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  1. An idea would be to have solid shot shells bounce around inside the target if it doesn't go clean through. APCR usually tumbled post pen and would cause havoc within. Another idea would be to vastly reduce the ability of optics and modules to eat shells.
  2. The American tech tree has a veritable platter of tanks at Br 1.3 of which the M3A1 Suart is one of my favourite tanks in the game. It also just has far more tanks evenly spread across the battle ratings so that. especially in arcade, when you push into a new Br you'll have two of the previous to fill your lineup. Researching the Crusader Mk2 for instance at best you'll have the A13 Mk2 and a reserve of your choice. The tanks themselves are fine, it's just the tech tree that hurts them.
  3. Yes you can have good games with the Mk1. Yes you can shoot down aircraft, if they're flying low and slow or screaming straight at you. Yes you can play the flanking game and (slowly) rip apart the thin side and rear armour of others. Yes I've destroyed Panthers in it. But most of your time will be spent ineffectually chugging (and the gun really does chug) away at aircraft, giving your position away then realising you've used a third of your ammo. And if you're trying to use it as a tank hunter... You've got the Firefly and Avenger at the same Br for that! Anything you're able to squeeze out of it can be and will be done better by some berk with an Ostwind.
  4. Is there actually anything we as a player base can do to get Gaijin to improve the situation for British tanks? Best case I can think of is that documentation of British APHE rounds being uncovered. There's bound to have been somebody who cobbled together something in a shed somewhere! As it stands there was an APHE round developed for the 2pdr, the 1934 - 1937 pattern, that had 48mm of penetration at 100 yards versus vertical. 562,000 rounds of APHE were produced. The stockpile of 2pdr APHE rounds were only used in training and were never issued to tanks or artillery.
  5. It's arguable that the Caernarvon could do with being at 6.3 or the King Tiger being at 7.0.
  6. A few minutes spent test driving vehicles and comparing screenshots confirms the zoom levels thing on tier III and lower thing. Presumably somebody could maybe poke around in Bovington's Tortoise, with permission of course, to see what optics it has. If it still has the originals.
  7. Having played my Tortoise for some time now I've always wondered just how bad the optics were in game compared to other terrible optics. Enter the Russian potato truck, the DShK GAZ AAA. Main armament: 1 x 12.7mm DShK machine gun. Optics: Iron sights / empty vodka bottle. Since there's no zoom level given I'm measuring it by the distance between bearing marks in the scope at the top of the screen. Bigger the distance, bigger the zoom. Simple. Now enter the Tortoise: Main armament: 1 x 94mm 32 pdr OQF cannon Optics: Unknown, presumably involves tea. Now to combine the two... Could someone please explain why a potato truck has better optics than 80 tons of British late-war assault prototype?
  8. Sources please! Chapter and verse.
  9. If you play the Crusader AA Mk1 at Br 4.7 and get a Br 4.7 game with lots of squishy flak trucks, hellcats, nashorns, and fortune smiles upon you...
  10. There were Churchill VIIs with 6pdr guns as opposed to the American 75mm for the expressed purpose of shooting tanks. Up-armoured Cromwells with 100mm of frontal armour. They'd be brawlers in their Br but nowhere near IS-6 levels. Fact is no British tank with any amount of armour was quick. It was all or nothing, except where it counted.
  11. I have an amendment to my golden rule of thumb! Most one-shots made with APHE will be unrepeatable with solid shot. All one-shots made with solid shot can and will be made with APHE, except hitting another tank behind the one you shot. Panther parked broadside on to me behind a Nashorn. My shot didn't actually detonate their ammo but it could have done. Hence the amendment.
  12. Just lowing the Br spread would be a good start. But having a Br range for a tank as it's upgraded is not only a sound idea but something I'd sorely like to see in the game. ASAP, if not, sooner.
  13. I'd gleefully chose night battles over burning my eyes with an evening sun. Both teams firing tracer into the night sky is also rather pretty.
  14. It'd be a nice addition to include an indicator of the max Br in your game in the statistics screen. Would save hunting through everyone's lineup. Maybe not in sim or realistic battles but definitely in arcade.
  15. The Crusader AA Mk2 and Wirbelwind, were the Crusader get a massive ammo reserve boost, are fairly (read: ehhhh) balanced. The Wirbelwind has twice as many guns, and APCR rounds, but its reload rate prevents it from quickly swapping from HE to AP if jumped by another tank. That, and the Crusader is much less vulnerable to getting strafed. Still believe the Crusader AA Mk1 belongs at Br 3.7. The drop to 4.7 is welcome but I've already said my piece on it.
  16. In arcade where one has limited spawns it'd be nice to add the feature. Not that many people would use it, but hell I'd do it. I've often been in the situation where I'm stuck repairing after I've destroyed the would-be killer and unable to help an ally around a corner or something. As it stands, at best if you're driving a reliably tough tank you can drive between a crippled ally and the tank shooting them. Churchill 7 for the win.
  17. So my source today is: In game the Centurion 1, 3, and 10 have a listed top speed of 21.5mph. Tanks Encyclopedia have it listed as 30mph on road and 18mph cross-country. Like the Cromwell and Comet before it, the Centurion had its top speed limited to 30mph in order to prevent excessive wear on the suspension and everything else on the tank. The chief idea was mobility over top-speed in a straight line. Another thing Gaijin have possibly gotten wrong is that Tanks Encyclopedia's listed mass of the Centurion Mk1 is 42.5 short tons. In metric it's 38.55 tons. So in summary: - incorrect top speed - incorrect weight - missing regenerative steering That should explain the lacklustre mobility in game.
  18. Legend has it that buried deep within the end user license agreement are the immortal words: "British players aren't allowed nice things". In reality there're many things inside a tank that'd stop APHE fragments, or at least protect the crew somewhat. Such as, but not limited to, seats, straps, the turret basket, discarded shell casings, boots, the commander's gentleman's magazine collection...
  19. During one game where I was making a heroic last stand in my Tortoise I started wondering about the ammo rack. In game it looks as though all the projectiles and charges are stored separately in the tank. Since the projectiles are all inert solid-shot, will they explode if hit? Cannot say it's occurred to me to keep an eye on exactly which ammo rack gets sparked by a nuke round to the machine gun turret.