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  1. The maps are so small I wouldn't even mind if they increased the penetration fall of past 100 meters. For example at 500 meters you only have the penetration of 1000 meters. Its not realistic but I don't have much hope left, that the maps will get substantially bigger and it would give Armour a little buff in doing what its supposed to do :(. At least at Arcade and Realistic Battles this would be a way to make tanks work better with what we have. Of course I would prefer a map design which enables engagements at all ranges and gives every tank type options to work.
  2. Fair Enough, but I think it would be nice to kill a Tank through multiple ways with different advantages. I grinded out the Cent MK X recently and have to say that APDS isn't Point and Click at all. Yes It can penetrate much armor but that doesn't mean that its damage potential is equal. One game i engaged 3 enemy Tanks and breached them all. But they just drove into cover and repaired. What I want to say with APHE I would have killed them or at least two of them because of a slower reload. Before you say it, yes my aim isn't the best. I have problems hitting the turret front of an Tiger II H through bushes and dust, especially then hes moving. And I also have problems to track the Ammo Rack of a RU 251 which is driving at full speed. I would rather prefer to double the penetration fall off past 100 meters to account for the small map size and increase armor effectiveness to increase the survivability. And yes thats not realistic.
  3. I forgot to mention that tracks should be repairable all the time just because it would be to realistic. I mean dying because your track got blown off by artillery or a nearby bomb impact doesn't sound like fun.
  4. I don't play planes a lot but I noticed that an automated bailout timer starts when the plane is heavily damaged. We could use this mechanic for tanks as well. I would suggest that modules should only go into black state then they got hit directly by any shell type. Damage caused by spalling or the AOE of an explosions should only be able to take the module into the red state. Red and black modules don't work anymore but have a simple difference. Red modules can be repaired black modules can't. Then a critical module goes black the automatic crew bail timer should start. I think the duration should be around 10-15 Seconds on a novice crew and could go up to something like a minute with an ace crew. If your Gun is still operational you could use this time to fire back or to call out the enemy. Critical modules could be the Breach, Gun Barrel, Engine and Transmission. It should not be possible to shoot a gun barrel into the black state. But then the player fires a shell with a red barrel it should explode and go black. I think this would kinda mimic the crew morale enough to be believable. I mean who would stay in a tank which is a irreparable sitting duck or a tank who can't fire anymore.
  5. I would like both. Maps where Parts have high cover density and mostly full cover (less Hull down opportunities) like a town or rock formations. Those areas could be surrounded by open areas with low cover density and almost no full cover options and are "designed" for long range combat something like engagments between 2 hills or over a wide riverbed or canyon. I need to check it but i think Armor gets a lot more effective at Ranges over 1000 meters and less armored but mobile vehicles can try to dodge some shots. If the map also provide opportunities to move stealthy under soft cover like forests or small dips surrounded by bushes it would be perfect. I think you could also use wooden Buildings or stone walls. Some maps in War Thunder have these elements already. But sometimes the objective are placed in a way that not all play styles are equally important. The Problem is if you make more Cover the engagement ranges will get even shorter. If you take cover away the ranges will be larger. Both ways would prefer some tanks and other tanks would be unplayable that is why everything is needed. That is how I think about it.