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  1. If it was done purposely info would be gone from entire battle, not just debriefing. And this bug happened already at least once, but was fixed.
  2. in like 80% of cases they do. Seconds later carcass of plane that was going for ram crashes into ground killing hull breakable vehicles within ~10m radius, and even getting credit for these kills. @Dezzantibus even if you pilot snipe plane, it will usually hit close enough due to diving terminal phase of such attacks
  3. It must be EXACTLY same pack. If vehicle comes from any other source (warbonds, event reward, other packs) it doesn't count and you have to pay for it again. Yes, I know it sucks.
  4. Seem like we have them all. Thanks, lads!
  5. IIRC, prototype T-34 and Nazi Sherman were pre-order premiums for ground forces
  6. It's good thing to have, but point of this topic is to provide up to date stats across modes, so you have at least some idea what you're buying. It's pretty simple if it's common plane/tank with new paintjob, but with oddballs it's hard to say what to expect, and since they're hidden you can't check it yourself or testdrive them.
  7. not really suprising, when you see 4-6 players spawn camping, that's 4-6 players less in objective area and high above bases/airfield. That means when they go fishing newbs, players fighting over objective get outnumbered and killed off. I have somewhere stashed screenshot where 2 squadrons went spawn camping, got like 40 kills combined, and still lost battle, because there was no one to protect lawnmovers and engage bombers. but I believe we got offtopic a bit.
  8. Nobody likes buying blindly. Since wiki is often outdated, and misses some basic data, I thought we could at least dump statcards of uniqe premiums currently on sale, with some personal opinions, rather than making seperate topic on for each vehicle we're curious about. Yep, it's another LaGG, just bit heavier this time. Handles rather badly. Definitely overtiered in Arcade, 37 mm has quite a punch, but with maneuverability like that, you get only kills on unsuspecting targets. Doesn't feel so bad in RB, loaded with AP can be used as tank killer in GF RB, though limit of 12 rounds means you have only 2 - 3 runs before you're out of ammo. There's isn't really much to say, another P-51D, unfortunately closer to D-5 than D-30 Armor might as well be moderately wet newspaper, but doesn't seem to hullbreak from planes crashing nearby which is something. Pretty fast too. Gun has plenty of pen, but rather poor post-pen, so don't expect many oneshots. For some odd reson reloads slower than Panzer III with pretty much same gun. What I don't have: T-34E Thanks Brave_Idiot! P-38K Yak-9M many thanks, marc_1974_ [edit] changed name of topic to clarify
  9. Yeah, that's exactly what first line was about. Though biggest contributor IMO is spawn system, that makes SPAA a "vehicle of last chance", you spawn when you don't have enough SP to bring anything useful. And since alternative to spawning is crew lock, you spawn in often just to become a cheap kill.
  10. Planes in AB GF were easy kills, because players don't care about preserving them. Kills generate SL. Repair cost is based on how much SL vehicle normally brings home. This makes SPAAs effective vs planes expensive, while SPAA effecive vs tanks (but not aganist planes) rather cheap. Plus, with first type, you were more likely to survive battle, because you would not go tank hunt in them, and instead kept swatting planes off sky. For example, compare repair costs of ZSU-57-2, 3000 SL and ZSU-23-4, 22000 SL. First is deadly aganist tanks, but sucks as AAA, other is damn effective vs planes but can't do much aganist armored vehicles. If you're wondering, in RB where people bring their own planes, repair costs are 2500 SL for ZSU-57-2 and 920 SL for ZSU-23-4. That was of course BEFORE Gaijin, with astound short-sightedness even for them, turned planes into anti-SPAA cruise missiles. It did a dent in repair costs of many SPAAs, but *just* a dent, and adjustment is clearly arbitrary rather than based on any collected data.
  11. They can still kamikaze, you know. And most players can use them ONLY as kamikaze. Doing that without fixing hullbreak exploit means 1 of 2 things: They're either purposely making issue bigger just to spite us, or people responsible for this change are oblivious to actual gameplay.
  12. Britain is lacking, but in selection of premium tanks. Sentinel, Black Prince and that's it. Other premium tanks are just repainted standard vehicles. I would even welcome Cuckoo or Deserter, though people would call P2W on them, since they would be identical to T-V: later production Panther with no APCR [edit] right, forgot Cromwell with rockets that can't be even elevated or depressed
  13. Seem like bug where leaderboard screen in arcade no longer shows top 3 vehicles of player, is back. Vehicles are visible during battle, but after battle ends hovering over nick does nothing.
  14. It was reintroduced with hullbreak mechanic. Generally speaking hull-breakable vehicles die instantly if plane crashes within 10 or so meters from it (depends on HP of hull I suppose). Hard to say if it's directly caused by hullbreak, because there's still no death message for it, and instead you're been told that you died by fire. It's minor annoyance in RB (though it's still noticeably easier to kill SPAA by ram than by small bombs), but in AB planes are now mainly used as cruise missiles. This exploit makes SPAA class useless. Almost all SPAA can be killed by hullbreak, so they're primarly targets. Even of you succeed in killing plane first, there's good chance it will crash nearby, killing you and leaving with 10-20k repair bill.
  15. LMB fires all guns at once, though with few guns with different trajectories you might want to fire them seperately to see better where tracers go. It's also important to get rid of habit of WEPing during dive. Instead you should cut throttle and extend combat flaps/airbrakes if you have them, for more time and control.
  16. F6F-5N: plane that can't turn nor go fast. At low alt it's a brick struggling to reach 500km/h. BR 5.0 for laughs and giggles, when better performing F6F-5 is 3.0 It's legit worse than Breda 65, which flies like BR 1.7 matterial rather than reserve
  17. It's hard enough to read on static image. When everything moves behind it, it's outright impossible. These numbers need adjustable size, and option to have non-transparent background.