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  1. I don't have the maus or ferdinand , i don't want them moved down so i can go club with them, i'd just like to see them be more competitive. I usually play british or US and if i see a ferdi , its an instant win for me, all my ammo types can punch through his most valuable piece of armour and hes instantly disabled. If the Ferdi was at 6.0/5.7 this would happen far less it still could happen with a select few tanks when fighting at its BR. Tortoise should be 6.3 so when its correctly fighting at 6.3 mm it sees less long 88's, a few tanks could still frontally pen it, just less so than at 6.7.
  2. The first 2 shermans are probably the most playable in the game IMO, hull down they can bounce a shot or 2 and the 75mm APHE can nuke anything at its BR. The 50cal can shred some targets from the side on top of that. Much fun in my M4A1, love the thing!
  3. All big slow tanks should see a BR review. You cannot have big slow tanks that can be penned frontally when their only strength is armour. Especially when said tank has no turret. Ferdi should be dropped in BR. This applies to a few more tanks i feel though, Maus should be dropped in BR , Tortoise should and Ferdi should. T95 is a good example of a correct BR for such a tank, frontally sound at its correct MM ( cupola been fixed i hear ) , slow as hell, once its flanked its useless and aircraft can hit it all day long.
  4. I've never seen an image of one with that hull. However this variant looks sweeeet!
  5. We could do with another variant or 2 of the firefly at BR 4.7, maybe the M4A1 hull variant, without those god awful, stupid, ugly and useless track covers #freethetracks
  6. Lmao, Japanese Tier 1 tanks could slap this sing slilly.
  7. I think im correct to assume that the 'JagdChieftain ' was just a mock-up , it wasnt fully engineered so i'm gonna say it probably won't make it into the game.