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  1. The grind! I think it is killing me for war thunder. they apparently don't care- want you to spend cash and once you say get a T32 or a KT 10.5 it takes another 3 months to spade them out facing airplane xxxx all the time.. This game seriously needs someone to lead it like a CEO with brains which is too bad because the technical underpinnings is really solid. And now we have Boats... seriously?
  2. Boats should be shelved right now, and the entire mechanic rethought and reworked... Your core is Air and Ground and I think you are making a tremendous mistake taking resources away from those areas especially when you consider WoW is well thought out and received. Every time I play it I think this is a fishing Sim complete with sea sickness without the Beer. I don't see how your tank sim viewpoint can translate at all to ships in it's current mechanic. At the very most it is a 15 min distraction from the core WT gameplay.
  3. They need to rethink the entire grind mechanic. I bet 90% leave the game in frustration of the top tier Grind in both Air and Ground. If they cut RP costs by 2/3rds people would get into more machines, you would have more battles/larger pop base and they could then make their money on add-on's, cosmetic or otherwise or by refocusing on the Tree rather than the stupid Boats..