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  1. Or go fly a FW190 D9..
  2. Start playing low tier Germany and soak up the overwhelming Germanpocalyse, if you really need to.
  3. A 1-1 K/flyout is very good if achieved. Never be afraid of combat, be aggressive and don't be afraid to push a head-on to get out of a tricky situation. Try to stay with allies, and climb whenever possible, but don't be afraid of diving to pick up kills, especially if no-one else is diving on the attacker. Being the Ace that doesn't climb and picks up the easy kills down low, while teammates battle for high altitude supremacy is perfectly OK when just starting.. But try to help that out when you get better. Don't be afraid of making mistakes, we all do, it's the only way to learn. Head-on, fire at 1.7 to 1km out.. or just keep firing if you can't be bothered to go back to base and are running out of ammo. Climb at 240kph in most planes, but never below 210kph. Don't be afraid to mess up, you'll lean intuitively in the end.
  4. They are not relevant.. read my post.. I was not changing the load out.. just turning off vertical targeting. The He 112 A-0 doesn't have any loadouts to change.
  5. The fastest way to grind low tier is arcade.. you can take out all the aircraft you have crew for, just a few games can spade most of the low tier stuff and unlock more. And the aiming reticule helps for learning. It's a good way to start anyway.
  6. I was in a ground forced realistic battle in a He 112 A-0, and jammed my gun. I returned to the airfield to rearm the plane, and waited until the rearm timer completed. There was no repair timer as the aircraft was undamaged. When the rearm timer was up, the screen went black and I respawned at the start of the runway. I J-ed out, because I wanted to turn off vertical targeting, and was surprised to see that I could not respawn. I think this is a bug because the aircraft was not repaired, only rearmed. DxDiag.txt 2017_02_17_23_42_32__6908.clog
  7. I was just in a GF battle, returned to rearm, and repair (actually to unjam my single gun).. I waited for the respawn. There was no repair timer as the aircraft wasn't damaged, only a rearm timer. When the respawn happened, I Jed out because I wanted to turn vertical targeting off, but couldn't respawn... Do we have to damage the aircraft in some way to be able to repair, and respawn? This has to be one of the most infuriatingly broken mechanics in War Thunder... Just allow people to J out as soon as they land, and give a timer till respawn is allowed, and the repair and rearm to happen.
  8. Skins/Decals

    Yes, there is no reason to not do this.
  9. I'd take the He 219 over the Do, the Do is harder to control on attack runs, don't be fooled by the BR difference, that applies more to air RB as it's faster.. but in ground battles attack runs and manuverability matter more and the He is easily fast enough for this. The bomb of the Do is useful, but I think the He is cheaper and more versatile. I dont have the Do but if it's anything like it's tech tree versions it's a bit tricky to attack, especially from above. I think the question is.. how much do you like bombs?
  10. You can't go too wrong with the He 219. It's not too expensive and has cannons for ever occasion. Only downside is it's easy to spot in the air in ground RB, but is otherwise great.
  11. I not saying they should be the same, but their abilities should be reflected in BR. The Crusader AA should be at a lower BR it in line with similar vehicles and give it a chance against tanks of the same tier, like other AA has. BRs are not historical, they're to give a balanced game.
  12. I'm not talking about the wheeled armoured cars, they should have "hull break", along with the open topped German AA, but not the tracked, tank based, enclosed armour AA like the Crusader Mk II, if any AA should not get it.
  13. All of what you say is not in dispute. Why has hull break been applied to this choice of vehicles though? Hull break is there to balance lightly armoured vehicles that are tricky to kill, as they are mostly open topped, and so triggering fuses and containing explosions inside the armour to kill enough crew didn't happen, which meant War Thunders crew fight on regardless mechic gave these vehicles an unrealistic advantage. This problem did not apply to the Crusader vehicles as they are tanks, and easily have enough armour to trigger any fuse, and/or contain that explosion to kill crew in one shot. Hull break now means they can be killed even easier with a shot to the tracks.. to kill a tank. This is not what this mechanic was for. The light, open topped armour on top of the Wirbelwind and Ostwind is exactly what this mechanic was for. The Wirbelwind was consistently seen as the most OP AA at low tier, so anything to help balance them would be appreciated by many, so it should apply to them, not the Crusader AA, which doesn't even need "hull break" to balance it! The differing access to APCR should be reflected in a different BR. The Wirbelwind is a much more versatile vehicle and this should be recognised in BR. If we agree that AA vehicles ability to take on tanks of the their tier should be reflected by their BR, then the Wirbelwind and Crusader should not be the same BR. Wirbelwind can deal with almost all tanks of the teir, from most directions, and the Crusader AA Mk II can only tackle some German tanks from the side & rear, but no Russian tank from any angle. If you think they should still be the same BR because the Crusader is faster and doesn't have a reload.. OK, but the hull break point still stands.. and the Wirbelwind was still the AA that needed a balancing factor. This extends a further power creep toward Germany at this BR that is getting beyond a joke.
