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  1. Now show me a way to damage breech that doesn't involve enemy, and I'll agree. Also as far as I understand crewlock isn't meant to punish people bad at game, but to prevent people from abondoning matches early by return to hangar, or deliberately destroying their vehicles. Wiki is wrong/outdated, because I tested it, and didn't get crewlock. Or "being destroyed" means things like drowning, or J-out, not enemy action.
  2. What mode? Because maybe an hour ago I suicide charged cap in RB GF just to see if I can get crewlocked for being killed early in match, and there was no crewlock awaiting me.
  3. With Gaijin, it's hard to tell when it's bug and when it's design. You've got a point though, he should report is as a bug and see what they respond. Crew lock timer starts with battle, which means he was killed in 4th minute. Fast, but possible if MM rolled arcade-sized map for him.
  4. You're wrong. Crew lock isn't applied for ANY loss of vehicle within 7 minutes, but for loss of vehicle that wasn't caused by enemy team, namely crashing, ramming and leaving it. If you get killed by enemy fire, there's no crewlock. Just for you I charged head-on into battle and got zapped in no time. No crewlock. My guess is that game can't figure out who should take credit for the kill, due to missing scripts, and considers it simply crashing, just like with hullbreak caused by blast radius of a crashing plane.
  5. Seem like reading comprehension here is in full retreat [edit] OP, you may want to edit title to make it more clear, otherwise you might get more answers from people who didn't bother to read actual post.
  6. Never made such claim. It's just tactic that exists only in very specific context. Suicide attacks of any kind are always result of desperation combined with lack of alternatives. Not getting killed is always a top priority, even people who actualy did perform ramming or other form of extremely risky attack, usually at least tried to get out of that alive. Some cultures, like WW2 Japanese or modern times Muslims stand out of this, but that's more their religion making martyrdom a virtue on its own, than actual tactical effeciency of such tactics.
  7. "Fellows, anything could happen in war". Doesn't mean anything that's physically possible should be encourages as valid tactic, because we move from one absurdity to another. There's reason why you don't get points for ramming plane in AF, it's because it's absurd thing to do in any but most desperate situation.
  8. keyword is "common". Facts that he was posthumously awarded Hero of the Soviet Union medal, has his own wikipedia page, and even possibility of ram being intended is disputed, make it seem "rare" at best.
  9. Problem is that 1.3 - 2.3 is massively overcompressed for perfomance difference within it. IMO first thing Gaijin should so is to lower BR bottom to 0.0, and spread planes there thiner. Just spaded the thing. 9 kills, 2 deaths, once got rammed. It's fine at 2.7
  10. Read the whole post. It's not about dying to gameplay mechanics, it's about getting crewlock for it. Another BS crewlock is when someone crashes plane next to your lightly armored vehicle to kill you via hullbreak.
  11. First quote is right on spot though. This isn't Bundesliga, while you're free to take it as seriously as you want, expecting everyone else to do so will lead only to disappointment. As someone already pointed, not everyone find same things same fun.
  12. They're frequent up to around 4.7, after that point it's just endless bombing festival, with odd Domi here and there. Which also are full of bombers.
  13. Chaika is 2.7, premium Chaika (same plane) is 1.7 and cannon Chaika is 3.7
  14. I don't mind getting assists, points are points, and often it's me who gets kill and someone else getting assist, but I wish they would at least count as say 1/2 of kill for unlocking camos and decals. nowhere as annoying as those who crash into target leaving you with nothing, because Gaijin decided to punish everyone attacking plane for that one idiot who decided to ram it.
  15. Noted. Event comes with its own rules, though, that don't apply to random battles, which is damn shame really, because if RB was designed like this event, I might've leave ground arcade for good. In this particular case kill, which advances stage, is worth far more than SL and RP one normally gets.
  16. I find Highlands meh at best, but just had new map, [Front Line] Fiery Arc, which is pretty neat, as it's more or less copy of [Front Line] Great River, with nicely spread targets, minibases pretty far from center of action, and air battle all over the place.
