammo, that will be interesting to see. The T31 will be an absolute monster in CQB. Wel, recoilless gun is the least of my knowledge toward to tanks. Idk how they work, or real purpose of it.. what i can say is, the T31 was intented to use the aircraft bombs which is the T37 i believe, and the designers basically took the T37 bombs and made it into a rocket by using a 57mm core.
  16. What are the most effective counters against rockets and ATGMs? I know they use heavy duty fencing but is that effect against atgms? I know they use reactive armor but it's not every where on the tank. Btw i think that m1 abram wasn't being used by the US military.. if it was, there would be at least 4 more tanks with him.
  17. I think it hit the blast door, if it penetrated the blast door then there isn't much you could do about it.
  18. tanks/vehicles

    I Know Rightt?! That is why i absolutely love the T31! There is just soo much stuff you could do to it man, i mean imagine what the toxic rockets could do to chokepoints and heavily populated flags. If it was on water with snorkels, people would actually think it's a Kv2 with 2 extra barrels XD. Go big or go home mate!! Love the picture XD.
  19. Ikr?! Kinda makes me wonder what made those towelheads cook the ammo off without getting shot at by other tanks or something
  20. These suggestions takes forever, so by the time you finally want one..the devs still might be reviewing this tank..
  21. ground vehicles

    Yep, thats the one, i was actually more worried about the fence thing.. after that, they said yeah but our tank is ment for some certain kind..i forgot where they came from since only 1 or 2 did it. The picture got was a very common camo, though not common enough for the tiger to have it -.-.
  22. ground vehicles

    I'll post it here when i find some, i remember seeing it but i can't remember where.
  23. I rather have a night battle in RB than AB. I only played night battles a few times this month.
  24. Yeah i know, they have this blast door in the the back of the turret.
  25. ground vehicles

    No they won't i can't even bug report the M46 tiger having a missing fence and the wrong camo.
  26. That looks sooo fun to drive, i want it!
  27. tanks/vehicles

    The flamethrower would be an absolute game changer in the lower teir, actually.. the M48 was equipped with flamethrowers too and the T54/T62/T55/T72 are very weak against fire. Though most of those russian cook offs were because of the towelhead mistakes. The scary part is that if you don't give a continuess stream of fire for 5 seconds, the current fire will keep burning out crews. I've notice alot of WW2 tanks didn't have a good turret ring seal. I've seen comets and centis videos having their cook offs burn through the turret rings instead the hatches. Though that would make the other players mad, so for those that are reading this, the best way to kill a T31 is from a distance since the armor is very weak. If they give the new ammo loadout as it is in the suggestion then maybe, though if the rocket's arm doesn't pivot then 5.0 or 5.3 maybe abit much. Another words, would everyone still use the IT-1 if it had no traverse, elevation or ATGM guidance? I think no. So if the Rocket is able to pivot with the new sights, then sure. Also the rocket is either HEP or Toxic Chemical.. so any tanks with no filter or gas mask will die if they stay in the location too long.
  28. tanks/vehicles

    Putting a MG on top of the engine deck is the dumbest thing i've ever heard. If it was the 50cal then it wouldn't be too bad since it won't fall through the grill. Though the MG42 is a much smaller caliber and it can get into places you don't want it to be in. If it doesn't burn your wires or make a linkage stuck, it will be a PITA for the Mechanics to get their hands in their and work on the motor while cleaning all the leftover shells lol.
  29. ground vehicles

    Sorry.. Hey didn't the m48s have improvisational add-on armor? If so, maybe we can add that to the M48A5.
  30. ground vehicles

    While the M42 is crappy at most things, i still had it by my side in 8.0 before the M163 came. Not only that, the m134 will be great for killing AB planes and screwing with other people's optic. Oh i know about that, that thing is 30mm of anti-everything. I was just wondering if the M134 ia capable of defending their ground forces allies from ATGM, rockets, etc etc. I only ask becausw 30mm is alot different from a 308 Winchester.
  31. ground vehicles

    I was refeering to open top spaags lol. Though with AP 7.62s, they can penetrated 10mm..well, the old ones anyway. I have no idea how much it could penetrate if it was depleted uranium with a different powder and casing. I gotta ask, do you think the M134 would be a good defense against missiles, ATGM, rockets, anti-personal if you had a very nice computer equipment in real life? Btw idk if gaijin is gonna give us a tier 5 premium option.. the highest they go is 6.7BR. My favorite israeli M60 tank is the M60 Sabre, but the Mag'ach 7 is awesome to.. it actually looks like the Super M60AX. As long as we have those with then thats cool, i think the difference is that the 105s were tungsten and the 120s were depleted uranium. Yeahhh! Here is some. we should let the m48s have flamethrowers ;). New decals too?
  32. ground vehicles

    More like ANTI-SPAAG With the stupid reload times, you're right. Isn't the 120mm m60a3 has been used by the saudi, jordens, isrealis? My bad, mind switched on me, it's the m48s that only fired APDS.. though what do we have in the game right now? I thought we don't have APFSDS because it was a "time traveling projectile" horsesh it.. You know what be nice? New camo for the post war tanks, i mean historical camos.
  33. ground vehicles

