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  1. Same, I'll be in third person view and notice little tanks in the distance, i then zoom in via gunner optics or my bino's and i can't see diddly squat due to some bushes that render in, but they appear when i'm back into third person view. I'm also running on max settings.
  2. If you have the Centurion Mk.10 then its easy days because i feast on any soviet i want, however, Not many british players about and i still often lose games because the russians and germans when paired up steamroll and its actually pretty grim, but yes i agree that 6.7 is ruined. Some tanks need to be moved down to 6.7 and some tanks need to moved down from the 6.0 BR. For example the 76mm Jumbo, that thing can face an IS-6.. Much balance from Gaijin, so thoughtful of them.
  3. So some tanks can be made useless e.g T95 with magic deflector optics and so some tanks can be terminators e.g IS-6 with black hole gravity optics that consume all matter. But seriously, destroying optics would be pretty cool but i think it would be easily exploited and abused, AA comes to mind vs any tank
  4. I can confirm that the meta right now is in fact, everyone bar USSR at 6.7 vs The USSR. Its a grim time playing 6.7 USA, I'm never paired up with brits so my team has no HESH to deal with the USSR hordes of IS-6 and T-54's. 9/10 games is USA vs USSR&Germany. Created by the BR increase of the Panther 2 and the Decrease of the IS-2 BR + the amount of people playing the IS-6. Just because the USSR tree is lacking in a true 6.7 tank, every other player has to suffer an unplayable up tier to 7.3. Don't get me wrong, im all for a balanced tree and MM but i think its gone from one extreme to the other at the top end of Tier 4 right now, Is it really fair that people grinding the USA tree have to face the IS-6/T-54/RU combo in their M26/Super pershing before they get anything competitive such as the T34 or M56 (which is useless at current meta without HEAT-FS). In the last patch the Soviets have had their cake and eaten it.
  5. This is just the new meta now, either play U.K as the Cent.mk10 can kill anything, if you prefer playing the USA, like myself, then i suggest playing at peak times where more players are about within the 6.7-6.3 BR range and you might get a better matchmaker. Or just simply stop playing tier 4 and drop the BR to something more balanced.
  6. I've been playing T25 and M36 combo and its been very fun, about 3/10 games are up tiers to 6.7 but its never a full up tier and only a few Tiger 2 tanks are placed in. I used to hate the T25 at its old BR of 6.0, it was a complete joke of a tank. Buuuut since the 5.7 BR change, ive gotten the M82 shell and its a pretty decent medium and can duel it out with Panthers and Tiger 1's. I suggest everyone leaves 6.7 (7.3) alone , its a broken mess and it only favours the Soviets.
  7. Yawwnnn.... another moaning thread about a tank that requires a bit of effort to destroy. Maybe i should request that the additional armour on the sides of the Jagdtiger, Tiger 2H should be removed as sometimes my shells hit it and struggle to pen ? Hell, how about the Tiger 2 Sla 16 ?.... No ? thought so.
  8. Gotta love em in good times and bad