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  1. Please don't get caught up about classifications. Essential we are comparing tanks with tanks. The only importance that the classification currently has are the sp cost for a vehicle. I mean the M18 plays more like a lite tank, the M26(e1) more like a overtiered Heavy. The challanger for me is more a TD than a Medium. I personally think that the centurion MK 1 would be totally fine at 6.0 and should be sitting at that BR in its current state. And since brits are doing quite well against the is6 you can rely on allies when facing one of them in a full uptier. It depends what you understand under point and click. Point and Kill on Germans is difficult for brits. But on the Other hand. for the Centurion MK 1 it doesn't matter which Tiger II you face. You will penetrate the turret front regardless. Now compare that to a Panther A(i only use this for a reference since the gun is used at 5.7 and 6.0) Good luck penetrating a fv4202 turret ranges above 500 meters, Especially then hes moving and shooting at you. Overall I think the Tiger II P doesn't point and click 5.7 brits harder than 6.3 brits Point and click 6.0/5.7 Germans. They just do it differently.
  2. according to Gaijin the is-6 is also fine at 7.0 and totally not on par with the is3 and t54 47. Do you agree on that as well? You are right in the point that Gaijin decides which BR a Vehicle gets but that doesn't make it necessarily right. I will stop to write another OT post on this regard in this thread after this one. sorry ImDoneFor.
  3. Those are Invalid Arguments to me since everything penetrates the side armor of the Panther A and APCR is useless right now. Edit: I challange that the effective Performance difference of the T-V from the Panther A is enough to justify the 0.3 BR decrease.
  4. I hate that Point and Click Argument. While not true for the Cent Mk 1 but every british tank after that is just point and click at the turret while driving full speed with enough armor to bounce most shells that misses the weakspots. The Germans are kinda point and click at 4.7 and below but after that its over. Same argument there Point and click only if you penetrate which gets harder and harder the higher the BR is. The biggest disadvantage of germany in my opinion is turret armor because its impossible to hide the turret if you want to shoot back. Russians are point and click since their high caliber guns benefit from overmatch mechanic and can kill you frontally through your side armor. But they have huge Reloads and poor gun handling. The best Advantage for them is that troll armor on certain tanks. The Only Nation I know that struggles with point and click except for specific BRs like 6.7 or 5 are the Americans which don't face brits and vice versa. But they have TD Spawn costs lite Tanks that can support cap and fly if necessary. I havent played Japan so I won't say anything about them since I lag experience. I would also rather just see the Panther A at 5.7 since the T-V is sitting there as well. :/
  5. Cent Mk1 may not be on pair with Tiger IIP but its definitively on par with the Tiger I. Now you would say that is fine since both are sitting at 5.7 right? wrong. You forget that the Tiger I since its a Heavy Tank costs like roughly 50% more SP to spawn in. I would like to propose two options: Option A: Up tier it to 6.0 where the Panthers are sitting which perform different but I think are overall pretty equal.(different strengths) Option B: Classify it as a Heavy Tank so its SP Cost are the same as for the Tiger I.(I don't care about the classification just the SP cost are important) By the way, I think the FV4202 should have the SP of a heavy tank as well since its pretty strong with apds at 6.3. Overall we could eventually see better balance if SP cost would be independent from classification.
  6. I agree that the Panther D should be 5.3 since we already have the jpz IV/70 sitting there which is in my opinion a quite similiar tank. However the Tiger I is totally fine at 5.7 and should not go lower. The Problem is not that the Tiger is in the Wrong BR. The Problem is that Matchmaking doesn't care to make matches actually balanced. I would suggest to lower one of the Panthers with fast turret rotation to give Germany 5.7 a fast alternative for uptiers. I would prefer to see the Panther A at 5.7. With the Panther A 5.7 I wouldn't mind the Centurion MK 1 staying at 5.7 since its horrible Stock. It would also open the Door for the Jumbo 76 being an 5.7 Tank.