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  1. i did hear that they say it's "possible" under the 1.67 rumors. Though somewhere around the forums someone said the T32e1 and m103a2 is live.
  2. Yes that is what i mean... No not really, the upgrades on that tank is merely a band-aid. The T55am, t62m, t72 has way more... how do i say this.. options to be OP in the game.
  3. It can be but the 120mm with all the additive upgrades would definitely be a better tank than the T-62M/t-55AM or a fair competitor of the T-72. Though the M60a3's 105mm is just a gun control upgrade and some kevlar padding around the interior and a few suspension upgrades. Though the M60a3 120mm has alot of extra stuff, here..
  4. While i want to agree, im a completely relaxing person who thinks about historical data and stuff while im on the forum. However when i play a game, i play it like its my other game on the shelf (BF4<3). When someone(ally) decide to be a complete xxxx and take my kills or hit me in a position to get stuck and gets me damaged by an enemy.. FF on or not, i'll get pissed and shoot him with my MG. Heres a story, This was the time that we didnt have the M56 or m163 or have FF off. I was on a map where there is messed up buildings and an ocean(not lake) on the right side. I took my M41 out and i wanted to go far left and and flank since at the time it cant kill anything. so i got to the furthest left road and i was peaking out and i saw a tiger 2P. I fired at him and it always bounced, though i reversed into safe position after each shot. There was an IS-2 (ally) behind me and he had PLENTY of room to go around me. He didn't instead he pushed me towards the killzone and i almost died. Idk how i survived the tiger's shot but i was hurt bad. Some other guy popped out and killed the Tiger 2P. So i got to live, however during the game i was sooo pissed that i shot all 4 of his wheels. Luckily his traverse was so slow i was able to avoid the derp cannon. Since it's a tight city, i was able to evade. That was the best 20,000SL penalty i've ever paid because he died getting flanked later. Im not an FF kind of guy, I dont encourage it but that was the best FF damage i ever did intentionally. The rest were actual accidents but gaijin doesn't know that so i paid the same price.
  5. I want to agree on everything except the automatic enemy position reveal by a plane part. If you put enough foliage on the tank, it will not only fool the enemy tankers but it fools the pilots worse. So gonna put a big no on that one, however like in battlefield 4, if you press the spotting button on the enemy, it then reveals the enemy's position. Now that im cool with!
  6. If that is the case then i think its only fair to bring in the 120mm M60a3 version.
  7. Oh, well i thought it meant have this new M60a1 rise passive as a gift. No what i meant was you have all that upgrade from the rise passive and you put it inside the CURRENT M60a1. Like how you're grinding for parts or fpe or engine upgrade. Thats what i mean. That way we only grind about 40-80,000rp for the rise passive package instead of grinding 300,000+ RP and play another 800,000+ cash.
  8. Well we are getting the T-32E1.. now idk if it's going replace the T32 or gaijin be a do uche and make us grind the t32e1. T32e1 is basically the one that was suppose to be in production and it has way better stats. Though it shouldn't be any higher than 6.7 unless it gets better ammo, then it be at 7.0 highest.
  9. i agree every word of it, i perfer the E2 Jumbo 75mm be in 4.7BR and the E2 Jumbo 76mm be in 5.3BR not 5.7BR. I agree the M46, T32, Super pershing as the way you said it. Super Bump +5.
  10. Tanks/Vehicles

    BUMP for regular U. S. tech tree. We don't have enough Tank Destroyers.
  11. If i need to flank you in the M103 or m60a1 then no. Though i'll be nice and take up the challenge. I approve.
  12. Idk why you guys want this as a gift. Gifts are random, otherwise hard to earn. I would just put these upgrades inside the current m60a1.
  13. I believe the 2,800fps is the later version. I'll dig around when i can. Though in the mean time i agree with it being 179mm.
  14. I was trying to find the Bofor L/70 40mm APFSDS-T penetration and i didnt find it BUT, i ran into some amazing.. here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz4fpHqBiYJzQ3dsYTJVVllkSTQ/view?usp=drivesdk Alot of good stuff, no penetration but it has everything else you want. @Godman_82 @Conraire
  15. I agree if it's stock, but when you have HEAT and fight like a tiger or M18, you really put the fear into enemies. None of my 6.7 tanks except m56's heat could kill the t54 frontally. That is until i got the HEAT for M46, boy was I dominating in it. What annoys me is that the Premium m46 tiger isnt allowed to have the same add-on armor as the regular M46. Only because there is no historical proof of the M46"tiger" having add-on armor... How dumb is that? Anyway... The M46 is deadly once you have HEAT as primary and APCBC as secondary.