    If you tell everyone to shut up about it then yeah you might prevent the chance to have the M48A3 Grim. The m163 is working fine by me unless you're using a 2005 Dells computer then you may have some issues. Heres some education, while you're correct that the m60a3 120mm version didn't see combat.. there are many tanks on all nation's TT that didn't see combat, let alone out of the paper. Though i disagree that the 105 being able to do the job well in todays standards. The M256 can do twice what the M68 can do. Especially when the M68 only fired APDS and the M256 fires Depleted Uranium APFSDS-T. We already have M60A1 AOS, the M48A5 isn't in game yet. We already have the M26E1 but the M46A1 isn't in game. Whats the point of having the M48a2 when you can get the A3? While i love to see the M60A2, it's just as quiet as all the other great suggestions.
  34. If you got a bad turret ring, it will blow through the rings. Though it will mostly escape out of the hatches since it's the least resistant spot to relief pressure.
  35. While you're having fun getting kills in your Gepard, we are sitting in the cap with our M163 waiting to get killed. The m163 is sooo weak right now, it's a once in a while custom match SPAAG user. I just hope that gaijin does it right when the Americans get their M247 SGT. York with their L/70 bofor APFSDS-T ammo. Which is btw very high ROF and pens better than the ZSU-57-2. It can penetrate more than 140mm at 40° in 600M. Idk the actual penetration but they only used a 100mm RHA at 40°.
  36. Ground vehicles

    If they use it right in the right location, they can kill lots of nazis. Seriously though, i've gotten maybe 100s of 8.0 kills in my M18.
  37. Ground vehicles

    Even if they did, they'll realize that the tank isn't that OP, it's the operator. Idk when you gamers are gonna figure that out honestly. There is no such thing as best rifle, tank, artillery, pistol, grenade, APC, TD, etc etc. Whatever the operator is comfortable with is the best tool. Another words, the rifle is nothing more than a tool, it's the OPERATER that is a deadly weapon. That is why the M18 Hellcat is so deadly because the operator learn every tank's weakspot.
  38. Oh i know, there was a suggestion somewhere that was pretty cool, it was basically saying you should place the spawn base randomly but don't show the flag on the map. The keep switching it every minute or two. If that was in effect, it be impossible to spawn camp for "high" kills.
  39. aircraft/loadouts

    I seriously cannot image what a long barrel 152mm could do if they made APFSDS and HEATFS.. if they made a 152mm round with a super magnum shell style, that sabot will fly faster than any cannon including the M103.
  40. aircraft/loadouts

    The MBT70's fume extractor looks smaller and further away from the gun shield. I really want one now.
  41. tanks/vehicles

    If it looked like this with updated everything then hell yeah lol. Though, idk if it earns the heavy tank name.. how about putting in the tank destoryer? The highest TD we have is the T95 and there some pretty cool M113 ATGMs and HEATFS shooters in the suggestion as well.
  42. ground vehicles

    Can we just put all the top teir tank at 8.7? So we can have some room for the less capable 8.0s but very OP 7.0s. The Cold war tanks are abit too tight and it needs more room. If the M60a1 was at 8.7 then i would place the m48 at 7.7 m48a3 reaper 7.7 m48a5 8.0 m60 8.3 M60a1 8.7 M60a3 120mm(if) 9.0
  43. tanks/vehicles

    We do have alot of suggestions that is bringing in the M48a3 Grim Reaper and M48A5 105mm. So for the medium tank tank line in between 7.3-8.0 would be M47 M48 M48A3 GRIM REAPER M48A5 105MM M60 M60A1 For the heavies Just the m103 and m103a2.
  44. aircraft/loadouts

    I know right?! If there was a paper tank that Gaijin should allow then i would pick this one lol. I can't tell if it's a long barreled 152mm or an M256 120mm cannon.
  45. That happened to me alot on my t92's HEAT, and 6.0BR and upper APCR shells.
  46. Ground vehicles

    Anyway, while i think it be cool for the US to have a premium captured tiger.. ehh, im kind of over it, and i don't really want it.
  47. About the spawncamping, why can't Gaijin just do what Dice does for their battlefeild games? You can't snipe them from a distance and it has a "return to battle" thing. Also, the base has many exist so that way the enemy doesn't have a perfect camping chokepoint.
  48. Best way to use it is the exact tactic as you use the M18. The only difference is the stabilizer and the suspension. The M18 is very squishy when you stop, but when ur driving on decent terrain, you could kill on the move but that takes madskillz. Have fun!
  49. Dude, i killed that RU251 in seconds with my M163. That is probably my first real tank kill for the M163, zsu57-2 doesn't count.
  50. Ground vehicles

    Im on vacation but isn't the T32 at 7.3 in RB and AB at 7.0 or the other way around?
  51. If the T64 gets into the game, then the Americans should have the Super M60AX. By M60a3, you mean the M256 120mm right?
  52. aircraft/loadouts

    I wish the Army kept the M60a2 as a "work in progess" tank. Without a doubt, our tech today could make the M60A2 shine beyond it's original designation. With better equipment and rockets like the Hellfire or maybe heatseekers and such, also a better turbine motor, armor, and suspension. An Updated M60a2 could be an Abram's pal. Someone drew a modernized M60a2 and it looks pretty cool! If there was any paper tanks i would like to see in game, it would be this one.
  53. Well, the american SPAAG is pretty thin unless you're browsing through american suggestions. Besides if that thing has APDS or APFSDS then it would be consider as a huge upgrade against enemy tanks as far as the M163 chassis goes. Though for me, i feel like the M163 is weak because the 20mm is very slow and doesn't kill very well til the plane is around .5M - .8M and the reload is also more than 1 minute. After you load the new ammo, connecting the ammo into the gun is another 45 seconds . Btw The M247 got passed to the devs, if it gets approved and it has the APFSDS-T then the Americans get a high ROF ZSU-57-2 but with better penetration. I gotta say, that would a good addition to the italians when they get their tech tree in the game.. i've doing some research on the italian vehicles and they got some good stuff.
  54. Ground vehicles

