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  1. more files LOGS.zip
  2. Thank u for forwarding, little update: Game is unplayable now for me. game crashes 1 on 5/7 games? make that a 1 out of 2/3. Tried to changes some graphics maybe since I always was forced to play on low quality (while back there was a problem with macs and video card errors), but nothing Really hope some people can tell me what to do. cheers!
  3. Hy there all, I struggle with this problem too, actually already before 1.67 (maybe it's because I don't have the newest MacBook). Anyhow, today the problems became too much. I suffer from - Random Desktop crashes with no crash report. But also, because I think they are connected: - The terrain completely cliches out or sometimes only the texture of the ground disappears. - Loss of all textures and followed by black tanks clipping into the ground and the moment after it freezes to death. (this problem was always IN-game but with the recent patch its starts to do it in the hangar as well) The problem is that it's almost impossible to snap a screenshot of it because it will always ends in freezing. Just like stated before it only happens 1 on 5/7 matches maybe sometimes there are days I don't suffer at all. See game logs in the attachment. 2017_03_16_19_30_52__4790.clog 2017_03_16_19_28_20_4759.log CRASH and CEF.zip