  16. if it has a cannon on wheels/tracks, regardless of the year.. it should be added. Rockets/sams/atgm? limitations should be added. While There is a bit of russian bias going around, if everything is truely historic and acting as it should... and one is better? Then the rest will need to learn how to deal with it. Only becausw in the military, they learned War is never fair. Its only fair if you make it that way or your technology jump ahead of the "fair" line.
  17. I saw you play American tanks i was wondering would you want to squad up.

  18. Alright, i'll save this and add this to my bucket list and take it out shooting.
  19. no no, its cool :).
  20. Yes, but only if The American gets the M247 with APDSFS-T Rounds. Which range between 150mm-170mm, Only then i would allow it. The american doesn't have any good spaag, the M163 only gets assist or nothing in the air. So.. That is my pitch.
  21. dude... i know, i was just using count Olaf as a joke.
  22. Here i'll tell you this, remember that terrible junk called M247? They were designed to replace the M163 but also to keep up with the M2 bradleys and M1 Abrams. While i thought the 40mm they were using was the same as the duster (L/60) i was like ughh thats stupid. However i found out i was wrong, they use the L/70 and it has a much higher rpm. Now, with that being said.. info is hard to get when there was only 50, but they did use these loadouts. I havent finished researching but i know that the left apds is training tracer, left full brown is a dummy and either one of those two is like a HE-T or 3P. The bottom right however is APFSDS-T, is the penetration is 140mm at 45° in 600M. Technically it can penetrate more but there wasn't any metal left lol. If you dont believe me, check it out I know thats not the M247 but it's the same exact gun. Due to major issues with the radar and mechanical issues, they took the M163 back but they still needed to make it stronger. Mk149 And Mk244 is the answer.
  23. WRONG! it's called the Spruce Goose which is made by Howard Hughes.
  24. I do, do that as much as possible.. i just expected it to actually cut in half if i hit for 2 full seconds. Thats basically 100 bullets, while pilots survive forever when taking shots from my planes, they seem to die instantly from another plane. Anyway, i guess that is the fate of being a ps4 player(being dissapointed and going mentally insane when trying to get better) I found out that The 20mm can pen very high with the MK149 apds and even higher with the Mk 244 apds, here are the maker and also my dream job. http://www.gd-ots.com/MCA_20mm_MK244.html I've heard people tried bringing this to light but they were bitching that it be unfair and OP. Since when did American SPAA pen strongly like the falcon, Whirlwind, kugelblitz, super C, xxxx Zsu-57.
  25. Lucky you, mine is just a bunch of hits and not points or kills.. never been so disappointed till this.
  26. M18 is your Cannon on Hotrods. Once you have your APCBC, flank em good and you're the god of the roads. Just be sure you don't see a spaa or coward DB in the air. Cos they love killing you in the worse sportsmanship possible.
  27. i've noticed that issue with every brit tank between 0.0 to 3.0BR. The shells just disappeared and didn't do anything against any tank. I have to shoot 15 times for 2 or 3 shells to kill a crew member, not members, MEMBER.
  28. Do you think Gaijin would accept my experiment if i use rolled steel to replace RHA?
  29. The only way i can test the difference is buy RHA/CHA and boiler plates and take it down the range. Thing is, idk anyone selling rha or cha. If you can find a source where i can buy these RHA or CHA, then i'll shoot them down and compare the strength.
  30. i take that back, i looked into the weight the plates.. 8ft by 20ft is nearly 10,000lbs at 1.5in thickness. That is heavy as fawk.
  31. Lol, what i was saying is the chassis of the M26 is the exact same as the T26e1-1. Only difference is the turret and gun. The motor and suspension is the same. Maybe they put on some duckbills, but other than that.. its all the same except the turret and gun.
  32. comparing to the M26, the T26e1-1 has a slightly different turret and a much heavier gun. Maybe the engineers made it lowered on the front on purpose. Possibly to avoid the Lower plate weakness.