    The M82 will one shot anything if the t32 is flanking someone. Which in that case, anyone can one shot anything on someone's side unless you're drive a IS3,IS4,T10M. AT 7.3BR, the loadout we have isn't very good. If however the T50 shell comes in, then it won't be that bad.
  55. Speaking of spaags, anyone know what this is??? Almost like a 4 barreled gepard turret on an M113 chassis, would be a great addition to the U.S. if it even is an american. Anyone know about it?
  56. tanks/vehicles

    I mean sure why not, i'll let gaijin decide if they want to. Though i really hope they give it snorkels.
  57. The m60a1 is actually a faster loader than the Leo. We discussed about this maybe 4 or 5 pages ago? Heres your shortcut Nah thats gonna be my dinner table
  58. aircraft/loadouts

    Yeah, the m60a1 loaders could load in 3 seconds tops and 6 seconds slowest. Here is proof
  59. ground vehicles

    As of the current settings right now, i would definitely be on the same side as you. However, if my suggestion pass to the developers, then i would keep the large cupola for greater visibility. Here is the suggestion im referring to
  60. ground vehicles

    Hell yeah! The T54 have many different variants before reaching the T62, i don't see why the US shouldn't have the M48a3 Grim Reaper and M48A5 105mm
  61. tanks/vehicles

    Lol! I'll be by your side! > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >
  62. Pfft! Get a wheel and use that as a coffee table!
  63. tanks/vehicles

    Mann... i really was looking forward to tacos :(.
  64. Ground vehicles

    Yep.. sometimes they go through the dirt/snow. Though at that position, anyone shooting at the T32's gun shield will have their shell bounce 90° downward towards to the top Hull. Weird stuff man.
  65. Ground vehicles

    T32 being better hull down? You're kidding right? Any tank can penetrate the LFP at any distance or angle. While the UFP and the turret is "strong" the rounds will bounce inward to the upper hull plate and kill the crew/or blow the ammo. I remember a tiger hitting the ride side of the turret cheek while i was facing him frontally. Instead of the shell not penetrating or bouncing to the right, it literally penetrated at at a 60° left turn. The result killed all my crew since then APBC blew a "grenade" at the center of the turret. I love the T32, it but it's so broken that it made the broken (past) jumbo look like a good tank smh. Anyway.. i havent tried the T32 after the 1.67 but the experience was only good when i just got it.
  66. aircraft/loadouts

    Lol, it's alot better than 5in! *cough* M60a1 *cough cough*
  67. If we can't get composites, then can we get add-on armor and reactive armor to those that had them?
  68. You're right, they only have the frieght shipping weight.
  69. Iol i aint buying the cannon or the MG with it. Okay so i emailed the company for better measurements but what i know for sure is that the "weight and dimension" is box size= 429 x 380 x 360 Weight= 9999.9LBs Box size comversion. 429mm = 16.889inch 380mm = 14.960inch 360mm = 14.173inch Another reference Now it doesn't exactly say the shield is 12in percisely, but it seems to be an aweful coincidence. If it wasn't for @Godman_82, we wouldn't be this close... thanks mate!
  70. aircraft/loadouts

    This is true, but the only exposed part of the turret is the impenetrable part. That is the gun shield, it's thicker than 10.5inch. Another great feature for the game but not in real life is that every crew member is separated from each other with their own armor.
  71. Those sweden Tanks are amazing, this one by far is my favorite.
  72. I knew that the 8.8 or 90mm were being used for anti aircraft and called them flak guns right? Btw what is that tank on the bottom?
  73. I gotta admit, thats pretty cool hahaha.
  74. Oh wait okay, uhm.. possible suggestion for Q&A answers right? Here is a question, " Real ATGMs don't start their guidance till a certain range, let alone being extremely accurate. While in the game, your guidance starts right away and and the accuracy is basically perfect. Do you devs look forwards to making the ATGM have the same characteristic as the real ATGM did?"
  75. I wonder when the T30 will come in, though im kinda curious about the extra HP/TQ motor. I mean, they are basically the same as the T29, i don't think its that much heavier than the T29...is it? " the t53 120mm gun was a version of the M1 Anti-Aircraft gun that was adapted yada yada yada" Anti aircraft? 120mm? Huh?!
  76. Tank po rn.. we are abit kinky right now i agree, idk.. i've always had these crazy tank ideas and i would love to see the reactions in a realistic enviorment. Obviously not in the game permanently but as a big event. I love historical gameplay and realistic reaction except the current APHE but i also like to see these crazy ideas in the game. It would definitely make Baron and Ply go nuts and have a blast with these what if tanks or planes.
  77. Speaking of prototypes, paper tanks, coffee stains, what if tanka.. what if we had a special event that last a month. Full of "What if" tanks, Prototypes, jerry rigged swaps (like an M18 with P51 motor, 8 speed tranny and an M46 Pershing cannon. or E2 Jumbo with Kw88 and improvisitional armor with t29 motor[picture below], or long 90mm) . Heres an insane idea but should be like the assault acrade battle cos it will super OP but fun. "What if" you replace every B-17 30cal/50cal turrets with M134s... admit it, sounds tempting to see what it be like eh?? Im sure if the U.S. military created another bomber plane, it would have a GAU-8 turret or 2x L/70 High ROF bofors with 3P rounds xD. Here is few pictures im talking about Basically im proposing a realistic pyhsic enviornment with full of creative but realistic ideas and see how they play in the events. Since the event would last only a month or so, best not to "earn" the tank or mods since it's time cosuming and we all have to work or go to school. By realistic ideas, i mean like if you ask a machinist(like me) to make a part to work with another and the product works great after the new combination then it's a working pair. However if you ask me to put a diesal V10 in a Honda Civic Hatchback with 5 gatling guns then.....lol no What do you guys think? Go wild with your fantasy/ideas or stick with the rulebook?
  78. Thats like asking when is it a good time to tell your kids the truth about Santa Claus. Truth is, no one knows the best time.. but it's going to happen sooner or later.
  79. tanks/vehicles

