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  1. we are gonna get new spaag, i hope we can get the M247 SGT. York 40mm Bofor L/70 with APFSDS-T and 3P.. that will be badass.
  2. while its a super cool tank, you want this in 6.7BR dude.. it has a 105mm L7 cannon. the Americans and german tanks with the M68 105mm is sitting in 8.0BR... if the ammo for that tank is no where near as effect as the M60a1's cannon then i be okay with it sitting 7.0BR.
  3. event

    derby sounds cool, we really should have a RU-251 Race. Or "upgraded" Super Hellcat with ghost rider flames Vs an RU-251....uh..Reverse Flash? idk. Race with lots of shooting and other supernatural weapons
  4. misc/other

    i think there shouldn't be a limit on how many pieces you are allowed have on a tank or having one type of piece used... A tank like stuwart or M56 would be great with 6 pieces. While something like an M103, Maus, Is3, kv2, t29 or T95 is way too big to be covered by 6 piece of tiny bushes. speaking of tiny, why not decrease and increase the scale of the bushes like we do with our decals?
  5. ground vehicles

    foxk yeah! definitely rooting for the milan.
  6. gameplay

    the M42 will finally be useful, +1.
  7. another issue i noticed was the fact that my graphics in War Thunder is like a go pro camera. The tank has amazing details but everything around it is extremely low pixel. I have to use binos to see anything past 50M.. Which is a quick fix, except it creates a tunnel vision and it takes forever to check your surroundings.
  8. misc/other

    Honestly, the best way to go for decoration is remove the limits. 4 decals and 6 bushes? you're kidding right? For tiny tank, it aint so bad but for bigger tanks.... you're gonna spend a good 20 minutes to cover the whole front or just your weakspots. so basically remove the limits and give us more foliage choices. Also, we should be allowed to more than one of the same piece of foliage instead of one of each.
  9. misc/other

    quite a tranny that one!
  10. ditto on that, here is some photos that will give you a much better idea what you're looking at.