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  1. I can't make this camo work for the first P-51. Any suggestions? the P-51D is the original, the other my edit. p_51_mk1a_trop_c.blk p-51d-5.blk
  2. ^Amen! That's is too true. I started in American planes, and I have major issues. I played the Bf-109 line, then took the energy flying I learned and used it in the F8F-1B.
  3. I refuse to spawn-camp until there is only one player left. Generally, I'll snow with German tanks, if I go too long I will charge. American, I will trundle along in my shermans and protect the cap. British/Russian is rush to cap, then fan out and protect flanks.
  4. Welcome! I'm sad, only started playing last April. I play tier 4 American planes, researching tier three American tanks, teir 2 German/Britain planes and tanks, tier 1/2 Russian, and tier 1 japanese.
  5. ^That. Try to pass the cap, set up an ambush so when the enemy tries to cap, you can kill them. Works better in realistic, with no tags.
  6. Your BR is the Number in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail, you can see planes +1 or -1 of your BR. So, if you have a 2.3, you can see planes from 1.3 to 3.3. Tip: climb at your optimal climb speed. If you check your plane in the wiki it should tell you the optimal speed on the side.
  7. Oh, check the war Thunder web site. The bomb bay has drag now, I believe .
  8. Warsaw Pact (Soviet Union) and NATO (USA). Purely theoretical. I'm assuming you are talking about the KV-2? That thing is amazing. I saw a submission where a shell blew up 3 tanks... At the same time. You have to aim at what you want to take out. No HP bar.
  9. ^True dat. But RB just won't change. AB+ is the way most of the RB playerbase, and admittedly myself, like it.
  10. Well, now that 1.67 is released, small collisions won't cause damage to the modules... you know what that means? Landing on H6K...
  11. I also read about that, it was an infrequent occurrence, but by the time they fixed it, there was a new, better model in the pipeline. I remember there being an entire thread devoted to arguing about the F-86F...
  12. Well, I am torn. I love the idea of flying with a joystick (I do own one, btw.) I just can't do it much because my controls for mouse get reset every time I load the controls for joystick. I did save a control file. But anyway, I think we would lose too much of the player base if we remove mouse aim. There is a compromise in RB, the ease of flight MA provides, and the ripping and such. I feel an event could do this, but MA can never be removed.
  13. The R2Y2, aside from Griffon spits, are my greatest fear in my Bearcat. That is all I'm saying.
  14. Probably something server side, on the server you didn't hit. What was your ping? Probably, either you or he had high ping.
  15. But it may open the door to World War mode, we'll have to see. It will be good to have SIM back, though.
  16. I do the swoop bombing, an come in very low. I came within a meter of hitting a building once! But anyway, I do not have the IL-2, but on my American ground pounders, I get better result with my rockets. Take them into a test flight and try to gauge the accuracy, and get used to them.
  17. Large calibre weapons have spark issues, this is being worked on. Trust me, I understand. The Pe-8 has a 20mm in the tail, which fires much more rapidly. They spark as well, but there is much more ROF. I'm sorry, but for the meantime, nothing to do but wait.
  18. +1, would love this! Seems realistic, only problem is the guns on the F-2 sabre would be unable to fire over 30,000 feet, otherwise it would stall, as mentioned earlier.
  19. Might want to check this out...
  20. I just grind. For tanks, I get Parts and FPE, after that, I try not to buy mods, unless it is, for example, a better round. With planes, i get every mod possible. The extra performance is worth it.
  21. I approve this, but partially because of that bombload. This plane would fly like the current F-84, just faster. In tank RB, that bombload would be great!
  22. There wasn't an auto prop setting on P-51, American pilots/Air Force preferred control. The propeller RPM governor did that, so, basically, the RPMs controlled it. In cockpit, you can see the RPM lever next to the throttle.
  23. I agree! Maybe the 4 50 cals version could be premium, and the 2 50 cal version could be normal tree? Either way, I love this plane, and look forward to seeing it in-game... hopefully.
  24. If you have the naval tree researched, I would research past the first F8F, and get the F8F-1B, with its even higher burst mass. You also get the advantage of being able to outturn a Griffon spit...
  25. No problem about the talking, I talk a lot myself. In fact, I feel the opposite about German vs. American. Boom and zoom seems easier in the FWs, because they feel more maneuverable, and you get 2 cannons along with the machine guns. I guess it is a matter of opinion. Those guns are way too OP! I was 2 km away in my F4U, he somehow shot my gear off. Belly landing is awful in the F4U!
  26. No problem! Here are some performance charts:
  27. ^This. It is better to get the drivers off the website anyway, as the drivers on the disk are outdated before they even leave the factory.
  28. 1. US planes are meh. The 50 cals were nerfed, flight models haven't changed much. 2. Depends which bearcat. The F8F-1, for me, is trashed. The M3 50 cals were removed, and they have M2s now. The ROF is insufficient, for me, but you do get lucky sometimes. The AN/M3s on the F8F-1b, however, are great still. The Corsair is a brick, but has decent firepower, and if you sideclimb a lot, you can use boom-and-zoom. I don't currently have the P-51,(researching P-47N, which is before it) but I heard the D-5 has the incorrect engine model. 3. I don't know. 4. Boom and zoom, pray to R-N-Jesus your 20 mils will connect (they are VERY inaccurate), and get a spitfire to fly with you. 5. I'm working my way to jets right now, I've heard the P-80 is a good trainer, but word of advice: All jets are awful when stock.
  29. Hi, and welcome to the forums! I hope you have a look around, as there is a wealth of knowledge lying in these pages... Sometimes you just have to look to find them! p.s. I had to counteract the signature of the poster before me...