    What do you mean it wasn't built? Those pictures looks pretty built to me man! Lol.
  80. Ehh.. sort of, i was saying that to make it easier to describe what we are doing.
  81. What if the russians get the T64? I got an idea on how we can stay on topic while saying whatever we want.. lets talk about further discussion suggestion! What ya say mate?
  82. Ground vehicles

    Beforw they fixed it After they fixed it...seems functional to me man..
  83. Godman and i found some more evidence, give us a day or two while i call the place and "buy" an m60a1 gun shield lol. One thing Godman did found out is that the M60A1's shield alone is 10,000lbs... i repeat, 10,000lbs. Nothing in that shield's shape at 5in thick would weigh as much as 2 3,500 Dodge cummins truck.
  84. Hell yeah, im down for that, as long as the TOW or ATGM missiles arn't too long to reload. The M40 jeep is more than welcome to war thunder, im a jeep fan and i also have lifted rock crawling 1991 Jeep YJ I6 4.0L.
  85. aircraft/loadouts

    We should definitely put this in the tech tree, where would you guys put this? Heavy tank? TD? if we putt it after the m60a1, sooner or later everything is gonna go into that line beside the M247 sgt york and m113s.
  86. I would say premium but the US almost have just as much premium vehicles as the russians. The US TD is really thin which is funny because we had alot of TD/Artilleries in WW2 and later. So maybe bring this into the regular tech tree?
  87. What you guys think? Super M60AX after 1.69? Yay or nay? If you guys agree then i'll make a decent suggestion report later. For the M60a2, you guys interested in seeing it in 1.69? It doesn't seem to be passed to the developers though :(.. what are the ways we can get m60ax and m60a2 on fast track?
  88. The standard 50 cal only could penetrate almost an inch of RHA. Though the military did produce sabot rounds for the 50cals but that started around the 90s. The sabot 50 can penetrate around 1.25in of RHA.
  89. Now im not wish listing but my memory is bad, did someone already suggest gaijin to bring in the M60A2 and Super M60AX?
  90. Since their is 4 rockets at ready, they should allow the US TD players launch as much as they like instead of "reloading" to the next ready to go rockets.
  91. This would be a useful TD along the other M113s That ATGM should be an upgradable Module for the M48.
  92. If its not possible then fine but the majority of the players are decent PCs/PS4 players.. i hate to be a d ick but, if the REAL low performance computers are 10% of the community then sorry, i'd rather have them go for the good quality product. There are alot of modern tanks that combat against that tank.. i mean, those germans made a 800mm ATGM for a reason right? Besides the 20mm hatch gunner is awesome. The M113 tow (the one with the Wall-E face) can be an effective ATGM tank, the M551 has long reload and can get killed easily. The IT-1 can fire behind hills without exposing anything, even the rocket itself I just want an effect TD with high ROF ATGM. Since i made the suggestion, i'll give you a small summary. 1) 105mm has alot more ammo varity, i post it in my suggestion message. 2) the t31 was designed to invade D-Day and take out bunkers and tanks. In the comments, you'll find those snorkels, thats what would be used for the T31. Another words, it's ampihbious. The rockets were used for destorying tanks and bunkers, giant bunkers btw. 3) last resort, the flamethrower.. it has a long range and it will be extremely deadly to tanks that are not perfectly sealed like M1 Abrams. If a vodka molotav grenade could kill the crews in a tank, imagine what a pressurized Napalm could do. While the penetration is nice on the ACAV, the velocity is terrible. It would make a great low teir TD.
  93. Yeah thats what i was thinking, i don't think you can blow the breech and burn the ammo. Besides, tanks like the m1 abram is not something you can kill with a few grenades. The breech itself is thicker than the jumbo's turret lol. Not to mention better exotic alloys too, even if you did blast the breech.. all the ammo is stored in a blast container.
  94. Ground vehicles

