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  1. NOWHERE in my post i called you an IDIOT... but hey, whatever makes you feel good, who am i to argue with your wish
  2. just played, 4 "100" (wasted spermatozoa) spawn camped, all got 3-5 kills, they died, tried to grab the spawn again, but didnt work, when they are alone they are average players so they all died again and left, ofc their team lost
  3. We all get disconects, no arguing there (to bad WT STILL hasnt be able to let us BACK in the game), but thats something normal in online games! WHAT i have noticed the past 6-7 months is that top level players (especially the 100 clans players) get off the game as soon as they get killed!!! And im talking, first plane after spawn!! This has been going on and on and on!! WHY??