  33. Anyone know the name of this beast?
  34. http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/coldwar/US/M551_Sheridan.php http://www.inetres.com/gp/military/cv/tank/M551.html This one also shows alot of info on the ammunition that the book was talking about. http://historywarsweapons.com/m551-sheridan-specifications/ http://www.armyrecognition.com/united_states_army_heavy_armoured_vehicles_tank_uk/m551_sheridan_light_reconnaissance_tank_vehicle_technical_data_sheet_pictures_video_11710156.html
  35. lol... for some reason it was on the top M18 content. Too bad the M18 isn't able to go 88mph, cool **** would happen after that xD.
  36. Hahaha, im so sorry. I've use the tank so long and haven't gotten the tansmission upgrade. Therefore i though i was finished, i apologize. I hardly reached on regular roads too though, like the one on Poland. I posted on the first bug report, i'll repost it here.
  37. Hi, I will be reporting incorrect data performance on the M551 These are the data you have on your game, i took the pictures so you can check the differences quicker. °weight 15.83 tonnes, roughly 34,300lbs to 34,500lbs °powerplant is a Detriot Diesel 6V-53T, it produces 300HP not 290hp. °Max Speed is 43mph, in your stat peformance it's 40mph. Although in game it feels slow and cumbersome like a Jumbo sherman. It hardly ever reach 30 on the road. http://afvdb.50megs.com/usa/m551.html Other than the weight, they got the same data. For those that is looking forward to add in more info in this report, Help me figure out about these ammution i found in my book. See the HEAT-T-MP, WP, TP-T? I found some info on it, though not enough to find blueprints or how it works. Any help on these ammution would be great.
  38. Hi, i like to report a bug on the M551, im gonna make a few but im gonna start with the Ampihibious issue. If you guys knew that it's ampihibious then i have a video for you to show that it's not working. However if you don't believe it's Ampihibious then here are some sources. 1. http://afvdb.50megs.com/usa/m551.html 2. I bought this book as a kid and i totally forgot about it, i went through it and i notice a lot of differences between the book and war thunder. It's called "The encyclopedia of TANKS & ARMORED FIGHTING VEHICLES" General editor by Christ Bishop. Here is the Information about the M551 in this book
  39. no, Learn how to play properly. Maybe you should start playing american tanks only, not only you will get overwhelmed by nazis and russian bias. You soon will learn everyone weakspots to a might tighter detial. You'll also learn every single tank's last ammo and crew location. The American tanks has been getting nerfed because kids complain too much, now the Jumbos are so broken that a teir 1 tank can pen the front hull. So please, feel our pain first before ranting like Honey Boo Boo.
  40. If thats the case then leave it be, it has a KV2 reload rate. While every other ATGM fires between 7s to 11s.
  41. Is it possible to blow those ammutions up inside the tank? How about the one that is being armed on top of the tank. If you shoot it with the 50cal while it's on, will it blow up? If so can we bug report that to Gaijin since it never blows up and flys towards to me even when it's blinking black. Also, i notice the reticle scope doesn't zoom far. gaijin should install that reticle and have the same zoom. That should give everyone else some leverage against this.. bleh... it-1.
  42. tanks/vehicles

    I've always looked forward seeing the real American heavies in War Thunder. Bump!!
  43. Dont make it premium and put it before the M36, 5.7BR is perfect.
  44. Okay so is this a bug report or a suggestion? i believe this is a bug report because it should've had it from the beginning. Others may think it should be a suggestion because its different from others. Today im gonna be talking about the crew positioning and the view in those positions. See the empty seat on the right side? That is where the commander sit, The left behind the driver is the loader... occasionally anyway. The loader unfolds the floor which is behind the ammo storage. He then stand low til he needs to load the shell. Yes he stay there when they are on the move. The loader seat is the lazy option basically. Driver is pretty exposed to the world like a happy Jeeper with bikini top and no doors. Thoughh... It seems like im in a hotbox in prison instead of enjoying the view. Nothing wrong here, but it would be nice if the gunner could "detach" the optic view and check his left or right side. If i was the commamder and i wanna sit on top of a gun, this is the LAST tank i want to sit on. SUMMARY ° Fix the crew's position ° let the driver, gunner, commander be able to see correctly. Maybe the loader too since it has a greater situation awareness view. Thank you for your time, if this is denied then PM me so i can fix whatever needs to be fix.