    Then make it an event tank, after all we did operate the vehicle.
  95. The purpose of bringing the suggestions here was bringing them back to light. These suggestions requires alot of good votes and cheerful comments. When suggestions are a without comments for a day or two, they are basically gone forever. So im bringing back stuff that will do good for the game and shake it up again. Ehhh...it does but no where as much as the T55M does... it has what? A total of 3 layered armor? One steel, 2nd plastic or ceramic and 3rd is steel? I wouldn't really call it composite, Merkavas, abrams leopards are heavy composites but the MBT-70 is more of a glorified layered jumbo armor. And new motor btw, cummin diesal motor.. that has increase it's mobility quite will, the mediums are kinda coming in short, perhaps we could find a good medium at 6.7BR and shove this Sherman M51 at say..5.7BR?
  96. Ditto, i tried getting that in my phone but i kept making mistakes and the comments were getting erased each time i went back to this forum. After trying to do it 5 times, it got me annoyed and tired so i decided to put down 12. I had your bug report in but stupid complications happened -.-
  97. tanks/vehicles

    It shouldn't be a problem except for the IS-7... idk what will be able to kill the IS7, it's bulletproof from it's own cannon frontally.
  98. I was going back to the first page and the mode said no wishlisting but bring up valid suggestions or whatever. If he means what i think he means then check these suggestions out. 1. Look into the comments, good read. 2. Important tactics, great for realism too. 3. You should bring in WW1 planes too. 4. You got 4,400 upvotes, high priority. 5. MBT-70 152mm and 105/120mm 6. M113s! I would put this in high priority. 7. T110e5, it would be a great addition 8. Extremely important! 9. US's counter against ZSU-57-2, it fires APFSDS-T and it penetrated more than 140mm at 40° in 600M. 10. MERICAN KV2....with flameflowers and 7.2in rockets lol.. 11. Important for realistic gameplay 12. New 105mm howitzer loadout.
  99. Just let it be bro, having that perfect stabilizer in the m551 was really fun.
  100. Look what i found, it was on this link https://forum.warthunder.ru/index.php?/topic/184284-bvv_dшная-3/&page=17#comment-6062160 2 Charges not mean that charge will be 2 times faster. About M60A1 mask changes in the direction of more detailed simulations are likely to be, but to promise that the mask will be thicker I can not very complex form with lots of bores and cavities, and find a lot of places where it is thicker than 5 inches hard in journals district will somewhat thicker
  101. Its recently getting popular because people are interested in the T31 and M18 105mm
  102. The M103 had a slightly different design and a few upgraded parts and some different arrangement inside in the tank. The biggest different between M103 and A2 is the shell loadout. The M103 only have M358 and HEATFS, the A2 has alot more.
  103. This should solve our issue, support it and we will get back on track.
  104. C,mon guys.. they already made a T29 and a T32 and an M103. I don't see how it will take them forever to design/model these (T29e3, M103A2, T30, T32E1) when they can juat copy and paste it. After that, they can add a few adjustments to it. That will save them so much time, yet i think they already know that. I believe they already have made those models i mentioned but they are waiting til no one is playing. I hope they learn that people who are leaving the game isn't because of the vehicles but because of the repeating gameplay. Those people who leave are going to games with different style of design even if it's not realistic at all. I mean look at BF1, it has its fair share of bugs but alot of people like to play Operations, Rush, demolition(what we have), team deathmatch, conquest, capture the flag, etc etc. Most importantly, you can't spawn camp or kill in BF1. Why? Because enemy players are restricted from going to your base, thats something that War Thunder doesn't have. Thousands of people asked Gaijin to design something to stop the spawn killing and they said, no we don't wanna hold your hand the whole way. Another reason for players leaving is that the game ends too fast. I've seen the Devs playing their ZSU-57-2 on RB and they didn't last 15 seconds. When he died, he gets kicked out and then goes back to the menu and wait another 5 minutes to play another disappointing 30 second match. It's honestly an easy solution, remove the 3 lives or SP in RB or only 1 tank in SIM. Just basically do what DICE does for their gameplay but keep your realism. Once you do that, your 30,000 users will go straight up to 100,000 or 200,000 thousands. Especially if you merge Xbox into the PC/PS4 platform. Once the xbox players explore war thunder, they ain't gonna go back to World of Tanks. Anyway, long story short is, if you got the request done or it can be done within a month or so.. then don't wait til you lose players.
  105. The jumbo was very broken before, now it's partially fixed. Which is why its all the sudden scary basically. Just hit anywhere on the hull's side.
  106. Penetration, reload, some of the armor and the most annoying thing.. which is the gunner position and optics. Gaijin thinks the left rangefinder is an optic for the gun. That part is so annoying that i cant use the m103 in RB or SIM, it's almost impossible.
  107. When i was playing the Cobra King before the update, there was match where i was the top BR. While my team was too busy sniping from base to anything pass the enemy flags, i decide to brawl towards the flag. Now alot of people, even the american tankers couldn't kill me because they didn't know where to shoot. If you have at least 150mm of penetration then you shoot under the gun shield. If you have less than that then you're gonna have to do what we as American tanks ALWAYS have to do against any other tanks...FLANK! We always gotta flank the tigers, ferdi, tiger 2s, and sometimes russian mediums but for sure the heavies.. If you want to become a better player then play. The Americans and the U.K. Tanks. Reason being is that anything will one shot you but you will have to shoot 5-10 rounds to kill anything else. With that being said, it teaches you to kill the gunner first and then the driver if possible. Flank and go for the ammo, if it doesn't blow then kill the gunners until it run out of crews. Now to be fair, the 75mm is a terrible cannon even for 4.7BR top teir. When i was surviving that round from say 10 shooters at a decent distance? The 75mm required alot of APCR to hurt the enemy and i used APCBC when they show the sides or engine. I had a hard time killing, so what i did is wound the first tank, then the next. I don't wait till i finally kill the first tank. It will waste 10 or 15 rounds on that enemy frontally. So i wound the first one, then i shoot at whoever is going to shoot at me instead of who did shoot. Wise soldier once said, In vietnam, the best way for us to survive a heavy battle was to wound a soldier. 1 wounded soldier requires 2 more soldiers to retrieve the wounded. That is 3 less people shooting at you, which give you some time to think clearly. I applied that to ground force war thunder and it worked. Look for your Tiger 2s, they can one shot basically anything frontally at any distance yet they have very good armor. The Jumbo 75mm just have good armor, it does penetrate tanks with APCR but it doesn't kill. I believe the 75mm jumbo should be in 4.3BR and 76mm should be in 5.0BR. BTW, the armor is still sorta broken, it has gotten alot better but there are tanks(russians) that can penetrate it frontally anywhere when it shouldn't. Also, all my tanks were 4.7BR but when i had the M19(5.0), it immediately pulled me up to 6.0,6.3 battles.
  108. I was playing in custom battle with my M163 and i notice the effects after they drop some bombs. Basically my M163 was flipped over, so i think gaijin learned how to model blast impact. With that being said, T30 won't be crappy at all since they are modeling blast impact pretty well. The T30's shell is like shooting a cadillac at a 1000mph. The caddillac doesn't have to be sharp projectile in order to turn a Panther into a shredded car by a train. Put it this way, it works alot like this shell
  109. tanks/vehicles

