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  1. Same. No sense. Sorry, you need to clarify your statement, and remove the email addy.
  2. I have no idea what this means. Sorry, but you aren't making any sense. Could you please explain further? And possibly in print, as I am unsure of whether or not everyone is capable of reading cursive, although I am.
  3. tanks/vehicles

    The missile can be destroyed, as shown on ThunderShow... But still, this sounds OK.
  4. misc/other

    How about a broom? To indicate a "Clean sweep"?
  5. Aircraft/Loadouts

    +1 as an upgrade. Can't wait till I get to tier 5! Stuck in teir 4, need four more airplanes to be able to research jets...
  6. Interface/UI

    Please! I would really like to see how close to the edge I am at any given moment, instead of blacking out with only the grey screen warning.
  7. visibility

    Please fix this! I stopped playing Ground because this annoyed me so much. At least in air realistic you can see the dots...
  8. tanks/vehicles

    Now, let's not get too testy. lol, just kidding. But on a more serious note, this could be added. But we have to add equivalent tanks for the other nations, otherwise we would have another situation, like when the leopard was first added.
  9. True. It's really annoying, although sometimes you can get nice fighter kills because of the weird splash radius.
  10. Sounds amazing to me! +1, totally approve.
  11. +1, sounds good to me! Too bad I'm not in a squadron...
  12. +1, more riveted tanks!
  13. gameplay

    Larger maps would be great. It can be very annoying being sniped 20 seconds after spawn.
  14. aircraft/loadouts

    5.7 BR, possibly. Sounds great to me. Probably better than the needed AD-2 we have as the End tier attacker right now, that's for sure. Add A-4 skyhawk at 9.0, and we might actually have a decent CAS for tank RB. Would be nice, that's for sure.
  15. aircraft/loadouts

    It could totally work. I heard that Gaijin is already flirting with adding the B-47 and equivalent jet bombers, there was some conversation on the Russian twitter page.
  16. aircraft/loadouts

    +1, this could intercept B-47, facilitating addition of B-17 and Tu-16... Me likey. Just add F-89 scorpion as well!
  17. aircraft/loadouts

    +1, totally approve. Possible tier 4 premium?
  18. +1, totally agree with adding.
  19. [server] [update]

    Good changes overall! I'm proud of you, Gaijin, finally taking steps in the right direction! Only things that irk me are the change in price for the P-38L (another 40,000 silver lions on my way to tier 5) and the F2H-2's BR remaining at 8.0. It can't compete vs. MiG-17's. But other than that, this and the new hull break mechanic are really soothing some frustrated nerves for me. Thank you!
  20. Welcome comrade! Stalin would be proud! May the force be with you, you are gonna need it if you versus me in realistic... Lol...
  21. I like it! I was moving to bombing ground targets anyway... but out on a different note, all I dislike is the increase in the price of the P-38L. I wasn't gonna fly it, but I have to purchase it to get farther in the grind... oh well.
  22. Welcome, comrade. You see, I'm afraid you have misunderstood soviet intentions... JK. Welcome to the game! So glad you have joined the game, and I wish you luck!
  23. Thank you for your service! (I, for one, wish to join the armed services of our country as well, just as soon as I graduate!) This guide was well written, and you are undoubtably a better tanker than I am! I hope to see you in the skies and on the battlefields of War Thunder.
  24. Happened to me as well! I rather enjoy it!
  25. Good job! Glad to hear this, and the nerf to SPAA is also great! I didn't even know that displaying server info was a thing!
  26. [server] [update]

    Could you please explain what tier this is at? And whether this will affect the amount of SL and RP we get from destroying s base?
  27. I also have issues with it. Decided to try and spade my M5A1, God to fields of Normandy, thought ok, this will be fine. I get to the building at the center of the map, decide to cap. I look around the corner, no one is there. I turn the corner, bam. Marder, panzer 3 and 4. I get shot 10 times, then die... I play on PC, low end computer, RB.
  28. Just add the B-47 instead! It carries the bombload of the B-29, has defensive gunners, and is almost as fast as the Canberra... American bomber pilots would love it! And the Russian could get the Tu-16... F-102 could be added to intercept it...
  29. That it is! I would love to see this in-game! It is faster; so we add faster fighters. Not on the level of the F-104, but possibly F-100/ F-102 without missiles could be introduced, for America. I don't know about other nations.
  30. The C-47, which is the airframe of the aircraft, is basically a military version of the civilian DC-3. It wouldn't be a game breaker, in and of itself. The plane was designed and produced in the thirties! The only thing that would be new are the mini guns that were mounted on the aircraft. We already have a Gatling gun on the M-163, I don't see why the mini guns would be a factor. But possibly, add the plain C-47. It was used during WWII, and the Berlin Airlift. The C-47 is a very historical aircraft, and it was used to drop paratroopers and carry supplies, so Gaijin could add rewards for dropping paratroopers on a zone, or landing on a short strip and giving supplies. Who knows? I do support the AC-47, but it may be too ungainly for combat in a flak heavy zone. (Cough, cough... I'm looking at you shilka...)
  31. Too true mate. I mean, seriously. How hard would having, for example, a factory complex, that just awards points/Silver Lions/Research Points for hits. You manage to drop all of your payload, you get more. Or add more bases, or remove ticket drain. So many options! Just CHOOSE Gaijin!
  32. I totally agree with that. Apparently, though, Gaijin is flirting with adding the B-47, Tu-16, and contemporaries. I didn't see it myself, but I saw in the forums they posted about it last summer, on the Russian Twitter page.
  33. In terms of raw speed, it couldn't be beat. Speed and climb rate are its specialties. It wouldn't need to turnfight. Boom-and-zoom is a perfectly viable tactic in this plane. And it had a 20mm Gatling gun attacked, so if Gaijin is insistent that we won't have a2a missiles, then fine. A Gatling gun will do just fine. And early missiles, to put it lightly, sucked. For example, the sidewinder. It was unable to lock-on from the front, had a short range, and was very unreliable. Volleys of 4-8 missiles were shots in Vietnam, and most of the time, no hits would be scored. And it would vs. the MiG-19, not 17
  34. The match was about 10-15 minutes, not five. It could have been faster, but we were climbing away at first. So, yeah, not five, but it still happens. And we weren't unopposed. I shot down a fighter, got an assist on another. Don't know about the other He-111s. I still disapprove of the B-52, just plz add B-47!!!!
  35. No, you're fine. As far as I know, you won't be losing qualifications either. I actually barely use this feature anyway. I just switch vehicles around.
  36. All it does is clear that slot. Nothing more. As Hiortintexas said, experience is collected. I usually have the first slot for fighters, the second slot for bombers, the third and fourth slot for attackers. Comprende? This way I can upgrade the G-tolerance in my fighters, and gunner vitality in bombers.
  37. Oh, OK. That's what was confusing me, because I was able to research Japanese tanks. Thank you!
  38. I'll have to check. I guess I didn't unlock the CBT.
  39. I wasn't able to check, but I have access to Japanese tanks, so I'd assume I have.
  40. Yeah, I signed out and re logged in, but it didn't work. I don't get it. Although I've only played two games in the reserve tier tanks, a few RP towards the Ho-Ro, but I would like the title.
  41. So, I have the tree unlocked, but I don't have the forum title. Why is that?