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  1. Started with certain other game centered around tank battles, that will remain unnamed, and seeing the advert for it on TV. Eventually my free premium time ran out and my review was "Meh, I couldn't complain at the price". I heard on an image board that WT was doing Tanks now too, so I thought I'd have a look. It, too, was meh, BUT WT has planes and holy **** I became hooked. Air battle RB is the most fun I've had playing a multiplayer game. The only game which comes close, in terms of sheer number of hours played, was the old team fortress 1 back in the day. A nice low(ish) learning curve which peaks at a high skill ceiling, perfect conditions for multiplayer. With a few issues aside, WT is pretty excellent. Well the Air Battles at least. I guess I just don't get the love for tanks.... If I had the choice of flying like a home sick angel or rolling about like a beached whale I'm going to pick flying every time.