    Shouldn't this be a bug report?
  110. I thought the T32E1, T30, M103 fully fixed and M103A2 was going to be in 1.67...smh
  111. There was suppose to have a T30, T32E1, M103 fully fixed, M103a2.. Really pissed.
  112. There shouldnt even be a T32, it's suppose to be a f uc king T32E1 but i guess they didnt do smh
  113. Ground vehicles

  114. Ground vehicles

    3?! No idiot, we only got one heavy tank to counter the tiger and that will cost you more than $40.
  115. Wait.. thats possible?!
  116. Ground vehicles

    Wait, so you're saying that the US captured a T54?? Hmmm, i would love to taste some of that russian bias with the American flag on it xD.
  117. A lot of ground troops disabled tanks by throwing grenades in the barrel and tracks. It was very effective but it doesn't blow the tank up unless the breech is wide open.
  118. So basically, a Ground Force SIM battle acting like Air Force SIM? Hell yeah im down!
  119. You know what we should suggest? Suggest gaijin that we use all of our tanks/planes in our crew slots during SIM battles. That will make our 5-30minute wait worth it.
  120. tanks/vehicles

    Hey third guy, since you disliked the suggestion without a reason... you owe us tacos.
  121. tanks/vehicles

  122. Ground vehicles

    Americans - Nazi's tears after seeing us drive a Tiger
  123. Yep,:)
  124. Ground vehicles

    T34 and T30 is gonna be high teired so... idk wtf ur talking about. The germans are very OP in the top teir except IT1. For the longest time our broken T26e1-1 was cosidered as OP and stronger than Tiger 2H which is why it is in 6.7BR. If you believe that then you're naive, if you don't then idk why you're so against us having a decent 6.7BR Heavy tank. Hell, our only decent heavy 6.7 is premium. Look im not gonna debate with you about the deep flaws of Americans tanks because i know that other nations has issuestoo. However, refusing to let Americans have their capture tanks because it hurts your german pride is flat out xxxx.
  125. Ground vehicles

