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  1. Because maybe i like a particular country and just want to see them get better. Like you think a german tanker in ww2 could say... man that m18 is so agile and fast unlike my tiger Let me switch countries n try em out! ....NO
  2. Leo isnt the best i would say just average 8.0 as it always get 1 shot killed.
  3. Ok i understand as i am not a tanker but started to like tanks after getting a bit bord with planes but i mean giving germany something that can compete with Another thing like when they brought out is6/ru251/t34
  4. Hi im new to posting so im not sure if this is the right location for this topic but either ways ive had enough to have to post my grief in the forums. Now I know that creating planes/ tanks is not an easy job but i would like to assume you guys do your best in keeping your war thunder community happy. So with that said i would just like to have, if possible, a reasonable explanation as to why nations besides axis get high tier vehicles. Now i could have understood if it was 1 or 2 nations that recieved new tanks like the cheiftain and you guys even made 2 new tanks for usa and russia! Who btw already had their broken is6. You actually had my attention when i saw america,british and russian getting high tier and i was like FINALLY germany is getting their kpz70 or E series but NOPE so my main question is just one word... WHY Thanks for your replies