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  1. I'm sure it would be similar to how the maps in air RB work, in the biplane BR range the small maps are super common. Where in the prop plane BR range there are a range of small medium and large maps. Finally, the jet BR range where the large(ish) maps are more common. Gaijin isn't unfamiliar with large maps, just look at Sinai. Plus, coastal and oceanic maps should be easy to scale, just increase the playable area and scatter some islands and glaciers around. It's similar to ground forces maps as well, when in a tank, you have a very limited play area, but if you hop into a plane there's a butt load of empty space you can fly around. Though, that map in particular is pretty cramped.
  2. Ok, this is odd. One of the main reasons Gaijin cited some of the "larger" ships not being planned to be playable is mobility and speed. If the Artilleriefährprahm is indeed playable then they can no longer cite speed as a factor that limits the introduction of larger (or regular) warships. The USS Attu: Capable of going (around) 19 knots. (this is just an example of speed, not maneuverability) The main issues that remain in the addition of ships now (if the Artilleriefährprahm is truly playable) is engagement distance, maneuverability and general balancing. I'm not jumping the gun by saying this makes everything easy for Gaijin to add playable ships. I'm just saying it has an even larger chance if they're willing to add this sea-slug... P.S. MONITORS ANYONE!?