  17. I-301 is very rare though, while I-153 is a freebie premium if one starts with Russian planes. And yeah, no suprise it's so clubby, it's 2.7 plane at 1.7. Though to be fair, it's not the only plane that should never be allowed into reserve battles. Bf 109 E-1, He 100, Spitfires and Hurricanes also frequent there. 1.3-2.3 is just nutsy overcompressed for jump of perfomance in between. If I could I would add extra MM rule, that lineups with maximum 1.3 planes should never meet T2 planes.
  18. The latter. And while there might be people who will think deep enough to use planes to advance their team, loss of reward may be enough to make them TRY not to die, which would be already quite an improvement. I think everyone here agree that hull break needs to be fixed.
  19. Low altitude fighters can fly at 7000+, but they lose horsepower and become less responsive, which makes them vunerable to high-altitude planes. Crowning example is P-47, fat, clumsy cow in thick air, but at 7000m+ it can not only outrun most opponents, but outturn them too.
  20. Following this and other topics, here's how I see it balanced Basic balancing: allowed classes: fighters (all types), attackers, light bombers, dive bombers that aren't frontline bombers. Nothing bigger. no ordinance and fuze limit. no bomb crosshair RB-style blast fragmentation range Option #1 Owned plane: doesn't use one of 3 tank spawns, but requires SP to spawn. SP is earned only when using ground vehicle. SP cost depends on class: fighters pay extra for gunpods, bombs and rockets SP cost increases each time plane is deployed. RB spawn zones. no time limit. for bombers and attackers ordinance respawn time depends on total weight of loadout. Fighters can restock non-integrated armament only at airfield. repair and ordinance cost SL. Option #2 Handout plane: current spawn system. "free flyouts" (ones given for tickets bleed rather than score) turned into equalizer: assigned to losing team rather than wining. activating countdown moves player to vehicle selection, where he can adjust ordinance and fuzes. losing plane during flyout negates any reward. player can J-out of plane to end event quickly, and recieve full reward, if outside of playable area for tanks. Countdown message changes to "Return to tank".
  21. If you can't recover from dive in arcade, then you're going too steep or too low. Not every plane is Stuka to perform 85 degree dive. And if you're going to say "but it would be harder to hit!", yeah, that's the friggin point. No need to recover from dive is THE reason, why planes are so crazy accurate in arcade GF.
  22. Above sea altitude doesn't seem to affect perfomance, at least not on Highlands. Bf 110 becomes unbelievingly unresponsive at 7500m+, especially at low speed, but I didn't notice much perfomance loss when going after bombers on Highlands. It's possible in Highlands "zero altitude" aka "sea level" is improperly defined for perfomance calculations.
  23. That's why you're supposed to reduce throttle to idle and extend airbrakes, instead of WEPing all way down.
  24. This game isn't about trading shots and testing whos armor is better. Knifefight ranges and built-in aimbot make armor mostly ineffective. You need to hit first, and hit where it hurts.
  25. gameplay

    That would make tests drives actually useful. I support. Test Drives could come with 2 "flavours". "Big" test drives, dropping out of daily login awards, allowing to "borrow" any prem within tier, and "lesser" test drives dropped as battle trophies, allowing to test any vehicle of nation used in battle. Also test drives should not be limited to only vehicles avaliable for GE, but also ones avaliable via shop purchase. I can't figure out why it's not the case already. Crew training cost for all prems has already been reduced to 10,000 SL, unless you mean experting/acing.
  26. client update

    And? In War Thunder it would mean 1 crewmen going black and 2 others turning yellow-to-orange. Fact that in War Thunder APHE kills 3 to all in one go instead, proves it obscenely overpowered compared to reality.
  27. Interesting idea, but I don't think it will fly. Removed from shop are only ones I can see back, and frankly, I don't understand why they were removed from shop in the first place, unless it was exactly to produce artificial scarcity, and offer them later at different conditions. Main tree planes that were removed, like Kingfisher, some Sparvieros, or Po-2, should just go back. It's quite ridiculus that plane that was produced in TENS OF THOUSANDS has been simply removed. With event vehicles it's least likely to happen. Plenty of them is powerful enough to be equivalent of 40$ packages, so "vintage pack" would have to go at $150+ upward, to not produce influx of cheap premiums. And this is exactly why you'll find plenty of people staunchly aganist your idea. If these vehicles become more common sight, Gaijin will eventually have to nerf or uptier them.