    Is that a cardboard tank?
  126. Tanks/Vehicles

    Just make it for both jeez
  127. Ground vehicles

    I know right? So can we have the tiger now? It's just hard to believe that the U.S. soldiers wasted their whole day just to drive it for a few minutes and "familiarize" yeahh, no that BS.
  128. While i like the detailed bug reports that you, Godman, conraire makes on such subjects truely already become a strong commitment to a change. I however agree that it's an annoying hassle to get on the forums and do everything. While i love the idea of how easy it is to get on the game and make a quick bug report write up... there is something that makes the bug reports in the forums shines. That is the community talking to each other about the issues. If we do it like this, there may be more rants than actual bug reports. Such as "OMG jumbo is OP, NERF ITT GAJIOOB" or "T29 IS TOO OP, MOVE IT TO 7.3" that can apply to tigers, IS2, IS3/IS8, T34s and all the legit credibility slowly goes away. Either way i support it +1.
  129. That is true, lets hope we can find the perfect solution to the issues. As far as gameplay goes, im in big favor of Battlefield 1 gameplay and objectives. Thanks mate!
  130. I was on the M6a2 further discussion topic and i gave my full ideal on BR setup. Im gonna copy/paste it. " Here is my pitch ° M4A3E2 75mm Jumbo= 4.3BR ° M6A2 (76mm with 37mm)= 4.7BR ° M4A3E2 76mm Jumbo= 5.0BR °M6A2 (90mm)= 5.3BR ° M6/M26 combo (90mm)= 5.7BR ° M6A2E1 (105mm)= 6.0BR ° T26E1-1 moved to medium (6.3BR) ° T26E5= 6.3BR ° T32E1= 6.7BR ° T29e3= 6.7BR ° T34= 7.0BR ° T30= 7.3BR ° M103= 7.3BR or 7.7 ° M103A2= 7.7BR or 8.0 That is by far the best BR setup we can have for our heavies and honestly, im kinda turned on by this BR idea setup. I have a feeling you got some questions for these so i give it you some of the answers. • Why the 75mm jumbo at 4.3? It's super OP at 4.7BR, and your reasons for 76mm jumbo at 5.0? - good question, just because the armor works in front (actually still broken against the T-34-85 for some bias reason) It doesn't mean the tank needs to be upteired till useless and the gun super useless. The purpose of a heavy tank is to be able to take hits frontally and kill weaker tanks. There is no point of designing a heavy tank being required to flank a T-34. None of the less, the 75mm Jumbo should be fighting side by side with the last 75mm shermans. The 76mm should do the same with it's 76mm comrades, not 90mm. The Tiger 2P and Tiger 2H is effective against other tanks, even heavy tanks. It also can 1-shot many tanks frontally in 6.3/6.7, why can't the jumbos have the same purpose in their righteous BR? there are weakspots for the jumbos frontally just like the tigers too you know. • Why the M6/m26 combo (90mm) at 5.3BR - the hull is alittle weak but it has a decent gun and 5.7BR is alittle high. Not only that but with the M6A2E1 in place, 5.3BR seems to be the best place. The M6A2E1 will be slow and very weak at the hull, so the gun is the only thing that will be worth the SP. 105mm might be alittle high for 6.0BR but the vehicle isn't low profile and will be easy to kill, you may pull off 2 kills against a competitive team. The M6A2(90 with 76) will be placed at 5.7BR because of the extra gun. Btw both 90mm M6s should have every shell made for the 90mm M3 cannons. • M103 at 7.3BR? ur crazy?! - Maybe, but the M103 is deeply flawed and can't kill anything with the M358. The HEATFS is the only way it can defend itself. While HEATFS has good penetration, it hardly 1 or 2 shot anything. So HEATFS is basically a glorified solid shot. The M103A2 is being brought into the game and it has a much more ammunition choices, so i figured this would be a fair decision. • T32 is OP, what is with the "T32E1" and why at 6.7? - T32 is not OP, it's very broken and i hope the T32E1 will fix the T32 problems. You cant angle a T32, you can't protect yourself hull down and you can't get lucky unlike bouncy russians. A Tiger 2H hit directly at my hunky gun shield and it bounce 90° downward and penetrated the top of the hull and killed all my crew. If it doesn't kill all my crew members, then it will explode the ammo, those are the 2 unlucky choices i get (crew or ammo lol). Tiger 2H, didn't get lucky, that shot has been very common on the T32 from many different low tier and high teir guns and it does it all over the place on the T32, not just the shield. • where does the original M6 goes? - out, poof. The OP's suggestion is just a thicker M6, so i think it should replace the original M6. Maybe we could make either the M6 or M6A2 premium? If you got any other questions, fire away. Remember guys, friction creates a better product."
  131. tanks/vehicles

    Probably Acid It does look huge and weird looking but if it was invading the beach looking like this then it would actually be a hard target to hit. Especially with all the waves and ramming through. We all know this T31 was design For D-Day, what you see here is an M4a2 being "prepped" for water fording. IF gaijin adds those snorkels and let the tank have better gaskets and epoxy seals in the lower hull then T31 will float in no time.
  132. Ground vehicles

    Oh yeah i forgot, i basically looked up American troops capturing Panthers and that popped up. Us Americans did use that symbol and the outfit certainly looks American. Though i was concern about their hats, thats probably used by the brits i guess. I'll keep searching.
  133. This could work but it's just not always the case, if your projectile is half of the enemy's barrel size and you got it in their perfectly then you do have a chance of blowing the shell up. HOWEVER, if your enemy was dealing with other tanks, he is obviously using AP or APCR. If you fired an AP to hit an AP shell then it will just damage the projectile and maybe burn the powder and jam the breech. IF!! He was loading HE and you fired HE into his barrel(less chance since it drops more) then you do have a good chance of blowing the barrel up. However i don't think it will blow the secured breech out and destroy the tank. The breech is designed to withstand immense pressure or impact, if the breech is completely secure then i doubt it will blow up. Now, if you got the 1 in a million chance and hit the the center of the breech while he is reloading then you will blow up the turret. Though it's really fkn hard to do that and you're rather gonna want to hit a well known weakspot by then.
  134. Ground vehicles

    I vote yes, because the germans have 4 captured premium vehicles and the russians has a few others and the brits and Americans have none. Here let me show you some that actually used their captured tanks in the war. This tank as OP suggested, was captured in Buren and used in combat after. These are americans using panthers As and Gs During the war. Here are the russians, as you can see they already label the panthers and is now in their lil squad lol. This is the one that the brits captured and reused. US military reusing a stug. Strumtiger isn't implemented but if it is, this makes a good premium. So i guess the germans did make good stuff but not good enough to keep our hands off of them.
  135. tanks/vehicles

