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  1. If you want to look at it that way sure , its not like a new mode or anything only an event to test , other things out
  2. Is both AB/RB , AB/RB is 32 player advance to the rhine , AB/RB 64 player Second Battle of Alamein and no planes Battle area shrinks every 84 seconds He says random spawning but its not , its vehicle specific May become vehicle restricted this info was laying around on russian forum , also lying around was Project 123K
  3. c.202

  4. In cap or only dispense one cycle whole game .. in RB smoke is really good and not abused that much at all , that's nice
  5. well they did say they will implement this type of things in time freind , so maybe next year you will get to enjoy , or mabe in a few months
  6. I know forgot to say munitions & launchers
  7. Ohh man i'm sorry it never will my man , it never will . No but honestly the tank is fine without it , but historically speaking all vehicles that had the munition type , once implemented will be a nice addition . I hope in an up and coming update sometime down the road , that the german Pz.Kpfw. M4 gets some new munitions , say maybe like the M8 SMOKE round and APCR hope that comes SOON
  8. Nice recap , yes CDK has given a nice few treasures there ya know really good ones , umm ok analyze , English Air force used hs9's yes no anyone ?
  9. What and What at what with what ... No way , germans are fine at top BR battles my man , they have enough firepower there , so must be somthing wrong , As for germany's current tree HOPEFULLY we get to see some changes to a few vehicles in the german lineup IN the next patch , when ever that will be, this week maybe maybe not could be next month could be no changes , WE will never know until the patch or changes are implemented i guess
  10. Fully , i so want this right now , i'm over the whole Jet thing , and prop late models for now , somthing fresh and vibrant would be epic , i mean dont get me wrong i like new content but meh .. I mean Look at naval coverage from our main war thunder tubers , very little and kinda meh. Any new plane and vehicle is now meet with , where is this where is that , Italian tree for instance was a little talking point to meh , even the excitement to fly out it them for me personally was meh . But everyone has there own experiences . I would DEFINITELY love WW1 era aviation battles
  11. Nope , not a chance , is enough german Ground forces for now and ever No but like No i couldn't see it anytime soon with other issues and developments ongoing
  12. I'm assuming the War Thunder own CDK assets viewer related material is fine i hope , as where most the information on here comes from.
  13. Hi There Guys/Gals Hunternz Here Again. We Have Noticed There Are A Few Threads & Posts Going Around About Map Design & Map Arrangements. So Decided To Make A Single Thread For Feedback & Opinions & Even Tactical Advice. What is expected is constructive criticism that can be used for feedback , research , and easily navigated by staff who could use this thread to find such information. Forum rules obviously are in place and we expect you to follow them here as with anywhere , Any post deemed as braking or disruptive will be removed regardless of other content so please keep it civil and watch how you express yourselves, but all feedback good/bad is welcomed. Remember be respectful. Will you get feedback , Staff may very well give feedback myself included , so questions are engorged , some questions may very well be asked to be posted and or be moved to Dev Q&A.. Please take the time to read feedback staff give Cheers Matty
  14. Hi There Community, just an FYI , we will be cleaning house in this section here   Hopefully by next week we should have things a little more organized and easier for new players and alike to search for tutorials and setup advice there in the link above .   Because there is so many great setup help threads we want to compile the new ones and removes some outdated things,.   Because you as a community have worked very hard at these threads , in Academy and around the forum , we may contact you to post latest setups you have so we can arrange accordingly in a organized fashion in one spot .And some of your will be/mite be moved    We also intend on having more tech support in that area    Controller setups and make models posted here will be highlighted in 2 areas of the forum as guides      Any questions please feel free to ask, more details will come later