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  1. So something telling me that the planes have a to big impact on GF event "tankers" im not a pilot but due to this is suffer greatly because 1, the task be the first in the team is ofcourse unthinkable, 2 because plans cant cap zones the more planes u have in the team how more the change is u loose. Last there where only 3 tanks in battle! Understand me right i dont hate planes getting bombed ect. Is part of the deal. Its just iritating that for the tanker task u have to be bassicly a pilot.
  2. Can somebody just tell why my game keeps crashing all the time? I have the system requirements. Play on the lowest settings possible. But my ground texture is keeping disappearing. My fps drops from 80/90 till 30 and then till 7 or 5?!. My screen flickers so much because of objects (houses and trees etc.) Are clipping in and out of sight. Only what helps is looking to the ground then. Can't even look up to see where I'm driving. And it always ends in a sudden freeze or crash to the desktop. And yes my drivers and software are all up to date.