    Hi, im about to bring an odd but cool tank here to the suggestion forum. This demolition tank is called the T31. The chassis is from the M4A3 w/h HVSS suspension which is nothing new but the turret is quite different, even in KV2 standards lol. There was only 4 prototypes built so, its not a paper tank lads. The rockets are 7.2in and the main cannon is the 105mm. It has a 50cal on top and 30cal coaxial and a hot dame flamethrower! From what i read, the missiles work like a revolver or rotary rack. It carries 5 rockets per side and they carry a total 30 missiles but idk how much 105mm ammo they carry or where. For those that feel like the 105mm howitzer become useless, then check this out. So, sources are very hard to find and details are slim.. so i'll give you my best source of this tank, if you guys can find more info, that would be great! https://www.google.com/amp/s/topwar.ru/amp:106536-inzhenernyy-tank-t31-demolition-tank-ssha.html http://unusauto.ru/bronetehnika.htm http://shushpanzer-ru.livejournal.com/530445.html Some info on the rockets https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/7.2-Inch_Demolition_Rocket https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz4fpHqBiYJzUGRiNjlmajh3X0k/view?usp=drivesdk Oh and note to Gaijin, the flamethrower is very effective against heavily armored tanks. If you russians can kill a tank with Molotovs, i can only imagine what a pressurized flamethrower could do. The sources that i have for T31 says that the jet flamethrower is located in the assist driver and it has 50 gallons worth of naplam. Here is some of the source for the E12R3 flamethrowers. http://www.dynamicscience.com.au/tester/solutions1/war/napalm.htm One last thing, i would like to suggest gaijin implement this reticle design. Since the rockets are on the sides, it's almost impossible to aim those rockets. With this new reticle, this will help us conserve our shots. As the notes said, which ever side say "1st" will fire first and will become "2nd" after fired. I apologize for the side view, my Note 5 suffered a bad drop and the S pen is acting weird lately.
  136. Hi, im here to give Gaijin a unique suggestion towards to realisim. This may not be applied for AB but it should definitely be applied for RB and SIM. Once in a while i see mods or players state that it would take forever to render the interior of a tank and it's useless. While i agree it's complicated and time consuming to build the interior of our tanks but i disagree with the fact it's useless. I suggest that you make the optics/periscope more visable and also see other periscope if they have them. That will force you to design the interior tank enough to visually see the actual periscope part or optics. So my pitch is we make periscopes/optics/head out of out the hatch useful. Some would say that we already have that but i sort of disagree. I look at our view ports/optics/periscopes and for me it's half-**** and almost all tanks are the same. Gaijin is capable of doing great things, we just gotta show them what the customers look forward to. Now to the strong details °commanders! When we use our binoculars, we are suppose to be out of that hatch like you see in the pictures and you get a clear view of your surroundings. Also when you're using 3rd person view in SIM battle, it can get alittle weird. The commander isn't always in the center of the hatch and it moves around when you're turning the turret. Also the hatch is closed when you're using binos or 3rd person view. If the player wants to do third person view or use binos, then the commander should come of the hatch. If the commander wants to check his surroundings without exposing himself then he will use the periscopes like the picture below. This will give the player more realism and spotting would be hard without getting killed by machine guns. Now there are a few tanks that have a MG directly mounted to the commander's hatch. Such as the M18 here. For commanders that have access to MGs like that should have the right aim their machine guns seperately from the main gun. By aiming, i mean use the actual iron sights and kill all the nazi commanders/drivers or other heads sticking out lol. Also, those who do have access to those MG, give them the option to "disconnect" their hands from the MG so they can either duck/use binos or check surroundings faster without the heavy MG slowing you down. Also if you check out the M48, M60, M60a1 or T92..it will get very interesting. °Gunners! I would like to suggest that gunners have the same capabilites as the commander IF the tank allows it. Some gunners in certain tanks only have the scope for their main gun. However there are other tanks out there that have a periscope AND an optic scope for the gun. Here you go. You can see that the periscope is under that rail and the scope is towards the right. Since you already modeled the M18/jackson/m56/duster/ etc interior, i think the commander/gunner should have the right to be able to look at the inside of the turret. now when i said periscope don't have zoom, i wasn't talking about this one. Instead, i was actually talking about the one next to that zooming periscope. There are certain tanks that have these special periscope for commanders and also gunners too. see the periscope infront of the hatch? that is the gunner's periscope. However the tiger doesn't have one as you can see here. Hell even the Machine Gunner doesn't have one. Which means the gunner doesn't know what to shoot at except where the commander tells him. That is why this suggestion is very important, not every tank is the same and the situation awareness is very different compared to others. However in the game they are all the same, that gives the limited tanks a big advantage compared to tanks with lots of periscope/hatch/optic options. °Drivers! I would suggest gaijin to let drivers feel the breeze as they did in WW2. A lot of the tank driver's stick their head out for 2 reasons. Its hot as hell in there but also to get a clear view of whats going on. I'll show you. As you can see, they are able to see everything and keeps doing that because they are sick of seeing this all day till bullets start flying around. Some drivers only have one periscope, there are others that have more than one periscopes such as these tanks. °SUMMARY - Give the player the option to use their tank's periscope and optics realistically yet effectively. - allow the option to get your head out for a clearer view and use binos if your tank came with one. - If the commander/loader/gunner have a Machine Gun mounted directly on his hatch, he should be able to use it. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay? just remember that ever optic is different such as the view size, clarity, zoom and protection.