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  1. Well, this update was solid -Engine fire a really needed and beautifull thing to see, hopefully you will add more night games and make the night a little bit darker -The new textures for the stuka , spitfire and il-4 are really good, hopefully you will update more textures -Hadnt try gun stabilazer -Play the new guniea map, it looks beautifull and planes dont under performe, i would really like to see such an impresive landscape on realistic mode. Planes dont under performe, maybe because it is AB -Ardennes is a good map with places for long range and colose quarters incounters, the city is impresive and it i have a kind of claustrofobic feeling inside the city. -I love the new wing damage model un cutting sections, especially after a dive. Also the new addition of planes crashing between them are good, it looks more realistic but it still need to be better with sturdier wings, but well at least now i can tuch with the wing other player wing. To end this i will also love to see bending plane parts when it crashes with something. -Sounds are impresive especially for the machineguns. Point to add wings tend to cut to much near the fuselage and textures needs to be added inside the wings, i think this should be done fust because it looks really bad. -New vehicles looks fine In mi opinion a excellent update, keep doing like this.
  2. I have never seen that Chi-To got killed in the turret with 12.7 mm machinegun For the early heavy tank, idk what are you really trying to say For the type-60 it is true but i think it should stay at 6.0 and no dont rams deals no damage at all The Ho-Ro had 7 sec relode, at the begging and the Bizon or Sturmpanzer II has a higher br, in my opinion the relode time is good In my opinion you are really buthurt about japan tech tree, this update was solid and provide everything that they promised, if you are dissapointed is obviously because you didnt know what this update was about.
  3. Well just to revive this post here i leave you with the argentinian navy Argnetinian made: Maybe there are more but that is what i found
  4. I have found that 38th Parallel has an incomplete part of the map DxDiag.txt Replay: Here is the game log, if anything else is missing please tell me. 2017_03_04_16_43_35__10856.clog