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  1. I will play around with it some more. It is just not working like it was months ago. There is no default I don't believe in simplified controls when I change it to something like L1 it locks on/target tracking but if there is a plane it will lock on to that (I guess the nearest target) then it does not release properly. I don't believe L2 is the default that works in that situation but I will have to mess around with it. It is pretty crazy that there is not a default selection on controller setup that works on PS4 still....They should sell this as BETA then.
  2. PS4 dude... Arcade lock-on. You use to be able to lock on with tab/L1 I believe.. (PS4 DS controller) Selecting your target... Maybe I was not clear sorry.
  3. Its not the same thing. I am asking specific questions.
  4. 1- Why is this release so much worse on arcade then 6 months ago? 2- Why is their no default lockon anymore on arcade? I believe it use to be the Tab/L1 button. < DS PS4 controller 3- Why are the controls across the board/ tanks/planes seemed nerfed in responsiveness 50%? This is progress?
  5. Man what are these guys doing? I LOVED this game about 6-7 months ago in that current state. Arcade was a blast both planes and tanks..I go back in now and planes are SO sluggish, no bomb target indicators like before, RNG jesus to shoot anything down, then I go over to tanks and AGAIN SO sluggish, no lock on etc... WHO in their right mind would nerf controls across the board about 50% and think that is progress? Still no default PS4 controls that work. I have been playing WoT last 6 months hoping WT would clean it up but it seems like zero progress. It is sad since WT has superior graphics and layout in so many ways. What started this whole mess? Did someone think arcade players really want realistic? I would like to hear your guys thoughts. thanks!