  14. On a similar note - I noticed the new hull break mechanic does not apply to the Wirbelwind, or the Ostwind, yet it does to the Crusader AA Mk II (20mm) and Crusader AA Mk I (40mm). The Crusader is a light TANK, not a "lightly armoured vehicle" = GAZ truck = Flakbus, and are easier to kill in 1 shot already than the Wirbel and Ostwind, given that they are TANKS and require 1 - 2 shots to easily take them out. The Crusader AA Mk II (20mm) has no APCR making it useless at penetrating any soviet tank of the tier, from any range and angle, but the Wirbel has APCR at the same BR, meaning it can take on tanks reliably, and a huge ammunition count so it can clear the skies for days. The Crusader can do neither of these reliably, and now gets "hull break"... and the Wirbel gets even more OP in comparison? How can this be a positive change when the Crusader AAs are already some of the most underused AA's in the game?! It seems every aspect of this game is being balanced in Germany's favour, while giving nothing to the Brits, and others (except Panther II BR change). Rank I, II, & III Brits are already painful enough.. The Cromwells have the lowest win rate of any tank in War Thunder already. The ability to make up their inflated BRs with air power is further diminished. I challenge anyone to find main tanks of any nation, at any tier with a lower win rate.. Brits need to start complaining too it seems. (apologies for saltiness)
  15. I've just noticed the HS 129 B-2 going from 3.7 to 3.3. For all the German aircraft with problematic BR's, (mainly some of the less used Me 410s) this was definitely not one of them. The MK 103 is the best 30mm in this game, and arguably the best aircraft cannon in the game. The power it gives this plane is unreal at this tier, either in combined battles or air battles.. When will people learn that guns and ammunition are a huge part of a plane's effectiveness.. Getting a 2:1 K:D at 3.7 BR was not difficult.. mainly because people think it's harmless but still I find this questionable.
  16. [server] [update]

    Can anyone explain the reason for putting the Crusader AA Mk II and Crusader AA Mk I on there, when these are based on tanks, and perhaps the most underused AA vehicles already. yet the Wirbelwind, Ostwind, the strongest AA at this tier, are not? The Crusader might be a light tank, but its no GAZ truck. These vehicles already suffer from having the same BR's compared to their german counterparts, yet the German vehicles have much higher ammunition count, and access to APCR in the case of the Wirbelwind.. and now they will be further nerfed with hull break?! The Crusader AA Mk II is useless against all Russian tanks of this tier, any armour plate at any angle, even directly from behind - unlike the Wirbelwind - it does not need this. WT*?!
  17. Well yes, I mean I know that, but hopefully the people that design and can tweak the maps will read this and can unquirk it. Bots are extremely annoying and this serves no purpose other than to kill inexperienced players.
  18. On Ruhr, why the need to kill players with bots? I have seen countless examples of this ruining perfectly good games by killing one of the last few players. Spain is an even bigger map, and doesn't need this, so why does Ruhr?
  19. Thank you for showing the Mosquito some love (still looking forward to the bomber variant that can carry a 4000lb bomb), but I do not think the Spitfire Mk 22 and Mk 24 need to spend even more matches with jets. Especially facing the new Me 262 at 6.7. If the Spitfire Mk 24 has the same BR as a very capable jet with 2 30mm cannons there is something wrong. There would be nothing the Mk 24 would be able to do against this jet, as currently happens, and this should not be what the Mk 24 should expect by default, and more matches with R2Y2s and Yak 17s. I also do not think the Spitfires with only 2 cannons and 4 7.7s (and wing mounted guns) should be increased, they really do not have the ammunition or stopping power to be more dangerous than many of the fighters they meet, and are very bad at dealing with bombers. Fighters are all they are good at engaging. I personally have much higher K/Ds in Yaks or FW190s of the same BR. I also think that the BR of the Wirbelwind should be increased. It has a huge ammunition count, and access to APCR. Whereas at the same BR, the Crusader AA Mk II has no access to APCR making it useless against any russian tank of the tier, even directly from behind, and much lower ammunition storage, meaning it is not very effective at shooting down planes, or backing up tanks. They should not be the same BR. Either increase the wirbelwind (recommended) or decrease the Crusader AA Mk II. The Matilda II should have it's BR reduced. It is a heavy tank that almost never bounces a shell, from any angle. It is a slow as a heavy, but compared to the Pz III J1 at the same BR, there is absolutely no contest. The Pz III J1 has more penetration, much bigger damage output, is much more maneuverable, and they have similarly as effective armour, at this BR. No-one in their right mind ever plays the Matilda II. I think it should be at 2.3 or 2.7.