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  1. I would like to try a dual system. Spawn Points should be primarily needed to spawn in top or high BR vehicles for Example 6.0 or 5.7 in a 6.0 Match. Lower BR Vehicles need less spawn points. Additional I would introduce some sort of hard spawn limit. For Example only 2 respawns per match. With this you could get rid of the spawn point multiplication. I personally would like to go even further with a crew count as spawn limit. For example you get 15 crewman per battle and when you spawn in a tank with 4 crewman. You have 11 left for the next spawn. With a 5 crew tank you would only have 10 crewman left. And then I would make bailing out a beneficial thing to save your crewman. For example if you have only 3 crewman left for spawn and 2 crewman alive in your tank. Then you press j to bail you will have 5 crewman to spawn a 5 crew tank. Anyway I think there is plenty of room to improve RB.