  28. Check inbox, after every battle you can look up mission debriefing to see details of gains and costs.
  29. Fine, show yours then, so we can compare.
  30. Seem like it was removed from shop. Quite a lot vehicles actually. I also noticed lack of Panzer II H, shielded T-34, D.520, 37 mm LaGG and Romanian Duck, probably even more is missing. [edit] IL-2 "Avenger" and premium Pe-2 are also gone.
  31. I think main reason why people don't climb to defend spawn, is that if no one actually challenges air above your spawn you're wasting time. Used to do it to engage bombers at high alt, going after bases, but after knocking down few, rest would just nose dive. Most fighting is concentrated at 1000-4000m, and if you want points, you need to go there. It's the same reason why unsquaded players rarely escort bombers. There's not much RP coming from 1 or 2 kills.
  32. You do realise most spawncampers won't even consider attacking large bombers? Bombers can survive bursts. Bombers can bite back even second after being spawned. Spawncamping is about kiling target before it's able to defend itself.
  33. Steve is right tho, it's pretty clear that dev's knowledge of gameplay is only thoretical. And how long it takes to cover distance of 1 km in a fighter plane? 1. Define "large number of kills". For bad pilot 3 will be a lot, but for experienced spawncamper who knows how to exploit this advantage 10+ kills is no problem. 2. BnZ on plane with poor energy is the easiest kill you can find in this game. Spawncamping guarantees such easy kills. After that you use accumulated speed to climb back above spawn. There's reason why spawncampers fly Bf 109 and J2M almost exclusively.
  34. I think premium account is always good thing to have, especially when you purchase it at 50% off on Victory Day. With German tree I would take equivalent Bf 109 over any Fw 190. As for Do 335, I don't use them, and consider them easy prey. I'd rather talisman Bf 109 F-4 or G-2, and if you really want premium, La-5FN, Ta 154 or He 219, depending on how good you are in not getting yourself into unwanted duels. For Russia I would either talisman La-5FN, La-7, or purchase premium La-7. I-185 is also hella good fighter, but doesn't live long when pilot lacks in discipline or experience. I also find Soviet Hurricane and I-153P quite amazing, but they're only Tier 2. UK, yeah, Mk.1A and F Mk.IX is best bang for buck. I don't fly Japanese.
  35. If you go for "ideal solution" you'll never get anywhere. As for me, "solution that works" is good enough. And on next event you have this player dropping bombs in actual bombing run and do his best to GTFO, and player on ground more likely to survive than if bomber dropped second before ramming into ground.
  36. If you take away reward for killsteak when player loses a plane, players who want reward will have to be more careful when attaking, because if they get shot down or crash they get nothing. That means dropping bombs from higher altitude, possibly when dodging, and firing rockets from longer range, to minimize risk of getting zapped. This in turn would reduce lethality of air strikes, which wil allow to ungimp loads, and shorted ridiculusly long fuzes. IMO it's all fair: you succeed in event, you get full reward, you mess up and lose plane, you get nothing out of it.
  37. Lonely Island is simplified version of RB battles, where usually one side defends location from enemy Ground/Water Units, while other side covers them. Just, there's no respawn in RB, so 90% of battles ends via deathmatch rules anyway. I think AB would gain a lot, if Ground Strike had actual scenarios with dynamic objectives, rather than "kill all GTs ASAP" Ground Strike and Assault are essentialy same with groups of tanks charging into middle of map, and bunkers at backs. Front Line has majority of targets stationary in them middle of map. Only African Canyon has mobile units.
  38. Seem like wasted opportunity. Instead of trying out possible improvements to mission design formula, to wage their pros and cons, like use of player owned planes, or locking top-dog vehicles behind points and quantity limit, we get run-of-a-mill arcade battle, full of top-BR allowed vehicles, and late-/post-war planes falling off sky. With woefully unequal vehicles, known BRs and strictly limited lineups, it could provide great testing grounds for improvements, adjustmets and their reception.